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SGS3 and more

As of today, you can now get CM9 nightly builds for the following devices:

SGS 3 (International) - i9300
Asus Transformer Pad - tf300t
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 - p5wifi
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//cries in the corner with his Bionic//
Galaxy Tab 7.7 (3g) on the horizon?
When will I be able to get it on INSERT DEVICE HERE ????
Word has it that requesting new device support on public G+ posts delays said device release by at least 3 to 6 months..
I don't actually expect my Bionic to be supported. I'm just wallowing my epic buyer's remorse. :-P
thank god4Steve Kondik

my TAB 8.9 is pleasured
How about HOX... Miss ur build since im still using nexus one..
When will it be ready for my Nokia Communicator 9000
Have you fixed camera issue on s galaxy wonder?
Played with a GS3 earlier today. Touchwiz should be banned. You lose core functionality is ICS with that horrible UI. Couldnt multitask, create folders... nothing! Good thing CM9 will be available.
Does anybody know if the +NOOK Tablet will become an officially supported device for CM9? For CM7 there are only unofficial ports available.
Boy I can't wait for it on HTC Evo 4G LTE. I know we can't until source code is released, but i miss it, coming from Epic 4g.
So why is that a phone that was just released is getting worked on but phones like the rezound have been out since November and we have nothing from you, I understand we need sorce code, but you favor Samsung and the galaxy stuff far to much

developers with devices and device similarity.
+Bryan Aldrich nails it on the head. Plus the the Samsung/Asus/LG family of devices don't have the bootloader restrictions of the HTC's and Moto's of the world. Couple that with the fact that we work on devices we own, and quite frankly, the Rezound was not a giant success compared to the Samsung Galaxy lineup. 
The only reason it wasn't a success is because the galaxy nexus came with ics right after It, truth be told the hardware is better on the rezound it only needed ics, wich Verizon and htc seem to be failing at, which Is why so many people come to you asking to bring out the full potential of this sleeping giant
cm9 nightly for maguro is very stable for me.
'Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 - p5wifi'
Does this mean you should not use it with the 3G version?!

Samsung GT-P7300 is 3G+Wifi / Samsung GT-P7310 is Wifi only
+Florian Fietz the p5wifi build is for the tabs without mobile data. Work for the 'p5' is coming along, its just not ready yet. 
I'm tired of my friend flaunting CM9 on his GSII while I know my Rezound has so much more potential. (Im)patiently waiting for some Vigor nightly love! \m/
Nice... older devices should be first to consider. What I am these devices at least have ICS already.
+Rodney Thomas what core ics functionality are you talking about? I can multitask and create folders in touchwhiz. Even more, with current touchwiz and Samsung's motion control features there's less reason to move to CM9. At least at it's current stage. On sgs2 I couldn't stand touchwiz.
+Luis Robles Yea, we'd like to bring as many older devices as possible (and work well/to our (and Google's) standards). The speed of turn-around for these newer devices is a benefit of having ICS sources to work from, as opposed to re-working the gingerbread sources essentially from scratch. 
Ehh I will stick with unmodded stuffs.
I'm running a newer CM9 nightly on my SGT 10.1 (p4wifi) but ROM Manager (paid) doesn't even show a CyanogenMod download folder.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I have done a complete wipe and still see the issue.  In order to update to the next p4wifi nightly, I have to go to the website and click on the ROM Manager icon to push it to my tablet.  Not too painful, but I wonder why my tablet doesn't have a CyanogenMod folder, but my SGN running CM9 does.
Just bought Galaxy Nexus to upgrade from my Inc2, Will definitely be upping to CM once its in my hands.
Great, and again no CM9 for my iPhone 4s. I am really pissed off. >:-(
+Robert Johnson I'd love to see CM on ALL the things. Someone with the hardware, motivation, and time just needs to work on it. I suspect that it's similar enough to other HTC devices that we already support, so it might not be too difficult.
CM9 build for Galaxy S also is available since yesterday #cool
W00t! Thank you for your hard work!
+Jose Perez thanks! I try to stay on top of these things. We are such a large group that often times we go silent for a long time just because of how busy it gets. I don't want that silence to be seen as ignoring the community. :)
stable CM9 would be nice. i'm not complaining or anything, you guys are doing an awesome job, and the nightlies i'm finding particularly stable as it is. keep up the good work :D
Stable Android would be nice, but it doesn't exist - CM does what they can with the rotten core they've got to build on.
+Ole Albers There was a guy working on the 7.7, but I believe he cracked his screen during a move.  In addition, the 7.7 and 7.0 Plus have a major hurdle to overcome with the fact that the wifi driver is dual-licensed GPL/BSD by Atheros, giving Samsung an excuse to withhold sources for the wifi driver and wpa_supplicant changes.

As to I9300 getting support before older devices - Unlocked bootloader + ICS kernel source code + many of the internals being similar to the I9100/N7000 (GPU is almost identical, so is the MFC/FIMC interface, so is the RIL interface) meant it was one of the easier device bringups.

In general, as long as there are manufacturers who provide either fully unlocked bootloaders (Samsung) or lenient unlocking policies (Sony, also LG I think), you will see developers tend to avoid manufacturers with aggressive locking policies (HTC, Motorola).  Even if someone figures out how to work around the locks, it's extra hassle that volunteers don't want to waste their time on, and many of us, on principle, refuse to support a manufacturer that continues with such an anti-developer stance.

I used to have HTC devices and loved them - but I will never purchase another one of their devices again as long as they keep up with the bootloader locking BS.  Even their official "unlock" is only a partial unlock that leaves a pile of limitations which Samsung users/developers just don't have to ever deal with.  My time is valuable, and I also have strong feelings regarding Tivoization.
+Anthony Martinez Some examples or experience on which you're basing your opinion would be nice. Otherwise, that sounds pretty troll-ish...
time to get an sgs III
Here's hoping p4wifi isn't too far off!
MMS bug remains from 2.1 to 4.0.4, "from posts" album frequently crashes Gallery, wifi avoids "poor connection" with more than 20mbit WAN link and Google removed the option to disable that remarkably stupid "feature" in 4.0.2, the industry's worst power management. Those examples/experiences, for starters.

/posted from a Galaxy Nexus running 4.0.4 straight from the mother ship/
+Abhisek Devkota Of course you're right... For some reason I read the description as CM9 RC instead of nightly. I have the nightly on my tablet, was hoping for RC. I'll pay more attention next time ;-)
+Anthony Martinez What MMS bug?  Nightly builds from 6/10 through 6/17 had broken MMS on some CDMA carriers like Sprint, fixed in 6/18.
+Anthony Martinez I don't have a single one of the problems you're complaining about...  And a 20 Mbit WAN link is fundamentally NOT a poor connection, so it makes sense that you don't see poor connection reported with good network connections.
Is the HTC Desire S going to be supported at some stage?
AOKP is better. For Galaxy S3 
+Andrew Dodd - Yes, I know 20Mbit is not a poor connection which is precisely why it's asinine that Android regularly says "avoided: poor connection" and instead falls over to the monumentally worse cellular data connection instead. The avoid poor connections feature checkbox (and indeed the entire menu entry in Advanced under WiFi) is no more - but the so-called feature remains to do a great disservice to many users (Google, and you'll see that I'm far from the only persons at wits end from my phone decided it's too good for my wireless connection despite several other devices happily chugging along without a care in the world).

You're telling me that nobody has ever sent you a MMS message, and at no point ever has the phone opened 10s of caption text first before displaying an image so small you can scarcely tell what it shows? I'm simply not able to believe that as I've had the problem messages sent to other Android phones (Moto, HTC, other Samsungs, and LGs) and every single one of them does it. Googling reveals it is common place as well.

As for my "From Posts" album crashing gallery - you've got me there, but I send a detailed crash report in every single time. I don't know of anyone else who experiences it, and my from posts is nowhere near as large as others I know on ICS. I think it's a synchronization problem, personally, but regardless of what causes the crashes they're unacceptable.
+Rudy Batz - Not meant to troll at all, I'm simply stating that Android itself - the core on which every ROM is built - is not as mature as many would like to believe. Google refuses to fix many of their own problems, and those instabilities transfer over to CM. That's not CM's fault.

Before I head out, my initial response was to "stable CM9 would be nice." (since edited). I said stable Android would be nice, but since it doesn't exist CM can't be held responsible if it's difficult (impossible) for them to be truly stable. I was asked for examples, which I provided, and still hold no ill will towards CM. They have better devs than Google itself.
No one ever told me the benefits of rooting devices or how, i keep reading about it only....well at least my 8.9 3G isnt rooted yet
+Anthony Martinez OK, that's a better description of the problem - even if the backhaul is good, if the signal strength is crud or there's a ton of interference the connection will still suck.  I don't know how many times I've seen WLANs perform awfully regardless of the quality of their WAN due to interference or weak signal.  I actually wish CM had that "avoid poor connections" feature (It doesn't seem to...) - On a routine basis, my devices stay connected to my WLAN even when I'm sitting in my car and the signal strength is so weak as to be unable to transfer data, making it a pain in the butt to start off Navigation.

+Kadin Hayakawa Since you don't know any of us, why did you post?  You were not mentioned in the original post or any comment prior to yours...
+Andrew Dodd we've crossed into the What's Hot/Explore stream. Signal to noise ratio will suffer. :)
+Rudy Batz Samsung, LG, Sony, Asus are more likely to be supported quickly than HTC (with Moto way in last place). 

As for CM-next, no idea. Maybe CMX, that sounds 'cool' right? xD
Been looking forward to this for this for my #i9300 pulling down the nightly & about to do a nandroid backup. thanks +CyanogenMod team. :D
+Andrew Dodd the problem is that the signal strength is great and no other devices drop at all (to include my Kindle Fire and its flavor of Android). The entire process is bizarre, but I certainly understand the frustration that comes when you should go cellular, but don't!
+Rudy Batz I think it used to be that HTC devices were picked up quicker, but that changed as they started moving to extremely aggressive bootloader locking strategies.  As a result, Samsung (no bootloader locking at all on almost all devices, unless you count the "custom flash counter"), Sony, LG, and Asus (fairly light/lenient unlocking policies) are more popular with developers.  As +Abhisek Devkota said, Motorola is way behind (pretty much dead last) with the most aggressive locking and the poorest unlocking policies.
+Thanseem Abdul Hameed That's already been answered by Abhishek and myself.  Short answer - the device of the guy who was doing the bringup work is broken (screen cracked by movers), and Samsung's refusal to provide wifi driver source code is holding back P62xx and P68xx.
As a recent S3 owner that got lead here randomly can someone tell me why and what CM9 nightly is all about. I've downloaded it what's it gonna do for me?
Please tell me an A500 port is in the works. It's got nearly the same hardware as both the transformer and the galaxy tab.
Still nothing for the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G I guess?

Oh well.  July 2011 phone running Froyo from day 1 with a single useless Froyo update from t-mobile that has 95% of the exact same hardware as 7 other CM9 devices PLUS an awesome 5-row hardware keyboard, but can I get even so much as a gingerbread port?  Nope.

At this point I expect no better.  Despite being the only useful successor to the G2 this thing gets no love.  Not your fault Cyanogen but I do wish you - or someone, anyone - would pay this thing some attention.
Why not the EVO 4G LTE?  What's the deal?  CM was HUGE on the OG Evo!
Been waiting for months for this on my iPhone goddamn it!
9300 user is waiting for the stable edition!
Well, while we're at it - CM9 for my Kyocera 6035 please!  :)
My old Handspring Visor could use a little CM9 love. Any devs working on that?
Hi cm guys, is it possible to let my android more "light"? like, its too black. for example, I'd like the "settings" and "notifications" to use the holo light theme. I'm saying this here because I think it could be changed while customizing the rom. Thanks
+Andrew Dodd The weak Wi-Fi signal detection code is still there, Google just commented it out. I guess there were issues with it.
Now that the source code is available, and devs on xda have been able to do CM7 for the sgs4g. Why isn't there a CM9 for it!?
Is there anywhere that says which CM device name is for which actual device?
Would expect a lot more gratitude from our community. You guys do realize they're working for free right? Thank you CM team. Can't wait to see your future releases!
What is the likelihood of the low-end Samsung Galaxy devices (Ace/Mini/Gio) ever getting official CM9? I understand that Qualcomm has not released the camera drivers, but even so, several teams have forked CM9 for these devices, and have got the camera to work through hacks. I'm not asking that hacks be part of official CM9: I'm asking, if Qualcomm released the camera drivers, how likely would it be that these devices got official CM9?
Running like a charme on Galaxy S, thanks!
someone pls help me
on the cyanogenmod wiki the cm9 for the htc wildfire s was removed why? if the development was stopped pls restart it i really love the cyanogenmod. if im just stupid, and the i completely misunderstood the situation then can pls someone pass me the link of the cm9 for the htc wildire s
I had thought all of the MSM7X30 devices were in line for CM9, but I only see CM7 builds for the HTC Vision. Is it going to be ported to once another MSM7X30 CM9 build is complete, or is CM7 the end of the road for the HTC Vision? Thanks!
CM9 for the HTC Evo 4g LTE?
Enjoying CM9 Alpha for the Touchpad.  Can't forget the good work some incredibly talented folks are putting in to that!  :)
Would like to see a version for the Droid 4 though.  (and to a lessor degree the Droid 3)
Would you like to make a nightly build for the samsung galaxy ace. There are a hughe number of devices in the whole wide world, which want to flash themself on a higher/better rom version :-)
can I use the cm9 i9300 international build on a t mobile version of the i9300?  Does it matter or will it cause problems since I believe the phone specs are different, (hardware) and any other differences that I am unaware of also at the moment.
What features are broken in SGS3 release?
TV OUT? FM radio? Hardware video decoding?
+CyanogenMod Sorry for the noob question, but is there a way to run a CM9 nightly build in an emulator? (Such as the Android SDK Manager)? I am running Windows...
Hi. I wanna asking you if "cdma_droid2 nightly " is available for ME722 which were sold in China? Thank you.
Additional, ME722's network is WCDMA
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