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HTC One X+ International (enrc2b)

Joining the ever growing list of devices called the 'One', the One X+ International edition is joining the roster as well. 

Unlike the Samsung devices from earlier today, this device is prepped and ready to go for CM 10.1 and the 10.2 work has begun. 

Shoutout to its maintainer +Rob Shannon 
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I WANT IT FOR MY ONE X!! But i dont know how to root it T^T
Hello, I am writing from Paraguay. I would like to send in private settings APN-conf.xml MCC=744. Please contact in the inbox. regards
My note I717 just got the first nightly Cm10.2 :D
Nice work, the device list is now huge.
Let's just call everything one
Nice....will flash it this weekend. Any instructions on how to flash it?
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