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Well played and many thanks! 
Well done. It's always a big joy to use CyanogenMod
nice work guys. but i still want to c cm for galaxy note 2.. thankz
hey i just flashed cm10.1 on my gsII i-9100, and love it! only problem is my contacts and gmail wont sync from my google account, so i have no numbers and not getting my mail. Any idea how i can fix this?
I want cm7 rom on my galaxy y gt-s5360. Anyone help me. Thanks.
Sigh why is every cm g+ post filled with unrelated support requests? Get on irc or a forum of direct a new g+ post to the cm guys.
You can do 10.1 also only thing phone mic doesn't work
I seem to have a problem with my CM10. I have it on my galaxy s3 international version and I LOVE IT!, but the problem is that I can't sync my facebook contacts to my default contact app so I have to download an app to do that which is irritating. can you please help me? :/
I enjoyed the pleasure of testing it with Shareef.
Cricket advertises the hell out of that phone here. They have horrible service. (Or did a couple years ago) 
I was making a reply based off of the original unedited post.  If you feel that Sprint has horrible coverage, then yes Cricket probably does too.  Cricket has their own AWS towers + LTE in what 10 markets?  They are also an MVNO of Sprint so add Sprint to their network strength as well.
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