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CM 9+, N1 (and other S1 SoC)

The Nexus One, along with the other first generation Snapdragon devices (devices with the QSD8x50, MSM7x25, MSM7x27 and MSM7x27T SoCs), will not be supported beyond the CM 7.x (Gingerbread) branch.

We’ve been holding off on finalizing this, looking for ways that we could make this work and be happy with the release. Sadly, it never panned out, and we’ve decided that it’s time to stop our efforts.

The Nexus One in particular would have required a custom hboot to repartition the internal memory (which itself was limited to 512 MB, like most devices of that generation) and the proprietary libs available (from 2.3) would have required compromises in the CyanogenMod code that we are not willing to make. The wide variety of MSM7x2x(T) devices, on top of these problems, also have a complete lack of media libraries that are compatible with the new APIs introduced in ICS (video decoding and encoding, specifically). The pieces just aren’t there.

Does the capability to run ICS or Jellybean exist on these devices? Yes, with enough time, effort, and hacks it can be made to work. Do we feel the experience is worth all of that? No.

To measure our releases, we use the same subjective criteria as users do: “speed”, “jank”, “butter”, but also factor in user experience (UX) and other intangibles. However, beyond this is something that we can (and do) use as a ‘pass or fail’ mechanism, the Android Compatibility Test Suite. The CTS is used by device manufacturers to ensure that their changes to Android source do not break Android API, platform and other standards. This, in turn, brings stability to the Play Store for app developers. Breaking CTS would lead to a bad and inconsistent experience for app devs, which in turn would lead to a bad experience for you guys as users. If CyanogenMod was perceived to be blatantly violating CTS, developers could eventually blacklist CyanogenMod users from using their apps (or worse, Google could blacklist CyanogenMod from the Play Store altogether). No one would win by going down that path.

If, in the future, a solution is found that passes CTS, we will revisit the topic. 

For users that are adamant about trying to run ICS and beyond, options exist. We are not going to recommend other builds however, as they are more than likely breaking CTS, and therefore our quality assurance standards as well. You can find them if you look in the usual places.

-The CyanogenMod Team

Edit The list of affected devices are as follows: blade, bravo, bravoc, buzz, c660, click, cooper, desirec, e510, e720, es209ra, espresso, hero, heroc, inc, legend, liberty, morrisson, motus, one, p500, passion, robym, s5670, supersonic, tass, u8150, u8220, z71, zero
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I don't like that post...but I can understand it....thanks CyanogenMod Team :)
It's probably a hard decision, but focus is important! Don't spread your resources too thin and keep that great work coming! Thanks for everyone working on CM!
Well its sad news as I loved how much better cyanogenmod made my old n1, but its understandable, all technology has its limitations. Thanks for all the hard work all the same.
Does this mean msm7x30 might still be in the game?
Sad but the right decission! Thanks for all your efforts!
Is there a list of which Cyanogen devices aren't getting CM9+? 
There is still hope for MSM8255?
+Paul Soeller  blade, bravo, bravoc, buzz, c660, click, cooper, desirec, e510, e720, es209ra, espresso, hero, heroc, inc, legend, liberty, morrisson, motus, one, p500, passion, robym, s5670, supersonic, tass, u8150, u8220, z71, zero
Neil Lund
G1 and now the Nexus One = retired. They were both great devices. Wonderful memories :-)
I'm running an unofficial CM9 ROM (BCM) just fine on my N1, with the custom Blackrose hboot.
Well I am disappointed that my phone will never receive official CM9/10 support but I understand it and I can live with the unofficial builds that have been made available on xda by all of the fantastic devs there. We have actually already had early JB builds on our device thanks to their hard work. I guess this will mean I won't be using official CM until my next device which will probably be Gnex or the next nexus but I will wait and continue to be a huge proponent of CM and all of their hard work :)
Very sad, even if I personally run ICS on the N1, through an xda ROM. I find very annoying to have to buy a new 600€ hardware every two year to keep up to date. But that's life. Hopefully GS III users will still be able to use Android 7 in two years from now.
While some people might not like this, it is for the best. When something is forced it causes nothing but pain.  And #liberatedAria  cheers. 
Thanks for clafifying this CM team......I had a GREAT 2 year run with my N1 after an awesome 2 years with my G1. I'm now happily using a Gnex, but I did wonder if CM9 would ever run on the Nexus 1. Its now my emergency back-up phone......
Sad for the owners of those devices listed, but thanks to CM for trying.
Posting this from a Droid X (which I believe is a 1st gen Snapdragon device) running CM9, I totally agree with the teams decision. This allows the CM team to focus on building a solid base and a great ROM for the majority of their users. For those of us with older devices, there are the devs (13th angel, jonman, bikerdude, and dest to name a few) who will build awesome unofficial releases that are only possible because of the solid base the CM team provides. This is a decision where everybody wins.
Droid X is not a snapdragon device, Its an OMAP. and has the ram and general space needed to run ICS. its issues are related to the locked bootloader and kernel.
Thanks guys for making the N1 that much better for that long. Nice to have a final-ish word on the subject :)
Kevin Wu
Just because it's not going to run ICS or JB doesn't mean our old devices are retiring; my Desire running CM7.2 can keep up with any big boy, dual, quad core processor with their bloatware any day...

Yes it is no longer my daily driver, but the phone will still be relevant for some time to come...

thanks CM team...!
I know that this is maybe not the right place to ask.But is there any plan to official support htc one v ?
I am more than happy with CM7.. you guys already made CM7 so better that CM9 is just a bump with HA nothing else..
Sad decision but CM team does a great job. If we have to blame someone for this, I think is Google, and that's for changing Android core without taking into account support for "old" devices.
+Shiro Ae I'm not going to flash anything on my Nexus One anymore. I haven't even found the need to root my Gnex. ICS and now JB work fine for me on stock. The N1 is still one of if not THE best looking Android phones though...whenever I take the case off, I just stare at it for a few seconds. That was one beautifully designed phone (aesthetically)
Even if my Nexus One doesn't get JB, I'm already happy that I have CM 7.2 on it. Thank to CM team!
I like when these things happen, keeps the board clean of things that will eventually cause roadblocks later on. Time to upgrade guys!
you are great. thanks for your efforts. thanks for 7.2.

thanks a lot =)
Thanks you guys for the info. No problem with that, already happy with CM7.2 in my Desire :)
I guess I'll be running only unofficial builds of CM10 now. Thanks for back-porting features to CM 7.x for those who want to try official builds.
Hey (since I don't really know much about processors and stuff) can you please tell me if the HTC Desire S is still going to get CM9+?
Props. At least I know CM7 is the most stable ROM to run on my mom's good ol' Desire. Thanks for the update!
sad news, but thanks for sharing this information. i think its important to let the people know, if a devices is beeing dropped.
TA Nie
Love you guys.  No need to explain your decisions, they're your decisions and we owe you nothing.  That being said, FUCK.
I do not understand, they will continue working on processors MSM7x27A?. As the ZTE Skate? Make a port for the ZTE Blade should be really easy while having a MSM7x27, still, thank you very much for your work, try to keep our Blade on top of your ranking of facilities
You guys never even once tried to support the Samsung Infuse.  Lesson learned on buying new release devices in summer time.  
R. I. P. my good old Nexus One. We had a lot of fun together, and I'll miss you.
Is about time for people to upgrade their phones
has benn solved problem of camera for galaxy s I9001?
Full list of affected devices added to the OP: 

blade, bravo, bravoc, buzz, c660, click, cooper, desirec, e510, e720, es209ra, espresso, hero, heroc, inc, legend, liberty, morrisson, motus, one, p500, passion, robym, s5670, supersonic, tass, u8150, u8220, z71, zero
Cool. Strange that I thought the N1 was already able to get CM9 and I just hadn't bothered to try (being happy with CM7). If it's a stable release I might give it a go. Does it perform better than CM7, i.e. is it a leaner OS?
Ouch! Time to retire N1 (with broken power button) and look for a used Nexus S phone. sob.
I think CM7 is more than good enough to use until you upgrade your device.
Ah well, all good things must come to an end... just wanted to say thanks for all the teams hard work....
Just wondered where your team stands when dev's like telltale games say it's too hard to develop for Android due to having loads of different devices on the market...
Thanks for the continued support. I guess it's time to upgrade anyway.
is the MSM7630 supported? I have a evo 4G (supersonic) but my fiance has theEvo Shift which doesnt seem to be on the list of being unsupported (hers is codename Speedy/Knight) and she's been asking for CM9
Yeah, I agree, stick with CM7 on the N1 (which I intend to replace with a Note2 in September).
I always joke that the SD card is what held the nexus One back from official ICS, I never thought it would be shunned by CM too. Definitely the right choice, keep looking forward
Ah well. I had hoped the Nexus One would see official ICS/JB from CyanogenMod. Still, I completely understand their decision.

Regardless, they still have CM 7.2 support! As a former Nexus One owner, some CM is better than no CM!
:( End of the line for my OG Evo... Very happy with CM7.x though.
Very nice and honest, when HTC pulls this stuff, its without reasoning, other than "our bloated sense is not efficient enough to run on the new android revisions, no drivers for you" see HTC desire HD
i had an u8230 before and the main problem was hw acceleration and lack of ram for ics... btw u8220 builds have broken camera but on modaco they overcame this and made it work...
well for what its worth my unofficial CM9 port for my EVO 4G is great I was hoping for an official release but given that this device is 2 years old I understand sux I cant upgrade till Oct 
:P i'm getting almost flawless CM9 on my HD2 ... burnn .but seriously hd2 would be dead long time ago if it wasn't for tytung
So, what is now the oldest phone that can expect a CM10? Is there any phone that was released more than two years ago? 1.5 years ago?
Been a cm user since my n1 arrived. Thank you.
There was a presentation at Black Hat last week about hacking NFC, but I lack a link at the moment.
Thanks for letting us know and for the effort to trying to make it work.
Well, I was pretty sure that storage space, among the other hardware limitations, really was the reason Google didn't update the N1. It's nice to get confirmation on that. It makes me believe they would have updated the phone if it had been reasonably feasible. That's why I ended up choosing the GNex as my next phone.
Gutted it's final that my Desire (bravo) will never see an official CM9+ release, however I'm delighted that there has been a definite call made, holding out hope (however small) that "something might be coming" was daft, at least people know now.

Roll on November and the next Nexus.
So does this mean us MyTouch4g (glacier) owners still have a glimmer of hope for CM9/10?
Woohoooo I do not see ace in the list.....woooohooo
Wow, what a run!
I'm still using the N1 as my primary (and only) phone, since way back. CM has been my Android experience since the start (the day after I got the N1 I put CM on it) and I'm as thankful as can be (also noted by the donations given with every major CM release since).

I wanted to take this special opportunity to thank the wonderful named and unnamed devs that put their sweat into making an absolutely incredible experience. I swear by CyanogenMod and I couldn't be happier with mobile technology in general thanks to Google and the CM team. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

I believe that this post (which is almost making me tear) calls for another donation, for old times sake, even if I'm no longer part of the younger kids' CM club ;)
Good thing I have my Nexus One on eBay now. I've upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S3 anyway now.
+james jacobin That's called social engineering (or stretching it, phishing). It is not hacking- hacking is breaking software security measures to obtain access. Guessing a weak password or tricking someone into revealing it is not.
Very very nice to see that you are following official guidelines. Thanks for the excellent explanation! This is exactly how manufacturers should explain it when they say that they won't provide upgrades for older devices - your explanation is very clear and understandable. Well done, and keep up the good work!
It is good to know what to expect. Thank you for the post! I guess next summer will be time to retire my N1 and move on to the next phone.
Ask not for whom the bell tolls.  It tolls for my trust Nexus1!
My poor old inc. Sniff. Good thing I got a Nexus S :P
I'm sad for my HTC EVO 4G, but I understand.
I thought, like HTC, you'd dropped the HTC Desire HD and HTC Thunderbolt.

Someone needs to twist HTC's arm into, if not making an official upgrade, at least lending a hand to get the radio working: the CM9 port works well, just no cellular service. :(
Thanks for having standards...I hate when development teams have the attitude of 'let's just get it out the door quick and who cares about maintainability, etc'...nice to see.
Looks like time to move on from N1. It is indeed a piece of Android history and will hold a special place in the community!
Well, i still love my tass (Samsung Galaxy Mini) device. CM7.2 just became 'official' for this device. Before this i successfully installed several 'unofficial' kangs. Now i tried unofficial (AOKP = Android Open Kang Project) CM9. Runs fine, but needs work. Hopefully developers keep trying. Until then: CM 7.2 still rocks!!
Leo should be still good no? unofficially, since it has all the necessary ram space.
I had a G1 and a Nexus one. If you have those now upgrade im sure you can get a good deal on Android phones people. Upgrade!!!!!! Cm10 unofficial port in my evo 4g lte is amazing. Jelly bean is OFFICIAL!
Currently I am running a custom cm9 build on my (Sony Xperia X10 - es209ra) phone and I understand why you are not supporting this generation of phones anymore. You are doing a great job to help the entire android custom rom community by keeping phones up to date no matter what manufacturers decide. No offence, but while you drop support for my device now, it never made it into any stable or even beta build but I don't mind that.

Anyhow, keep it going and I think it is time for me to start looking for a new device. (Which will probably a nexus)
+Abhisshek X Because many users aren't used to paying full price for phones, so they pick up older phones cheap, or only old phones are available. 
My girlfriend finally cracked her nexus one screen this week.

Time to retire the old girl.   The nexus one, too. 
Was expecting this :(
Kudos for being clear and upfront with the details that lead to the decision.
I'll stick to my CM7 N1 as long as the hardware holds.
Thanks for finally giving closure on my htc desire. With what you explained I don't think I'll get ics from Xda forums as it could be problematic I'll stick to what's stable and that's my gingerbread . Plus I like the blue theme with cm 7.2 :)
I really don't want ICS on my N1 but I do look forward to continued CM7.x development
While that is sad to hear, it is understandable.  Those devices are dated by now and I really need to upgrade.
I don't see Sholes on that list ;)
Looks like we still have a chance to get some OG Droid lovin' from the CM team! (doubt it)
The next time Google appears to be complaining that there are so many people running pre-ICS or pre-JB releases of Android, simply point out that a perfectly serviceable Google phone, (N1) can't be made to run either at an acceptable level, even by the open source Cyanogen developers. Personally I happen to like my N1, and I think that it great in combination with my Nook Color and Xoom WiFi.
You're not getting another cent from me, ever!
Thank you for the efforts and thank you for the honest, detailed explanation. It is refreshing to get to be treated with intelligence, respect, and dignity after the kind of explanation we hear from manufacturers. Thank you.
Disappointed, but can't say I'm surprised. Appreciate you guys letting us know officially.
E TU Brute? Well, It's been a great ride while it lasted. Now I have an excuse to buy a new phone.
Totally agree, still love my N1, but now love my gnex...thanks to CM team for all the fun times
Hmmm. No Defy+ in the list. But still bad news.
Thanks for all the hard work and exhausting all the options. +CyanogenMod made my N1 experience better than expected.
Maybe my wife will let me mod her G2. (Yeah right)
Well guess its time to upgrade. But to what? The new Incredible 4G is completely locked down. The screens on the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Nexus are too big for me.
Thanks for the thorough explanation. I'll probably continue to use my dinc for a while because I'm in the same boat as +Josh Riggs... I don't know what phone I could upgrade to that would preserve portability, power, and flexibility.
Fair nuff, mostly cos I handed my Hero to my mate just over a year ago :)
Thanks for supporting my N1 for this long time.
tse fir
My passion works great. Thx for all the good job until now! Although for the clear words.
As much as I still covet my N1, it's the right choice.
+Adam Curtis Wasn't Sholes officially retired a long time ago? I believe they stated CM 7.2 was the end of the line for the device.
Ooooh!! I was waiting/hoping cm9 or 10... I'll stick to CM7.2 which is quite nice!! Thank you for your efforts and the huge contribution to Android community.
My Z71 varient started to show signs of aging. It's battery backup came down to five hours. I dropped it last week and broke the screen. Now came the sad news from cyanogenmod that it is not supporting the device anymore.
I am grateful to the CyanogenMod developers. Without their help, it wont be possible to use this haedware for such a long time. It is still working like a new machine, even with a broken screen. It is still my primary handset.
Saddest part is, I dont have enough money to buy a next gen android right now. :(
I see the vision/G2 isn't on that list... Mwah ha ha ha ha!
Sadly, as a proud N1 owner, I have to agree with this decision. I tried ICS and JB unofficial ports and although they run reasonably well, the overall experience is not comparable to the Cyano 7.2 one. The truth is that the best available ROM for the Nexus One is CM 7.2 and I am glad that the CM team pushed the N1 to these awesome limits! 
It's sad but I understand it. Thanks for all your efforts! Great job cm team
I'm using CM9 on my P500 with everything working except HD videos so I'm using this as my daily driver. I'm very happy that my brick can run CM9 but I do not expect it to run CM10 :(
Wouldn't it be fair to simply admit you can't do it since CAF isn't wroking on those Qcom based devices (QSD8k)? Where are the "CTS" in your manifest ?
Other Dev's have done it based on what CAF has done for other devices, removing what's not supported and that code is in your CM9, how can less brake CTS ?
i know CM supports many devices so its natural to lose some when there is nobody in the team willing to make them work, but call it how it is and dont put down real devs who did the work.

my 2 cents
A lot of CM9 stuff is backported anyway, as I can recall. IMHO CM7.2+ is just alright on my emergency backup Legend. Keep going CM team, I love your work!
I'm using CM9 - or better: an ICS rom based on CM9 - on my LG Optimus One (P500) too. Well, I understand you're decision and you have my full support, but... ehy, CM9 on P500 works ;)
cop con
Thank you CM. My Liberty is happy with it 187mb in-phone storage and CM7.2. It outperforms stock in all the ways. Putting so much more effort for very old phones and hardwares is unreasonable. But my HP touchpad wits for it official RC and CM9 and CM10, please, I love you all the guys behind CM teams
Still love Your work... support you all the way. what you say makes since i just hope every one reads the post fully before flaming this board. Also people realize that all their work is done by volunteers, that work on donations. I don't complain since and will gladly donate to their efforts.
Luckily i have a nexus7 now , so it doesn't matter.
Sad news for es209ra, never get official yet...
Any chances that you will release cm7 with backports from cm9 or cm10? Hope you can backport as much as possible features of the cm9. even just the interface. i like the lockscreen the least. i won't really bother having the level of media playback cm9/10 have but the least other features that may work hopefully gets to cm7. thanks! great work to cm team! you are greatly appreciated.
+Pratap Kode If you're willing to work through the BlackRose custom Hboot process, Evervolv has an ICS ROM (and an alpha JB ROM) that allows wake with trackball or volume buttons. I've been on ICS since December and it's pretty stable.
Slightly disappointing, but I completely understand what you're saying. Thanks for letting us know and explaining why.
Please dont do it, the N1 still a pretty phone
Even better a lot of new medium-end phones
I'm really looking forward to CM10 coming out for my UK Galaxy S3! Hint hint nudge nudge ;) Keep up the good work, guys!
means I don't have an excuse on delaying going to 7!
Sad but true.. Another closed architecture win. HTC produce a good phone, but I will never bought another one made there... Thanks CM for your efforts anyway. And for this update too.
Заливаем 7.2 и не рыпаемся. :)
I personally don't need a "stable" CM. Fortunatedly guys at xda like dk-zero, keep doing what cyanogen originally did with the vanilla sources: now making CM work for ppl that otherwise get left behind. Welcome to mainstream cm. hail to the cyanogen mod mods.
Получается что мы не увидим полноценно работающего 4.1.1 на HD2? :(
Thank you for the great support you had on the N1.  I'm happy you're discontinuing support, since this thing is so damn old, I'd be annoyed if you tried to cram something in it that didn't fit.  It already is WAY too slow, so I'm buying something spiffier today.
HPTouchpad? Any plans for CM10
Thanks to Zeubea for giving the Legend CM9...
What is the next set of possible devices that will be dropped?
Thanks for a clear explanation, I'd been expecting something like that for a little while but it's nice to see it written (and also nice to see how much effort went into trying to make it work)
Are you ever going to come out with a mod for the Bionic? Thanks!
sad to loose hacking for OEM compatibility. I think rasperry pi have a old SoC and works great...i think living in a emergin market makes one have other ideas and perspectives....
Welp, looks like my wife will be getting my Evo 4g, oh well.
With a cobweb ridden HTC desire clutched firmly in my hand with CM7 blazing in all its glory, there is a tear in my eye as the CM team pull away into the distance.
But know that one day, that day when hardware failure arrives I shall hunt you down and enjoy the wonder that is the future CM releases.
Awesome work guys - go keep awesome happening, we shall meet again!
How about my Samsung Galaxy S Gt-i9000?
So there's still hope for the G2 (aka Vision) since it's not listed above?
I can't believe you guys were still trying to figure a way to port ICS to these devices! Such devotion from you guys for something I considered impossible from the start...
Another device this affects is the HTC Wildfire S (Marvel and Marvelc) neither of which have official CM7 now, but are working on it. Anyway, I just thought I'd throw that out there.
I wish there was a CM7.3 which would bring the Roboto font to CM7 :) Something to make my old N1 look like new :D But kudos to the CM team for supporting the device for so long anyways.
+Britt Dodd While I'm certainly not a CyanogenMod developer, from my limited amount of research (that is to say, five seconds spent on Wikipedia) the Evo Shift uses a second-generation Snapdragon processor, unlike the Evo 4G. This would imply that the Shift might get CM9 after all, but I wouldn't commit to any certainty about that until the devs start posting nightlies.
My trusty old Nexus One is finally declared obsolete. Thanks for trying so hard, guys!
Go to hell cyanogen mod,You never made even CM7 for HTC Explorer,an ARMv7 device in a period of about 1.5 years!Sluggish development for limited devices only!
Sorry for my harsh words but i don't have any bad intentions for you
ICS runs perfectly well on my HTC Desire that is identical to the N1
AC Loh
RIP, my nexus one. :(
ouch thats a bummer for my HTC Desire (which is still rock solid running CM 7.2). oh well, time for an upgrade anyways
You are calling S1 devices crappy because you cannot provide support for them?Very strange!I wonder if you,by far,know at all what's S1!Btw,One X does not have the fastest processor out there!
A shame that the HTC desire will no be updates to ICS. Thanks for all the versions till 7.2
Haris Jalali Thats not the point that S1 is crappy! Its because there's no proper libs for it to run ICS or JB. Im using CM9 on X10 and it works very good, but theres no way to get HW video decoding cause the lib had to be written from scratch! 
Jacek Mrózek I never ever said that S1 is crappy!It was Tarek Ahmad from the above post!
I understand the decision, but i prefer that the team should end their firmwares in top-notch condition rather than un-monitored buggy piece of code
Unfortunate but necessary. Thankfully, unofficial CM9 Builds run perfectly well on the incredible.
Sad but fully understandable. Keep up the good work!
/Desire user running CM7.2
Its sad but at least they are honest about it, not like the manufacturers claiming that the device can't support the software at all. Cheers CM team!!
You tried, and I loved CM7 on my N1. But this summer I finally retired it after 2.5 years of devotion to it. I now have the Galaxy Nexus which I will probably keep for the next 3 years or so... 
Anyway thanks so much CyanogenMod team for all your hard work over the years, you are my second very favorite company with "Cyan" in its name :)
Well Obviously you not keeping in touch with your devs much as Adam Farden the P500 guy has created a bootable version of CM10 and another user on XDA HepHappy has released a prefinal CM9 for the P500 which I have been using for over a month and everything works, Camera, Wifi, USB Transfer, Themes. Only thing that I had issues with was the Dialer is missing the call button but anyone with 2 brain cells can work out if you press the middle of the screen at the bottom it will dial. Dissapointed that Cyanogenmod have decided against giving a full official release of cm9 on P500 since there is already such a brilliant fully working suitable daily use one already available.
So still have hope with vision(Desire Z)?
If only the carriers and manufacturers were as forthright as the CyanogenMod team...
Awesome. I love it when I get to be informed. Even if the news is hard to take. I or we are adults and don't need to be babied. I can deal and without throwing a tantrum. Thank you for dealing with me as an adult unlike others. You all rock and am honored everyday to be part of the community of CyanogenMod and Open Source. To the CyanogenMod Team: Thank you and your loved ones for all you and they have done. True heroes to me.
This is very sad news... but who to blame?

As always, the chip makers neglect by not releasing open-source drivers to the community, so everyone could benefit of it (as well as themselves!) What they are afraid? Shame on their own code?

There's still no open-source mobile GPU driver out there. Google and the GPU makers workarounded this releasing binary closed-source drivers for each +Android release, and +CyanogenMod guys found no other way but to accept this, which lead to this dead end of dropping support for these chips.

C'mon! Mars Curiosity landed on Mars with 200Mhz and 256Mb RAM, NASA landed on moon years ago with Zilog's Z80. The problem is not on the chips potential, but on the code to control it, which are closed-source drivers.

Linux Torvalds said "Fuck you Nvidia!", but we all must shout: Fuck you Nvidia, Qualcomm (Adreno chips), Imagination Tech (PowerVR chips), and all the other mobile GPU makers. Give the community the correct tools once and forever, and your will receive more than you ever would be able to do by yourself.
i own 3 of those and all 3 have cm7.2 on them... oh well it works much better than stock on my morrison, expresso and supersonic
If the ZTE blade isn't getting CM9, is the ZTE v9 also affected? I thought they were very similar devcies internally, so I would have assumed both or neither would be affected, I'm a bit confused that only one is listed.
Thanks CM team .... much better and understanding explanation than what we got from HTC for not upgrading
Yeah, at first I was all indignant about your stance on ICS on the Nexus One, and then I ran a build from XDA for a month and now I understand. TexasIce made an incredible effort in getting it working at all, but the performance and stability just isn't there compared to Gingerbread. I guess my trusty old phone really is at the end of its service life.
As you mentioned which all devices are not getting CM9 similarly pls mention which all will be getting it with approximate date...
Hi Guys,

I see that the Desire HD (Ace) is not on that list of devices. Does this mean that CM9 will potentially be released for it?

My 2 1/2 year old dinc had a nice ride. Thanks CM Team. I was kinda hoping to see some CM tweaks in the latest JB betas but it doesn't like like that will happen now.. Thanks again CM Team for everything.
I see that the Desire HD (Ace - QSD 8255 1 GHz) is not on that list of devices. Does this mean that CM9 will be released for this phone ?
Hope the DHD gets the CM9 or even the CM10... or maybe HTC can release ICS without sense, that would be nice.
Supersonic, you were my first true smart phone, (I say the 700w doesn't count!) I may have moved on to younger, prettier, bigger and thinner devices, but you will always be my first. Somebody pass the HaagenDazs before I start to cry here!
My device is affected (Incredible), but I'm glad to know, I'd always rather know. I trust you guys know what you're doing, and it's about time I started looking for a newer phone anyways. Holding out for the next Nexus. Keep being awesome! It's really awesome my device got dragged along as long as it did, you can bet my next phone will be running Cyanogen :D
I'm sorry that I won't be getting the CM 9 or further on my Dinc, BUT as I am moving up to a new device this fall, I guess I can wait a few more months.  Thanks for the post and honesty, and I look forward to running CM 10 on my new device this fall.
ough, i that case i'm switching my bravo to galaxy nexus with official 4.1 out of the box. Thx cyanogen and good bye, don't need cm no more ^_^
Sorry for desire z, will develope a CM9 stable official? And if the answer is NO, the ROM mimicry is stable and where i can find it? And there i s an italian version? Thanks every one
I'm also happy with 7.2 on my Desire. Thanks for your work gentlemen. You have created an awesome rom for my phone. For that I am grateful. It's also good to know the reasons. Apart from the situation, I'm not planning to change my phone. I am perfectly happy with CM 7.2.
Happy with CM7.2 on my N1. I hope to be using it for a few more years. Thanks!
I got CM10 from "vijendrahs" on my desire. Works very well... much faster than CM7... I can't understand why it has been chancelled.:(
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