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Android 4.4 Source

Source is now being pushed to the AOSP trees. Of course, when it is all there we will begin the process of figuring out what changed, needs work, and/or is no longer feasible or needed. 

We are not in a rush to get 4.4 builds out. We are going to continue the process of working on CM 10.2 M1 - getting that out the door and onto your devices. Further, we will 'finish' the 10.2 code base, similar to what we did with 10.1. 

As a friendly reminder, please don't flood us with requests for 4.4 - we all want new and shiny things, but we will not do so at the expense of abandoning the hard work our contributors have put into 10.2. 

Final note, a lot of folks are reading into the "512mb" item on the release notes. No, this does not mean a sudden resurrection of older hardware, there are dependencies beyond the RAM (and CM has enforced that minimum since ICS).
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Lupus Dei
Thanks again Cyanogenmod!
Android and u guys rock!
Galaxy nexus!
So your saying "Please wait we will get there eventually!" right ? 
thanks, will be regards
theres a chance that someone can build a complete 4.4 ROM from the sourse code?
Rob M.
Wasn't expecting sauce to drop that quickly.
Not going to the shiny new things will make cyanogen more robust, but doesn't avoid the need to get there fast too to be in line with latest stock android experience. How do you plan to move quickly to 4.4? Would be good to know the technique used to move to 4.4 or other newer versions.
Good to know. Keep up the great work guys.
Really like the immersive mode.
Think the fullscreen mode could be implemented to just toggle that? 
So you're saying I might have to use the stock rom on the Nexus 5 that won't even be delivered for a week yet? How will I possibly survive?!
+Mitesh Choksi Device bringup for the N5 (hammerhead) will be trivial (likewise for mako). The real changes come from the audio tunneling, hardware composer and other various items. 

CM 10.2 supports over 100 targets for the upcoming M1. Just on the basis of time, ensuring compatibility across all of those devices will take weeks. At a minimum, this means that it'll take 3 weeks before you see reliable (to our standards) builds out based on 4.4 - and even then, there are no assurances that all of our various tweaks/features will be ready. 
Thanks CM team :) Love you guys.
Please keep support for the GNex! :o
galaxy nexus is dead... at least the Verizon
careful +Abhisek Devkota , that looks an ETA to me. haha. God knows that the sky will open up with "WHERE IS CM11?" requests 3 weeks from now.
+Koushik Dutta how pissed are you that they implemented screen capture right after you did it? (on a scale from 0 to 9) 
+Brandon Hansen actually:  

1) Its too soon to tell whats dead or not
2) The hammerhead has a CDMA compatibility with Sprint, which may help overall telephony/data issues related to CDMA (I say 'may' as the source isnt all there yet). 

Realistically speaking, CM has no reason (so far) to justifiably drop the Galaxy Nexus for 4.4. 
Will Samsung Galaxy Star 5280 & star duos 5282 receive any CM from you? it is currently running on 4.1.2.
Thanks cm team for the support for gs3 vwz love 4.3.1 keep up the work! :D
Marat B
will there will be android 4.4 for my Nokia 3310? i think it haz enough ram for this.
just kiddin :D
+Benedikt Morbach Theirs is only in adb (adb shell screenrecord). 

The one Koush built not only allows for onscreen implementation, but uses the same framework that is used for the Airplay/roku/2nds-screen stream
When google can not do a update for gnex, than you, thanks a lot!
will any exynos device be abandoned ??? I mean s2 /s3 
All good CM. (BTW, Newer ain't always better) 
If you update my galaxy nexus i donate you all my money. <3
+Abhisek Devkota, "before you see reliable (to our standards) builds out based on 4.4" does that mean possibly unstable/experimental/nightlies could be out before that? Love all your hard work guys keep it up!

goes back to drooling over 4.4 features
Looking forward to CM based on 4.4.. My old SGS 1 is waiting :)
+Liz Mcmanus Yes, most likely. 

Lets spec out timelines: 
* Source drop today
* Begin initial analysis and merger in a new branch (pure AOSP) 
* Begin adding in 'simple' CM enhancements
** In parallel, rework device trees for changes
** In parallel, rework features that need to change (ie Expanded desktop, Trebuchet, etc) 
* We all get the devices next Thursday the 7th
* Initial internal builds on the 7th
** Source for internal builds are public for unofficial/experimentals
* A few weeks pass, all parallel actions begin to wrap up, nightlies begin. 
Woot! Can't wait! Thanks again!
Support for GS4 on Verizon, please!!
At least you are going to bring KitKat for Galaxy Nexus
So how functionally different from the end user's perspective is Google's screen recording implementation different from Koush's? Under the hood they may be implemented differently, but will the outcome be the same?
I'm wondering how many modification needed to be done to the N5's sources to make it run on the G2 :D
+Bill Puckering As far as I can tell, Google's isn't in OS accessible. They built it with devs/PR folk in mind, not the end user.

The source is still going up, so I can't give you a definitive yet beyond that. 
Can't wait to get CM 11 on my dependable Galaxy S III. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.
Caramba, es lo mejor que se pide oír de una ROM. Gracias Cyanogenmod. Ustedes mejoran a los originales. 
As someone that was waiting for a toro M-build before moving to 10.2, is anything stable-ish going to be coming out for that? Or is everything going to head in a 4.4 direction now?
Translation: CM will be dickering with 10.2 until Christmas, at the very least. Check back when the snow starts melting.
personnally, I don't care about 4.3 or 4.4 I just dream about connecting my bluetooth smart watch on my GS3 which I can't do until now with CM10.2.
Quality over speed. Good motto. 
Great news but shame they do not support the Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-M919N
No rush but man I really am excited about the new way NFC payments will happen. tap to pay should work regardless of carrier now (Google Wallet finally?) .  That is something I will be looking forward to when CM 10.3 comes out :)
will you replace the pie navigation bar with immersive mode?
Do you know if 4.4 fixes the broken wireless N drivers in 4.3?
4.3 roms were up after about 2 weeks if i remember correctly
also how will you deal with the new SElinux enforcing mode?doesnt that destroy root and prevent custom ROMs? cuz it did on my SGS4 i9505
I'm bout to put my nexus 7 back stock to get update then flash back later
How about they make it for the nexus line when the update ships out vaguest prior with nexus get all updates first so shouldn't they get the cm first to
omgz when is CM gonna release 4.4!!111!!
+Abhisek Devkota is there anything you can tell us about the future of Trebuchet? The new 4.4 has these amazing transparent bars and stuff, can we hope to see these features in CM11?
//sorry if you're the wrong guy to ask :)
+Artyom Kunyov The transparency is fairly trivial with the new framework (just a flag and api). So yes to that. 

We'll likely take this opportunity to redo Trebuchet based on the new launcher3 code. Trebuchet is currently launcher2 based, and it would be more of a pain to try and port in launcher3 enhancements. 

This looks like a good chance to just restart that project. 
+Wajd Tohme selinux by itself wouldn't impact applying custom ROMs, and even if it ships in 4.4 as enabled, we are not bound by that rule. We will eventually ship it enabled as well, but with our own policies, not Google's.
+Abhisek Devkota oh good, because when Samsung enforced it on my sgs4 and I tried to root & install cyanogen, it intentionally bricked the device (conclusion derived with others from xda forums) 
CM making my device relevant and up to date as ways!! i♥u
+Wajd Tohme honestly, I find that sequence of events odd. The i9505 + selinux alone wouldn't have done that (I say that as we go through the Note 3 bringup with selinux + Knox). 

You should have download mode as a primary vector for the custom space. They only case I see that as an issue is if your device has accepted an OTA that included a locked bootloader. But as far as I know th i9505 (internationally) was not subject to that. 

I don't doubt something went wrong, but I don't think it was selinux. 
So will this be CM10.4 or CM11?
Can install this with the new bootloader knox? 
I'd have thought 11 since Androids letter increased. Similar to why CM8 was skipped because there was no honeycomb cm
Actually it was, I was subjected to a locked bootloader through an update, maybe I Flashed the wrong country? I Flashed the NEE one cuz that's the country I purchased the sgs4 from. (explanation :i was returning from a GE ROM to stock so I can flash Cm, so I Flashed the NEE image for sgs4 i9505 which didn't include the enforcing selinux, then the phone wouldn't let me proceed to do anything until I do this update, and the update contained the selinux enforcing, so I assumed it was that the cause of why I can't flash custom ROMs.) but now, I think you may be right and the bootloader is locked. How can I check? 
If it doesn't have any major features I say leave it be, I'm good with 10.2 M1
Thanks everyone at CM!
Please bring 4.4 to the Galaxy Nexus... Thanks for all your work, you're awesome!
Nobody cares about 10.2 now that Kit Kat's released!
I guys should be in a rush! 
oldies got to taste Kit Kat? nice~
Thank you CyanogenMod :) I hope Sensation can get 4.4 
john h
Please note 3
If CM is unable to bring 4.4 to the toro Galaxy Nexus then I'm most likely jumping ship to AT&T for the N5. Screw you Verizon.
Great strategy. Don't rush and bring us quality software.
I really hope you can squeeze the I9100 into the 4.4 picture. Mine and many others' are still going strong.
you even make a ROM for my chinese cell phone, thank you very much
Dont forget i9500! 
Of course I agree to what's written on post here and I appreciate it but I really want CM based on 4.4 to flash on Nexus 5.
are you going to support endeavoru?
You're great developers keep it up! My respect goes out to you!
Fan Hao
Yes, good job
Well, I think by not "rushing", CM has become very not competitive. 
When will the installer be available for download on the Google play store?
"Galaxy Nexus is Dead" Cyanogen "What is dead may never die, but raises stronger and harder" 
I can't find if the linux kernel version has been updated in kitkat . can somebody help me please 
There is no way that CM will keep working on 4.3 when 4.4 is out.
i cant wait to run android 4.4 via CyanogenMod on my p1. I also hope that the front facing camera in p1 will now be fix in this upcoming CyanogenMod Kitkat release. Thank YOu CM! 
Samsung s4 yet have no stable 4.3 build...
My Samsung Galaxy S I9000 is chuckling... :-D ;-) 
Max M
Galaxy Nexus
Rui Pu
when I get CM10.2 m1?
4.4 Here for Nexus 4 AOSP :)
Grrrrreat news! You guys are the best by far
ETA's are fair game for a business. Also I would think most your consumers are fine with abandoning the work of 10.2
+Nick Atkins I hear your frustration. But in the "business end" CM's consumers are phone mfrs, not hacktivists
+Nick Atkins 80-90% of the CM team are volunteers(device maintainers/developers/most ui-ux guys) so we work hard but we won't answer ETA's...
This update won't be smooth like 4.3 because of new hardware composer
endeavoru? not even 4.3 can run properly on the HTC One X. Lot of developer jumped ship already and many more will get the Nexus 5. I have very low hopes for the endeavoru...
Cm10.2 nightlies is awesome I use it myself as a daily driver. There's no problem with it except minor things (to me) like MHL support. But you can test for yourself before deciding. It's awesome as a nightly. Wait for m build or stable version and you will c. 
Here's hoping the galaxy nexus gets supported
+Abhisek Devkota Im just waiting for a stable release of cyanogen mod for Samsung Galaxy s3 (I9300) any confirmations on that running the kitkat version of cm in say 4-7 weeks atleast?
How about Samsung Galaxy Player, is there a stable 10.2 Rom for it?
you guys make android, ANDROID Thanks and waiting for a new device from you guys if the rumors are true...fingerscrossed...
Looking forward to the M1 of CM10.2.
So 512mb support doesn't mean I can resurrect my Nexus One? :(
"No this does not mean a sudden resurrection of older hardware."

My dreams just died a little. :*(
Strongly worded promises to go very very very slow & drag your feet? Sorry, not buying it: I'm getting my hopes up anyways. 
I just hope Galaxy Nexus Verizon gets 4.4 via CyanogenMod since Google is dropping support for the device.
You've already done awesome work with the Galaxy Nexus (toro) as it is, and I have no right to make demands for anything else. That being said though, having 4.4 on the device would be so damn sweet.
Ted Kam
Google just lost a customer.  I will not buy another Nexus device, thanks to Google's reiteration of 18 month Android update policy!
Hero HL
Thx.. Waiting for Samsung N7000
+Ted Kam I'm sorry but 18 months is the best policy out there. Pretty much no one does better any cm wouldn't exist without Google. If you hate them so much you should be fine with not getting kitkat
guys please support cyanogen on our device innos d9
Ted Kam
Are you kidding!  18-month is "best policy out there"?!  iPhone4 is over 3 year old and still got iOS7!  Enough said about Google.  
+Ted Kam  you do realize that you can count all iphone devices with your fingers. 18 month is probably doing with Moore's law. For every new thing an old thing should die so I guess it is a fair trade.
Ted Kam
+Farzad khalafi Sure, I can also count all Nexus devices with my fingers.  18-month policy is not fair trade.
TS Yew
+Ted Kam And iOS 7 still can't compare to even Android 2.3 in terms of functionality. Plus, the version the iPhone 4 gets is stripped down due to older hardware. 
+Ted Kam For what it matters, Google is an advertising and user company- that's where it makes its money. Apple is a software and hardware company, that's where it drives profits. Apple probably earns more than Google, which allows them to invest more in the long tail of the aftermarket- More up to date devices is more sales on the app store. Google, on the other hand, provides good support for backwards compatibility for new features in apps- both firms have different operating paradigms and revenue sources, so it's hardly fair to expect Google to support older devices in the same way that Apple does.
Ted Kam
+Thanh Nguyen That's fair comment.  I agree with your Apple-Google business model comparison, and I understand exactly how it works.  But as a consumer and user, without getting into detail of each device manufacturer, many if not most users see 18-months policy versus iPhone4 iOS7 support reflects badly on Google.
Having a roommate with an iPhone 4 on iOS 7 who just bought the nexus 5, I can tell you that you are comparing apples to oranges. Sure it has the update but it lacks so many of the features and runs like a 10 year old computer. He has regularly taken to using my phone for things because his is consistently slow and freezes up.
Ted Kam
+TS Yew I understand ios7 on iphone4 does not support outdated hardware, but it feels real sour that Google is dumping a Nexus device only because it refuses to workaround some hardware limitation.  You know as well as me that how fast hardware evolves.  I fully expect Google will dump the Nexus5 as soon as the 18 months is up.
+Ted Kam you do know that the galaxy nexus has a processor made by Texas instruments right? They are no longer providing support or updating drivers. I'm sure that's what's behind it.
this is excellent news! even though i'm an aokp user, this is good for the whole community!
Ted Kam
+JC Tapia Yes, I am aware of that, but Google definitely has the manpower to tweak the driver if it wanted to or at least workaround the issue.  T.I. no longer supporting that processor is a weak excuse.  To mask it with the 18-month policy was the biggest excuse.
Just a quick question, Is a full wipe going to be required from CM10.2 to CM11 or is it too early to say?
ParanoidAndroid is starting to build pure 4.4 ROMs without their enhancements, which they will start to add in gradually. Have you guys ever considered that approach? To just release a pure AOSP build for each device, then start nightlies which add additional changes in gradually, rather than adding most of the changes in over weeks then releasing nightlies all of a sudden?
+Bill Puckering  It would be quicker for the short term but I recon that CM need to do all the work on the base then the devices as they go because then all work can be Cyanogenmod features, and +Albin Severinson Thank you :) I sure hope it doesn't losing everything again (recently switched to a One from a Atrix) hate to lose all my texts and apps again! :)
Please dont break support for Galaxy Nexus (maguro,toro). I don't want buy Nexus 5 for updating OS only..Performance GN is still quite acceptable...
In still enjoying the 10.2 rollouts and will be getting the nexus 5 soon,so no worries or complaints here :-)
Please make it support for galaxy pocket GT-S5300 :-) 
Thank you all for all of the work that benefits so many of us. 
Please keep trebuchet based on the aosp launcher 4.4 and not the abomination google launcher that ships on the stock rom. I don't think the source code for it is available anyways.
Quincytmo releases is what I am looking forward to. Thank you CM Team!!!
waiting for kitkat (cm 11) :fingers crossed:
i hope its released fast as 4.3.
anyway 4.3 os very stable CM team can shift there intrest on kitKat :D
Wow there are a lot of GNex owners here. O.o
I myself own a Nexus 7 (flo) and LG Optimus L9. While I like some of the OEM's enhancements, it's only officially updated to version 4.1.2. I definitely would give CM11 a shot on my phone, especially considering how well CM10.2 works on my tablet.
One thing about that though. Does anyone know anything about OpenGL ES 3.0 support in 4.4 KitKat? 
i can't wait for 4.4 to come out. but what will it be called: CM 10.3 or CM 11?
+dennis johnston well as per my knowledge they change change numbers when there is change in android name for eg when jellybean came 9 to 10 there was no honeycomb cyanogen so skipped 8 so it'll be 11 for sure :-) 
already running the CM10.2 M1 Snapshot for my HTC One....very happy
An awesome job, as usual :-) 
So, now we have M1 released, you will start to work on CM11? 
Join to other - keep trebuchet in ROM..New launcher from Google is $hit...Or give choice launcher for users on first launch device))
Hey guys when i'll get M1 on my galaxy note Gt N7000.........
Plz give the list of that 70 devices that are getting the 10.2 M1
You're obviously not in a rush. You haven't been for years. Cyanogenmod has been behind even some manufacturers for quite some time now. Didn't even get a stable release of 4.3 and now 4.4 is out. Might as well be Samsung. 
so to confirm, it will use less than 512 mb of ram but just no support for even older devices?
Thank you for your support guys...but please,don't take a lot of time for the 4.4 update...we are impatient to try it out
I can't wait to the next version of CM ^_^ I think it will be CM 11, considering that ICS ROM was called CM 9.x and Jelly Bean ROM was CM 10.x :) keep up the great work guys!
When the asop is fully updated going to work on it for tmo gs3 lte...
Please for the sgh i897 tooooo...........
+TS Yew Stripped down while still barely working...
the ios7 iphone 4 version would not have been out the way it did if steve was still alive that piece of software(more like piece of crap) barely moves and the touch overloads are worse then the old android versions my iphone 4 owning friend wishes that this thing would never have came out to the iphone 4.... ios7 is great but since it works soooo slooow it actually killsthe idea of what the iphone is.... a fast stripped down android now its just a stripped down android
i think they copied one too many features from android that one feature is the lags...

cm team you are the best! i hope that 4.4 gets out quickly for the htc one x cos the current version eats too much ram really looking forward for the new ram optimizations!
+Joseph McDade don't be an ass/idiot the cm nightlies are mountains and valleys beyond samsung's software!
they do it for you! while samsung does it for the money and the money only! samsung don't care about you nor your device! cm team and google does!(in different ways but both of them care for you in google's case the digital you XD)
Thanks CM Team, we can & will wait. We know patience bear sweet fruits.
You guys do an amazing job keep up the good work!!
Suggestion - please change the Boot animation in next CyanogenMod version
You guys always do a wonderful job with your builds, especially for the Droid Razr Maxx. I am running 10.2 Nightly with Android 4.3.1, and swear that i've never ran into a single problem. Though at times can be very slightly buggy (in a sense that typical Android glitches can behave) But other than that, this ROM, along with rooting my device have saved me from getting an upgrade to the Droid Maxx, which I will hold off on until the next generation Droids are out.
there are allready 2 Roms based on 4.4 for the gnex :D
+ optimus g with 4.4 ported
I would like to have android 4.4 on my i8190l
I got a few kitkat features to work on CM10.0 quincytmo. Camera, Google now/play & hangout with SMS MMS
I will push those features to the max and report any issues.
I have ran 2 4.4 roms on the gsm gnex, performance wise its awesome however their is some pretty glaring graphic glitches as well a lot of random reboot. From what I gather it's kernel related. Do you guys think that cm(or any other ROM team for that matter) can get around that matter.

Also do you think the Nexus S has shot at having a decent build. It runs 4.3 pretty damn good if you keep it bare bones. Could 4.4 allow for the phone to run smoother than previous jellybean builds.
Waiting for perfect 4.3. OR 4.4 for HTC Sensation. XE 715. & Thanks for Carbon 10. 2 (4.3.1) WORKING SMOOTHLY
Thank you for your hard work. I patently wait for 4.4 and am enjoying 10.2 nightlies in the mean time
do not forget the black (p970) please :)
The higher the CM version number goes, the lower the CM features/customizations count goes... I miss CM 7.2 where everything was customizable... 
the CM11 camera app doesn't work for me on my nexus 4 :/
any clue as to when lower end devices like galaxy young would get CM?
awesome work but i have a problem with voice recorder app and maps, Navigation app are froce closed.... what to do im on CM 10.2 @ GT-I9300
i hope CM 11 won't take too long, because stock android version 4.4 has a few things changed from 4.3 I don't like (color-change of statusbar icons, arrows from data-connection removed, ...) :-\
I kinda love android 4.4 but without cyanogenmod, there are so many things missing...
yesterday I updated my. s3 to cm 10.2 m1
CM 11 20131125, any bug and restart on my P3100 [Galaxy Tab2]
Work on CM 10.2 M1 later. Android 4.4 for the Nexus 4 is more important. Why should us Nexus users have to wait while Android 4.4 has been out for months? CM is supposed to be the best ROM out there. Paranoid Android got it a while ago. Also, I like the new boot animation.
I was update 4.4 from CM¹¹ build date 20131201, camera having trouble dude.
The changelog doesn't say that. Are you sure it's for the Nexus 4?
I've said I would never go back to stock but this is ridiculous. Why should I wait months for an update when stock users have had it for so long? If Paranoid Android could do it within a month of 4.4 why can't you?
I picked my phone (Galaxy S4) based on good CyanogenMod support. That is my vote of support; if a device is not on your list I don't consider it. I have no problem paying a small premium to have full kernel access like this. I will buy your app (already paid for Clockwork mod). 
I Really! want to know why there are 0% aosp Roms for the Note 3 it's like were letting all that power go to waste 
im running stock 4.1.2 on my xperia nozomi downloading cm 10.2 by now, waiting for Android 4.4
Shawn F
LTE No being displayed KK4.4 CM11 Nightly (only H+) or am i confused?
E Tooms
how do i disable the digital phone butons dock? its annoying...
why not i9100 !????? arrhh!!!  god-damn ! please !!! support i9100 officially for cm11 !!!!!
Kevin S
Good that your are not working on the 4,4 kitkat yet.. first 10.2 final :P 
I'm running cm11 on my i605 and its very stable. Google wallet installed and configured without an issue. However the tap & pay doesn't work. Is anyone else having this problem or have had this problem and fixed it. 
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