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CyanogenMod Installer App now in Play Store

Our installer application has been published to the Play store. The PC companion app will be available within the next hour is now available. 
Today we are exiting the 'beta' status phase and providing the CyanogenMod Installer for general release. The Play store application is now available, and the
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I've got a relatively limited knowledge on this subject... but how does this work?  Don't different phones require different methods to be rooted?  Isn't there some risk involved in bricking your phone by using this?
Why is there not Cyanogenmod for the HTC One!?!?
right after my Nexus 7 got toasted :-(
Ya I want to know about the Linux compatibility considering We don't own any Windows computers. Also will the Nexus 5 (Sprint) work?
If you run Linux you are expected to be able to tie your own shoes. No companion app. (I don't really know, but seriously!)
Ehmegerd! Err'body can haz custom rawmz!
Obviously this wasn't going to work with Linux out of the gates but are there any plans on bringing it to our favourite penguin based os? 
+Joe Cogan The set goals are Windows and OSX. If the demand for a linux version is there, we'll revisit that. From research. most linux users were more inclined to do the process via CLI than GUI. 
+Richard Ward +Abhisek Devkota can correct me if I am wrong, but the windows app will pull the correct files from a server somewhere based on what device is plugged in at that time and running the android companion app. it probably reads your build.prop.
My phone supports CyanogenMod, but only unofficially. If I install the app, will it use the current installation to upgrade, or will it fail?
Oh, I just checked, it basically patches the installer, so I suppose it will work if I get the correct community edition zipfile. But I don't get why doesn't it work in Linux, for example.
The process of pushing a ROM through ADB? Yeah, we GNU/Linux users don't actually need an extra app to do that... Maybe Canonical Ubuntu users do.
What version does it install? Does it install the latest nightly, M snapshot, or stable?
+Eli Gukovsky my guess is the most stable. This process is designed to make it easy. The target audience is probably not going to want a nightly. I think the stable versus, m snapshot versus RC versus nightly is getting made over. There will be a commerical version and a developer version. The develpoer version will most like what you are used to now.
I use Linux and I usually prefer a well-done GUI with all features implemented over fumbling myself through an error-prone CLI process. I will if I have to, but I prefer not to. So.. hint hint ;)
Will we get word on compatible devices as they become so? My d2vzw got the shaft on this one...
Does it root your phone? I get that it doesn't need to be rooted but will running this void your warranty? 
Tried it out on my Samsung Note (quincyatt) and it went just fine. And yes, it installed gapps. Sadly, CM doesn't support 10.2 for this phone so I got the 2013-11-01 snapshot. It also installs a new recovery, CWM on my phone. 
I think this installer is a great way to make the ROM accessible to a lot more people. However from an ethical point of view, I think there needs to be clear documentation on how to return to stock because there will be a lot of people who see it on the play store and install the ROM without fully understanding what they've got themselves into.
+Diksa Besirovic the issues with the support for the i9300 are well documented and it all has to tdo with Samsung. quit your crying.
Cool, please Mac version to ! Thanks
It would be nice to have the option of choosing which release to install (at least between stable or Ms).
+Jovica Popovic I think it defaults to the most current stable. remeber the target audience for this probably wont know (or care) about the difference between the two.
Is htc one unlocked same as htc one international?
I think you guys should list the compatible devices in the Play Store listing.  It would be the quickest and most efficient way of seeing what is supported now and also on app updates.
Is it strange that I feel left out from this because my device isn't supported, even though I've already unlocked, s-off'd, and rooted my phone and can flash CM in my sleep? 
When are you update new devices to Installer? Really want it to my xt925 every ROM I flash it comes with weak WiFi just want to try Installer to see if this can solve it
I'll just wait patiently until the Nexus 5 is supported.
Plus I don't have any sudden urge to flash custom roms, the stock is really good.
Did anyone else run into problems with the Installer and windows 8.1 64bit? I tried two different cables, a couple of different USB ports and rebooting, but every time I'm getting an error during "installing recovery software" I'm always getting "We couldn't talk to your phone". So I'm guessing its a problem with compatibility with win 8.1?
Already did my galaxy nexus, It was easy like Sunday morning. Oh and I know very little about these kind of stuff.
Is there a way to unroot and revert back to stock using this app?
+Filipe Alvesthen I don't think you are going to get the results you want. This only affects how you install the ROM not the performance. Unless of course you go from a nightly to a stable release. 
Well this is bizarre... the installer is misidentifying my device. I've got a GSM Galaxy Nexus and it thinks it's the international Galasy SII o.O
Shame that the pc companion is just for windows.
+CyanogenMod Sprint HTC One issues.  Phone stays on revolving circle and PC installer give "We couldn't talk to your phone" message.  Phone will not shut down. +Kamil Stypka having same issues on Win 7 64 bit.
Marq B
Hi, what could happen if I usethe installer in my phone and it is not a compatible device??????
I can't believe that the HTC One from Verizon wireless is not supported
Horrible. I don't have a windows PC! I can't use this because when clicking the link in the official thread for my device it takes me to this stupid fucking app. Excuse my language. But this seems to be worse than you going Inc. 
+Kamil Stypka i would guess you do not have your usb debugging turned on, but unfortunatelly i don't know how you can enable it from the state your phone is in -- you ma try to use fastboot and do a factory reset by hand and try again (with this: not the app :-))
In the Google play store look for CyanogenMod Installer by CYNGN NOV 12, 2013
+Martin Šlouf the phone is working fine, I can power it off when it ”cant talk” and its still useable. I have USB debugging on, and I know for w fact that computer can talk to the phone, since it goes into this ”downloading” state. But shortly after I'm prompted with that error message.
I'm confused. I'm now forced to connect to PC to install CM? I'm now forced to wipe my phone every time I "update"? I'm already running CM nightly, I don't want to connect to a PC to update and/or even download the latest nightly?
404 on the link
File Not Found
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
+Shaun Hill thanks mate. That is what I was referring to. was redirecting all the time and CM installer wanted me to connect to a PC. I can't remember the last time I plugged my phone into my PC. Thanks again. (I will use the link you provided)

App is unsupported on your device. SGS3 international version.?
For a brief moment i thought it was available in "App Store"... 
Howcome Samsung Galaxy S1 is not supported?!?
Does it install gapps? Or at least provides an option?
Not supporting i9305 (SGS3LTE) >.>
Polling for support mediatek devices such as many MT6589 o/
I hope you will get better.Just do it!
I tried and it didn't work it only erase everything. Maybe dis is only for root your phone and my phone was already rooted.
+eric castelbon the polling means nothing. If your device is supported - it's because someone is working on it. If it's not supported - it's either impossible to do or there's no one who wants to do it.
Just installed the latest on my gs3 last night. Worked like a charm and I'm loving it. Thanks for all your hard work CM team! 
What version of CyanogenMod is installed using this installer?  Are things like Google Aps, & Radios part of the installation package (Running VZW Galaxy Nexus)
No Verizon support, really? Guess I'm flashing cm the old way from now on. -S3
inCompatible with Xperia Tipo :(
Pls HELP: Galaxy S2, recovery mode. When I choose 'apply update Form ADB' the error 'E:failed to verify whole-file signature'. What can I do?
me da error al finalizar la descarga para el pc ,ayuda por favor
Does cm 10.2 on galaxy note intl (gt n7000) support device admins like Afaria?
+CyanogenMod, now that it's so easy to install CM and KitKat supports lower end hardware, it would be the best thing in the world if you released KitKat based version of CM on those phones that are stuck in the hell called Gingerbread and saved them from eternal suffer. You will fill at least one dream, but probably millions of them.
did ull add support for S3 MINI???
Would like to flash the Cyanogenmod using cyanogen Installation (google play). Why is that your computer does not see the phone with CSS. This has never happened before. Galaxy Nexus phone .... what to do?!
Im getting an error during "installing recovery software", it says the network connection is failed :( but my network is working well
Can someone explain the basics on what exactly this does and why we should use it? Baby language plz lol ... what can we do with this app? I'm obviously outta the loop!
+KoM NY the app perfoms for you several steps you would normally have to do manually such rooti your device (if not alde rooted), downloading files, installing a recovery program, flasing the Rom etc... It basical eliminates the possibility of you commiting errors and possibly damaging your phone. The app makes a process i used to find quite tedious fairly simple now. I find it's worth it. 
It doesn't work for me. I'm running on a vista laptop and using a gs3 at&t or just says that they couldn't speak to the device. Then after trying again it said that the device was not supported. 
Install CyanogenMod on my note II but the camera does not work, I can do
Whats the difference of what im running now? is there a video that shows whats different in cyanogenMod? I Have an htc one 4.3 from att. what advantages would i get if i switch to cyanogenMOd?
Why you website not working??
Before i was on the crappy 4.3 samsung's ROM and i try Cyanogen Installer <3, big thanks for your works.
With this installer I just became a new CyanogenMod user. Thanks guys. It worked just fine in an Galaxy S2 (it was already rooted, but running the stock Samsung ROM)
No funciona en mi S2. He probado con todas las opciones que me indica el programa y siempre me aparece el mensaje "we can't talk with your phone". Una lástima, porque la idea era muy buena
No funciona en mi S2. He probado con todas las opciones que me indica el programa y siempre me aparece el mensaje "we can't talk with your phone". Una lástima, porque la idea era muy buena
Can you add the DROID RAZR maxx to be compatible 
Now it just needs to support LG G2 and life is good. 
any chances for G2 support ?
Adobe flash player doesn't work.what is solution?
+quaiyum reza Stop trying to use outdated software? :). Seriously though, what exactly are you trying to do and on what platform (hardware, Android version, etc?)
when a compatibility for archos titanium series.
please ....
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