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Optionally disable Profiles

This was requested by quite a few of you, and made sense for those of us on the team that didn't use it, so, coming soon
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Excellent.  Tasker is my "profiles."
Is this going to make it to CM7? That would be awesome!
Power saver mode seems better...
Ouch, a dagger in my heart ;-)
4.1.1 has profiles?  How do you access it?  I can't find any such feature. :/ scratches head
+Thom Brown Not in vanilla, profiles are in CM7 through to CM10. I wrote the original CM7 implementation, which was ported by +David van Tonder  in CM9, as well as being extended by many others.
Ah yes, I have that in CM9 on my S2. It's not what I thought it was. I thought it let multiple users have different profiles on the same device so, for example, a family could share a tablet, but all their stuff is kept separate.
open app when switching to a profile would be awesome for example Alarm Clock Profil (NFC):

- Start Desk Clock (Alarm Clock Plus in my Case) 
- Disable Sounds
- Screen Brightness low
Out of curiosity. How is this different from just using the default profile with everything set to "use system default". Whats the benefit?
+Abhisek Devkota I got a bit despondent with the whole team douche thing - felt like an exclusive club, and I struggled to even get help and suggestions when I needed it. I'm sure I'll pick it up again soon, but family is taking up too much time right now.
+Abhisek Devkota Thank you for the mention, its been really fun being part of the CM team.  +Martin Long No dagger intended :-)  I just got tired of people complaining of the power menu being too full and wanting to remove my favourite feature, Screenshot. 
Few profile features suggestions (1) have the ability to select 2G / 3G (2) location aware ? Like when connected to a certain Hotspot switch to a profile (I.e. insecure when home). Besides this thanks for great ROM (CM10 on galaxy nexus)
+Thom Brown Initially I thought the same thing when I put CM7 on my Nook.  It would be nice to have this feature, but unfortunately Android's device-oriented (like DOS) and not user-account-oriented (like XP).  Nothing on your tablet is private once past the same-for-everyone lock screen.  If you let your kids use your tablet they can read your Gmail unless you wipe the app's data (unless I'm missing something, as not saving the password will just mean they can't download new email).

Not surprising since it's originally a phone OS but one can always wish.

If I'm wrong about this please let me know.
+Gerald Walls mostly true. The Android team has and likely still is working on multi-user support. In fact, the code for it is already in ICS and JB, just not enabled (See and It's no where near ready, but the amount of work thats already been completed lends to believe it's on their wishlist as well. 

CC +Thom Brown 
Thanks for that info +Abhisek Devkota!
Multi-user would be sweet, but @ $200 for their own N7, that is pretty multi-user friendly too!
+Jason Hicks true, but not economical for a family of 4-5. I like seeing Android move into this direction though, it makes sense for tablets and the like. 
+Thom Brown that's what Users & Restrictions seems to be in CM10. Or don't you guys have that?
+William Thieme just to be clear, that patch is currently not slated to be merged. It works, but only barely, to the point we consider it broken currently. 
+Abhisek Devkota Thanks for the info.  We have a family of four and even at $200 ($250 for the "good" one) that's still a lot of bucks.  BTW, my N7 16GB is due today...

Ha.  N7.  Sheppard.  Better than the Nexus-6 replicants.
+Gerald Walls. the meantime you could try smart app protector by "sputnik" I use it on my old droid that I gave to my daughter for using on WiFi. It's still on my login so I locked the apps I don't want her using.
Back in cm7 days there was an option that let you go into each individual app's permissions and put a slash through each permission you didn't approve of.

At your own risk of course.

Is that feature ever coming back?? Please add it back if possible.
+Jeff Wagner is right, Smart App Protector works great in the meantime +Gerald Walls . Use it on the old Evo with Play Store, Browser, Settings, etc blocked. 3yr old hasn't bought or broke anything yet.
Step 1: Buy a blackberry. Even an old one will do.  Step 2: Learn how profiles should work.  Step 3: Copy for Android.  Step 4: Really, anything you want.
I agree with Jon.  BB profiles are way better. 
I didn't use profiles in CM because I thought they were only for sound but once I've discovered that they allow you to toggle BT,WiFi,GPS etc I started using them and they are amazing
Already got the option to turn them on or off in the Euroskank CM10 build on my GNex
I wish profiles will allow you to launch apps as well it will be awesome.
much needed addition....I also have a request, donno if it'll be met but its worth a shot....I wish cm10 also had an automatic (but customizable) power saving would really help...
Rob Ban
Finally. Thank you for this! :-)
Chris W
You know, I don't mind profiles, just want the option to not have it show in the power menu.
What about the ability to have profiles activate based on actions like the calendar?  I've wanted that for years.  Another cool thing would be to be able to hold down a profile selection in the power menu and set a timer for it.  After this timer is up it would switch back to the last profile.
Talk to the developer of Tasker.  See if he can tie the actions into profiles.  You could then change based of anything, wifi's detected, time of day, etc.
Are profiles really that intrusive that a disable feature is necessary? I didn't use profiles for 2 months before I started using them and I didn't even know they existed. I stumbled upon them one day and went "why the F aren't I using this?"
This is great for those who don't use profiles
+Ravi Hundal in all seriousness, have you ever been doing something and gone "freaking profiles, always getting in the way or messing things up?"  i'm not being a dick, i actually want to know how this affects non-users.
awesome! I don't use this so its great to disable them. but awesome for people who still use them :D
How about an option to turn off headset functions? Sometimes when i use my headphones (not headSET) it gets reconised as a headset making my music and video go crazy because my headphone doesnt give correct headset shortkey data (logical).
I (and as i espect many others) never use a headSET but do use it for music on a good pair of headPHONES

So an off function here would be also very nice ;)
Also a big "thumb up" for the profiles off function solving the back to ringtone issue when i unplug the headphone in public transport :)
@ +Zach Mauch . Phoneweaver has Calender,location and connection based profile switching, and can launch an app with profiles. For the functionality its worth the 3$ if you want it now.
Phoneweaver does work really well, though beware it is a battery hog.
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