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LG p930/su640 - The first MSM8660 devices to receive a 10.1 nightly

It's always a good sign when we can get a new 'family' (and we use that term loosely) of devices onto the latest CM version. The first nightlies for MSM8660 devices are now on

This is a great step forward, but it doesn't mean the other 8660 devices are going to be immediately ready (looking at you Samsung and HTC users). What it does mean, is that the first hurdle towards more devices has been achieved. 

As for you Nitro HD/Optimus LTE, happy flashing. 
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Good news for Note i717 users!
Sweet!  Maybe we can get some Evo 3D love this time!
My question is why some galaxy s2 versions have 10.1 but not all?
Appreciate everything you guys do, but my T-989 would really enjoy JB 4.2
In due time I guess.
I'm one of those Note i717 users who is patiently waiting.  With luck, the wait will be over soon.
Any word on 4.2 for Sg2 Hercules? Either way keep up the great work. You guys kick ass!!
+josh taylor the herc is being worked on that post indicates that a kernel source has begun for any device on that chipset so the skyrocket and the herc are being worked on look up team chopsticks.
any CM 10.1 love for the i717 Galaxy note
+Markus Howard Why are you asking questions that are answered by the post you're commenting on?
+Raven SilverWing Not all Galaxy SII's are created equal.  A few months after the original GSII release Samsung released a LTE version of the GSII.  Different chip-set which means different hurdles to overcome.   And yes, as stated above, this post does answer your question.  Patience, it will happen in due time...  I myself am on the Skyrocket for AT&T and still don't have  4.2 either
+Brandon Rose they have a build its very alpha with plenty of random reboots but it's close.
According to LG's website, the P930 (at least the Canadian one; the page on AT&T's version is silent) lists "Qualcomm; MDM9200/APQ8060 (1.5 Ghz)" as its chipset.
Is this not correct? Or is the AT&T version different from the Canadian one?
+nick martin This I know.  I follow the forums on XDA.  Team Chopsticks and a few others are hashing away at it.  For some the radio doesn't work, bluetooth doesn't work, Camera Force Closes...  These issues are random and I am OK with that.  Progress is progress.  I just wait my turn like everyone else...
I held the title of local troll I'm no longer welcome on xda especially the skyrocket section.
Nice. I only post when its relevant...
Let's hope P880 and E973 will follow soon!
OMG, thank you very much Ricardo. When I saw you update a repository on Github, I guessed a new CM will be released, and it's true - Send from SU640 :D
I'm patiently waiting for roms for the LG Optimus P769BK...
When 10.1 nightlies hit for the Spectrum, it's going to be "Goodbye Galaxy Nexus".  

CM10.1 and a functional phone...can't wait!
Cheers LG owners. Never buy an exynos soc device. You will never get pure vanilla android experience full working. Samsung will never release full and proper documentation. 
Currently waiting for Cyanogenmod 10.1 Nightly on my HTC Wildfire.!
Thank you for all the hard work. It will hit my note 2 at some point :)

Could we get a toggle to switch language?
We need some devs to hop on over and help get the ball rollin for the droid DNA much appreciated
I can't wait for quincyatt to get the bump.
great news, will waiting for more stable versions. stock camera doesn't work ^_^
The skyrocket on the msm8660 has a test build that's getting really close to stable no random reboots only issue I'm seeing is the camera fc's
i hope we can have the same build for p930.. need more battery life, at first)
Good work! Hope Samsung Galaxy S Advance will receive CM10.1 one day too :)
I just installed it on my Xperia minipro but now i can't sync my contacts from gmail it says "Impossible to connect to the server" And also when the lock screen is orizzontal is really hard to unlock the phone, becouse the icon is cutted (sorry for the grammar)
Great ! It's a good news for LG Optimus LTE users.
the big question though, is will there ever be a fully stable version of CM for the P930? I have one and got so tired of the frequent green screens and subsequent reboots that I've switched to a different phone. I know it has something to do with the parts of the ICS firmware that CM and AOKP both use. the stock LG ICS firmware does it too. the only thing that is stable is the Gingerbread stock rom. Does the SU640 have the same problems? if not, would there be any way to use stuff from it's firmware for CM?
tried that one, it's not much better than the CM builds, random reboots on every cpu governer setting. I'm about ready to spike this damn phone like a football after a touchdown. I'm never buying another LG android phone
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