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Time to get my XOOM (StingRay) off ICS.  Maybe it won't feel like a red headed stepchild like it has since I got my Nexus 7.
Why no umts everest builds for european Xoom owners?
Anyone know if there's a minimum required ClockWork Recover version?  I'm still running is the last version available and still is.  I don't believe the update scripts in the files has changed there just have not been any tested changes for it and no reason for Koush to update I guess.
Isn't there a new backup format?  I don't think handles it.  I wish there was a new release that would allow backing up to external SD card
Stingray which is the 4G LTE version has builds as well.  I have it downloaded and will flash it tonight when I get home.  Haven't checked to see if there are things that are not working yet.
Wingray is the WiFi only one.
when we'll get the cm10 nightly for s2? hope really soon..
I got Jelly Bean on my Xoom when I went to US. Now I can say I have a Nexus 10 :-)
when have CM10 on XOOM 2 ME?
would love a CM10 rom for HTC Inspire... jussayin!
I use a JB nightly from EOS for my everest. It works quite fine.
Like the new cm10 feature "volume key curser control"
Thank you so much!
hey, I've installed the CM10 for the Tab P1000, but the camera isn't working.. also whenever it's on the charger when i take it off it shut down immediately.. and I've to start it up.. any solutions?

and THANK YOU for the amazing ROM :)
Please add lg lu6200 support.
Please, pretty please motorola, unlock the bootloader on the xoom2 so we can get cm on it. Android 3.2 isn't doing it for me :-( 
Running great on my Xoom. Thanks for the wonderful Rom.
Tim D
Flashed it and working well.
I've CM9.1 on my Ray and loving every moment of it! Cannot wait for CM10. Great job guys, keep up the good work
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