From concept, to reality - The death of Power Widgets

The notification power widgets have served us well. Since their inception they have been the go-to method for accessing your settings in CM, and are a fan favorite. They have existed in their current form since being forward ported from CM 7 to CM 9, and have see little change or upkeep since. 

A year ago, the notification power widgets were introduced to some sizable competition with Google's implementation of the QS. Once we fine-tuned the actions of the QS tiles to our liking, the notification power widgets further fell into second place; only seeing updates to make sure that they were in sync with their newer, younger brother. 

Soon, we will say goodbye to the notification power widgets, discarding their 3000+ lines of code for a sleeker (only 370 new lines), newer, and more efficient method of toggling your settings. 

Somber news aside, this is a time for celebration! We will be introducing the concept of the Quick Access Ribbon. This piece of code will take your existing layout from the QS panel, and render it as a replacement for the soon-to-be-defunct notification power widgets. This is essentially a new view for the QS panel, which means we save ourselves the hassles of managing two distinct sets of features that accomplish the same thing. This also allows us to leverage the dynamic capabilities of the tiles (ie Camera tile's capture ability) and use them in this slimmed down view.

In the pictures below, you can get a look at how this process materialized, including the pre-planning mockup and proposal for the design. The other pictures show the functionality as coded. 

This is not merged yet, but will be soon.

Edit We hear you loud an clear. Some of you prefer to have distinct layouts. Notif power widgets is still going to die, but we will allow you to configure the Ribbon and Tile views to be distinct. 
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