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PSA: Upgrading from CM10 to CM10.1

As you may have noticed, we started updating some devices from cm10 (Android 4.1) to 10.1 (Android 4.2) during the weekend. The upgrade process has been tested extensively for the older devices (manta and mako didn't have that problem since they started out with 10.1), so you should be able to update directly without losing any data.

The single application known not to work is the Clock: Our changes to 4.1's clock to add the Stopwatch and Timer in CM10 aren't compatible with Google's own implementation of those features in 4.2 (which we're using in cm10.1); If your clock starts crashing after upgrading to 10.1, simply go into the Settings -> Apps menu, choose Clock from the All tab, and hit "Clear data".
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Wish I'd seen this (the clock bit) before wiping my data ... spending hours fixing everything back to normal <_<
On a side note... after upgrading and then wiping my data... all my "sd" data seems to have moved to a sub-folder "0" on my device (maguro/gnexus) which means I'm gonna have to move a lot of it back to get things working again ... any ideas why this happened?
+Tom Graham That's new in 4.2, and related to multi-user support. All emulated cards get their stuff moved into "0" (the main user), even though it doesn't work for phones.
+Tom Graham this is normal in 4.2 (multi user support). I had to move everything back when reverting to 4.1.
+Tom Graham It's to do with multi-user stuff - even if not present  (currently) on a phone.
So no need to wipe data going from CM10 to CM10.1 ?
+Ricardo Cerqueira right. So what does that mean for phone users? Won't apps no longer be able to see their data? Or do they seemlessly look in the right place? In particular, I had to re-point Titanium Backup to the moved location... Should I be moving files back over?
Hmm... I suddenly remember the other reason I wiped. My GPS/wifi location were unable to find me in maps (and a basic app I wrote that gets weak location was crashing repeatedly). Tried disabling/reenabling location settings... didn't help. Anyone else have that? (again - Maguro) (wipe did fix it)
So I'm new to all this, but when will it be available to GS3(International)? and is it stable?
The 10.1 version for Galaxy S is Nightly. Is it for daily use? Thanks 
I think I'll wait until the issues is fixed though :3
Any knows bugs (except the clock) for the SGS1 version? Thanks
Wow! Got though 16 whole comments before someone asked for an ETA. Is that a new record?

Don't ask for ETA's please guys, it's ready when it's ready.
Did anyone else experience Gallery problems on their toro device with CM10? If so, has this been fixed in CM10.1?
+Tom Graham android uses a diffrent format, on xda portal, they have a tut somwhere, page 4 i think
How to do Photo SPhere in other devices?
pls include support for xiaomi mi2
+Matteo Vescovi I do not. However in Settings > Display > Daydream - I think you might find what you're looking for? Hidden behind those settings now I guess (there is a "dock" or "charging" option for when to display the clock/photos/whatever)
Would love to see the nightly rolled out for Galaxy Note II International (N7100)...
I have just updated my Nexus 7 and I'm getting a LOT of FCs (clock, play magazines, books, play store, etc..) :(
Guys, is it safe to use 10.1 on my galaxy Nexus ? Is it safe for everyday usage? Many many thanks for the awesome news :)
Can you use it on nexus 7 already? According to the website it is not compatible :-) 
CM10 for P990 nightly builds drain the battery quickly. Hoping CM10.1 addresses that issue. I'm excited.
Yay, 10.1 for i9100 ! Love you guys ! as always !
Is for samsung galaxy s2 (gt-I9100) too? 
Can anyone tell me where Performance and Developer settings are now located? I can't find my CPU governors or USB debugging setting... Help!
Sorry i'm seeing just right now :-D 
Is it avaiable for the gt n7000? The galaxy note
Is it standard for cm to always change the Google search bar to their one and how do i make it just the normal stock one?
For those searching developer settings: got to about and click several times on build number. It will tell you that dev options got enabled and you can find them in the usual place again. (yes, no joke) 
I can't get the play store to load on my i9100 :( and a whole bunch of apps seem to have gone awol :/
Volt SB
On i9100, superuser FC's needs some work, besides that all is Good :) 
Le instale cyanogenmod 10.1 a mi s2 pero no tiene la opción la cámara para fotos esféricas alguien sabe si se va poder tomar fotos esféricas en galaxy s2?????
Guys, I truly need your help, me and my stupid head thought it would be cool to upgrade to 10.1 via cmupdates.
I was running cm 10.0 nightly 13-12 for S2.
I updated and a lot didnt work, some apps were gone and some widgets dint work, so i downloaded nightly 15-12 to go back but now it hangs on the startscreen wih cyanogenmod....
been wiping cache and dalvik but i truly dont want to delete data :(

any suggestions?
+Tim Van Breda Same here for me, I guess I won't reflash an older nightly then. The main thing which seems odd is that the login details for my Google account seem to have completely gone and there's no option to re-enter them again.

On the plus side, clearing data for the clock did the trick
Yeah, i reflashed 10.1 and it works again but i cant enter google market (raflsh g apps)?? and my tweetdeck is gone aswell... also i seem to have lost several apps if i cehck my launcher but i cant seem to find out wich.
+Tim Van Breda you needed newer version of gapps to start with. Also always a good idea for nandroid on big upgrades incase something goes wrong.
There hasn't been a stable or M-release for the Galaxy S2 or I9100 since august. What's up?
Could you give some information about the upgrading to CM10.1 of Nexus S? Thankyou
Why haven't you released a update for S2 gt-i9100
+Jos Spencer   the stable version cm9.1 is on 2012-08-28 22:41:39 as reported in the cm download site
What's the status of this coming to d2sprint?
Okay I reflashed gapps ( and it's now working as well as I can tell, it even redownloads all missing apps from the Play Store. Now I'll need to find somewhere to go play with Sphere :)
Great job. 10.1 is even more smooth than 10.0. 
+Yugendran N Neither CM10 or CM10.1 has seen a stable release.  I remember reading somewhere that it has to do with the fact that Samsung does not release the source code for some of the hardware drivers, or document the binary blobs properly.  Till that happens, i9100 is likely to stay in nightly for all releases.  I am in the same boat with my SGS2.  The nightly releases are remarkably stable btw and has been my daily driver for many months now
Flashed without wiping data, now i got lot of FCs,
and can't even go back to recovery, sucks ass
Edit : CMUpdater saved my life from a buggy phone
Thanks for posting this fix. I'm really loving 10.1; keep up the good work!
There is a problem with screen unlock pattern, I had 9x9 patter set in cm10 and after the upgrade it comes as 3x3 and there is no way to unlock the phone...
Has anyone upgraded the AT&T GS3 to CM10.1 and what has been the experience? 
Does 10.1 work for Optimus G as well?
Waiting for camera and data stable fix for gs3 att cm 10.1 I had to revert back to cm10 because of those issues and the "0" thing corrupted my sdcard so I can no longer use it and I lost all my data...smh
very pleased with your work! thank you very much. I've been using CM10.1 on my Infinity and until now it has been great. Hoping for new updates. The performance has been very nice.
Truly want CM10.1 can work on my Sensation.
only issue I had (which turned out to be a big issue) is the lovk pattern. I had extended it to 4x4. when it was upgraded it had reset to 3x3 which I couldn't use. I know I should have disabled it. I had to wipe everything in order to get it back (didn't enabled root access with adb). i9300 from cm10 to cm10.1
+Olivier BREGERAS you can miss the patter some times, and hit forgot password, and then enter you google account to unlock the phone
+Iury Lima I didn't see the forget password on the lock screen. try several to intentionally miss the pattern. Only option was emergency call.
Does anybody know if the Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100) will also get a M-Series?
i want to install it into my galaxys 3(e210s)....but how?....
Updated my i9300. It asks for a 3x3 lock pattern. My lockpattern was 4x4. No Forgot Pattern/Unlock with Google account option available. No adb available since phone is locked. What is it to be done?
Updated my gs3 747 for at&t and seems like lots of apps are force closing. Play music, superuser, gamefly, play store won't search. 
+Mihai Stoicoi  guess you are exactly in the same situation I was in. I had to reset factory reset the phone. luckily I did a titanium backup yesterday uploaded to google drive.
Thanks, CyanogenMod for Upgrading Android 4.1 cyanogenMod to Android 4.2. I really appretiate.
awesome work you did. thanks for this great piece of software. fantastic team!!!
Great job. But for some users it's impossible to clear the clock's cache. The application crashes each time you want to set the alarm.
What's wrong ?
Nice, thanks a lot! I've just updated and it seems to be working very well (SGS2 international).

One thing I would recommend to everybody doing the update: do a full wipe of cache/ data/ dalvik, and download newest GApps from I first tried the update without wiping and had a lot of problems and crashes. Once I did it "properly", it works well.
Upgraded my Maguro last night and loving it! The clock app did crash, but clearing the data as described in this post solved the issue. 

Great work CM team!
Love the update but having an issue...I can't seem to get any data connectivity. Calls and sms come through fine, but no internet. :( Anyone have any ideas?
Updated ATT GS3 with newest ota update and noticed no photosphere.  Is that in the works?
not a nice comment to put on ,,,,with a young kid in the photo
j drake
Are there special problems with the Toro release? Not nagging, but I am curious about whether Toro might have a unique problem.
oh and im getting crazy numbers for signal strength with 2147483647dbm and 255 asu
Flashed CM and gapps on i9100, wiped cache and dalwik. Everything is good, except for superuser app not working (constant FC-s) How to fix that?
Glad to have it avaialable, but i've reverted to the last 10.0 nightly, as too many features are missing and it doesn't have the new camera program.
Just updated my Maguro with no problems...
And what about the root.. I was using superuser, should I uninstall and use SuperSu?
I flashed the 10.1 (4.2.1) on my note 2 7100 and I liked it. Had to roll it back to 4.1.2 as my s pen apps went for a toss. None worked. When is the fix coming?
For photosphere you must flash 4.2 gapps
Oh wow i feel bad for ppl who bought gs2 &gs3 it seems never ever had stable version.. even my outdated phone (crespo) still have an update
You need the 4.2 gapps gallery apk, these aren't included with 10.1 due to customizations. 
The only thing that I have noticed on Toro is I am having to go back to cm 10to get all my files off the sdcard0 because they don't show up in 10.1even though storage says I'm using 20gb tried to access via cm file manager and it wouldn't work
10.1 for the Galaxy 10.1 please (see what I did there?). The p4wifi could use this.
Great work guys :D Downloading atm for galaxy nexus gsm. Hoping it's stable enough for a daily driver :)
Installed purely by chance today on my SGSII, very happy when I saw the 4.2 features, but had to upgrade my gapps which started complaining a lot. So far so good
+CyanogenMod Keep up the good work. I do have one question if you have the time. I need to occasionally hook up an external wifi adapter to my Nexus 7. Manually installing the drivers (I use the RT8187 chip set) can be a huge pain. Have you ever considered native support for popular external USB devices? 
+Timothy Pleines Well for the N7 I would say that no wireless devices are "popular".  You have kinda a corner case in needing two wifi nics in a small tablet.  

We can try supporting classes of devices (like rndis, mass storage, etc) but when it comes to device specific support like a certain chipset, it becomes very hard to test and keep kernel size small.   So it's something we can look into, but probably not all that practical.
is it me or is the spacing a little different on the homescreen?
+Tien Pham Yes it is, but if you go into Settings>Launcher>Homescreen>Horizontal Padding, and set it to 1, its roughly the same as before
+Brandon Bennett Thanks for taking the time to answer my question, much appreciated. And now that I think about it, it would be a great deal of work that would only help a handful of users, and a bloated kernel would detract from the experience of all the users. Still, keep up the brilliant work. 
Is this released for toro yet? 
Did you remove the shooting timer from the camera app?
Clear data for the clock works for me, but in that app doesn't appear the set to switch profile when alarm starts!
Running great on the AT&T S3. Stable and smooth
" should be able to update directly without losing any data." how does one go about doing that? 
Still not sure my nexus 4 needs something beyond root and recovery yet. but if I do it will be CM.
I love hating on  #VZM  for never updating there ROMs. Waiting on the the #Toro  build desperately.
@Andrzej Holubowicz : nave you fiume a solutore For the unlock sequence ?i nave the same problem , altre update of nigthly 17dec2012 my 4x4unlock pad become a 3x3 and i can't unlock my i9100...

@Andrzej Holubowicz : nave you fiume a solutore For the unlock sequence ?i nave the same problem , altre update of nigthly 17dec2012 my 4x4unlock pad become a 3x3 and i can't unlock my i9100...

Hi .. it is disheartening that CM for HTC Incredible S is at a standstill... Please give us CM10 ... :)
Guys is there any radio and NFC on CM10.1 ???? I have the SGS3
+Andrzej Holubowicz +Davide Vincon +Mihai Stoicoi +Olivier BREGERAS : I had the same problem (had a 4x4 lockpattern before, after update a 3x3 lockpattern is shown and phone cannot be unlocked).

Fortunately I had USB debugging enabled before the update and it still was enabled afterwards. If you still can access your phone via adb, you can do the following to remove the lock-pattern:

adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key
adb reboot

--> the phone reboots and after reboot, just draw ANY pattern and it will unlock. :-)
I upgraded to cm10.1 and disappeared my google account O_o
I make it back? ?
I have SGS I9000
Thanks for your reply
I will do to recover my google account, just not on the menu of accounts
Guys, stop the dirty installs. Wipe, wipe, wipe... and no problem :)
Thank you CM.  I just flashed CM10.1 on my Nexus 7.  Everything works great.  Superuser had errors, but I replaced it with SuperSU.  No problems after that.  Thank you, thank you!
having all kinds of problems with superuser.  any solutions?
Dat feel when U apdate your I9100 and it's 4.2.1!! XD
Just updated my Sgs2 (i9100) to cm10.1 and flashed gapps 121212 and everything works fine but there is no photosphere icon in the camera app, should it be there or hasn't it come yet?? otherwise awesome work :)
I installed it with google apps but no maps. Is this normal? How can I get google maps?
Work with Samsung Galaxy S2 T Mobile?
+Fredrik Liv PhotoSphere is only officially supported on Nexus devices. The APK contains checks to make sure the device is the one the APK was copied from which is why gapps contains multiple GalleryGoogle.apk files and then conditionally installs them depending on device. This is regardless of ROM so it's not really related to CM.
Awsome, did the installation on my I9100 (intl) running fine, you guys rock :)
all of my google contacts are gone and i can't figure out how to re-add them. under add accounts, there's no google option. what do i do? 

also, gmail crashes every store crashes every time...I'm on galaxy s3 ATT
Adam check if USB debugging is enabled and do as Zweng said
+Matthew Berman Best to do to avoid that is put all your contacts in gmail,always there wen you sinc gmail on the phone.
Gmail,google+ and the play store don't work, there is no sync possible with google account and events on calendar are gone.
Samsung I9100
Solution For modified sequence pattern 3x3 : as Jhoannes Zweng told, you can disabile unlock sequenze by deleting file gestire.key in /data/system folder..the news si that the act can be' made even you don't have debugging switch enabled. Sure you must have android sdk installed and correct driver Too

Anyone else have problems with superuser fc when trying to grant root access? I've the T-Mobile S3
I had to revert back to cm10 because 10.1 kept FC superuser. I did not try NFC.
I was able to use both data and WiFi so I assume radios are functioning. The camera didn't have photosphere which was kinda disappointing.
Pleaseee answer my question!! Works with SGS2 T Mobile?
+William Huang PhotoSphere is a proprietary feature that only works on Nexus devices. Most other devices need modifications to Camera which is a part of Gallery since 4.1 so using the gapps gallery patched to remove the device check wouldn't work anyway.

+Ariel Giron Just google for the model name of that device (it's probably listed on gsmarena) and then check for it.
Don't forget to update your gapps too! There's a version specific for JB 4.2.
+Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith I had apps disappear as well. Do me a favor: Go to the play store and try to reinstall those apps.
For me foursquare disappeared and I con't reinstall it cause it's suddenly "not supported" anymore.
Great work guys, only thing I noticed is photo sphere is not there and no multi user support yet
+Björn Lundén but photosphere works fine on my s3 o.o
Only issue is camera will FC sometimes when I take a regular picture(never FC with photosphere or gallery.) 
Can you guys make a version of cm10 for the optimus g?
Solution For modified sequence pattern 3x3 : as Jhoannes Zweng told, you can disabile unlock sequenze by deleting file gestire.key in /data/system folder..the news si that the act can be' made even you don't have debugging switch enabled. Sure you must have android sdk installed and correct driver Too

Solution For modified sequence pattern 3x3 : as Jhoannes Zweng told, you can disabile unlock sequenze by deleting file gestire.key in /data/system folder..the news si that the act can be' made even you don't have debugging switch enabled. Sure you must have android sdk installed and correct driver Too

I don't even have the option to take a photosphere photo so no idea
Is the HTC 3D (ShooterU - or whatever the name is now.) getting a stable CM build? All it's builds are nightly.
Edit comment: works fine! Translation pintó Spanish isn't perfect bit works fine. To those who experiment problems with clock or something, try to update gapps too.
The developer menu within settings is gone.
+Kurt Huwig Under About Phone/Tablet, press the Build Version a lot, untill it says "You are now a developer!"
Google Play no longer sees my phone - I flashed gapps. I dont know why but i cannot connect via gprs to internet - no "blue" bar, only grey. Any ideas?
I've been using this since the unofficial build released on 12-12-2012 and it's great! I made sure to read the whole xda thread first to see what issues others we're having and though it wasn't necessary to wipe coming from cm10, I did to be safe. Although titanium backup isn't recommended it worked out fine for me! I highly recommend checking the xda thread if you're having issues. You only need to move folders from "0" location if reverting to android 4.1, I believe.
nah its not necessary, It just sucks that each time you flash or sucessfully boot it makes another 0 directory

Also to get rid of this problem, for the i747 AT&T, go to the TWRP forum post and download an updated version.
HEY where i have to sing to include Ville C2 in CM Builds??
i flashed the new gapps and my store will not load.  gmail is working though.  samsung gs2 i9100
flash gapps onto cm 10.1 on Toro now saying Setup Wizard has stopped. What do I do?
after install, everything was fine until I flashed gapps
Today im going to hit my grouper with CM 10.1 XD
On Galaxy S3 T999 i received the update through CMUpdater, and play store crashes as soon as i try to open it..? crashes like its nobodys business #cm101    #toro and that a 100% clean install
Thank's for this awsome update, CyanogenMod rocks!!!!!!!
I want to make it a BLU Studio 5.3 cyanogenmod
Get the 10.1 update on my Samsung Galxy S3 today . My problem now is I'M not logged in my Google Account anymore and I not able to add my Google Account in setting!
Thanks! Installed yesterday on my GN maguro after full wipe.everything is working pretty well. No lag. Some small bugs but I know you'll solve them. Great work as usual! Thank you!
Btw is it normal not to have the photo sphere function?
i know this is the wrong place to ask this but - i just found a clockworkmod folder called blobs that takes 3GB away from my internal space, is there anything bad that could happen if i delete the 3k+ sub folders inside of it?
+Pedro Mosqueda i went and downloaded the zip and reinstalled but it didn't remove the gapps like it normally does. Still saying "Setup Wizard has Stopped"
The clock doesn't work? And this is why I only use stock ROMs.  They may be basic, but at least everything works.
But they are nowhere near as much fun!
I lost USB mass storage mode on GS 3 you guys working on getting this back in ?
+Karim Sahraoui I had to do a wipe on my gs3 as everything was crashing due the file system changes and new gapps update 
I do not like the updated version, I can't find instant uploaded photos.
+Chris Mcgrath go to about phone in settings and tap build number 7 times, you will then enable developer options!
Ok, just upgraded on my VZW GNex...  _Trebuchet is not repsonding..._ and the phone is acting like I'm not logged into my Google account...???  Contacts aren't there, Calendar app isn't showing up....  Anything suggestions?
Thanks a lot! :) Did my maguro upgrade yesterday as soon as the new images hit the servers. Found the clock wipe thing online and everything just rocks since. Fantastic work guys, as always!

Cheers from Sweden =)
Great.  I've rooted three devices and never have had to do it.  What's the easiest way to go about doing that?
Toro has no data coverage after wipe/flash... reflashed to no avail.
Same here.  No WiFi or CDMA.  Just grayed out.  Plus my Google account isn't active on the phone. 
i did not read this but i want to post something
I was hoping not to have to start from scratch, but for some reason, latest gapps did not stop google apps from crashing on 10.1 on my Galaxy Nexus.

So, for those facing gapps fc even after flashing latest gapps, you might have to go the whole nine yards : wipe data (factory reset), install CM10.1 and then install latest gapps, 

I am still in middle of downloading all the apps. will report back if gapps are still a problem.
Can anybody tell me what Enabling Traces and Enable OpenGL traces does to my galaxy sIII? I see some graphics option and audio option, will it help me actually increase graphics and audio output? or what? I also saw that ticking Simulate secondary displays bricks the android, not the phone, but the android, where it freezes and wont even boot. Any help on the traces subject though, thanks.
Is the upgrade to cm10.1 worthwhile from a stock N7 w/ only a changed kernel? Not sure if romming a nexus is really beneficial?
no photo sphere on my sgs1, google drive and youtube didnt work but after un/reinstall these 2 apps are fine now
+Alex Gonzalez , I got it.  Downloaded Gapps, didn't work. Reverted back to a previous nightly, was stuck in a boot loop and had to fix it.  Now I'm up with the 10.1 nightly and all's good.  Give some of us credit to figure things out.  How else do we learn?  lol  
Anybody flash sprint sg3 I flashed it a week ago and camera was fc so I went back to 10 I haven't had a ota update so I'm guessing it's not yet but thought I'd ask if any one has tried it it looks sweet the little bit I did with it but the last few 10 nightlys have been horrible on my batt I went from averaging 20+ hrs to charging twice a day 
If you are flashing toro, you have to select a network mode and reboot.  Running into some other problems on toro too.  

New file structure sucks...had to move everything up one folder.  superuser permissions dont seem to stay.  I see them in the superuser app but everytime I go back into an app, it asks me to allow it again.  This makes titanium unusable for me since it asks every second.

CWM recoveries dont seem to work too well with new structure.  It makes a backup but I cant get it to from my computer or CWM.
+Michael Calamera when I tried to restore my back up I ended re flashing cm 10 reinstalling supersu from play store cwm rom manager anroot toolbox used root tool box to move all the folders then cwm rom manager to use my backups took a while but I got they were in a sub folder. 
After updating I'm completely cut off from Google services. 
I'm having wifi issues with my Galaxy Nexus (vzw) No networks are showing up in my area...
After updating I'm completely cut off from Google services. 
+Chris Kuncho, same thing happened to me.  Place the nightly in root as well as gapps in root.  Do a complete data factory wipe/reset.  Reboot into recovery, flash the nightly and then flash the gapps and reboot.  If you still don't have gapps reboot into recovery and re-flash the gapps.  Once I did that everything was fine.  Pain in the ass, but this latest ROM is far. 
despite being stuck on GB with my Atrix 4G and knowing it will never be supported for anything above CM7 (DAMN YOU MOTOROLA!!) I still enjoy watching the list of supported devices grow as well as watching CM evolve.
+Michael G any word on how to fix wifi issues, its not picking up any signals
Is this just for Sammy or can my 10.0 EVO LTE play?! 
cm10.1 is wonderful, hoping for stable version !!! Galaxy Nexus.
A word of warning. The lock screen changes to a 3x3. Your best bet is to turn off your upgrades prior to upgrading (I was left with an inaccessible phone due to the lock screen change)
+Chris Kuncho Same happened to me. I simply reflashed newest gapps and wiped cache/dalvic cache all is good now. no need for full wipe for me.
Thanks for the update running great on my T-Mobile s3. At first most Google apps would crash so I downloaded gapps 4.2 and flashed them and most were good but some like Google music kept crashing so had to uninstall and reinstall from the play store. I also just noticed the clock issue and fixed using the posted fix. 
Can any one tell me whether its available for samsung galaxy s2 lte i727r
Again, really enjoying the ROM. Does anyone know if there is a built in weather widget for the lock screen as seen on previous versions? If so how do you access it?
Build looks pretty good on d2att.
File manager navigation is borked.
Paul miller. I was actually looking for the weather widget for the lock screen, not the home screen
I tried installing this on my Galaxy S3 (i9300) but ever since I do not have any sound when coming through when making a phone call... big bug!
Wi-Fi hotspot works on my i9300 again after upgrading to 10.1!
cm 10.1 20121217 for gt 9100 google contacts broken when i updated 
+Kaizaad Kermani Did you remember to install gapps for 4.2? You need that in order to set up the Google account and sync contacts. 
+Kenneth Verdier Is it normal that with the latest gapps package for 10.1 installed I do not have the photo sphere in the gallery?
First of all thanks for upgrade.
where can I see if Cm10.1 nightly is available for My Xepria S? 
I checked at cyanogen mod 10 1 | projectfreexperia but looks like it only has it for mint.. but from above comments it appears that many other devices are getting it... 

No I am not asking for ETA.. i am just asking for location where i can keep lookinif its available....
Thanks in advance.
+Dirk Vranckaert I do not have Photo Sphere either. Going through the comments, it seems that no one does on 10.1. It does, however, seem that the camera from the Nexus can be downloaded and flashed.
Been running it for a day now on my GNex, and it is superb. The only issue i have had was with +Superuser crashing, meaning root apps would not work.

I fixed that by installing SuperSU by flashing the zip in recovery. If you need it you can download the zip here:
Love it! Finally! Great job! Also gesture typing doesn't seem to work neither.
Could you guys work on the DPS manager for Maguro (GNexus)? None of the EQ and other stuff is working 
+Matthew Berman Have you updated with the latest gapps package from  Option to add google accounts going missing can only be because of that.  Try cache wipe and reflash the correct gapps package
Does anyone else having file structure issues after upgrading to 10.1? I now have three levels of /0 with my old files from cm10 being in /0/0/0 and I have no idea why
Nice! please add switch 2g/3g in quick setting tiles
Thanks a lot! I've installed it in my I9100. Had problems with the lock screen pattern, clock, YouTube and Currents. For the lock screen... Google as always was my friend. Clock, just cleaned cache and data and worked again. And for YouTube and Currents, I tried to clean cache and data but wont worked... Reinstalling these apps worked... Thats all, until now, I have 0 problems.
Thanks again CyanogenMod Team!!! 
Everything works! Boot is really fast! But it does get hot and drain the battery pretty hard when compared to 4.1
Anyone else having trouble connecting to cellular data on GS3 for AT&T?

Entire google account is gone. So doesn't work any google app. just amazing, good job guys.
Great work guys all it takes is a little time and patience with the nightly builds ... Install and play around with it trail and error I have the latetest cm10.1 on my gs3 and after a few tweaks here and there and a few reboots I'm running smooth .. As of now I could almost use this a a daily driver good work cm keep it up ! :)
Thank you :) got 4.2 on my S3 will not run on Toro (Full wipe) cannot answer or place calls :-(
+François Dujin what are you talking about? I know what I'm doing, clearly they don't, I am not the one who compiled a ROM where the google account disappeared . Anyway that was with the nightly of yesterday, now I'm going to install today's nightly
is there a problem with the 4.2 gapps, my data is going away
+Rodrigo Gonzalez Are you using old gapps by any chance, ie. older than the ones from 2012-12-12?

+Jeff Lange Try changing it from WCDMA preferred to CDMA or something more fitting in the Testing menu (##INFO##) and see if that fixes it.

+Kenneth Verdier Everyone using either Nexus 4, Nexus 10 or any of the Galaxy Nexus versions will have PhotoSphere in CM10.1 if they flash the gapps package. It's a feature exclusive to the proprietary GalleryGoogle.apk and is protected by device checks. Many non-Nexus devices require changes to the camera (which is compiled into Gallery since 4.1) to work so they couldn't use that apk anyway. This has been explained countless times.
+Kevin Kim That feature was not ported to CM10.1 and will probably have to be reworked so that it becomes its own unlock method, not a modification of the stock one. That way it won't cause issues for people if not implemented in future versions.
+Björn Lundén I'm not seeing a "Testing menu" in fact, I no longer see any sort of developer options menu item :(  I tried each of the settings for Preferred network mode under "Mobile network settings" without any luck in avoiding the crash. 
I'm sorry if this is a dumb question. Is there a cm 10.1 build for the SGH-i727 yet?
Tap build number 7 times to reveal developer options :)
+Björn Lundén I was,but I installed 12-12 gapps and now I have a lot of FC (play store, play music, play movies, drive). Google+ works, but the People app don't show that account. I could get back my google account anyway.
Fresh install reboot recovery switch APN settings reboot turn mobile data on seems to work just play with :)
Also after install reboot recovery wipe caches and reboot it seems irritating but it work and makes this a great ROM until cm works it out be patient :)
To got Mobile Data working on TORO you must do:  Settings -> Mobile Networks -> System Select -> LTE/CDMA then reboot. +Michael Calamera Thank you!
I upgraded my sgs2(intl) to 10.1,some features are missing photo sphere, multiple user(expecting on phones, would be possible to cyanogenmod only) I think so
+Rodrigo Gonzalez Gettings FCs with the latest gapps is not normal and it seems not updating your gapps properly when moving between two different major Android versions is what caused your issues. I know for a fact that updating between CM10 and CM10.1 works perfectly if following the normal steps. If it didn't, CM10.1 builds would not have been released.

If you have a nandroid backup from before the update from CM10 to CM10.1 you can restore that and try the update again but this time also flashing the correct gapps before booting it up. When it has booted fully, wipe the data for the Clock app and you should be good to go.

If not, I suggest you backup data for the apps you need with an app such as Titanium Backup or DataSync and wipe and start over.

+Jeff Lange I'm glad it worked. :) In the future you should know that upgrading your gapps to match your Android will seldom or ever be pointed out explicitly since it's sort of implied.
Any one on a SGIII Mobile data not working?
+Björn Lundén Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my post. My bad. I didn't mean flashing the apk from Nexus as-is. Someone from Android Authority posted a video of Photo Sphere working on an S3, including a link to the flashable zip: (haven't tested it myself) 
Ok I've upgraded to the latest nightly (gs2) and still I have some problems.
Before, even after I flashed gapps several times, they got FC. So i just uninstalled and reinstalled. That seems to work for me for now. But the clock, for some reason after a while it shows a different time. (Its set to auto update) when I reboot it gives me the correct time and a few minutes later it shows a different time. I tried clearing data/cache.

Also when I reboot, a few seconds later I notice the screen gets a yellowish tint. Anyone else has that?

And on top of that I'm having problems with notifications. I don't get push from apps like Facebook/instagram etc. Whatsapp semms to be OK.

Any suggestions? Any1 else been having same problems? 
I just flashed CM10.1-dtmo on my S3; but I don't have the Photo Sphere option in my camera app!?
+Björn Lundén Sorry about that. I just flashed the Camera App from the nexus and it works fine now :)
I just flashed 10.1 to my GS2 Hercules, installed the gapps and rebooted. When I checked the about phone, it shows that I am running the 10.1, but my android version still says 4.1.2
Oh and the Android keyboard will not work, had to restore back to 10.0
Any ideas or solutions?
Too many issues with my AT&T GS3 after flashing CM10.1... back to Stock ROM for now and will wait for a couple of weeks before I give this another try.
Yeah same here. Restoring back to 10.0 until a fix or workaround comes along. If anyone at +CyanogenMod sees this and reads my comment above and has any ideas for me, I'd love to test the nightlies for you.
Wow. "Unfortunately [every gapp on the phone] has stopped". In about 100 separate messages. I can't even do anything for all the pop-ups. 

This is a galaxy nexus GSM, "maguro". Used cmupdate for 10.1 nightly, then installed gapps for 4.2. 

Funny part? clockworkmod can't see my recovery image. Awesome. 
+chris colburn Mine isn't working either.  I try manually setting the network and it says it is unavailable.  I am going to wait it out for the next nightly and see if it gets fixed.
...and knowing is half the battle. OK, off to install from zip. Thanks!
yeah same here, +Mike Podruchny, wait for the next nightly and see iff the issue is fixed. I guess that's the fun of nightlies. With twrp recovery it's so easy to do a backup and flash the new zip, and if it doens't work just restore back and wait for the next nightly.
Update my Galaxy S3 and now I cannot find my older data Using twrp If I restore the backup of CM10 data shows on 0 folder but on CM10.1 no data TWRP gives an error something about the partition 'datamedia' and CWM latestversion from jenkins doesn't say that error but I still not get my data :S
+Rodolfo López I got the same thing. Seeing a new directory structure with 0/, legacy/ and old/ folders. Probably why cwm can't find my recovery which happens to be in the 0/ dir. :-/
Frak. installed 10.1 from recovery and am still hosed. All gapps FC-ing.
I used TWRP and I still don't see my data I can only see it when I restore to 4.1 and I hate that now on the file explorer with 4.1 First opening was on internal sd I hit back and I saw Internal and External now I hit back and si internal and LEGACY? why? Wtf it's legacy and If it hit back again I see Internal external and emulated o_O so whe have Legacy Emulated and my data isn't on any of those folders really weird hope they fix that 
I updated to cm10.1 nightly and 4.2 Gapps, but when I rebooted it says I have 10.1, but my android version still says 4.1.2
Wonder what that's all about.
+Vojtěch Liška i didn't have a problem when I went back to 4.1.2. Except all the stuff I downloaded went to sdcard 0 downloads instead of my old downloads folder. I think everything works fine is just that stuff will get saved in the 0 slot. 
I don't have a developer option in my settings so I can't turn on usb debug on my phone. Any idea why is not there? 
+Raven SilverWing on the advice of a coworker, I tried reflashing (manually this time) and I can now get at least 3G data.
Really not happy with the update. I'm on 5+ hours of trying to get it back to a functional phone. 10.1 removed all google apps, updating the apps to 4.2 manually just made it so that the phone is so choked with sorry this has stopped working messages that it's not functional in any sense. Using the toolkit to flash back to a stock 4.1 or 4.0 keeps failing for some reason (entire sections refuse to flash).
I used twrp to backup, flash 10.1, flash the 4.2 gapps, and then to restore the backup I made when the flash didn't take.
All in about ten minutes.
+Pete Best to the "0" folder thing: yeah thats correct ! :) ..just move the data and you are happy ;)
Where can you get the newest gapps?
It took me all of 5 minutes to get everything working. What is wrong with some people. Don't flash stuff if you don't know what you're doing. It's not the developers fault you don't research what to do before you start flashing 
I know what I'm doing and still had problems with the process, perhaps you can help me good sir? 
+Goran Milici I flashed cm 10.1 on my galaxy s2 and then flashed 4.2 gapps.
When I rebooted it showed that I had 10.1 installed, but my android version was still 4.1.2, not 4.2, and the android keyboard was rendered unusable.
Any ideas?
I know I followed the steps properly, before you even ask.
i was up until 4 in the morning messing with this phone...when i installed the 10.1 build it was crashing other apps besides my clock...clearing the data did not work...i had to wipe data and reset my phone back to the latest build in 10.0...i really want 10.1 but i am not updating it until those issues are fixed...i don't want to crash my phone again...
+Goran Milici This isn't my first rodeo. The phone is working now, it just required a significant number of work arounds. After the autoupdate from CM, recovery to a previous backup failed, still digging into why that happened. Tried flashing to a previous version of CM 10.0, which resulted in a boot loop. Took it apart with Wugg's Toolkit. Flashing JRO03O and IMM76K both failed on multiple attempts at inconsistent points on version 1.6 of the toolkit. Manually updating to 10.1 and manually updating the 4.2 apps resulted in an endless stream of "Sorry the setup wizard has failed." After getting the phone back to the point where it was a clean 10.1 installation (the only successful installation I was able to manage) I had to manually download clockworkmod, and pay for it a second time. Downloading their version of the latest nightly along with the 4.2 apps worked. (the installs from recovery were all done from /0 and this was all on a Verizon Galaxy Nexus. What I was pissy about is the ridiculous oversight of putting an update OTA and then sending out a message that is pretty much guaranteed to not get to everyone implementing the update to not use that update, but do a manual install. I understand that I'm responsible for updating the phone, and anything bad that happens to it, but if you know that you're putting out an OTA that could cause issues, maybe you should consider making it so that the only way to get the update is to manually download it. Once I got CM 10.1 working, it is a beautiful thing, almost worth the lost time.
Mark C
Is there any news for when we might get AVRCP 1.3 or later in CM10.1?
I know we had in under CM10 and it was a shame to have this vanish in the upgrade.
Hi, On i9100 i installed latest gapps and however current and youtube and gdrive still crash. Something to do about that (already clear data).
just updated my SGS to CM10.1...
again, a job well done, congrats and thank you guys!
ive never had a problem with 10.0 nightly builds up until 10.1 and just completely screwed up my phone...i actually did it twice thinking that reinstalling the 2nd time would work, but NOPE same issues. Play store wouldn't even open and all other apps just kept crashing and wouldn't even open.  It was a terrible mess. Is it necessary to manually install? I think I will just wait until the next 10.1 update...i have a t-mobile SG3 btw..
# CM 10.1 is based on Android 4.2.1. Any and all proprietary applications that you have installed outside of CM should be updated to their 4.2.1 counterparts. Do not use the 4.1 versions of proprietary applications, else you will experience difficulties. 

# Do not use the CyanogenMod Updater to go from 10.0 to 10.1. While you will have a functional rom, due to the 1st bullet point, you will be left without your proprietary applications and their data. We highly suggest performing the initial install manually via recovery (flashing CM and your addons). Once you are on 10.1, you can use the CM Updater as per normal.

# You do not need to wipe when updating to 10.1 if coming from an earlier CM version. However, as we mentioned in the weekend's PSA, users updating (instead of wiping) will experience a conflict in the application data for the Clock app. You are advised to clear this apps data on first boot of 10.1. 

# Another item to note is that the support for the 10.0 feature that allowed for an expanded number of targets on the pattern lockscreen is not in 10.1. If you use this lockscreen, disable it before updating from 10.0. 

# Finally, we always advise that you create a backup before any update. Do note, however, that due to Android 4.2 changes to support multi-user mode, your backups will automatically be transferred to /sdcard/0/[backup folder]. Remember this when attempting to restore 10.0.
those of you that lost data... mine seemed to start working when i went to system settings > data usage > i then turned off my mobile data at the top... then turned it back on after waiting a little bit. Everything is working great now. S3
For anyone stuck with the lock pattern problem and unable to use ADB because you don't have USB debugging mode enabled, try booting into recovery mode and doing ADB from there.  This worked for me with CWM recovery.  Once you're in recovery you just have to mount /data/ and then run the command "adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key" as discussed above.  Good luck.
Sam Lam
my nexus can't sync to the google account and all the google apps are not working. Is there any fix? thx
+Sam Lam I think you need to re-flash google apps as mentioned in a comment in this thread
+Sam Lam +Gustavo Gonnet yes, sam is right! the gapps for 10.0 will not work for 10.1 because the result is that all your apps will crash or not even open...u have to flash the latest gapps...that was the hard lesson i learned the first time i tried to update and had to ultimately factory wipe...secondly DO NOT update thru the CM updater...u must do a manual install for this one.

Follow these instructions and all is well:

First time installing CyanogenMod 10.1 to your Galaxy S III, or coming from another ROM:
- Make sure you're running a proper working ClockworkMod-Recovery
- Copy GApps and CM10.1 ZIPs to your SDCard
- Boot into Recovery
- Flash CM10.1 zip from SDCard
- Flash GApps zip from SDCard
- DO A DATA WIPE / FACTORY RESET (otherwise your device will be stuck at boot)
- Reboot
- Don't restore system data using Titanium Backup!
- Restoring Apps + Data might cause problems and is not recommended, avoid it if possible!

Upgrading from earlier version of CyanogenMod 10.1:
- Copy CM10.1 ZIP to your SDCard
- Boot into Recovery
- Flash CM10.1 zip from SDCard
- Reboot

Upgrading from CyanogenMod 10:
- Copy GApps and CM10.1 ZIPs to your SDCard
- Boot into Recovery
- Flash CM10.1 zip from SDCard
- Flash GApps zip from SDCard
- Reboot
- Wipe data of clock app
- Reset everything under Settings -> Date & Time otherwise editing alarms might cause FCs
+Sam Lam +Gustavo Gonnet however i don't know what kinda phone u have but I have an SG3 but i think that for android the installation is the same idea...i would do some research for your phone...
Been running CM10 nightlies on Toro (VZW Gnex) for over a month, updating nightly without issue.  Then the 10.1 came through without my knowing it.  Did the usual daily dirty install (only wiped Davlik & Cache) but forgot that it was 4.2 and needed new gapps.  Two reboots later and a face-slap, I installed the new gapps but found every google app would crash (currents, mail, plus, maps, play, etc) constantly and wouldn't run.  Eventually bit the bullet and did a factory reset and then reflashed the 12-17 nightly with new gapps at the same time.  Much joy after reloading 50 apps, but lost my phone's data connectivity and had spotty voice calling even after updating Data configs.  By this time 12-18 Experimental was out and after updating data config (again) and calling *228, got voice and data back consistently and strong.  Just installed 12-19 nightly and all is going very well.

I really like the the buttery goodness of 4.2, and the CM team did a fantastic job with the port.  I still see some of my favorite CM tweaks in the build, and this is far sooner that VZW will ever give me 4.2.  Thank you all for your hard work.  I'll hit the tip jar tonight :)

NM the my calendar question.  I found that if you go into Apps and disable the gapps calendar, you can install Google Calendar from the Play store and it becomes the default (and only) calendar on my phone).
Ok I have a question probably a dumb one but is normal on a early nightly such as the new nightly for 10.1 no gps this is the first time since I've had the siii sprint that I've turned it on I'm getting nothing................. . On cm10 I had photo sphere working but every time I add a nightly I'd would automatically delete it but it worked great 
Can someone please help me. I have a verzion gsIII. I flashed CM10.1 and now I have no signal. I have tried diffrent roms wipeing my data and flashing again but nothing seems to be working.
I have upgraded to 10.1 and now my key pattern has changed and I can't log into my phone??
Is missed the feature to see calendar events on lock screen?
Do you know that email client (not gmail) have a bug when i set smtp port on 25, it restore every time to 587. Can you resolve this?
In the drag down settings at top, is there a way to add the GPS toggle to the power toggles area - the one where wifi, bluetooth, brightness are? After upgrade now GPS toggle is missing...   thanks
Settings/system/quick panel / tile /then add is what I did to add tiles /toggles on here 
YOU SIR are AWESOME - thank you...   trying to keep up... LOL
Sam S
Glad I found this post! Clearing data on clock app stopped it from crashing on alarm function (Nexus S). Let's see if I wake up on time tomorrow :-)
Someone want to shed some light on the 0 filesystem emulated and legacy layout? Seems redundant, is there a way to clean this up, or is this something to be expected?
Ha.. Piece of advice from my side for those who are using Samsung S3 I9300, sorry if anyone had said this before am too lazy to read all 423 comments before mine :).. Here goes If u have pattern lock on please turn it off before doing upgrade to 4.2.1 ,cause in this your pattern goes to 3x3 and there is no way to unlock your screen :) and do back any user data,because its always do a fresh install for major merges 
Its working great on my Galaxy Nexus
The screen keeps flashing (flickering) and its really distracting. What should I do? Anyone else with this problem? Thanks
+William Geronco settings /developers /disable hw overlay flicker will go away but may be a memory leak I have to do it multiple times a day 
I flashed 4.2 camera photo sphere works great downfall two cameras and two galleries works good though 
Thanks for the help +Bo Norris but for some reason, when I go into settings, I don't have the developers options, it goes, system> 1) Date and time 2) Accessibility 3) About phone and that's it. I'm on a Sprint Galaxy S3  :(
Actually just found was hidden under about this phone. Thanks for the help anyways +Bo Norris and this built is pretty good for a nightly built!
+Björn Lundén Wish this was noted somewhere before I flashed. I had to unlock it via password 'cuz when lockscreen switched back to 3x3 I wouldn't have known what it reset to; hell, what the hell could it have reset to?

for people who don't have wifi on all the time / have no service, this could be problem-o-matic, since only way out is to disable it out with using your Google password... For me, I almost had a problem
+Jesper Nexø Jørgensen I upgraded to the 2012-12-23 nightly from a 9.x release. Did a backup first (duh), but that wasn't needed. Almost everything worked. I had some issues getting official GMail and Calendar app to connect to my Google accounts, but once I re-installed the Google Apps zip, that worked too. The error/cause was a bit confusing, since I got an "Unable to connect"-message instead of a "You need to upgrade"-message. I also had to re-configure my default notification-tones (custom ringtones) and re-add some shortcuts to upgraded / replaced apps. But other than that, no issues with the build. Quite happy with that 4.2.1 / butter-project build to be honest.
Photosphere is not included in CM10.1 for i9300???
I've been trying to get out of this boot loop for too many days now on my S3. "Starting apps..." Am on dual boot with Siyah kernel and rooted stock on the first sys.
Okay, skip that "generally happy with 10.1". I'm beginning to notice some other flaws:
- e-mail sync in background doesn't work
- notification sound for SMS won't playback (both custom and standard sounds)
Can Xperia ARC update to CM 10.1? mine is running on CM 10...
Do I need to wipe my phone (wipe, factory reset, whatever) if coming from CM10? If I don't only the clock won't work?
Anyone have any flickering on SGSIII Tmo version 
Thanks Dusty i upgraded to cm-10.1-20121229-NIGHTLY not flickering in this ver
i had no problem at all with any version until i wanted to update to 29
first it took like 20 minutes to download and after that android wouldnt start up, so i went into recovery and installed the last working version (26) it worked but the google account is completely gone, now i tried to roll back to cm10 and its stuck again at the cm loading screen... i think im gonna have to make a full restore :( 
and the saddest part is that this is my daily driver (Nexus S) :(
Since upgrading from cm9 to 10.1, my camera force closes. Can only reach camera from lock screen or swiping right from most recent image in gallery. Galaxy s2. Any suggestion will b appreciated
+Master Ogbadman try manually downloading the camera and flashing it from recovery. just uninstall the old camera before you do so
Nfc doesnt even show up in settings on 10.1 . dec31 nightly
I just installed CM10.1 and it seems ugly with the S3 big screen , and the lockscreen is heediuus and laggy

I just flashed back to stock, plus NFC doesn't work

create this file: /data/local/


setprop fw.max_users 4;

If you have create before append this line:

setprop fw.max_users 4; #you can change 4 to 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, etc  
that enable multiple users in your SGS2 and all CM10.1 devices.

then you can add users (settings>device>users)

enable user switch (settings>system>shutdown menu)
when im updating to cm10.1 from cm 10 do i need to install gaaps again?
Anyone having the endless Setup Wizard boot, you need to do a fresh install.  The paths do not match up.
+yuri guzenko . it works now. Downloaded manually but kept on crashing each time. Had to do a full wipe eventually.
Guru Se
+Patrick Boos
Oh Man.. That made me smile...But how in the world did you find this one.. I AM EXCITED.
Guru Se
+Patrick Boos
Now I am going on clicking everywhere in the screen... CPU,Memory... Thanks a lot man..
Updated to latest JellyBean CM10 Rom 20121229, installed easily. The keyboard input to textboxes is very laggy. This manifests itself when entering the second letter after a space or a punctuation mark. I cannot see any reason for this, but hey, I'm not a programmer. Is there a workround for this, am I the only one to notice this?
I had a similar problem...make sure force 2d GPU graphics is checked under developer settings.
+Frédéric NOËL I have the same problem. I have cleared data and cache of clock app multiple times. The editing of alarms causes crashes. Anyone know of a fix?
+Jim Boulter tried this but i cant get it to work.. granted i didnt read up on the procedure and did a full wipe (as i have become accustomed to with cm roms when moving up on the version scale) i guess i should try to restore from nandroid and flash from there??
hi, i switched to the cm10.1 on samsung galaxy s I9000 but there is some apps and games unfortunately stopped like youtube,facebook and hawx, anyone can help me plz plz
So I just performed the upgrade from 10.0 ro 10.1 and I can't find my files.  I followed the /sdcard/0/[backup folder] advise but I do not see any contents of my "sdcard" data under the storage, emulated, legacy, sdcard0, etc. folders.  Titanium backup shows the the space is being used so where is the data?
Hai,how are u,thank u four your pictures
+Chris Lombardo I had the same issue. I found them under /data/media. The zero folder will get you to the new files. I used es file explorer to copy the files over cuz u cannot access them on the PC +CyanogenMod do you know of a fix for the clock i tried clearing data and a fresh Install but clock crashes when i edit alarms. I tried the clear data and cache. I can add basics alarms just fine using voice commands. 
Thanks, I found the files in a different location. It would be nice this was layed out in the installation tutorial like the clock issue 
on my htc incredible running tinys cm10.1 rom it keeps saying google play store has stopped when i am not even using it, also it comes on every 10 secs or so and you have to click ok every time ug is there a way to stop it ?
Even after I flashed gapps I was getting errors from just about every google applications (google music, google books, youtube, etc) about every 5 minuted... I had to re-install them all via google play and they worked fine.  but doing the flash of the gapps to 20121212 is not the only thinkj you need to do... 
Guys , Any noticed bugs with I9300 on CM10.1 how is it feel when you used it ?, give some feedbacks , I want to flash this rom over 4.1.2 stock ROM 
and from your point of view , which is better CM10.1 or Stock ?

And which one do you use ?
Everything works fine on my end after reinstalling a few apps that would crash. Only issue now is Apollo crashes and you cannot uninstall it.
OK, Thank you very much Ramcy , and I'm downloading right now the apropriate files 

Thanks again for your response
Ramcy is it true that your counter increases after every reboot ??
Flash it and it's working great so far , just noticed when you light up the torch the phone get heat up a lot , and unfortunatly the luck of Radio FM ;(( 
And another thing i noticed gameloft games doesn't work on cm10.1 force closes after gameloft logo
+Jerome Manansala I echo Jerome Manansala's quest for the Performance and Developer settings as I can't find the CPU Governors  setting anymore...
updated to 10.1-experimental (Milestone) from cm10 for the d2tmo (t-mobile SGS3) using the CMupdater. it was working fine except for the Gapps; once I flashed the 4.2 Gapps, though, I kept getting tons of force-closes. anyone know why?
I wish I could tell you .. I reverted to stock 4.0.4 and will try the CM10.1 update again later.
Hi to all....
I am new in that circle and sorry for my english...
i installed JB 4.2.2 yesterday on my HTC Desire. all things are working perfect except 2 things. first is Camera flickering when i open it first time then i close it and again open it so its working fine. it happening every time when i open camera after few hours. 2nd S2E from Play Store isn't compatible with it. I tried from another websites but still not succeed. Appreciated if some one Help :)
OK, so I went back to CM10.1-experimental on my d2tmo (T-Mobile SGS3) the proper way, and everything seems to be working fine, except for the following minor issues:

1) The lock-screen "slide-to-target" shortcuts are missing, even though I enabled them in settings (I use a PIN lock).
2) In vibrate-only mode, the phone should only vibrate for  phone calls and text messages. However, it's also vibrating on receipt of new email in Gmail even though I disabled the vibrate function (notify in status bar only) in my Gmail settings.

Any ideas as to how I can fix these issues? Thanks!
Any way we can get the old alarm clock back?
It had SO many more options when configuring the alarms.
The best of which (as noted by Daniele on 12-17) is the profile switcher!
The ability to set profiles to an alarm (and chose no audible alarm) allowed you to schedule your profiles. (A feature currently missing from CM 10.1)
Any one facing problem of Mobile Data Not Working on Nexus S -Crespo after moving to 4.2.2.I have installed 20130304 nightly. Any suggestions....
Having an issue w/ my Sprint SG3.  I'm stuck on the spinning logo.

When I go into CM recovery, it installs the ROM fine from the external sd card, but it goes back to the spinning logo.  Even after I did a factory wipe/reset, it's the same thing.  

It's telling me it can't read /data or /sdcard, even to format them. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!!
My Google accounts don't work anymore. Google+, drive, contact syncing all gone :( 
Went back to 10.0. Couldn't get gapps to work. Then set up wizard couldn't work and kept resetting. My phone is lg Optimus nitro. Good job to everyone working hard hope you find a fix. 
The Contacts also don't work properly (no facebook sync) and the gallery app still doesn't have access to picasa and others.
Same problem with gaps. Update borked it pretty bad and a cache wipe didn't help. I did another wipe, installed the new gaps and that had the effect of killing my network completely. 

I have no done a complete system wipe, installed CM10 > upgrade to CM10.1
+Aaron Barlow It's a much smoother update process if you don't allow CM to update itself. After downloading go into recovery and install the rom and gapps that way. No FC crap to deal with.
Just installed on my GSII hercules, it's a little laggy and did restart on me a few times already. Looking forward to the stable release!
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