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This was highly requested
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YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYESSSSSSSSSSSSSS ! Thanks! BTW : Awesome job on this widget ! Thanks you very very much !
Rob M.
This is superb.  It really makes lockscreen widgets something much more useful now.
Isn't that only really useful for the first widget? When I swipe left to my first, non-time widget, it's always full screen. 
This makes the new lockscreen more useful, but I still prefer the 4.1 one, even if it does not have widgets.
Why are there search and menu buttons in the soft button bar? Did I miss an option in the settings?
+Flo Edelmann look in the nightly of today.. On my n4 there are settings for that in system -> navigation bar
Awesome, but what about "other", much requested features like the battery bar or resizing the navbar? Where did all the people put in this "request"? So I know for the future. 
+David van Tonder , can you make the launcher widget with a size that fits the grid.
Now its like:
clock+weather 4x3
Clock +weather + calendar 4x4

But its a lot of empty space i think:
clock 4X1
Clock + Weather 4X2
Clock +weather + calendar 4x3

Would be awsome.
Think about this
There is a typo 'mimimized' in the preference summary.
Does anyone know of a Huawei Mercury 886 version? Been looking around to no avail.
Oh great the 4.2 widgets are of real use.

Anyway to add ANY widget from the app drawer to the lock screen? Nexus 4 user
Heh, now we just need the ability to have the unlock ring visible as well (like 4.1), then we're sorted. ;)

Oh, and lockscreen background changing. But we can live without that. :p
it not yet implemented on build guess will have to wait for tomorrow build :-)
I need gapps-jb- for [ CM10.1 ] ?.?
+mohamed pal go download goo manager. Make sure you download the latest gapps there's a bug on the October gapps
+Kenny Auyoung the lockscreen widget is, I believe, 4x1 (or 1x4 not sure which goes first) but can support bigger widgets. They are truncated by default but you can swipe down on them to embiggen them.... this makes it so you don't have to swipe down to see the whole widget.
Scott S
+Kenny Auyoung When the lock screen widgets initially show up they are minimized and you have to swipe down to use the widget, but now they are automatically maximized so it takes that one step out of the equation. i think....
Have a setting so that they are always minizsed as well
Now we need the ability to unlock with the small unlock ring without any lockring targets.
Then it will be perfect. Big lockscreen widget + ability to unlock at the same time.
Where does one request features? I want the CM10 bluetooth enhancements back.
+Nicolas Pomepuy my implementation for AOKP is different. The one for CM was modified and I didn't had the time to look at the code yet. 
Dang.. here I thought it would have been SMS splitting..
Are we ever going to have the ability to change the carrier name in the pull down menu again? I have straight talk and it just says home :/
Can you make minimizing the widgets cause the phone to unlock?  Or is it already like that?
Just wondering. I'm running the Dec 30th 10.1 nightly. So all of these updates that are posted are for all the CM dailies or how does it work? Also if I do want to update the nightly to Jan 7th do I just flash the zip and wipe cache or how would I do it? Thanks for any help
+Andy Libreros You are correct, the updates are made to be updated to daily or somewhere thereabouts. Reboot to recovery, wipe cache, Dalvik, and then update. Reinstall GAPPS and voila! New features and bug fixes.
+Manny Wilson ooo ok, perfect! Thanks for mentioning to re-installing the gapps after wiping (I would have probably have had that question when the time came to do the process hehe) Hopefully there is a GPS fix too, I could not get a lock on whatsoever on this nightly.
While we're on the subject of the lockscreen I have a question I was curious about. Can we expect the return of custom lock screen wallpaper? Nothing vital but something I enjoyed. I hope it returns. 
This is going to be great when Bluetooth gets fixed for the d2vzw
Weli A
Great job guys.
yay awsome good thing im always updating :DDD
what about the ability to change lockscreen wallpaper?
+Sahir Siddiqui oh ok thanks, so I'm already running 4.2.1 gapps so I won't have to reinstall. Thanks for the tips 
I'm running the current nightly but I don't see the option to maximize the lock screen widget...
Awesome! Now the lock screen widgets are actually useful. Before I couldn't even fit a clock which was very annoying.
Is there a way to disable lock screen widgets entirely? 
+Daniel Gultsch Yeah - I'd love to completely disable the lockscreen widgets - but I'm yet to find a way how...
CM10 lockscreen is so much better than the CM10.1 lockscreen. Wish there was an option to change it back.
Just wanted to say I updated to nightly today from Dec 31st and I am very satisfied with CMs hard work. Every bug I had is now fixed (not seeing trail on swype flow, gps lock, Pandora freezing phone) and I love chronus! Thanks CM team! :-) 
thank you soo much for this feature. this just made my day :)
I am a huge CM fanbky but I wish the team would focus on making usable versions for more phones instead of adding more features. The biggest appeal of CM is AOSP. Unfortunately CM has become so customized lately that they now suffer the same issues as OEMs - when a new version of android comes out, it takes forever to port over the customizations. A big appeal of CM is the customizations, but the biggest reason people run CM is for AOSP. And unfortunately CM seems to be focusing on customizations instead of bringing more phones AOSP, and the result is it takes longer for phones to get the new versions of android. Again I am a huge fan but for the love of god focus on stability and getting AOSP to more phones instead of adding more features that will just further delay CM11 when the next version of android comes out. Putting on my flame suit now....
+Adam Snow Two potential solutions for you to choose from: 1) donate devices to developers willing to take the time and effort to support the device; 2) Add support for the device yourself and submit pull requests/patches to the CM team
+Shawn Webb my device is supported by Cyanogen himself so developer support should be fine and I have donated several times to cyanogenmod over the years. I'm not a developer but if I was I would help out.
One issue I've found with this, on my SGS3 running 10.1 nightlies, is that the owner info gets covered up by a maximized widget. I turned it off so that my owner info shows up (I keep my name/phone number there in case of a lost phone). Just something to be aware of. It seems unlikely that someone who found the phone would know to collapse the widget to find the information.
Really nice. But still need to fix the rendering when minimize it and owner info show up. 
I don't get this setting on my Nexus 7 Tablet and I have the latest build 1/09
what about the ability to change lock screen wallpaper? thank you CM team
This option doesn't show up in my galaxy tab :-(is there a way to fix it? I flashed itseveral times and wiped the cache too.
I posted early that it doesn't show up on my Nexus 7 either :(
That option is not included I guess.......
My Chronos won't update automatically the weather and the calendar event, i must swipe the lock screen left and right to see the updates...?
And how do I disable the lock screen widgets? I hate them and it would make life so much easier to get rid of them..
I want to disable them completely, having them there can cause phone to unlock in pocket. its a real issue, if I ride my bike somewhere, half the time i pull it out and all the features i enable are off and the ones that drain battery are on. its quite frustrating.
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