Android 4.4 Source

Source is now being pushed to the AOSP trees. Of course, when it is all there we will begin the process of figuring out what changed, needs work, and/or is no longer feasible or needed. 

We are not in a rush to get 4.4 builds out. We are going to continue the process of working on CM 10.2 M1 - getting that out the door and onto your devices. Further, we will 'finish' the 10.2 code base, similar to what we did with 10.1. 

As a friendly reminder, please don't flood us with requests for 4.4 - we all want new and shiny things, but we will not do so at the expense of abandoning the hard work our contributors have put into 10.2. 

Final note, a lot of folks are reading into the "512mb" item on the release notes. No, this does not mean a sudden resurrection of older hardware, there are dependencies beyond the RAM (and CM has enforced that minimum since ICS).
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