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4.1.2 and Changelogs
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Do you have a link for changelogs please ?
Can I make a question? Why the nightlies for galaxysbmtb has stopped at 10/03?
was just searchig few hours ago regarding 4.1.2 and hours later, solution pops out. cheers
Nice so we will have 4.1.2 in all devices nightlies ? ....... I'm running CMX on S2 I9100
link to galaxy tab p1000 ?
Running a very stable CM10 4.1.1  20121009NIGHLY on my Galaxy Note! 
thanks cyanogenmod, your work is very fast
Yeah, I flashed nightly 10 this morning and checked version in settings and was like " no way" awesome!
Im runnig CM10  20121009NIGHLY on my gnexus..... downloaded via OTA. Fantastic rom !!! TKS for great work !!!
The 1009 nightly is still 4.1.1. ? I guess this goes for next ones.
nightlies for 10/10 are 4.1.2
You guys are amazing! CM Team rocks!
Excellent job!! They only comment I have is that a commit history should not be called "Changelog". At least not in user's terminology.
cm10 4.1.2 is running on my GNex like a boss of course. Thanks CM!
God damn, that was quick. Did you see that Samsung? .... Samsung, really, did you see that?
Nas J
wow that was fast..
Thanks for all the work guys.
Thank you Cyanogen Team! Great work, as usual ;)
Aw come on, +Achwaq Khalid, +Martin Eisenschmidt was giving you a valid solution. He's right in the sense that if you want PowerAMP's UI and functionality, you should use it instead of Apollo. If I am not mistaken, Apollo is built by 1 guy. Here's the thing, if you want it so bad, either contribute to Apollo's code, or buy PowerAMP.

From your comment, it's pretty obvious you are not interested in doing either.

-- Thank you, CM team, for such a quick release!
Kai Lim
damn, that was quick! Great job CM Team!!!
It would be a nice Xmas gift if the team could give us CM 1O for the HTC AMAZE. The junior team working on it on XDA can't seem to get data working. I would like to donate to a developer(s) in order to get this happening. :-)
Oh my goodness, thank god. I always forget the link of the changelog and for some reason google doesn't want to take me to the right page.
Was hoping the formatting on the landscape lock screen would be fixed. No dice
+Jesper Nexø Jørgensen Yes indeed but I wish it to go towards a specific device which doesn't get much love from CM. How would I actually accomplish getting someone knowledgeable to get data working on my device?
Running on my Skyrocket :)
Good for my Galaxy Nexus! Prefer  CM to officials!
I have no problem with it (or maybe battery, but it's a known problem ^^)
when is the inspire getting cm9/10? yea i know there's only like one guy working on it but why can he get more help, theres already jellybean&sense 4 roms out but i prefer cyanogenmod's customizations :D
Just flashed it for the tf101, like the new bootanimation..
+Nick Rosas I dont think there will be an official CM for the Inspire as HTC hasn't released the necessary code. There is an unofficial one if you checkout Jellytime on the XDA Desire HD dev forums:
I like nighties concept but don't like to upgrade it flash new from every couple if days. Last time I tried cm 10 nighty on my galaxy s II chrome was not really working. Does it work stably now after this merge with 4.1.2 codebase? When can we expect RC1 of CM 10 ?
Switched my sgs3 from stock Samsung to cm10 nightly09-24. Runs pretty stable since then except Apollo audio player.
This news make me curious to change my running system again ;-) Thank You very much +CyanogenMod for your work so far!
thank you , 4.1.2 very fluid.
+Achwaq Khalid not sure about radio and HDMI, but the #SPen works. What you don't get, is the pen-enabled apps that follows the stock-rom. There's other pen-enabled apps in the store.
Hey!! I have installed CM7.2 Nightly builds on my device Motorola Dext, it;s a simple device. It's my first time that I use an Android device, I always had use WP7.5, but I realize that there is a stable CM7.2, do you know how to install it? Do I have to flash my device or I can Update it without that action?? If anyone can reply. Would be great!!!. Thanks in advance..  
+Daniel Butun yea I used that one before but what I'm trying to point out is that if it's possible with jellytime, aospx, sabsa prime... Why can't the cm team do it? Even the cameras&everything work on those roms
Awesome already updated this on my gsm galaxy nexus. Once we get trebuchet animations back and an official cm root file browser I will be a very happy man.
When is the next stable release version due for the Nexus 7 tablet? Or should/can I take a chance on the night lies.
Use the M-series ROMs. There is one due this month. 
Oh, how I wish CM10 were ported to the Shadow :(
I just updated my GN on CM 10 today and it is working perfectly with the 4.1.2 enhancements.  Thanks +CyanogenMod you guys do some awesome work.
Hmm. Never had this prob it stops the update. Says cant mount e:
Looking forward to flashing this on my SIII when I get home.
Running jb 4.1.2 Bruce build on my sensation right now running smooth got my front facing can back gonna see how the bat life is today
Is anyone having issues joining hangouts on CM10 still?

I'm on a Galaxy Note (QuincyATT) and I get a camera error in hangouts, and I can't hear anyone. I can use the camera with other apps, and can hear people during calls; just hangouts mess up from what I can find.
Thanks for bringing Android 4.1.2 immediately to the Nexus S, even before it it the official OTA :)
Is SUPER slow for anyone else?  I've never had problems before, but it seems like yesterday and today have been crazy slow.  Are there any mirrors out there?

EDIT: Looks like BitTorrent might be the answer...
+Casey Picker I have had numerous problems when download from there. It has been going slow and I will also have repeated downloads being unsuccessful. I have to download a couple of times to finally get it.
Hi. Is there any place where i can read the detailed known issues for CM10 on SGS2?. Thanks
Where can I get a download of the latest build for SGS2 SGH-i777
Gene T
That. Is. Quick.
Anyone on Toro not able to use USB tether?
on all firmware, on all devices where was CM10?
Bet they just changed the build.prop lol
Thanks a lot. One day after official release it's included. You guys are terrible awesome. Special thanks to TeamHacksung and codeworkx, who brought it to the GT-I9100G
yeah... waiting  stable version for cm10 :D
Is SE Xperia x10 going to get CM10? Haven't heard anything about it. If not, anyone know any very stable rom for it?
Very Awesome! Downloading for my Nexus 7 now! Is there full tablet layout available if anybody knows?
Excellent news... Although on the official site there is only CM9 on the SonyEricsson Ray / Urishi section - FXP are doing a fantastic job of porting CM10 to the platform - even the quickreply sms is working :
way my anzu still didnt have offical nightlys ? 
Galaxy nexus Toro... Stuck in boot loop off latest nightly... First time ever had issues with the installation of a nightly.. Downloaded twice. Both times went to boot loop even after a full wipe? 
I want to report a bug that the LED light would not flash when there's a message came.The device is LG P970.
cm10 4.1.2 for S2 international nightly (latest) working ok except face unlock seems to be failing??!! anyone else got the face unlock working or is this a bug??
Need the wifi calling for GS3 or ill have CM and a phone that cant call or txt! Plz Cm! I cant be the only one who wants this?
I'm having the same problem. after 13 my phone resets after boot.
Thanks CM Team for your work, running CM10 on my Galaxy I9000T it's the best system for this device.
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