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On Jelly Bean

Unless you have been internet deprived lately, you are aware that Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean (JB) is due out in the coming weeks. Which inevitably leads to the question: How does this affect me CyanogenMod?

Now, to preface this, we do not have our hands on the source code, and things in this post may change dependent on analysis of the code first hand and the impacts. That said, we do have a general understanding of the changes and what we can expect, and this post serves to highlight the key changes.

CyanogenMod Next

Many have asked whether JB will be CM9.1 or CM10. Keeping with the pattern thus far, every newly named AOSP update results in a bump to the CM major version. This has the added benefit of fitting into the pattern of [insert codename position in the english alphabet] = CM version. Examples being: G is the 7th letter thus CM7, I is the 9th letter thus CM9 and J = 10. 

I can’t believe its not Butter

The ‘Project Butter’ enhancements to Android are much anticipated and should not be a huge pain to merge. We anticipate some breakage in existing libs but nothing that the reference board devices or some hackery won’t overcome. Essentially, if your device met our criteria for CM9 (512mb RAM, etc) and is already supported, then you should be in line for CM10. There may be some added headaches around hwcomposer, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get source. 

Another fresh start?

With CM9 (and ICS) being such a large jump from CM7 (GB) we decided it would be best and most efficient to essentially rewrite CM enhancements from scratch. This added a bit of time to our development cycle, but the initial investment in cleaning our codebase has paid off, and CM9 is better for it. Now that JB is around the corner, we are in a place where most of our code will merge cleanly into JB, with minimal fuss. 

What needs rework?

Since we don’t have source, we obviously can’t give a 100% analysis. What we do anticipate refactoring is Trebuchet and the LockScreen enhancements, along with the Theme Engine. 

In addition, we expect to have to hand merge (versus a more automated method) the updated Framework code. This isn’t because of massive changes, but from what we’ve heard, the Framework code has been split into multiple projects to better the PDK (Platform Development Kit). Should be doable in a weekend’s amount of time. 

CM7, 9, and 10 at the same time?

Our goal is to release a stable CM 9.0.0 (and any needed .1’s). After that, we will work on CM7 and CM10 only. As stated above, CM9 devices are highly likely to get CM10, so maintaining a separate class of devices for CM9 only is inefficient. 


When it’s ready
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This is a great update. Very informative!
Great news. I really hope it will be possible to bring JB to more devices than ICS (like N1).
Sweet! Thanks for getting the information out guys, I hope to see some of the indy devs picking up your source and continuing the unofficial port on my Bionic. Keep up the good work. 
Glad to hear an official statement on this!  Thanks!
Awesome, thanks for keeping us in the loop :-)
Aru Sahni
Jeez, you guys are slow. How are you letting Google ship Jelly Bean before you? This is weak, I demand a refund.
This is outstanding. I didn't expect to even know this much so quickly.
I personally feel that this is still too early, considering that we don't yet have a rewritten or a working wrapper for msm8x60 on cm9. But thanks for the update anyhow.
what about desire HD; i didnt see on your website the CM9 for this beautiful phone
Huhuuu, JB will run even better then ICS on my HP Touchpad :D Can`t wait to add some Butter to the sweetness :) The Touchie is working like a dream already...
Good Idea shutting off CM9 after first final.
the CM7/10 split is big enough...
Will cm10 make me a better lover?
Yeah. Any news you can give us is appreciated. This is more promising than I was expecting.
+Benji Hertel no such salvation for you I'm afraid. You've managed to cope with mediocre so far, I'm sure you'll manage ;)
How is the merge being done? How do I get involved? Will there be separate teams for each project? I would love a post aimed at Devs to get us all pre-organised and ready.
Gero G.
Ca anyone share the Link to this Post? There is No way to get the Link on cm9. Thx
Sounds great.  Thank you for keeping us updated.  It is much appreciated.
Anyway... maybe someday we'll get access to the PDK ourselves...
+Christopher Kaag Wasn't it what was intended from the start? Google told us they were giving it to OEMs at first, but I think they'll make it available when it's ready!
Guys it already out ooooooo9o
+Steven Harper I spoke too early before realizing it was already implicit in your msg. :-) Now only if we could get the cam...
Unfortunately, I will forever be stuck in CM 7 with my G2X.  Well, at least until Feb 2013 which my contract is up after which time I will never buy another Tegra product.
Yes i have heard all about this jelly bean. Does the higgs boson thing make it run faster or something? Might have to check it out.
Thank you for such an early update and thank you for all your hard work. 
Will CM 10 bring World Peace?

Kidding aside, this is great update for us Cm9 touchpad users. CM made that device out of the world for us now we might get out of the MilkyWay.

+Michael Han no worries. If Sony shared the source with us for the kernel blobs. It would be so nice. I envy the Nexus for getting it. I am really interested in the new project split. I hope they have split out the hardware features like dock, hdmi and other bits.
Any comment on how  the addition of a half-tablet-phone UI in JB will play out in CM? In other words, will large tablets still have the full UI, and will small tablets be able to choose/use the full tablet UI?
Z Vaper
Way to go guys!!  Can't wait!!
+Vikash Pandey Let's not lower the bar here. I thought we were striving for perfection. Camera still doesn't work, and there are still many glitches (including the gyroscope, and such). /rant
Thanks for the great work! And for keeping mi I9000 alive...
But what about CM10 on my handset... what? I kid, I kid! ;)
I've hopped off the CM train to get an early upgrade of my GNexus to JB, but I can't wait to get back on!
Thanks CM - You guys ROCK!

U guys should start buying used phones, put CM on them and re-sell them as Official "CM Phones"... then U guys can also be on crapple's radar, and get sued too... (only partially kidding...)
Actually, serious question, why not CM9.1 cf. CM10? Just curious about the naming convention is all.
+Michael Han its true. But for people who do not use the front facing camera, CM 9 as is, does help you get the most out of the touchpad as compared to WebOS. Given that its free i would like to appreciate all the effort this team puts into CM and acknowledge the "room for improvements" as they are!! 
I understand its very tough to make promises, but I highly appreciate the info.
Much appreciated. You shame carriers in every aspect :-)
Installed JellyBean today, so far its flawless. Much faster, more fluid transitions and UI. Also, a few new tricks. 5 stars!
Well blabla, gimme CM10. Nah just kidding :)
Sounds good and I can't wait to get it, but I'll be patient.
I say CMX... I will always say CMX!
sounds awesome, guys. keep up the good work
Mat Q
Glad that +CyanogenMod is giving us a much needed update as to what they plan on doing for Jellybean. Great job guys can't wait for CM10
Mike M
Thanks a ton guys! You guys are doing an amazing job with this stuff. My Touchpad would be useless without all your hard work!
Fantastic update guys! As always CM looks after us!
Perhaps a stupid question but is your access to the source code dependent on the manufacturers or do you reckon it'll just take an adjustment of cm9 for cm10 to work?

Sorry, I know I'm over simplifying, I'm just wondering
+Abhisek Devkota I did see that post. Unfortunately, while I understand the reasoning behind the change, I ultimately disagree with it. It may make some sense in portrait orientation, but it looks foolish and inefficient in landscape (at least in screenshots.)

I will assume, however, based on you citing that post, that the plan is to stick with that setup. It's unfortunate, but it's enough of an answer for me and I'll shut up. :)
This is great news. Good luck with development.
Wow! I'm impressed, hope the source code will be released mid July and I can't wait to get my hands on it! Go Steve 
Diskutoval(a) jsem o tomto příspěvku na hangoutu s jedním uživatelem.
Why not release an +CyanogenMod Phone?? All unlocked and with the best rom ever ? Or an CM Edition Samsung / HTC Phone.
The wonders of open source :) Now if only Lumia owners had the source code for winp 7.x/8.x.. oh, right ;)
This sounds good.  Thanks for the support and report.
You define what android is, keep up good work.
My LG 2X will receive before cm9 or cm10? Or simply none of them?
Yes I know It's not your fault...
Well that's just pretty sweet right there, CM is awesome, thanks guys!
I actually would lite to know if any one knows (our suspects ) the ETA of the source Code.
Very exciting news, can't wait to try it out on my devices!
Thanks guys, and very informative
+Ian Baum earliest is a few days after the release of the Nexus 7. That device is given the vague release date of "Mid-July". 
Are there any plans to officially support the Droid Bionic? Until now it's other developers who are taking CM and tweaking to work with the Bionic.
Awesome I'm excited I miss cm9 but love this butteryness
I was tempted to buy a Nexus phone but after hearing this I'll wait for CM10 for my SGS2 :)
Thanks guys, I can't wait to get some sort of adaptation for my Ace S5830
I might test this on a nexus s when its released.
great new! can't wait to get my hands on this one
i must be deprived cause i did not know what jelly bean was. 
Wow, this thread scrolled nicely on my new jelly beaned G-nexus :)
You guys are doing an amazing job. Thank you.
Great to hear this, keep up your amazing work! You are my hero!
That is thrilling news.  I have been closely following the CM9/i727 waiting for the warantee to run out.  CM10? Ahhhhhhhhhhh.
Great news. CyanogenMod is the reason a no longer use an iPhone. CM9 is awesome. Can't wait for CM10.
Thank you very much for all the great work, +CyanogenMod!  Is there any way for me (a Java programmer with some experience in Android) to help with some of the load? perhaps look into some bug fixing? is there anywhere specific to go and see who, what and how?
Uhmm great... meanwhile still no updates for galaxy nexus devices in South Africa And to top it all off, NOT A WORD from Samsung. Google its things like this that make you lose customers, you contracted with Samsung.. SORT it out or i will start an Anti-Google campaign like no other - we are an internet based society
So when will it be ready?

I'm kidding.
What about the devices running Qualcomm chips, would the lack of support/source from Qualcomm get in the way? Or would we be safe if our devs were able to get cm9 working easy enough? Just fyi, im using a LG P930
Is it possible to incorporate Linara code with Jelly bean for a super modified user interface?
Still waiting for CM9 on the G2x :-(
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I love my stock Droid 3 just kidding
I don't suppose there's any love left for OG Dinc? JB has left me in the dust...probably time to upgrade.
Sounds great, look forward to some jelly bean goodness from the team. Great work guys.
I am seriously considering cm9, can't wait to see what you can do for 10
Since jb is developed to original run on quad core devices, i hope my sgsII is up for the task, i have high hopes about "project butter" and can't wait for a stable version of JB.
Thanks for the update. I look forward to seeing CM10 on my contraband Galaxy Nexus. xD
Can't wait for it go go go :) thanks in advanced
Really appreciate your efforts in letting us know what to expect. Frankly, I really appreciate all your efforts
Thanks for the information now waiting for cm10 ^_^
Sounds great, can't wait to get CM10 on my One X (since the OTA update will probably take months down here ...)
This is absolutely awesome. Basically the same as my GN without the
ability to make phone calls but the size of a tablet. Able to download my
Bank of America app Facebook app, everything. This will replace my laptop
when I am home.

Thank you so much. This is great!
The best news I have heard all day :)
Hell, trying to work out the bugs on the Sammy Infuse has been tough enough. Writing an entire kernel that will support camera, voice search for Google now and everything else fuxxered will be a major PITA!
Cant wait!!! Keep up the GREAT work guys!!!
I mist say I was expecting you to say these things! Great news! Thanks for all you hard work!
Awesome Cyanogen, you guys do such a great job. I'm surprised yous haven't gotten a call up from Google
Do you guys think, you could somehow enable flash on 4.1 or wil it just not work ?
Hear hear! Now if just nvidia pulled their act together and stop screwing with us...
I'm not too excited sense there will be no Flash for it. There are still too many sites that require Flash, sadly. I'm not happy they plan on not supporting CM9 anymore, as CM9 is not even out yet for my phone, the LG Viper LTE.
I miss the good old days of CM! Good luck guys!
They stop flash what
Will take

People get over the flash thing!!! Skyfire is a browser with a built-in flash and works great
Android hasnt even released ICS to ALL devices! why release another OS so soon! reminds me of another company, M*%*&++#@$%t
Great update guys. Keep up the good work.
awesome my s3 is looking better and better :-)
I'm not going to ask for an ETA, I just have to be patient. The HTC One X isn't even in CM's list of devices for CM9 yet. Guess it's stock for me for a little while :( Can't wait till JB though!
really, really looking forward to it.
Was about to go searching for this tonight. But lookie here, it popped up right on my g+ stream
this is done primarily to keep the masses confused and make the almighty$$$$$$$. 
Perfect knew this would happen let's hope they get it working and new features glad they don't just do ports as audio been. Big issue on nexus s
Keep up the good work! Can't wait for JB on my Galaxy Note!
Awesome can't wait for more great work from you guys...keep it up guys.
Awesome! Can't wait jb on my s3
Thank you all so much for what you do!  I applaud your efforts, and the quality-focused way that you approach deadlines.  If only I could get my co-workers to adapt to the same principle ... 
Sounds good. I'm sure many people will be very happy to hear that 4.1 is coming to their devices and that 2.3 will continue to be maintained for their devices as well
JB's "butter-like" performance boost and ui touch ups have made me forget about custom ROMs. Everything just works.. and damn well I might add. Google Now even let's me know when my drive to work is full of traffic before I even need to ask it. But I can never forget having the G1 and cyanogen which was like wheels to the car back then! I'll still be flashing like Mardi gras when CM10 comes out!
I ate jellybeans from Google I/O from this!
Work faster code monkeys!!!! I want CM10 yesterday!!!
As long as the Epic 4G Touch is included in this update, I feel Lucy's...
you guys are the most awesome creatures on the planet, along with the people at google !! can't wait for the first nightly
Awesome news! Thanks for the update! It's always appreciated by your legions!
Thank you for the info. Looking forward to CM10 since I have already installed JB on my Galaxy Nexus. It has some serious improvements! Most noticeably are: voice search, cards, quick response, and dictation. I can only imagine the additional gifts coming out with the addition of CM10! JB is worth it & so is CM!
I can't wait till it comes out cuz I just bought a galaxy nexus used coming from an iPhone I've had android before tho but just liked the smoothness of iOS but now that there is this thing called project butter it seems to run a lot lot smoother. Can't wait
Really looking forward to CM10. Can't wait to get rid of the idiotic Touch Wiz that came with the SGS III. Take your time for the stable release but please start throwing nighlies at as as soon as possible. #awsomeness  
So, any chance for my poor lil' Thunderbolt to get some love?
Please make the galaxy w cm9 official! There's arco build alpha4 u can take that source code and develop it.
How about camera view as a background of the lock screen? It would be nice to get pics in 2 clicks (on button and camera button on lock screen, or even one press and hold on phones with dedicated camera button) w/o even need to unlock the phone. For some reason Google did not implement this yet. Maybe Apple patented this? :) If not, can this message be used to avoid someone patenting the idea? :)
You know I just updated my HTC sensation 4g on ICS 4.0 with faux kernal flash. Know my portable hotspot gets an error once clicked , I wonder if jelly bean has this fix in their update. I mean not that i really use it , but everyone in the family rellys on my android because their crappy iphone dont have this capability. Horray for droid.
...It seems what iPhone does is:
1. On to bring lock screen.
2. Slide to bring camera app.
3. Take a pic.

I suggest:
1. On to bring lock screen with usual lock screen info plus camera view on the background.
2. Click, slide, pinch or some other gesture to take a pic.
I look forward to the new development.  Thank you for all your hard work Cyanogenmod team!  :)
I like the performance enhancements and search from JB, but I miss my notification power widget!
@jacob avratin, if you have already rooted your used GalaxyNexus, I highly recommend flashing JB. It works really smooth on the GN! Like butter. You can search YouTube which has the videos & links for all carriers of the GN. Let me know if you can't find it. I'll send you the link when I get back in tonight. Happy sailing! Let me know what you think of it. BTW, CM team is awesome!
But APPLE still fighting and they might fall on their face at it also plus the other companies might say NOW KISS MY A S S 
Can we name it as "CyanogenMod X" instead of CM10?
Excellent, I'm wondering if the #Amaze 4G will receive CM10? It received #ICS but still no CM9. I might go crazy if I didn't have CM9 on my Touchpad. I had CM on my G1 way back. No other rom will suffice.
How about CyanogenMod 十?
Not enough courage to root yet but really appreciate what you guys are doing.
Cx Rl
just rocking CM9 Maguro when initial JB build hit around the corner, anyway, keep up the good work guys! We'll be monitoring the first nightlies CM10!
I look forward to running Jelly Bean on my Hp tablet.
+Michael Han -  "I thought we were striving for perfection"
No, you are pushing for perfection.
Others are doing the striving.
Hours, days, weeks, months of striving. Remember that.
I'm stoked. Tried some jb leaks but I'm back on CM9. Been using CyanogenMod since Froyo. Can't wait for CM10!
Nice preemptive post... now whats the bets for number of eta requests by the end on the month?
please clarify on which devices are you aiming first... even tho the tmo s2 meets ur req for installation, cm9 (nightly) came around the time tmo released uvle1. is it going to be the same case for jb too? im not irate @cyanogenmod team, i just need to set my expectations right and probably a lot of other users...
Brilliantly beautyfull..good to scc Cm10..jb.
meh - do ICS as right as you can and jelly bean it when you mean it
Thanks for all the hard work!
Great... can't wait for CM10 on my GNex!!
My Sprint Epic 4G Touch just fist bumped me.
Thanks for the info... good luck!
+Lisa Westbrook He answered this question at the end of the post... when it's ready
offline voice recognition is available in jelly beans is true?is this coming for cm also
Big up! I want JB on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500! But... we need ICS drivers first. Keep up the good work!
+Chris Leighton I usually don't respond to comments regarding derivative OS's but I figure 1 response for this topic is at least warranted. Sorry up front for the length, but your comment deserved a more fledged out response. 

CM encourages others to step up and fork our work. Period. This is what we like to see, its why the source repos are open. Hopefully all who do and make cool enhancements or improvements push it back upstream, that is all we ask.  

So, up front, yes, AOKP is a strong entry with a good team. Having a secondary team push the OS forward is a good thing. 

Now, obviously AOKP has an advantage in their vision, the 'kang' aspect grants them the ability to bring together our work, their work, and work from other projects. This saves them time in device bringup and the 'backbone' of their builds. This isn't a negative or a jab at them, it is merely a logical move to be made. Why create a device tree from start when ours is just as good? Android was meant to be remixed, and they are doing just that. 

That said, they are still new, and figuring out things that we learned the hard way (eg they dropped Evo, Inc, and Bravo for ICS today, and are starting "fresh" for their JB efforts). While they are gaining popularity in the community, their adoption rate is still well below ours (quick math has them at 4% of our user base), so we aren't quite feeling the pressure if you know what I mean. Will they increase in usage? Of course, and we hope that they do. With 400mil+ Android users in the world, providing more options is always a plus. There is no animosity between the teams, just a shared interest in having fun and sharing the results. Our opinion is as long as the sharing happens in both directions, its for the better. 

As for our continued support of Gingerbread, there is a commonly perceived idea that CM 'diverts' resources that would otherwise be devoted to ICS/JB. This is incorrect. We are massive not in our core team, but in the submissions from outside the team; and the growth of our GB branch post 7.2 is less so to do with our core team as it has to do with increased submissions from the Community. 7.2 is stable, that was the point in its release, but with that same token, there is a large class of devices that (for performance reasons alone) should not receive anything beyond GB. Our stable branch allows for outside devs to target that same branch of code and have a fully fledged CM rom. Shunning these devices as 'unofficial' just because the version is older would be a disrespect to those who put in the time. In addition, we have the resources (thanks to the community) to tie those same devices into our source, our infrastructure and our build system. So, we mainline these devices and incorporate fixes and features to devices that otherwise would stay stagnate.

Edit: One of the coolest parts of CM being so recognizable is that our source makes its way into other custom ROMs. I think this is an often overlooked incentive to submitting enhancements and submissions directly to CM. If the feature is incorporated, it will be propagated to a much larger audience. It may be me being idealistic, but if CM becomes a tool to showcase developer talent and increase the usage of these submitted features, then I'm all for it.

We are also not fans of leaving things incomplete. JB source won't be out for 3 weeks at the earliest. So why should we stop CM9 development (reaching stable) for that period? As the post mentioned, all the groundwork with the rewrites we did for CM9 make the CM10 jump minimal. Time spent (on CM9) in the period between now and JB release directly assists in CM10. 

tl;dr We aren't changing our stance here
When is cm10 coming to the HTC sensation 4g
Fantastic, I can't wait for this!
My $2 is Hungary for JELLY BEANS
I dont get it ? will this mean the google now apk will be avalable for the  cm10 mod or JB?!!!
I don't even have ICS on my Galaxy SL and Jelly Bean is around the corner already? Goddamn.
I hope this comes to the Tenderloin / aka HP TouchPad :)
Keep up the great work, guys! I'll keep hoping for an official cm9 release for the shooter. Then I'll worry about 10.
Thank you CM team for the update to your loyal fans !! No wonder CM is the best around and I really can't wait for you to work your magic and have JB on my SGS2 :) 
Can't wait. I stayed on the stock SGS2 ROM until JB was announced. After that I knew CM would be faster at getting JB to devices! 

Can't wait!
What about the HTC amaze? Will we ever see cm9 support?
This is a great pre weekend gift!
Thanks for the update man u rock were counting on u
I look forward to taste Jelly Bean ASAP :-)
Rock on. I love my cm9 and run it on all 3 of my devices! 
Thank you for giving us an update with an analysis! It really negates any further questions which I like. Go for it!
Thnaks for this. Thanks for CM and many thanks for every effort :)
Awesome, very informative post, looking forward to CM10 and some buttery smoothness :-)
Sweet!  Thanks for all your effort, and for keeping us informed.  Excited tester here!
Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC should outsource their Android development to +CyanogenMod 
Can we plz have CM10 for the RaZr officially....plz..!!!
I would still like to know what is heppening with Zte Blade, as it can run (very well, better than GB) ICS. despite there being 'nightlies' on other sights no official cm nightlies.
Anyway, has someone looked at Google Now? Can it be integrated into CM10 as well?
I love CM9....CM10 is going to be stellar. Can't wait. Keep up the excellent work guys
Paul W.
I really hope that the HTC One X gets S-OFF soon, it'd be a shame to have such a nice phone out and not have an official CyanogenMod build on it.
My phone needs to have a jelly belly. :P
Samsung Hardware + CM software = win! Funny how CM9 even in Nightly version was still more stable than Sammys official ICS update on my SGS2. Keep up the great work!
I think it's ridiculous that you (and presumably the big manufacturers) don't already have the source code. It's like they deliberately want to piss off the customers of Samsung, HTC, Moto etc who will be hearing endlessly about JB and how cool it is, but not be able to get it for months and months. Give the manus/modders a head start of a month or two so that they don't lag behind too much.
I like that report idea. Pleased to know devs know my desire for on-going projects. Hope to get CM10 speedy fast as CM devs know their stuff well. CM ♥
Thanks for the detailed update.
Thanks for the detailed information about JB. It looks promising for the CM9 users like me ;-).
I've been thinking that it's quite interesting that none of the Chinese phonemakers haven't bought Cyanigenmod "brains" / project or some other custom ROMs and release their devices with those. Quite a few manufacturers are shipping so bad ROMs that they would be much better off with this strategy.
I'd hate it if CyanogenMod got bought up and restricted by some company looking to get ahead and in turn locking down these guys. I use CyanogenMod on a slurry of devices even the HP touch pad. These teams of developers are amazing. I hope that linario code gets some attention. CyanogenMod keep up the good work.
Come on cyanogen, and release 9 already!
Are you sure, CM team? For what we've heard, android 4.1 will have vsync and triple buffering. Will it not interfere with performance?
I mean, cm9 is running on the limit with 512 mb ram devices, i wonder if jelly bean will run as smooth.
Proud to be a CM user do your thing guys and thanks again!
I was new to flashing and stuff and i was always curious about cynogenMod but in the list of supported devices i didn't see Samsung Galaxy Note ... sorry if i sound so noob but its just that this is new territory for me.
Any hp touchpad love? It will be amazing to run JB on that slate. Hopefully my aging nook color will get a new life too. Thanks for all your work.
You guys rock, keep up the good work
Good news. I do request that CM start a small project focusing on voice quality. The software (and hardware) enhancements we are seeing with the Galaxy S III with the voice equalizer are amazing. I'd love to bring a software equliziler for voice to the Galaxy Nexus ... and any other phone that supports CM.

Phones after all are phones. I am not too happy with my Galaxy Nexus' phone quality, always looking for help elsewhere!
There need to be a Nobel prize for services to modding. Thanks for the continuing work.
I'm still waiting on Ice Cream Sandwich for my HTC Rezound
cop con
Cm10 for hp touchpad plzzzzzz! CM rlues
Great I'm already using jb but I used cm9 ad was great. I will definitely install cm10 on my galaxy nexus
Just wanna say a big THANK YOU to all the CM team, for what you've done and for what you will do, your ROMs really rock!!!!
I can't wait for CM9 or CM10 for my US Galaxy Note.  This phone is awesome, but I can only imagine what will be unleashed once I can put a CM version on it.  Thank you all in the CM team...I wish I had an ounce of skill that you collectively posses.
It's surprising this post isn't yet featured on 'what's hot?' It has 4000 +1's already.
What's the ETA for my G1 getting JB ....???? OMG sooooo exciting. :-P
plz guys in new version add icomia a500 in your support list
Can't wait for CM10...been running CM9RC1 for a couple of days and it is way more stable than the official SGSII ICS update!
hello people! for when CM 9 (ICS) for Xperia x10?
We need this update please!
JELLY BEAN represents the best in gen-next ANDROID platforms. It is the best in digital software to get the most out of your hardware; if you have not had the chance to do a comparison of other platforms out there...I strongly urge you to do so....GO TEAM JELLY BEAN!
New toluene but been running CM 7 and 9 at the same time. I can't say enought about the work you guys do. Looking forward to it.
Awesome! Can't thank you guys enough for the amazing work you do. :-)

Qi Luo
Looking forward to CM10, can't wait any longer :D
Jelly Beans source code is already available as part of Android 4.1 SDK.
I just downloaded it with Android SDK Manager.
Awesome. Just got a Galaxy S3 and can't wait to try this out
One question where is the lockscreen source of CM9? I would like to implement a feature but i dont know where it is :S (I tried to search the github but i didn't find anything.
No support for Samsung GS+ I9001. I hate you.
Hello, you CyanogenMod 9 extension 10 also for HTC Desire (GSM)? Thank you for your answer
Those people how to...... RULE!!!!!!!!!
Would be nice if there was at least a stable version of ICS on the Atrix, I am sure you're not the Dev for that model phone, but should at least open some eyes that phones are being utilized which aren't generic choices.
I certainly hope you bring the HTC One S into the fold.
+Steven Burt Do you know any official way to get this started? Maybe a petition or some sort of vote page to get awesome CM to look at our awesome Ons S's?
You guys should try getting in contact with Google about getting the PDK for future Android releases. Might be that for future iterations of AOSP you can get your hands on the sources a few months before official release like manufacturers will. Can't see why you wouldn't be eligible for it :)
I hope for support my Huawei Ideos x5 (U8800) :)
Thank you +CyanogenMod this is very useful because that means both my Galaxy Exhibit 4g and Iconia a500 will probably get Cyanogenmod.
Marko T
Dont forget to show Huawei Ascend G300 some love :)
Sources are out :) happy working
Finally traded in my Epic 4G Touch (GS2) boots for some brand-new Galaxy S3 ones... Tried on the Galaxy Nexus boots, the sound was to low.  So Please try to get a version of CM10 to work on the GS3, and try to bring along some of the GS3's features for the ride. 
Will Samsung galaxy s advance get cyanogen mod?
looking forward to cm10. i like the powerful cm settings
Does the current build have access to Wi-Fi Direct?
Just flash cm10 27/8 nightlies...nice new bootanination, b4 this cm10 used cm9 b/a...
I just started flashing cm 10 ROMs on my d2spr and have cwm premium...think it all works there anyplace where a list of upcoming features are kept....I don't care about the timing....just what and if something is coming....I.e. SD swap
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