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4.3 Status Update #1

All AOSP repositories have been merged into our Github and branched to "cm-10.2". Do not build it yet. There are a multitude of build errors that we are working through. We will put up another status update when everything has settled down. 

No ETA. 
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So when do you think it will be ready?
Jay B
Thank you for keeping the population updated!
Thank you for even taking the time to post this update we await patiently 
Take all the time that you need. I would much prefer a stable good build and wait a month then get one that is always crashing and nothing works but have it in a week. Keep up the good work
10.1 is rock solid on my m7tmo for now. Take your time.
Thanks for the great job that the community has been doing for so long. You are the BEST!
ETA pls (Had to troll, reverse psychology :p ). 
Hold on, I'm confused. When I try to build it, there are loads of build errors. When will this be fixed?
+Jacob Parker "Do not build it yet. There are a multitude of build errors that we are working through. We will put up another status update when everything has settled down."
I must say,pure 4.3 on my grouper is buttery smooth,expect CM guys,it must be super duper awesome.
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
I wonder if Ubuntu Touch/Edge will switch to a CM 10.2 android base, or whether it will stick with  *CM 10.1*
Says in big bold letters not to build , builds anyways, then complains . gotta love it !!
I would ask if the new DRM 'features' could be dropped, but I know it is a big ask, so I won't. Ask. I'll just leave this here, quietly looking up at the sky and humming.
Rob M.
Phew, thank God I'm going camping today, will prevent me from repo sync'ing :-D
Take all the time in the world. Just installed 4.2 on my jurassic GT-P1000. :-)
Great work though, and faaast! You guys are great :)
I've just root my 4.3 Nexus 4 just to be prepared when 10.2 comes out!
What means ETA???
Thanks guys for the good work!!!
no hurry... the latest nightly is so stable on my GS3 (d2att)... I'm not tempted to install 4.3 at all... 
Kemar A
Patiently waiting :) 
Will the battery last longer like they said?
"Estimated Time of Arrival" something you should never ask for in terms of "CyanogenMod". In fact that's their only one rule - and everyone should pay respect. Those of you who can't wait, should better use their time for a little donation in favor of this amazing project...
Will it clean my windows for me, check the tyre pressure, make me a cuppa, clean the floors, walk the dog?
I wonder if the CM team can brick +Robert Mahon's device after the upgrade, just for being an ass? THAT is a feature I want to see.
Android community is lucky to have such a great team :-) 
Keep up the good work guys. your innovations keep the little green bot stronger every step of the way.
...dummies already asking about downloads? and even more dummies are trying to build when it says it right the post.... reading is fundamental 
Where can I find a nexus 7 clockwork mod zip image file for 4.3? None yet? I don't want to go thru the same stuff again and again. Anyone? 
Please don't forget galaxy note 2 
+Joaquim Santos so what you're saying is - you can't be bothered to read a little bit and understand anything yourself AND expect people to find out for you and tell you? Cool. Good luck. I hope life worked out for you so far.
Will I have to update my n4 to 4.3 before going to 10.2?
Hopefully we don't have to wait for the mobile operator to bring it to our smartphone! We deeply appreciate your work! We'll wait patiently. 
+Alexey Mitronin wrong.. I do know all the process but I don't want to go thru it.. The i think I was crystal clear on that..
You seem to be wandering around for someone or something to flame on aren't you? 
+Gareth Headland I don't find any cwm image.. The other process I know... Don't need Google for that.. But for the cwm image I did Google it many times since yesterday and no hits
+Giannis Tsolakidis the nexus 4,along with the nexus 7 and nexus 10 have already been updated to 4.3.check the xda forums. 
Wait for it....wait for it...
Gracias muchachos, hacen un trabajo maravilloso e impresionante 
Thanks Cyanogenmod Team. We realy appreciate your job.
This is amazing not even maybe 24 hours and already a 4.3 update :) beats waiting months to get the inferior S3 update.
ausum new cm team......................jst waiting eagerly....for a built of nexus 4 cm 10.2
What bites is you do a Google search on Android 4.3 and you get hits for every phone listed with a 4.3" screen.
I was looking forward to what the hell nemesis was but that (s)stupid 4.3 update came and screwed it all up.(/s)
As far as building goes, can we expect any significant changes in the way it handles device trees?
Great job guys. Its people like you that make the tech/android world thrive. Patience will always pay off :-)
Wow you are fast :) thank you guys so much <3
CyanogenMod team knows what their users expects from them. you guys are fast and best. if CM team have an events for major updates like 4.3. It would be more excited than Google.  Anyhow lets say.. a breakfast with CM 10.2 soon. Guys please donate to CM team for their great and hard work. 
Are you sure no ETA ..u always give...
Estimated time of arrival. For those that did not get the meaning of the abbreviation.
+Ahmed SABER  The definition of ETA is "Estimated Time of Arrival" or "Edited to Add"
Jones'n for 4.3 but will gladly wait for a stable build. Thanks for a great product CM Team!!
Amazing great work guys! Waiting for maguro build!
Thanks for all the excellent work to keep us current!
What's the ETA for CM10.2? I have a Vitamix 5200. 
+Joaquim Santos CyanogenMod's build of Android 4.3 is not ready yet. In the post it says there are build errors. That means they have problems creating an image for any phone. Stop asking or looking for it as you won't find it. For the Nexus all you can get it the factory images.
I like how the news of cm10.2 trumps EVERYTHING!
I told my wife I would be updating her phone soon and would have to wipe it. She is not happy. Doesn't like change. Thank you CM for adding tension to an otherwise happy marriage. As for +Nathanael Abbotts, you do realize +Jai Prasadh was joking, unless a blender can run CM. Then I want one.
You know what would make CM 10.2 truly amazing? Halo.
Thanks to the Cyanogenmod team I can pretend my toro is actually a Nexus. 
Thank you team CM. You guys rock!!! 
Adding to the fray here; thank you CM..recently switched back to the Android world after 3 years of iDONT. Love ya guys!
Awesome work guys, this is great. Btw, will +CyanogenMod 10.2 continue to have tmobile LTE fix for nexus 4? I hope you guys are able to have a flash able zip with 4.3 and LTE for nexus 4 :-) 
I'm running stock android now, if I flash CM 10.1, would it be require a wipe before flashing 10.2?
I do as well. I would like to see a split screen multiwindow though. The actually android layout system already supports it. Its just a matter of adding it to the framework. 
^ Really man? Asking "when will you support my device" is equivalent to ETAs on new CyanogenMod builds. Stop asking! 
Alan B
Kick ass! 
will patiently waiting.. enjoying cm 10.1.2 for now
Hello. We will have version 10.2 for Samsung Galaxy TAB P3100 too?
Great work, hope you success as soon as possible.
You guys will get a new donation soon!
Running CM10.1 nightlies on a SGS2 and a Nexus4 without a fucking single problem, thanks for the great job!
Regards from France ;-)
I don't even fully understand the post but it's sounds like you guys are fast. Anyway, 4.3 isn't so much different anyways, I can wait
Will it be possible to use the updater of CM 10.1 to update just as straight forward as if it would be another 10.1 nightly?
Eli Gee
Thanks for all your amazing work! Awaiting patiently 
Eli Gee
Who you talking too? 
Take your time :) and thanks for all the awesomeness
TS Yew
+Steffen Köhler Probably, but you'd also have to manually wipe the cache and flash the new gapps, so a simple OTA update would be insufficient.

I've updated from CM10 to CM10.1 without having to wipe the data part - I just downloaded the OTA, but didn't press Update when it finished. Instead I booted into recovery to do the necessary cache wipe, then manually flashed the OTA download and gapps.
Please be available on Samsung Galaxy S3 for Verizon
Can't wait. Hope its here by next month. 
Shit! That was fast! Respect! Root issus resolved or .... ?
I don't know. 4.3 is going to be amazing because now you can stream 1080 P Netflix
All I want is something to play with. I don't need stability or stuff. :-D 
Really. What will that do. Semi bootable stuff
It For now at least. They will know what to fix now.
Yeah. When do you think 4.3 on CyanogenMod
Pretty soon. An exp build within the next week, and perhaps a stable build by the second half of next month. I'm making guesses though. I may be wrong.
I'm interested in a possible OTG fix... I NEED that OTG! 
+ahmad fauzee : to answer ur earlier question, YES, it is wrong to ask.(about ETA.) That's the first and the only rule, DONT ASK FOR ETAs.

CM aren't working for us, you don't pay them. 
Great work CM. I'm becoming a big fan of your work!
Looking forward to 10.2 keep up the good work guys :)
Patiently waiting for this release. :D Cyanogenmod has made my tablet so much better and I can't wait for more Cyanogenmod Android goodness! 
When is it coming iut
Juste updated :-) thank a lot
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