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Galaxy Note i717 (AT&T)

Note: No build is public yet, keep tight.
Note #2: The n7000 and i717 builds are not interchangeable. Do not attempt it.

[inb4 'yo dawg, I heard you like Notes, so we put notes inside your post about Notes']
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Can't wait, I'm just running the stock ICS leak because I'm waiting for CM9
Looking forward to this! Can't wait to replace TouchWiz when CM9 is ready. Thanks for the hard work!
Can't wait for 717 support. I still go back to using my Infuse just for the CM9 feeling.
Ok. Seriously? You guys are completely incredible. Just yesterday, after reading the comments on the N7000 post, I resigned myself to a long wait. And today the wait is over! (well, sort of.). Either way, keep up the great work!
I love my i717 on the leaked ICS. I can't wait for CM9 to make it that much better. You guys rock!
Great news - thanks! I love CM on the Nook Color and can't wait for CM9 for the i717.
Note that "not interchangeable" means "will hard brick you're phone." Learned that the hard way :-)
Long live the NOTE! And CyanogenMod!!! I can't wait!
Can't wait. It needs its power unleashed with CM9.
CM9 will be on my device in seconds when available!
I can vouch for CM9 on the Note to be fucking incredible.

Touchwiz was holding my N7000 back SOOOO badly.
What!!!!! Cm9 for i717 note!!!!!!! Hell yeah can't wait !!!!!
HOLY COW!!!!!! YES! CM9 on i717....Finally. You guys rock!
Awesome! I love my Note and the Hybrid Tablet UI i am running now, but i can't wait to see what you guys cook up!
All apps using the native stylus api (eg Quill) will work fine. Apps using Samsung's proprietary api will not.
'Useless' is a matter of opinion. Blame Samsung for not using native apis ;p
Is there an update of when CM9 for SGII Skyrocket will hit public?
Oh man, this is going to be so amazing.
I'll be flashing as soon as it's released even without the S-Pen apps!
Cm9 on the i717 will finally make it a perfect phone/tablet!
Most stable first release I've ever tried. Awesome work!
Can't wait appreciate all your efforts.
Waiting on Samsung kernel drop/official release of the build before we start nightlies. Hopefully it'll be soon
why N7000 is not officialy listed within the devices list?
Assuming you are discussing the CM website, the page is lagging behind all the new devices. It simply needs an update.
This is the best news I've heard all month.
well, its not just the page that needs an update, same goes for forum section, ROM manager etc...
CM9 Note i717 official....:-)
The official isn't out yet as it says in the OP.
The unofficial build is awesome though.
CM9 Official Nightly's now available for the AT&T Galaxy Note.
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