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CM 10.2 M1
With all the Android 4.4 hype, we haven't forgotten about CM 10.2. Tonight the buildbots will focus their efforts on building and shipping out CyanogenMod 10.2
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Why focus on 4.3 when we can get better taste from kit Kat ;-) 
What about building us one for our phone. Galaxy gt-i8730. That would be good.????? 
+Ziggy Winnicki didnt you (or maybe someone else) ask this question for the 10.1? 
Answer: CM perfects perfection, so it is perfect.

not quite yet
Great jobs!!!wait for kitkat~~~
Has there ever been any talk about doing cyanogen for google tv.  They have killed "google tv" and are now in the process of rebranding to android tv.  There are still first generation users (sony google tv and logitech revue) that are stuck on honeycomb and the manufacturers have been extremely slow on getting the 2nd generation users on to JB.  Please help us here!  We know our devices are more capable than this, we have been abandoned.
+Rox Jr. Id imagine They will work both like they always do 
Why not finish 4.3 with the 4.4 apps and half satisfy everybody then when 4.4 congress out the transition from one to the other will be seamless?

I like that they want to finish one but do a combo and not as many complaints while bringing cm to the next level.

What do you think +CyanogenMod is this a option?
O Cerna
This are really great news!
+Vedant Mathur you might be right just a thought not trying to start a movement out nothing just thinking what most people have problems with skins for us that they don't really listen to customers no matter how many ask for the same thing now that +CyanogenMod is an Inc more like an OEM that to make sure to appease most of their loyal fan base this would help you know?
If the developers dropped whatever they were working on and moved on to the latest version of Android, we would never get a CM release! Just let the developers do their thing and we'll get 4.4 in due time. 
+Bryan Walker absolutely, i prefer cyanogenmod over any android skin out there, because they have ears
You guys, (Cyanogenmod) keep doing what you're doing.  I run it on all my android devices.

+Edward K Lewandowski  wins

+Bryan Walker not possible and a waste of time. A majority of the 4.4 changes in the 'app' side are closed source. Those that aren't (ie Launcher3) are big enough changes to cause a good amount of rework to be feasible. 

We aren't more OEM like ( +Cyanogen Inc. only has 1 phone and its not even out yet). What we do have is a healthy contributor base that is able to work on 10.2 and KitKat simultaneously

In no way does finishing 10.2 to its logical end preclude our work on Android 4.4. 

We spent most of today working on both, and tomorrow (and the next few weeks/month) will be the same. 

As we said, we don't care about claiming 'Firsts' with releasing 4.4, someone else can do that. We just want to make something good by our own standards. 
Hopefully this comes out with working bluetooth tethering (to get Internet access through another device). CM 10.2 bt tethering broke since 20130920 nightly. 
+Abhisek Devkota I respect that it doesn't bother me either way I have 4.4 apps on a 4.3 ROM right now only ago I had issues with was search besides cm issues that already exist with 10.2 on HTC one s just a thought you know I commend everybody involved with cm project as it is the base of beanstalk ROM I am on.

To me though personal opinion when you become a company as compared to just a community that is more like touchwiz and sense which are provided by OEMS that is why I said this.

Please don't take what I said as criticism just a thought to appease masses as more people complain than except in android world.

Keep up good work +CyanogenMod 
CM 10.2 is especially relevant because of the TI OMAP bugs that will block millions of devices from using KitKat. Making old devices work better is the best worthless to happen in Android ;)
+Bryan Walker I'd agree, if and only if everyone working on CM was an 'employee'. Calling us an 'OEM'-like instance does a disservice to the volunteer contributors, which incidentally, outnumber the Cyanogen Inc employees - 200:17
Nightlies have been great since 10.1. I guess the s3 maintainer is a beast
I would love to see Cyanogenmod for the google tv by logitech,  I don't deny.   I am running netflix on cyanogenmod 10.2  10-29 nightly with no problems on a Samsung Galaxy S3, BTW.
Cye3s :
stable enough for daily use?
I couldn't watch Netflix after the deadlock issue was fixed... Not sure if
it is the app or the cm that broke it.... Other wise so much nicer not
having the keyboard freeze while texting
Will use cm 10.1, still waiting for the stable release. 'cause 10.2 looses much in terms of stability (mako)
Peace and patience, children. And much love to +Abhisek Devkota for keeping everyone in the loop.
please cyanogen please support our phone brand its innos d9 it has a great specs and a great phone with monster battery life 4150mah..
I know this this is a stupid question but what will be the cm version for kitkat? Will it be cm 10.3 or cm 11?
+Angel Paule
Obviously it will be 11. The CM team always bumps the number whenever the code name changes 
Thanks +tora, I'm still not successfull in poting 10.1 to my mtk based alcatel spop and now another version is released. Hope I can make this work with all the help of the great devs of mediatek based boards in xda..
+CyanogenMod In recent nightly builds CM10.2 be solved by my stupidity, like ringtones and wallpapers. Important things like lag in the notification, or to be occupied by the current gapps (eg calendar, which is in ROM and not in a separate package) remained unnoticed
Will the change log list the differences between 10.1.3 and 10.2? No?
So I'm quite a noob, but what is an m build? 
Still don't get why none of famous ROMs like you aokp or paranoid doesn't do ROMs for galaxy s3 mini when there is almost every galaxy s there? There is s, s2, s3, s4, even s4 mini. I mean this Mobil is the most favourite device in Czech republic for two years now, why there isn't official cm support for it at least from you?
Are you planning to buy one in the future?
Ahhh forget that I asked why would anyone buy phone that nobody care about anymore even its own manufacturer
Looks like find5 is still unmaintained. But 10.1 stable is good daily driver.
+Ondřej Pacák problem with low end devices is that they age quickly. I will keep my hopes low in your place.
+Adam Sobotka Exactly when I bought this phone few months earlier it was considered midrange and than CPU manufacturer fall apart so we get officially stuck on 4.1. Now this phone becomes worthless low end brick. Funny part is that I will repay for it for next year and half during which even real low end phones will come with kitkat so that's where my obsession comes from. Anyway just as you said I will keep any hopes wery low because it was all disappointment with this device so far ;).
Always make me happy. Thank you guys :)
+Gabe Cruz AFAIK, a nightly become milestone when it's considered as stable enough. Not as stable as RC, which will come later. 
Is there anywhere a list of devices which are getting this M1 snapshot? I'm looking for maguro more precisely. Thank you.
Nice! Thank you for your great job. 
Great guys cyanogenmod is my favourite rom even though there are many other I praise and respect your standard and quality of delivering a bug free rom.... So what my idea is let your major team take on the kitkat and a assign a small team to work on till the 4.3 till stabilization.. And if I'm correct when jellybean got released cyanogen released the 4.1 so fast that the first unofficial was having only a minimal change... Even when jellybean had such big improvement over ics so I bet kitkat rather than few minor changes and launcher and app porting you guys can handle it pretty easily... Hats off to u guys.. Expecting the kitkat initial release mid of this month... Bring us some treat ;-) 
+Xavier Bestel thanks, already checked that, that why I was wondering which devices get the M1. Not in a hurry, just wondering ;)
+Yang Chen well I guess cyanogenmod mod is a rom which u can use as ur daily driver even if it's an unofficial build! 
+Yang Chen On the GNEX I'm using I reverted back to 10.1.3 from 10.1.3RC2 due to problems I was experiencing. Gooapps still crashes often. I'm new to rooting. This phone was already running CM when I got it. I understand I should not just simply flash 10.2 over 10.1.3 using the updater found in settings. What? I have to do a factory reset and lose all my stuff?? I did a back up a few months ago b4 doing a reset. Apps were not reinstalled in the back up restore. To answer your question , yes its a good daily driver.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you. 
+Christoph Glotzbach Thank you. I have the app "MyBackup" installed. Not good enough? And if I may ask, I downloaded the gooapps latest release, but I'm too cautious to try to use it. I also have Goomanager installed. There would be no one to help me if I screw things up. Thanks Again Christopher. (Google. android. GMs.apk dated 8.5.13 from cool one more question. I can download 10.2 20131102 M1 right from the phone. Is that what I should do?
Make it more lighter/faster.
How about multi user idea, and also better multi tasking.
And how about adding access to amazon store ? 
+Abhisek Devkota You said most of the changes are closed source. What about the new dialer with googlemaps phone number? I guess it's closed source, right?
Thats the way aahaan aaahan i like it aaahan aaahan 
Ok need some help..anyone wanna walk me through on installing this rom? Still on touch wiz for the S3 and want CM, help will be appreciated. 
+Utomo .prawiro nice suggestions.

However, Google has a tight and fair grip on their apps, that CyanogenMod is likely to keep pursuing. They are looking forward to pass Google's compatibility test, and I think it would bring no good to their interests to add Amazon store access (which will likely prevent the okay from Google). 
Will you release a list of phone getting 4.4 ?
+Flippi Dippy get the app Titanium Backup from the market and back up only the apps you really don't want to lose your settings for. Then copy the TitaniumBackup folder to a computer and, once you have wiped and installed cm 10.2, you can reinstall titanium back up and move the folder back and restore your apps.
I wonder how many will decide to skip 10.2 and upgrade to 4.4 instead?

I would definitely install 10.2 final version when it is released but would likely run 4.4 on my Nexus 4 when OTA becomes available.

But CM ROM is so awesome... so we'll see.
+Michael Y I don't know that many people aren't already using 10.2 nightlies if their device has them. The nightly tag does not normally mean buggy on CM.
Same here. As +William Thieme stated CM 10.2 nightlies are my daily driver, no bugs at all, +Michael Y.

I use very demanding apps like Dead Trigger 2, MX player for .mkv 1+ GB files, and it runs like a charm.

Needless to say that the regular day to day use like phone calls, messaging (WhatsApp, Hangouts), listening to music (online and off), surfing the web (HA! Old expressions never die), YouTubeing, and so on, are excellent, fast and amazing. 
Running 10.2 M1 currently on my GS3, everything seems fine :)
Google Keep, Netflix, and Hangouts started giving errors that they 'stopped working', but I just reinstalled them and they work fine now. Android Keyboard (AOSP) did the same thing, but I use SwiftKey anyway, so I went into the Disable Service app and disabled it. Now everything works like a charm!

Hope this helps anyone who might have these issues. Thanks CM team! 
fafa Sj
Hello, for the model nexus "crespo" application does not work google play, out message (offline).

Hola, para el modelo nexus "crespo" no funciona la aplicación google play, sale mensaje (sin conexión)
Was using 10.2 nightlies on my HTC One and finally just went back to the Google Edition version ROM because there were too many issues. This was just yesterday that I went back, so I doubt the Milestone release will change much on my device in one day. 

Issues with Bluetooth (it would sync to my car fine, but when I got out and got back in, i'd have to disable bluetooth, then reenable it on the phone to get it to sync again), loudness issues with the internal speakers being WAY too loud and distorted just from normal phone sounds. Just little things like that. I may check it out again when it goes to Release Candidate or Stable. 
If this M1 is KitKat they are the Wyatt Earp of Android, the quickest draw on the West, I mean in the western civilization! 
lg optimus g e975 - sphere cam still not working. focal always crashes rendering, googlecam doesn't show a picture in sphere mode. all else functions work fine on both cameras. will there ever be a working sphere cam on cyanogenmod?
+Christian Östman good to know, man. We are pulling your leg (^_-).

But a Milestone release before a Nightly is highly unlikely, for it takes more effort to bring the former closer to stability since the latter is for testers and people with appreciable knowledge of Android's core system and little to reasonable hardware capabilities. 
+Abhisek Devkota +Bryan Walker Unfortunately, the one s maintainer is a cm employee, but seems to have been very busy on other products for several months. The M1 release for the One S will likely be plagued with the same months old lockups, reboots and bootloops and Stable isn't looking good either. 4.4 may be our only hope.
José C
Para cuando ROM 4.4.kitkat para s3
+Josfran Colmenares primera normativa de CyanogenMod: no preguntes por previsiones de tiempo.

Coge tu el source code y construye tu la ROM, el código es abierto. 
Is the file titled "" the download for the N4? I notice it's listed in the download tables as a nightly and it doesn't have "experimental" in the filename, unlike previous M snapshots. It's also not in the M snapshot directory but comes up when you click "All".
android 4.4 is joke
that end

Salve a tutti,c'è la CyanogenMod stabile in italiano per Htc Desire Hd? Grazie distinti saluti.
Whats the different between 10.1 and 10.2 ? Any new features ? 
+Aiman Salim An entire 6 months of work from Google (in a new Android release), and from these guys. Quite a lot but only labelled as a .1 :P
+Dan Rhodes yeah one s is a great device that many people slept on but it is also a device that you have to treat like a flower and be careful and nurture until it gets right.

It seems that for every great feature or fixes something else gets screwed.

I really like this device but I think kit Kat will be the OS version to really get it in its feet. Just few days u have been running apps alone has been enjoyable seems google took what they like from HTC and Samsung launchers and added their own twist with appearance to create the experience. 
I am running 10.2 nightly on N7000
and i am suffering from freezes and force closes everyday 2 or 3 times.
i really like cyanogenMod so please try fixing this problem, i updated many times to different nightlies but i have no luck
+Matthew Smith
As well as that the download is corrupted. Only 60MB instead of the reported 190MB meaning SHASUM is wrong.
+Aiman Salim the most remarkable feature in my opinion is TRIM.

In Android 4.3 (CM 10.2) it was implemented and was not present on 4.2 (CM 10.1).

In a huge simplification, TRIM is a smart management of the device's memory because it clears the memory points of unused/deleted files and cache, which in actual use makes the device perform as new again.

Look for people with the first Nexus 7 saying that after the 4.3 updates the performance was recovered to brand new standards. 
Need xoom 10.2 firmware, I`m hope that U done this
Is there a reason why I'm getting a random rebot on 10.2 4.3.1 thought jw
Seems we may be seeing CM11 Soon?
Still no cm m1 for HTC one x but I can wait, take your time cyanogenmod and great job :-)
I am running cyanogen 10.2 m1 and is great is very stable
Bro check on xda developer I am pretty confident they now the way
+William Thieme Oh. Really? I'm not. Went back to 10.1.3 from 10.1.3 RC2. I'll just forget it. Way back when, when I first jrailbroke my iPhone 3G, I had step by step instructions and software. Thank you for your help. I have no confidence i can do it. Can't afford any mistakes. 
The new Google play and Google+ aren't working on my GS3 #help
Is it a stable build and does it support SGS2 I9100?
+Subrahmanya Bhat it's a milestone build ie it's almost stable and I wouldn't hold my breath over a milestone or a stable build for the international galaxy s2 coming out anytime soon 
+Flippi Dippy cyanogenmod is working on a bit of desktop software to handle the flashing for you, might want to see if your phone is compatible?
just installed it, and Google Play doesn't work! on SIII
I managed to get this running on my N4 after several attempts last night - the instructions given in the Wiki (which may have been enough for other devices) are not enough. I had to wipe the main cache, the Dalvik cache, and format the /system and /data partitions before it would boot (rather than getting stuck at the boot animation). I'd been using stock Android 4.3 before.
Rui Pu
good news!
Does anyone know when there's going to be a nightly CM 11 (for kitkat 4.4)?
+Simon Dagfinrud when it's ready. Simple as that. Look at Android release dates and the corresponding CM release dates, and estimate from that.
Is M1 without deadlocks on Nexus 4?
Just upgraded my d2VZW from 10.1.3 stable.  Works great so far (but then again, 10.1.3 worked fine).  Nice job.  Thanks CM.  
Carl M
Nexus 5 comes with 4.4 KitKat and nothing's broken. Just saying....
Yes CM Team you have put A LOT of work in CM 10.2 Android 4.3 but most of us want Android 4.4 so even if you have put a lot of work into 10.2 why not release the thing that the people you are making this ROM for want ?
They wouldn't want to leave something unfinished would they Bogomil?
+Jordan Phillips Yes but in my eyes why not work on 4.4 and leave a little part of the team to finish things up with 4.3 ! Now I do not know how big the CM Team is but to me it looks like most of them are working to get the final CM 10.2 out and then they will focus on Android 4.4 !
Note: I must be wrong about all of this and am sorry to all the CM Team that i might have offended !  
I think people are forgetting that CM plays a long game: there are devices that will run this but won't run stock Android or a manufacturer's version of Android. People will be installing this on their Galaxy Nexus in a few months time and their phones will still be useful for another few years. The same is probably true of this release which supports devices abandoned by their manufacturer.

Also, CM is not like Linux Mint which develops off a code base that is open source throughout its development. That's why it releases just a month after Ubuntu. CM can't do that because it has to wait until a new version of Android is released to know what it's going to be based on.

There's also no point in just dumping an existing version of Android just because the next has come out (and only on one device at that). If they did that, they would almost never finish a version. The fact is, unless Google decides to develop openly, it will always be a choice between the latest Android and added CM features.
Carl M
+Matthew Smith Well said. Hence my comment about the Nexus. If you want stock android when it comes out, you are best off going straight to the source and not use custom roms. Android is all about choices. I find myself not wanting all the extras as much as I do the newest android versions. People who use CM just need to realize they won't be on the latest android as soon as out comes out or for some time to come. CM isn't at that point yet and may never be. Again, choices...
+Bogomil Petrov easy! Donate about 20k dollars so they can hire more developers and quit their jobs! Easy!...
+Jorge Cornejo first of all how can I be sure that they will buy s3 mini for the money and second why do you thing I have s3 mini instead of note 3? Its a delicate situation unfortunately
+Ondřej Pacák So you have no confidence at all on guys who work for free at all for the whole world without asking a dime... easy then. You have 2 options. 1 is buy yourself the device and send it to someone of the team. 2 is build yourself and become responsible for the development and support for your device as these guys do. To 1 you will say: what if they sell the device... to 2 you will say: I don't know how to, not willing to learn and less become responsible to answering demands and questions for more than 1000 possible users. So... at the end shut up then
+Jorge Cornejo Wait, so for most of cm supported devices there had to be someone who send phone to developers? If it is so I deeply apologize that I cannot send them any money and so do something that for example no nexus user ever had to do because his phone is supported. That's really fair but yes on the other side you are absolutely right. I can't donate them because I can barely pay for school so I naturaly have no right to ask them to buy this device. Believe me I am amazed by work of developers I was just curious why there isn't support for my device while many other galaxy s phones are supported and I get the answer that really is as simple and it never cross my mind that they just may not buy this phone. I never meant to insult anyone. 
No, you don't have to give a complete phone... but still they don't own all of the available phones on market even when they are popular for some people. A phone is expensive. Imagine how much money they would have to spend on stocking with all phones... that is why they focus on a few and made cm for them. Of course some similar phones like Sony xperia, some Samsung's, and other brands get supported by cascade. But not all of them. Many of these guys are also at school, university, college, working so they donate their time and knowledge so far. They don't earn a penny for it. The donations are used to pay for hosts, ram, CPU and stuff for more development. So instead of asking or demanding better ask yourself if their work worth something for you and instead of expending 10 dollars in a party or beer give it to them as a thank you and you will be supporting their amazing work. No, they won't use your money to buy a car, a hocker or any like that. Even if they buy a coke will be used almost probably during nights without sleep like we programmers like to do. 
I am sure they will use money for developing and I truly admire work of developers if I could only gather others who own s3 mini and together we could gathered enough money to support them :) but I know only few and I can't unfortunately send money to support someone when it clearly won't be enough so they can start developing for s3 mini. I hope in the future maybe something of that would be possible. For now I even haven't this phone itself fully paid yet XD
You got to use dev g apps for built 101329
Is there are a reason why the release is called 'snapshot' and not 'm1'?
Is a m1 version if use the xda forum you won't have any problem I am running snapshot m1 in my daily phone 
Downloaded and installed snapshot m1 on my VZW Galaxy S3 and couldn't access the Play Store.  Tried downgrading back to 10.1.3 and bricked!!!  It wouldn't load past the Cyanogen logo screen.  Now I factory reset the device and can't get access to any of my Google services.  I'm a novice at this at best; can someone please tell me how to fix this?
+Jose Alejos
 i did that still dont work, found gaps for 4.3 on xda forums still dont work, a buncha google just keep crashing. also did a fresh install with this release and its missing gaps, installed the new gaps i mentioned above and still crashing , i.m back on the previous rom now. will wait for a more stable version.
Phone is bricked now.  Thanks CM.  Can't fix it.  You should probably go back to the drawing board with the Monthly, because it sucks.
+Waldo Waldovsky that's weird mine worked fine the only thing not working is Google search but it think it's because I installed the KitKat version
+Jose Alejos did you install the three apps from kit Kat to make it work? Play services, search, launcher. 
+Tim Wasson I installed this release on my N4 last night and you have to make sure you reset everything, not just format the /system partition as it says in the instructions. In the Clockwork Mod recovery program, you need to:

- Do a "factory reset"
- wipe the cache (main menu) AND the Dalvik cache (I think that's in the advanced menu)
- Format the system and data partitions. (For this reason, I'd recommend using sideload to upload your OS and Google Apps packages.)

+Bryan Walker shouldn't that be included with the ROM ? Other wise what's the point of realising it if its missing stuff and doesn't work.
He was talking about the kit Kat version which takes all the to use it properly there is no cm ROM for this yet. 
Installed on my Samsung GS3 over 10.1.3 using CWMR and the instructions on the CM forum linked near the top of this comment chain. No issues, everything running great. Thanks CM team!
Will this be available for Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S? 
I had issues when I first installed it that when I would actually search it would force close but changing the language from US to something else and doing a search then switching back was a quick fix but didn't stick for me. 
OK so I tried cyanogenmod and I have to say that it kind of sucks. I have a GS3 at&t and the most used Google feature does not work on one of the most popular phones, Google search. Is this a joke? Second stock Samsung skin is much faster and smother. Also Facebook contacts do not sync on a "stable" version 10.1.3... What ever the rest was... I would take bloatware any day over lose of basic functions.
Please could you release a cyanogenmod to GT-I9105P?
Yay! Successfully updated my Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 to CM 10.2!! Can't tell you guys how excited I am!! :D this one is super fast and simple! Than God! CM got me a way to get rid of those crappy Samsung apps and Touchwiz :P
Doesn't update from 10.1.3 on my Samsung Galaxy S. It starts updating and after a few seconds it restarts and boot 10.1.3 again.
I do not know where to write this writing here. Please port the android 4.3 or 4.2 on the LG E730. I understand that the device is already old, but still ..
Sorry for my bad english :)
Google Play does not working in Galaxy Nexus.
Sorry but I do not quite understand what then Nexus and where does Google Play.
+Michal Špondr when upgrading from 10.1 to 10.2 you need to do a clean flash with a full factory reset prior to flashing 10.2 you can only dirty flash the milestone on top of a 10.2 nightly release
Legit I had to completely wipe my phone and go back to 10.1.3 after I installed this.... it shit on my galaxy s3 bad. I have my updates set on stable... the 10.2.2 was bad for me. Just warning you all.
Still too unstable. Totally screwed my Nexus 4's wifi module and simcard reader too. It took me an entire afternoon to downgrade to 10.1.3, because I had to wipe clean all the memory of my device 4 times, reflash the bootloader and change recovery twice (and face a couple of soft-bricks too) before the phone could run again flawlessly.
Just my experience, keep the (good) work, CM team!
I can't wait for the stable release! :)
Yeah, it took me all night to resurrect my GS3 from soft brick.  Now I'm back to stock TouchCrap and I thought all the bootchains and recoveries were still in place so I could re-download 10.1.3, but for some reason it won't install.  So I have to put up with TouchCrap until at least Wednesday when I can get back to a PC (I have a Mac).  Blech.
+sten trek Did you install the Google apps bundle when you installed CM? That includes Google Play.
Running really great on Nexus S. Thank you guys!!
My N10 is showing 1100MB of RAM only. Is this normal?
PS: it is still running smoothly
I cant get it to upgrade on my GS3.  Are the servers down ??  I usually have no problems updating 
Why there is no thing about GT-I9500??
+Matthew Smith +Tim Wasson  - Mine updated just fine through a ROM Manager, however, I can't access the Play Store. Trying to avoid bricking I just want access to the Play Store. Thoughts? Just says No Connection - I can get on the net, make calls, etc. This is the only issue. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
+Kevin Dahlstrom try re-flashing GApps and reinstalling other google services not included (drive, hangouts, youtube). worked for me.
+Bogomil Petrov A lot of things for 4.4 haven't been release yet like the binaries etc so there is no 100% Pure 4.4 out accept the Nexus 5 of course 
+Simon Dagfinrud A few weeks yet, binaries haven't been released for 4.4 yet not even sure if the course code is available, be patient :)
+Ryan Raven yes I did and when I installed the 4.4 apks it stopped working everything else works great except google now/serach
+Ryan Raven yes I did and when I installed the 4.4 apks it stopped working everything else works great except google now/serach
Hello everybody, I am from Russia. My device is LG Optimus Sol. The problem is that we have no stable releases of CM 9, 10,10.1 roms. We have a terrible unsolved problem connected with lockscreen reboot.. Please if you read this message try to help users of Lg Optimus Sol solve this problem. Best wishes.
+Mike Meadows Perfect! Back into the store. Now, back to reinstalling all of the other missing apps. Thanks!
+Ryan Raven  yeah but I downloaded the hangouts, search, launcher which worked on cm 10.1
+Tim Wasson You tried full wipe? Syatem/data/cache/dalvik flash ROM+gapps wipe cache+dalvik then reboot ?
+Ryan Raven  I didn't initially.  After fixing the soft brick, I haven't had time to sit down with it again.  I definitely want CM back on my phone because TouchWhiz is awful, so I'll be taking another swing at it soon.  I never had to do that for any of the previous updates, so I'm surprised that suddenly I have to do so.
Its always best to do a full wipe just in case something doesn't work, try look at XDA-Developers they have some really good guides
+Ryan Raven doesn't that mean losing everything every time I upgrade though?
+Ryan Raven I tried all of those. Still issues. I did it so many times trying to fix it that I don't even remember all the problems. I know one time it could barely run without restarting itself... if I used chrome it would restart. So then I wiped everything and tried again. That time was force closing of the keyboard.... so I couldn't even sign in to get past the setup. Then I re wiped and went back to 10.1.3. In total I flashed 4 times. Also +Tim Wasson is right... if it comes up in cm updater as an update... it should work in the same manner that every other update did.... right? Or they should change it
Anybody can help me ?
I try to install this version but my phone dont work the data and stay in emergency mode. I cant call or turn on mobile data. If someone know how can i fix this please answer me on my email.
+Blaine Alderfer yes your right it should work straight away but developers always saybif something doesn't work like you get apps force closing etc you should perform a clean fresh install by wiping all partitions most things are fixed with a full wipe also flashbthe correct gapps package might be problem with force close on keyboard
Stable build is so close. I can't wait. Great work team CyanogenMod!
Also what are the main differences? Just wondering
Since the update Keep crashes all the time, sweeping keyboard doesn't work, my Google account isn't synced anymore... I own a Nexus 4, BTW.

Terribly disappointed. Going back to 10.1.3 right now. I just hope I don't need to waste the whole night downgrading. :(
Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus (toro): Installed 10.2 M1. Keep starts crashing at boot. Ingress crashes when launched. That's enough for me to revert immediately.

Samsung Nexus S (crespo): Installed 10.2 M1. Phone gets stuck at Cyanogenmod throbber. Forced to pull the battery to reboot. Still stuck at throbber. Downgrade to 10.1.3 from recovery failed. Finally had to wipe the phone and install a fresh 10.1.3.

So... how about you pull M1?
So there's no way to adjust the screen temperature on a d2vzw with 10.2 now?
Had to restore factory settings in order to flash 10.1.3. Otherwise it was stuck in loop.

I had selected only stable versions. Love CyanogenMod, but this really sucks.
+Erik Bates the snapshot showed up as a stable release... so don't blame me or +Gelats X for installing it and expecting it to be stable.
M snapshots have been showing up as stable in the updater for ages. At least since last year when I first used CM10. +Erik Bates
+Erik Bates, I agree... since the system update tool told me it was a stable release, I felt that was sufficient to know that the thing was stable. I was being responsible by only installing a release marked as stable. If +Cyanogen Inc. wants to make it so just about anyone can install +CyanogenMod on their phone, they need to come up with a better definition of stable and better inform users what to expect post-installation.

That said, I love the ROM and the work done by the CM team. I'm not ditching CM over this... it's just rather annoying that I ended up with two devices that were quite unusable for me after installation of this release.
Huge performance boost on my nook color.  Keep up the great work!
I have version installed on my galaxy s i9000, can I upgrade to thank you
+Anderson Domingos it should prompt you to make the upgrade in the updater, but yes, you can. The Galaxy S was the first device I ran CyanogenMod on - amazingly fast after Samsung's awful Gingerbread.
So.. when is the Stable release coming..
But surprisingly CM 10.2 Nightly build works perfect on my Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100! :D No issues whatsoever!! :)
+William Thieme agree! Cos cm 10.2 nightly on my SGS2 is working fine with no issues. totally love the support from the cm team. We all smartphone geeks love you, #CyanogenMod! :)
+Ed DeBord Did you install the Google Apps package when you flashed CM? That's where Google Play, G+ etc are. You can still do that by rebooting to Recovery (the package should be in your /sdcard directory).
I have version in my galaxy s i9000.
when I install the, impossible to find the directory.

performed the following steps:

- entered recovery mode
- "Wipe cache partition" "Yes - Wipe Cache"
- "Advanced", "Wipe Dalvik Cache" "Yes - Wipe Dalvik Cache".
- "+ + + + + Go Back + + + + +".
- "Install zip from sdcard".
- "Choose zip from sdcard".
- "Yes - Install

In the end, an error occurred, I went back to
I performed some wrong step?
i can't connect to Google play it's say no connection retry i was OK before this update ? the Wi-Fi signal is gray it should be blue but i have internet from the Wi-Fi i can open internet page so there is an internet from the Wi-Fi
Tu Nhan
I can't for the life of me figure out what's wrong. I have m7spr and any cm ROM after the m1 says digital roaming for carrier, and any ROM before the m1 says I'm on sprint. I have tried everything I can think of to try and ix this issue. Flashed sense to update profile and prl, reset apns, checked settings in ##4636## and nothing has worked.
updated to M1 snapshot, had some trouble with gapps, but got it running, only thing is all of my paid apps are lost... meaning it looks like i'll have to pay again for them :-(
+Rick Treinen They shouldn't be lost, they should be listed as "purchased" in the "all" column if they don't install automatically. Are you using the same Google ID?
+Matthew Smith, well strangely enough, after a while they appeared as 'purchased' in my apps... I swear I'm not trippin! :-) all is good now

have version in my galaxy s i9000. 
when I install the, 

This ROM uses an incompatible partition layout Your /data will be wiped upon installation Run this again to confirm install
assert failed: run_program("/tmp/") ==0
E: Error in /sdcard/cmupdater/ (Status 7) Installation aborted.
I've solved my problem thank you: d all functional:D   10.2 LIKE a boss thank you Cyanogen Mod galaxy s i9000
seems that we will get a stable CM11 in one year, 10.2 took almost a year too
+Alexander Gries It took less than 6 months to get a useable milestone, though. And we've a RC within about that time. So it's unlikely to be anything like a year.
oh sorry, I mixed it up with the LegacyXperia Project
yes!! it work very well on my samsung galaxy s scl with 512 mb ram, thank you!
I installed the 10.2 stable release and now my nexus 4 won't connect to Google services anymore, and the apps that used these (like G plus and the like) are gone. What's going on? +CyanogenMod 
google for the gapps package, CM is not authorized to include the Google Apps, because they are not Open Source. Do you know what the Clockwork Mod recovery is?
It is included in the kernel and installs packages (special .zip files) into your Android. Consult the CM wiki for your device (tobic: "ow to enter recovery")
Cyanogenmod 10.2 update failed in nook hd. Download completes and restarts, theme comes a screen with android logo, starts installing and failed. Please help me. Sorry for bad English.

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