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Enhance! Enhance! Enhance!

Some of you may recall that one of the items on our Task List/Feature Tracking ( included enhancements to core AOSP applications. Over the past few weeks, we have seen the community take hold of the idea, and run with it. 

Yesterday, we merged in this patch,, courtesy of Jorge Ruesga, which expands the capabilities of the stock Clock application to include Stopwatch and Timer functionality. 

Additionally, you all may have spotted +Ricardo Cerqueira teasing about upcoming enhancements to the Calculator application, namely, the ability to perform graphing functions. The patch is still going through the clean up and review process, but you can get a sneak peek of the behavior by clicking the link below (patch is on gerrit review at Thank you to Will Harmon (aka Xlythe) for submitting his work!

insert obligatory CSI joke here
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Oh I was flicking through gerrit and saw this
Thank the lord!! Stop watch and timer
Sweet!  Looking forward to it!
You're making something which Google should have done long time ago. Thank you.
CM10 is on just the right track with this approach. Great work!!! :-D
The stock calculator is terrible. I'm really glad this was submitted!
requires v4.0+ (Icecream Sandwich or Jellybean). ???!!!!
For anyone that needs the graphing functionality either without the CM9 requirement or without the wolfram alpha/network usage requirement, Grapher (on google play) provides similar functionality (except for matrix operations) and works back to Android 2.1. +Alexei Kuznetsov 
Very nice. So glad I decided to switch to a play store galaxy nexus. Bring on the features.
why desire s can't eat cm9 stable
sweet as! and this is why i'm flashing nightlies every couple days.. ugh.. ;)
Love the enhancements to aosp core apps thanks guys.
Would be great to get a backport to CM7.
Add conversion functions and its the best native calc evar! CM rocks!
this is probably a good homework assignment.  graphing + basic calc events + impress the cute girl in math class.
on a side note, one of the more used apps that I thought really needs a cm-touched overhaul is the standard gallery app.  Not to mention on CM10 it won't scan media in other directories or picasa sync
Loving the fact that there's a countdown, but I can think of several UI improvements, e.g.:

- If we're going to use scrolling to switch between functions, we might as well also reach the alarms by scrolling instead of pressing that little spot on the clock.
- It might be nice for the clock to remember the most recently used function and default to that the next time you open it.
- Instead of having to open an editor for the countdown; why not let the user scroll up / down straight away?

What would be the best way to reach Jorge Ruesga and let him know about these?
I'd also like to contact the CM team for similar ideas (e.g. tweak the phone app so that when you get a call from someone not in your contacts, instead of just showing you a name it tries to find the number in Google Maps' list of public numbers and shows you the business' info.

Again, what would be a good way to propose this kind of stuff to the team?
I think function graphs are cool but I would more appreciate office-oriented enhancements to calculator
Omg!! All the features I've been wanting all along! Hope anzu will be ported to CM10 as well!! Sry for the "device request", those features are really just what I need, though I alr have those from third party apps
I just downloaded a stop watch two nights ago because cm10 didn't have one, and now here it is. Wonderful!
That is why I love cm. They keep improving the little things... and big ones too:D
Warning to all, we have crossed into the What's Hot stream. Do not feed the trolls. 
I'm running cm10 on my galaxy gio
I'm w8ing for new features.
I'd love the stock calculator to have a memory function.
This is great! But, in CM10 their is lag. Major lag. Apparent when doing pretty much anything on the phone like pulling status bar down, all the animations have stutter, and other choppy graphics and UI elements. Don't get me wrong, I love CM10. I build and use it myself, but on my Galaxy Nexus GSM, I'm about to go back to a stock Rom because it's almost unbearable. Please fix this lag on the GNex! To me that is more important than these great features you are adding! Thanks for all you do CM Team and can't wait until CM10 stables start coming!
had an app for that :) Have to update soon :(
Awesome one of the next great things since sliced bread
That's great and all, but why haven't you picked up the Amaze?
Nice new features, are you trying to push  them to aosp too ? I think google wouldn't refuse it if it reachs their quality standard.
If only it would actually shift from Dev on the Sunfire (Motorola Photon 4G) into reality :-/
thanks can you answer our post about candy. thanks 
I really admire and thank all the developers, your group and others, that provide us with new phones with each rom update. Thank you very much.
Time for another donation, thanks for all your work :-)
Nexus is great but this makes me want a native Cyanogen device!
Great! Need Stopwatch and Timer.
You guys make android a much more interesting experience and something to look forward to...
Been looking forward for the stop-watch. Can't wait for the devs of my HTC one v to incorporate .
Calculator improvements are awesome, tested it in my latest build for d2att and the quick switching with hex/dec/binary will be insanely useful.
If only Google would accept submissions from the community to their own source code
I don't know if this is a good place to request this or not, but, +CyanogenMod by any chance, could you fix the Greek rendering issues Android OS has? Koine Greek, or other polytonic characters, don't display right. Instead of seeing the character we see a blank space or a square.

Would love it if you could.

Well.. since CM asked for CSI obligatory..

Thank you, the original cm9 calculator left much to be desired.
Eric Su
I absolutly love it!!!!!! The only thing keeping me on aokp right now is not having the navbar mods on the nightlies.  Is that coming soon?
on more thing, where can I make a suggestion on the clock app? I'm constantly wanting a slide to delete on the alarms.
Anyone know if these updates will be touching the latest nightly for CM9?
What about CM10 on P990H? Will it come? Tks
Will this be part of m2?
Also my crespo is getting laggy from time to time! How can I help to identify the reason?
Where can I submit a feature idea? Devices with customizable navbar support should let you assign a button for the status bar (notification drawer). Like on tablets but for the GNex, for example. I would argue that the majority of users who change DPI proves that the screen real estate is worth it. Thanks for your time.
Awesome work guys, keep up the good work ;)
I saw that there are mms updates planned, what about threaded group messaging? That would be HUGE.
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