Enhance! Enhance! Enhance!

Some of you may recall that one of the items on our Task List/Feature Tracking (http://goo.gl/HNMJ4) included enhancements to core AOSP applications. Over the past few weeks, we have seen the community take hold of the idea, and run with it. 

Yesterday, we merged in this patch, http://goo.gl/kJNBq, courtesy of Jorge Ruesga, which expands the capabilities of the stock Clock application to include Stopwatch and Timer functionality. 

Additionally, you all may have spotted +Ricardo Cerqueira teasing about upcoming enhancements to the Calculator application, namely, the ability to perform graphing functions. The patch is still going through the clean up and review process, but you can get a sneak peek of the behavior by clicking the link below (patch is on gerrit review at http://goo.gl/yAoV0). Thank you to Will Harmon (aka Xlythe) for submitting his work!

insert obligatory CSI joke here
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