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Additional 10.1 Devices

We have a pair of Samsung devices joining the 10.1 branch of fun today.

+Arne Coucheron has brought up the serranoltexx aka Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini LTE International. 

And from the DevRel inbox, we have the d710 aka Samsung Epic Touch 4G D710 by Github user dastin1015. 
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Ahh the good ole Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch. Great device but moved on to the Note 2. Happy to see it get some official CM support though!
Is the Epic Touch 4G the Galaxy S II on Sprint? Just wondering...
+Walter Calderón I am by no means an expert but I did stay at a holiday Inn express last night. Yes you have to be rooted to run a custom Rom +Qbking77 (Tim Schofield) has some great videos to walk you through the root process and installing custom roms. 
Link? (Sent from my
+Walter Calderón it's going to be difficult to explain everything here. Xda-developers ( ) is a site that you can go to for all your answers. Prepare yourself to read a fair amount so that you know you're ready before attempting any rooting. As +Ronnie Friend said, Qbking (check out YouTube) has some video walkthroughs you can watch as well. When you go to xda, make sure you read the first post of a thread. Many of your answers could be on that first post. Lastly, be sure to read several posts before asking a question. Again it is likely your question has been asked and it's sorta irritating for the xda users / developers to answer the same questions over and over. 
The only problem is xda is hellish mess full of imbeciles, poor documentation, and a billion terrible Roms assembled by teenagers.

Actually separating real information from the chaffe is not a job for the faint of heart. 
True though you get a feel for who and/or what's good after a while.
Never thought my E4GT would be officially part of CM. Big THANK YOU to dastin1015 for all his hard work!
Woot!!! Glad to see that this old device still has some life in it and glad to see that dastin1015's hard work as well as +Chris White has played off finally!
+sidney barrett gapps isn't a part of cm (and hasn't been for a long time), it's an addon that's created and distributed by an outside party.
Fellow E4GT users feel free to add me to your circles!
+sidney barrett
Correct gapps haven't been in CM roms for some time now as Google said they were not allowed to include them.  So its one extra step to download and flash them too:
+Walter Calderón I have the same phone running cm10.1, easiest thing to do is follow +Qbking77 (Tim Schofield) 's videos step by step. You mainly need to unlock the bootloader and install a custom recovery, I recommend twrp. Once you have that, download the latest build of cm10.1 and gapps for 10.1, put them on your phone. Use twrp to first do a backup of your current rom (in case something goes wrong, or you want to go back to stock), then install the cm10.1 rom. Remember to wipe it clean before installing, your ROM is listed under M7spr 
Please add the ace 2 to official we have cm10 and 10.1 builds
Samsung is made for cyanogen mod or maybe the other way around, always seems lime HTC doesn't get much love and none for the iPhone;-)
+Larry Harper actually recently there has been quite disdain within developers regarding samsungs Exynos chip and related documentations. The reason samsung seems to get more love is because more people, and so developers, have them.
+Ronnie Friend You don't NEED root to install CyanogenMod. You need a custom recovery and the ability to boot custom kernels (unlocked bootloader or bypassed). Quite a big difference.
When/where can we download it? It's not listed on or anything.
dastin1015 does a great job. Glad to see his builds go official
+Matt Armstrong No thanks, I'll just wait till it pops up on the cm site.

+Jef Oliver Thanks for the clarification. I thought this was a "go grab it now" announcement.
Nice work on the d710! Not an easy device to mod. I just got rid of mine, but I would have been all over 10.1!
Sprint ls970? This device needs some official love. 
Cesar B
Will you guys ever support the D710? Epic 4g touch. You support the shitty epic what the hell. +CyanogenMod 
Oh hey! Epic 4G Touch is officially supported! It was my old phone and I ditched it due to the lack of official CM Support, but good for them!
Cesar B
Ah false alarm dastin announced he is the official device developer now. Yes!!! About time it goes official lol.
Samsung Galaxy nexus updated to 10.2 :D
Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 is updated but found many bug. focal bug dial pad bug etc.. but its coOL 
+Ethan Henkel +Ronnie Friend Wrong.  You do not have to be rooted.  You have to have an unlocked bootloader and custom recovery installed - you don't need to be rooted (in fact, custom recovery is often the first step to rooting on many devices...)

+Walee Ahmed Yup.  Most of the Exynos4 devices are supported by inertia at this point.  It was fortunate that 4.3 requires not too much in terms of significant changes to bring up, since of the 4 previous exynos4 maintainers, only two have been active in any way so far in the 10.2/4.3 bringup process.  (although there have been some new contributors lately - thanks guys!)  The D710 has had people poking at it on and off for ages now...
Too bad the #E4GT won't get any stable releases because of its processor. I guess we'll have to settle for constant flashing of nightlies. 
Yay Dastin!

Thanks for all your hard work and keeping our phones relevant!

I think this is the first time I've had a phone on an official CM build :)
Please add the Samsung Galaxy rush to the list of cm devices, we really need some cm love
Galaxy core is one of the popular mid range handsets at this moment.. plz add it..ppl are eagerly waiting!
I'm so grateful for dastin1015's contribution to get my phone official! :D
+Cesar Bustos this is exactly what device they are talking about. D710 is officially supported. E4GT is another name for the Sprint/VM variety of the S2.
Hi guys, are the any stable releases for the s3 mini? I messed up mine pretty bad... Please help.. Somebody... 
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