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From concept, to reality - The death of Power Widgets

The notification power widgets have served us well. Since their inception they have been the go-to method for accessing your settings in CM, and are a fan favorite. They have existed in their current form since being forward ported from CM 7 to CM 9, and have see little change or upkeep since. 

A year ago, the notification power widgets were introduced to some sizable competition with Google's implementation of the QS. Once we fine-tuned the actions of the QS tiles to our liking, the notification power widgets further fell into second place; only seeing updates to make sure that they were in sync with their newer, younger brother. 

Soon, we will say goodbye to the notification power widgets, discarding their 3000+ lines of code for a sleeker (only 370 new lines), newer, and more efficient method of toggling your settings. 

Somber news aside, this is a time for celebration! We will be introducing the concept of the Quick Access Ribbon. This piece of code will take your existing layout from the QS panel, and render it as a replacement for the soon-to-be-defunct notification power widgets. This is essentially a new view for the QS panel, which means we save ourselves the hassles of managing two distinct sets of features that accomplish the same thing. This also allows us to leverage the dynamic capabilities of the tiles (ie Camera tile's capture ability) and use them in this slimmed down view.

In the pictures below, you can get a look at how this process materialized, including the pre-planning mockup and proposal for the design. The other pictures show the functionality as coded. 

This is not merged yet, but will be soon.

Edit We hear you loud an clear. Some of you prefer to have distinct layouts. Notif power widgets is still going to die, but we will allow you to configure the Ribbon and Tile views to be distinct. 
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And now they are no longer necessary.
Can it instead be a style where the user chooses to either show the ribbon or the panel.

Having both there seems rather pointless
I do hope that there's an option to rearrange the order of the Ribbon independently of the order of the QS panels themselves... I order the QS panels a specific way, and my current notification toggles are for quick toggles only - I don't need half the QS panels in that location.

Also, I notice that there's no media control QS panel? What will be done with those, as most of my notification toggles are actually for play/skip/etc?
+David Bauman Not currently no. This is as its written, a 1:1 view. 

Tiles will be added those (looking at you Pandora). 
+Richard Arkless No, our thoughts are QS are now a part of Android, and we should not disable them or give such an option. 
Will this end up looking like Samsung's power toggles on the Galaxy S line?
First lines had me sweating, as I hate QS panel and love old power widget combined with notification.  Final implementation looks to be a perfectly usable compromise...
+Abhisek Devkota How not, in TouchWiz you have a ribbon up top, that if you toggle a button, tiles appear, this sounds like how they plan on doing it?
It needs an optional 2nd row. and the option for toggles to also launch apps like power toggles
i love the new QS!  This looks like an awesome addition!
+Abhisek Devkota I mentioned the rearranging/differing layouts, as I don't particularly like the concept of the notification toggles being a 1:1 linear of my QS panel.

While I'm delighted to have the individual components interchangeable between the two, and using the same code for simplicity, I don't want my media controls on my QS panel, especially at the top for them to show up on my notification panel where they're supposed to be. The WiFi toggle and AP toggle I can live with on my QS panel, but a whole button devoted to the "Play" function on my music control? Seems like a ginormous waste of space to me.

The concept behind the QS panel is to provide feedback about the settings of the phone. WiFi shows if it's connected, disconnected, or off entirely, by its icon, and the AP name that appears. It shows the current user by their profile, it shows all kinds of settings as they currently are, through visual feedback. It's great for that. Adding a play button seems very out of place, there, and inappropriate. 

Obviously just my $0.02, and I know this isn't how the team has designed this feature going forward. But perhaps my comments make sense enough to take pause and consider redesigning it. If not, I'll shut up and either write my own patch or accept defeat and use a notification through Tasker or something, but I figured I'd provide feedback. Either way, I'm all for a simpler codebase, so please don't take this as a "I hate it entirely!" post.
Please allow it to have a different order than the actual QS menu. I frequently access QS with one thumb only, and so my most frequently toggled buttons are all on the right hand side. 

Nice concept, but I'm afraid I won't use it much. It's much harder to scroll left-right with a thumb than it is to scroll up-down.
I absolutely hate the fact of this ribbon BS. There's a reason why Android has tiles baked in the ui. 
Rob M.
QS fo life.
+David Bauman Well, on the media one, I would really say it is the app developers duty to provide that functionality, and that us doing so previously was a hack at best. There is an api for expanded notifications and media controls to be part of the app, and we shouldn't be putting ourselves in a position where we are making up for shortfalls of application developers (ie Pandora). 

The idea of making them separately configurable did come up, but was passed on for this initial implementation. Maybe down the line. 
Smart deduplication indeed. The old functionality is not maimed off the system, but instead it's replaced by the alternative with little to no new learning curve. GNOME could have learned from you!
+David Bauman ... I'm confused? Are the media controls currently part of QS? Or is that something new coming? I don't see that from the pics...
This is a great idea! Obviously there are some tweaks that might be needed, but that's going to be the case in the initial presentation of anything.

Instead of adding media controls to the QS panel, might we have another setting to enable a media bar in the notification shade? This would keep settings and media separate, retain the functionality that people like, and still keep things simple.
Not bad But I see no need for toggles in the Notification pull down if you already have the qs pulldown. Anyways eager to see some more Nemesis!
The panel really sucks. The widgets have been my go-to reason for installing CyanogenMod. #2 is SMS quick reply. #3 is because its just awesome.
+CG Nobles That's my point - they are not currently part of QS, but are a part of the Notification Panel. Adding them to QS doesn't make a lot of sense to me (even if only to have them as Notification Panel toggles), unless you can have separate layouts for both.
I'm always sceptic about this kind of forward stepping. And even I don"t need or like it, it is a locigal decision ans we shall deal with it.

Good step!
+Abhisek Devkota with power toggles you can create a custom toggle that's associated with one of your apps. Tap the toggle and launch the app. Great place for a toggle to launch something like a memory manager, custom flashlight, or whatever app you want. 
"This is essentially a new view for the QS panel, which means we save ourselves the hassles of managing two distinct sets of features that accomplish the same thing."

I use both features, simultaneously.  Power Widget for frequently used features (Wi-Fi, Tether, Brightness, Torch), and Quick Settings for less-frequently used features, but features I always want quick access to (ie: Blu-tooth, Airplane Mode, GPS Toggle).

Will we be able to use the Quick Settings Ribbons, while still having access to the second page of standard Quick Settings?
+Dan Doan-Draper You can have both turned on at the same time, yes. The only catch is that they are currently using the same layout, so for your use, set wifi, tether, brightness and torch to QS positions 1-4. 
+David Bauman ah, I understand now. I know he has already responded but I think that as phones and tablets start moving towards controlling other media devices, It would only make sense for the presence. Take chromecast for instance and the cromecast "toggle" on googles media apps(this toggle also works for Bluetooth which also really comes in handy). I kind of suspect Google to eventually release/integrate chromecast api on the system level to an extent (or another cm modder has already.....) You would almost need a button like this to control how the apps or the system interact with their respective media counterpart....
Waste of space. Tiles are too big. The notification toogles are fine the way they are now, plus they look good, a notification shade with it and a fullscreen of notifications would be too much on my face.

Please make this optional (so we can keep power widget), also, notification toogles can be rearrenged diferently, making it more usable all together.
I was about to cry for the 1st half of the post...until I got to the result. I never use the current QS panel and has been useless to me. One of the many reasons I Root/ ROM is the Notification Power Toggles. This new method looks good to me as long as it doesn't take as much vertical space in the notification shade as the Samsung's TouchWiz Power Toggles. Nicely Done CM.
+Abhisek Devkota  Good deal.  In the future, it would be great to have individual layouts between the two, to reduce redundancy.

enable flashlight via QS
shut down screen
Turn on screen
Disable flashlight
Epic failure -> reboot phone.

How about doing something about that?

Or fixing the fullscreen panorama mode?
could you use only the qs ribbon and bring the settings button back into the top right of the notification shade like 4.1? 
+Adam Bess That would be nice. I doubt it though, at the beginning anyway. Just my 2 cents.
+David Bauman lots, if not most, music apps now have their own controls in the notification tray. Having another set of media control buttons seems to be becoming redundant to me. 
Hopefully I can keep the ribbon disabled and just continue to use QS like I do now. Don't want extra stuff cluttering the notification shade.
+David van Tonder I only regret I have but a single + to give your above post, and not the 1,000,000 it deserves...
I think the order of the two should be independent, some people want a totally different layout when they have less space on the power widget-like UI vs the Quick Settings panel. That's good design.
Agree with Danny, I use both, and I use them differently.
I really like the power widgets. Do they need that much maintaining? They work fine. Why get rid of them? What's the functional purpose, a little clean up, does that actually bother a lot of people? I love Android, and Cyanogenmod even more because we have great performance and options for what we want. This seems to go against the nature of that, taking away options a lot of us use. I'm not a fan of the new widget, it looks bloated and pointless for the end user.

Respect for the great work you guys do, just not liking this particular choice.
+Steve Kondik if youre talking about quick settings and notification toggles, i use them both at the same time and differently as well. i use the quick settings just for information (cell network connected to), (wifi connected to),(screen time out),(alarm clock time) and a few other things. i use the toggles forwift, Bt, GPS, wifi AP, airplane mode, and torch. it would be a shame to see them go away....
NNnnooooooooooo..... I really dislike the QS panel, and adore the Power Widget :(
+Halen Williams it positions us for better things to come.

The Power widgets code is old (gingerbread era) and has not been maintained.  We have had to update it here and there to work with the new API's in Jellybean but have left them mostly to go stale since the Quick Settings tiles offer much richer functionality.

Every time we think about adding a new Tile, we get tons of requests for the same thing in Power widget (and vice versa).  Maintaining two, completely distinct code bases with almost identical functionality except for the layout is not sustainable.

As I said above, this positions us for better things in the future - with a smaller code base, we can add new features easier and since it is a modern code base, it is better suited to support new Android features that Google brings.
Awesome idea. You a guys are great. I used to think that CM was a great way to get a stock like experience on a non nexus phone, but now I see it as the best android experience period. All the mods you guys are adding are well thought out and actually improve how things work, for me any way. And the CM updater really takes a lot of the hassle out of keeping a custom ROM up to date. Thanks so much!
I'm fine with this as long as the tiles are smaller than the QS screen. Having them the same size would be rather wasteful...
+XeLL aR It's targeting people that don't want to sit around tweaking kernel level parameters and fiddling with knobs... it was never meant for that... they want a nice polished rom that works out of the box with good defaults... an extension to AOSP. There are plenty of other roms that let you cutomize everything... and you are also free to fork the CM code base and roll your own rom. 
+Abhisek Devkota I am all for slim downed code, I definitely like the direction CM is taking here. I unfortunately must use Paranoid Android for my Nexus 4, because of PIE. Please either take the PIE from PA (I know it was rewritten for CM specifically) or just make the visuals the same. I also like the middle alignment option. I am very OCD and I am dying to use CM but literally cannot because of PIE. Also how can I view notifications in expanded desktop with status bar hidden? Just want to repeat, CM is the best custom ROM and is simply amazing but PLEASE work on PIE. Thanks so much! And thanks if you actually took the time to read this (:
This is a great idea, however, a lot of people use them both for different purposes.

I know a lot of people probably think that you can still do almost everything you could before, but the fact is, as close as they are in functionality, they serve very different use cases.

While I usually think that minimalism is a good thing for a new feature, not at the expense of currently heavily used functionality.
We hear you loud an clear. Some of you prefer to have distinct layouts. Notif power widgets is still going to die, but we will allow you to configure the Ribbon and Tile views to be distinct. 
Ben der
Is SElinux integrated fully?
When I first started tinkering around with phones I wanted to have options for everything. Now I want things to work well and I care way less about the minutia. I have (for better or worse) adopted the position of "whatever CM says is best for my phone probably is". I mean really, who knows more, me or the maintainer(s) of my device and CM. It is not close. Nor will it ever be. As long as things are working and I am having fun with my device I am happy. I will say this though, after you have been on CM for a while it is hard to go back to stock. You miss all the little things you took for granted but that you really used. At least in my experience. Thanks again +CyanogenMod and team.
Good compromise... I've always hated the QS tiles... Too much screen real estate, when a simple, small, icon did the trick..
Waste of space, of having both ribbons and panel.
Give us an option of choosing it.
We have right quick pull down to access toggles, why would we want to fill up the spaces.
I hate Ribbon BS,plz keep it clutter free...
Ben der
+Abhisek Devkota thanks for the update. Anyone tried porting Bastille or perhaps Harden? 
What's the point of blurring out your WiFi network? 
With #HTC #Sense I don't have any QS tiles or ribbon in the notification drawer... And I rely on the widgets and the settings shortcut there. 
Without the notification tiles/ribbon I have a clean and less crowded drawer 
Thanks for the response, I didn't consider people requesting new QS features to appear in widget toggles. Still sad to see it go, but I have spoken a bit harshly as you have made a strong effort in compensation with the QS widget which I imagine works well enough for most. Thanks guys.
+XeLL aR overreaction.  It's more like Google taking away the old and decrepit since there's already a better more efficient replacement for it.  That being said, the Old power widgets were much simpler in practice (if not in code) than the new method seems to be
+Abhisek Devkota well, it was the minimalism I liked, how I could make only as many buttons as I wanted show. If the ribbon is separately and very configurable, I can't imagine it not being as good as the old 
I would like swipe left and right instead of up and down over the toggle to change "pages" when we have a lot of toggle... 
So actually we'll be getting a QS panel in which it will be possible yo use smaller tiles, skip the label and order them like you want? That sounds like the power notifications ;-)

My only question is, will i be able to see them without needing an extra click on a button? 
I don't see the harm in keeping the code in 
Ps, anyone knows how to scroll down to the newest post in the google+ app without having yo swipe dozens of times? 
Its been brought up loads of times but no there's still no jump to bottom icon +LaTiNo Diaz .Sometimes its great to read everybody's replies but sometimes you just want to quickly skip to the end.
Can we bring back the Settings button shortcut to the notification drawer? 
Please make them 4 across by default. 3 across is way too big and I even have giant hands
Won't be back to CM then, I can't stand the tiles and moved to SlimBean cos I can get rid of the tiles and keep the power widgets
Check out hellybean, made by Der Teufel, based on CM10.2 and offers a few extras like power widgets etc
I really dig the new widgets. Keep up the great work.
In my opinion the wrong decision. Notification Power Widgets are beautiful and simple. 
I would love to see power widget/widgetsoid style real widget that would tap into this functionality, but could be placed on screen instead of notification area.
I just prefer it that way, so I immediatelly see what is on and off.
+LaTiNo Diaz
I know I do, but unless installed as root they are not able to switch GPS. I would prefer to have native app to do that instead of installing additional third party root app.
is it going to be possible to disable QS and only use the power widgets?
You can not be serious when you are getting rid of the widgets. I dont understand why you would get rid of the sleek little icons for giant boxes. Please, I beg of you not to get rid of them. 
Please make the display brightness quick tile configurable like the notification widget is. It is much less useful than the notification widget because of it's lack of customization. 
Power widgets are one of the main reasons I use cm. Sure, there are alternatives, but nothing as integrated as cm power widgets. I don't even use QS panel. The middle solution cm is proposing seems fine, but the fact that you cannot rearrange the widgets makes it really unusable for now, at least for me. So back to stock probably... 
I don't like this direction tbh because I am worried you guys will remove other features that I use every day in the future. Although I don't use power widgets a lot now, they are simpler and quicker to use than least let us rearrange or customize the widgets.
I don't like this change since you aren't doing exactly what I want in your guys rom and I am too lazy to build it myself! You should cater to me with out me having to do any work! 
My wife and I use the Notification Shortcuts more than QS. We find QS Dropdown to be rather clumsy looking, but what can you do, I guess we will accept it or switch (I love Cyanogen, I don't think I will be switching), and hope when we do switch to 4.3 mms sending is fixed as well.
I didn't even remember we had power widgets. I have them disabled and really love quick settings titles on my tablet. 
I can't wait until this is integrated into the nightlies. This is how it should have been from the beginning. 
The quick settings are one of the killer main differences against Google Android which makes me cringe anytime I'm under such an environment.

What CM does with Quick Settings is brilliant, makes sense and should just be the default :-) 
+HurpADurpDerpity Derp maybe two finger (or even one) swipe down from the ribbon to expand it to show all of your QS. The one swipe would feel native but maybe a setting could change it to two finger swipe if people accidentally swipe.
Hello! I am a big fan of cyanogenmod and i would like to request for it to be avalible on the lg optimus l9 p769. Thanks!
Obby Tt
I like to see more toggles in a line, 6 is better than 5
For me, the possibility of open quick access pulling the status bar on the right killed the power widget. :-) 
But I use the Power toggles and QS to have DIFFERENT toggles. My go-to toggles are the Power Toggles, but the Quick Settings have less used ones for me like NFC and Wifi AP.

This is going to be irritating. And TBH look at how much wasted space the mini-QS tiles take up compared to the old power toggles.
Jan W.
+Dennis Altermann
same for me. The good thing about the tiles is that you can handle them better because they are bigger. For instance while driving and you have forgotten to toggel on bluetooth or when you  have lost your glasses.
I'm glad. Tiles are great. Besides it looks like iOS is heading that way so they're so last year
I like the idea of the QS ribbon.
From the Screenshot they're quite big, compared to my beloved power widgets. I read they're not customizable in order, which is also kind of understandable, as it is no need2have featur for a "release".

From what it sounds and look like, i'm gonna hate this decision, but i also wan't to give this a chance before ranting blindly. Also i DO understand this decision on a developer's standpoint, maintaining something that isn't really needed anymore is kind of bogus.

I think essentially i'm trying to say: "yeah, go ahead with this, but i beg you, make the QS ribbon customizable - like the Power Widgets."

Oh, and keep rocking my Devices, CM ;)
Can you guys please fix the camera issue "can't connect to camera" on gs3
Koush do you guys plan on back porting to cm7-cm10? Or is this going to be a 10.1+ feature?
+Joey Troy I know I'm not +Koushik Dutta but I don't think that's possible on cm7-10 because they don't have quick settings and aren't they freezing 10.1?
This seems to be like what Samsung already does. I, for one, loves and uses the notification widget very often and would hate to see it die. +CyanogenMod please make it independent of QS as I would like to manage them separately (ie. Wifi toggel in notif widget but not in QS) 
It is nice to see code getting cleaned up, it means less work for you guys (in some cases) My only hope is that in doing this the 2g/3g radio toggle does not does not go away. I use that a lot not only to save battery but for better phone signal strength. Keep up the great work guys, can't wait for CM 10.2 (JB 4.3) on my nexus 4 in an M snapshot build
I was briefly worried, then I realised that this was the first I'd heard of CM's notification power widget because I've been using an app for it since I got the phone and before I rooted and flashed CM10. If this means better performance (or at the least makes things easier for the devs) then I'm all for it.
I am sorry but I personally think this is a giant mistake. 
At least have the option to have the toggles smaller and spread out evenly across the notification drawer.
I have a different order to my power toggles than my quick toggles as well.
David R
This is the first time i disagree with your choice. Power widgets rock's and there is no way to do them better, but if it's a forced strategy I can understand...
Please! For *#% sake make the ribbon auto hide, or hidden by default. i.e., You pull the ribbon out of the top after you pull down the notification panel.
One additional step(keep it optional) but gives us all the room for notifications and toggles are also there when we need them
Any chance we could also get 4 or 5 column view in the QuickSettings panel?
Having tried for a while, I'll say that the ribbon is definitely not a great replacement for the clean look of the old power widget, but it's serviceable and I understand the compromise.  My biggest request would be to have the ribbon proportionally sized for each screen resolution so I get a full 6 icons as before, rather than the 5-1/3 icons I see now.  I have big hands, but shrinking the icons down so 6 fit worked fine for the old widget...hopefully you can take some of the artwork from that widget as well, as icons like the 2G/3G button are larger (and uglier) and the ring mode are smaller than the others.  If you're worried about not matching the regular notification icon square shapes, don't...they already are off by a couple pixels.
not happy about this at all...
As much as I love the notification power widgets, I feel as if this is an acceptable replacement. From the mockups, I'm not going to say I prefer it (from a purely cosmetic sense), but for the benefit of having less code to maintain, I'll accept it. +1 for the distinct layouts. Good job!
Huh, I might actually use the ribbon...I abandoned power toggles in favor of QS and haven't looked back
Anyone else tried the ribbon yet? Connectivity is a little confusing - GPS and Bluetooth are dark grey when active but contrast-y white when off, yet the WiFi toggle also uses the contrast-y white to indicate signal strength. The result: a row of white icons representing a mix of active and inactive switches.
Further complicated by the Lock Rotation icon turning cyan when it's active (i.e. locked). I love the tools - just find the colouring confusing.
+CyanogenMod  Nice,i im looking foword for cm10.2 rc relase,a lot of good things added in cm10.2,i hope you cm will add more phones on project :)
Played with the ribbons today and I compared them against the old power toggles (screenshot here:

1) The new toggles are bigger. Do we need to take more space away from the notification bar?

2) The icon to blank space ratio seems a bit off compared to the old power toggles. I'm not saying we need to have it be the same, but even the full size QS has a lot of blank space. It's better aesthetically. Otherwise we'd have just giant icons with no margins. I think the look can be improved a bit. And just look at the 2G/3G it's stretched on the QS.

3) 6 mini QS causes the last mini QS to be cut off. I can scroll a bit. That's a bit of an annoyance given that 6 power toggles can fit before. 

4) I don't use more than 6, but if you have to scroll, perhaps a snap-to scrolling would be nice? To me it doesn't make sense to scroll to unveil half of a toggle only. Perhaps an option would be warranted.
Sigh please don't take them away!!!
The icon in right corner is half on my Nexus 4 it's ugly :(
+Thibault Vieux It's halved in mine too - I think it's good because it lets you know there's more to see if you scroll along.
Who used them anyway?? Tiles look badass..
I want them back. I will go to the last build that has them and I will never ever install CM again not recommend it unless the option to use them comes back. I realize no-one cares for an individual, but I if more of us speak out, maybe they will be back.
+Peter Fabian , it saddens me that none of the long list of features, device enhancements, performance tweaks and bringing newer versions of android to older devices, things contributors around the world spend many, many hours of their spare time perfecting, means absolutely anything at the end of the day.    

Hopefully most users will accept that sometimes one has to say goodbye to the old to make way for the new.
+David van Tonder If you get an idea that I don't care about the work that goes in... I understand that it might be so from my post, but it was not my intention. I do not much care for them, true - on this device of mine.

Bringing new versions to old devices was a grand thing on my previous device, and the main reason why I went for CM(7 at time) in the first place - but on Nexus, this is not the reason to stay with CM, I hope you can see why that is so.
+David van Tonder also about the old making way for the new... that is understandable. 

It would be good, even (and now this is me, personally - and it seems others, but I cannot say so confidently) - if the new were not worse than the old...
Just installed Cyanogenmod 10.2, I hate to say it but the ribbon look awful!
1) Hate them to be sliding icons
2) Don't like the 1:1 ratio
3) If you don't put enougth icons, they all stack on the left
4) The icons are drawing are chubby and dull

If they were stretchable (or we had an option to make them act like that) 1, 2 and 3 could be solved

I liked the power toggles a lot more.

All that said, I love Cyanogenmod, keep up the great work
+David van Tonder Have to agree. CM user since HTC magic, but these tiles are just a bad replacement for a perfect, polished feature. No one would have batted an eye if the ribbon was introduced and refined to the appearance and functionality of the widget before replacing it, but just dumping a distinctive feature over some perceived code benefits stinks. The icons are all different sizes, fit an uneven amount of icons, scroll randomly and have no haptic feedback....worse than any OEM ROM solution which used to be the opposite of CM. CM seems to be all about executive decisions and feature decreases these days, just like an OEM...its rather sad that AOKP unicorn ROMS are introducing more polished features than CM.
+Dan Rhodes sizing and random scrolling don't seem to be an issue for everyone - works beautifully for me (SGS3 (I9300)). Not saying you don't have a point - it's just not universal. 
Do you have Quick Access Ribbon ? Which device please ?
+David Rouleau sorry I missed your post. Nice light app but IMO no match for power toggles. Wish muti row configurable ribbon with app shortcuts would go to new Cyanogenmod 
The Power Widget is the main reason I use CM.
But I'm all for simplifying the code.
I'm currently using a nightly of CM10.2 on my Galaxy Nexus.
The only problem I have with the QS Ribbon as it is currently is that all of my tiles don't fit (They used to).
I have 6 main tiles in the ribbon, but can only see 5 and a half (without scrolling).
So if you include a tile resize option then I would love this.
For me the Power Widget is one of the main reasons I use CM. I love the fact that CM is making the system so much sleeker and performant. For this reason I very much liked the idea of using CM's Power Widget instead of a separate app creating a notification for it, using up memory. For this reason I also appreciate very much that you are deduplicating code here!

But: I strongly dislike QS and never used them. I am happy with the way you have now implemented the QS bar, however as +Richard Walsh pointed out, on my SGS4 I am also seeing only 5 and a half tiles on the screen, with the need to scroll for the last half of the 6th tile. If this could be fixed, this would be beautiful.

However my biggest concern is the brightness toggle, which is a shitty implementation in QS. It is not a true toggle but closes the QS/notifications and shows the settings window in the middle of the screen. I MUCH preferred the way the toggle worked in the Power Widget, and this is for me a killer argument. I hope very much that you will make an adjustment to this one.

Despite that, thanks for your ongoing great work!
CM it's great and I never had to complain about... but honestly, do you think that those giant buttons in the "power ribbon" are more usable than the previous small ones? Do you want to use the same piece of code? Fine, but make them smaller!
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