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Amazing! It's the little things. 

The day I can finally get CM10.1 for my Galaxy Nexus: Installed!
I'd like to see a "Delete" option with emails.

But this is awesome.
Is it stable already? The CM10.1 for maguro?
Any possibility this could also be integrated into Google Voice messages?
I'm running CM 10 and I really feel the need for "mark as read" button, it would be very nice to have a option to "swipe and mark as read", it could also perform other action depending on the direction of the swipe.
AWESOME!!! Ecstatic over this way !!!!!! 
Luca Duci
Does this work with all the different web messaging and chat applications?

I can't even remember the last time I used "messaging". 
I hope Google adds this feature to gmail.
I like the swipe to mark as read better too. Simpler. Plus another button makes it look over crowded. 
Delete just this message - "delete" is needed :)
Galaxy S3 AT&T is the only top notch phone that doesn't even have a unofficial build of 4.2 . Can't wait for some CM 10.1 love .
When i ordered my Nexus 4 i thought that there was no need to install CM10.1 since you get vanilla Android out of the box but then i saw this pic and realized that i won't get this feature and a lot more! I'm so installing CM10.1 lol :D
I like Fábio Garcia's Idea. That same swipe feature in gmail is very nice. regardless great job guys and keep up the good work
Will ever the International S3 have a CM10.1 official rom?
Yes! I knew this would come eventually!
Man, this awesome, I've been wanting this ever since, well, forever!
Improve to gtalk and whatsapp message also! :-) 
there should be a standard for these sort of functions. Messaging applications, however they are transmitting, typically need to interact with the user in the same ways.
Peter G
How about a toggle option in the pull down menu for USB tethering? 
an X button to the right to delete the msg will be useful too :)
contact groups are not supported by the sms app :(
Ахеренная фича!!!
Будет на целых двух устройствах!
Лучше бы 10.1 сделали для всех.
Can you guys just hook up with Samsung or HTC and provide the out-of-the-box software? I can't ever imagine going back to TouchWiz.. You guys are the fucking bomb. And this is badass by the way..... 
You can enable that with out the cell-carrier's assistance?
I wish the messaging app would know when another app has marked a message as read, and act accordingly.  After all, more than one app is managing our messages these days, what with Virtual Assistants like SpeakToIt, EVA, and what not.
yeahhhh take the party to the note 10.1 n8013 ASAP
Seems like a good idea - looking forward to use it - keep up the great work! :)
Very useful as it was a minor annoyance to still have the message icon showing once it had been read with quick view. Nice work
just waiting for cm10.1 for the tmo gs3..
As seen in codename android. Love cna for the gnex, glad to see these convenient features spreading around. Hopefully they will be implemented into a stock Android update in the future
I say this will be added to AOSP a release or two after this is committed! Cyanogen FTW!
I just wish the MoPho 4G had a stable CM10 or atleast have the camcorder bug fixed, and possibly netflix. LOVE CM10 though!Great work!!!! :-D
Wish you could edit gapps to add this into gmail...
Beautiful.  What notifications should be, and Android /should/ be doing for all suitable intents.  Cracking good stuff.  It's why the notification should be an app/widget in itself so we can replace touchwiz with THIS sort of functionality.
In the future, notification bar will be turned in a second screen. 
Yes. Yes, God yes! I absolutely despise being able to read it, and reply to it from the notification bar, but then still having to deal with it popping up and saying that it's 'Unread' all day.
I understand that not all devices can be supported forever. There's just too many. But, that's ok because I don't care about all the devices. I just want continued development for mine :)
Cool feature, though the swipe to mark as read would be pretty sweet too. Look forward to the devs at xda to put this in a AOKP build or CM10. 4.2 and 4.2.1 just drain my battery too much. Maguro device.
Can not wait I put the unofficial on yesterday and it was almost worth the bugs to keep it on but I got six kids and gotta have camera. I you guys make great roms and before others. I keep up the good work 
I have been waiting for something like this for such a long time!!
I'm sad that I bought a mx2. Terrible phone.
Luvin my n7 tho. Excited about cm's evil plans for it... Here's to CyanogenMod! 
Any possibility that this will work on Google voice texts? 
Nice...wish it could be done on Gmail too. 
Please add black and white lists for sms and calls.
yes.. yess..... yesssss, do it, and they will come :)
Maybe use the word "dismiss" instead of read, which some people might interpret as open to read. 
In swipe messaging would be nice like in the talk app
+Sindri Avaruus That would defy the use of swipe... It's meant to clear notification, not do anything. All the notifications should follow this to avoid inconsistency. And what if u just want to get read of the notification and still leave the message as unread? 
How about "Delete" for commercial sender number (number-prefix configurable), while "Call" still for regular number?
A reason to change to cm 10.1.
Aahhhhhhh I wanted this! 
Somehow my sprint siii got the APN bad or a bug in cm10 and I had to use go SMS the pop up worked great. 
Over here on the #GNexus, it's not working. What happens when I tap on the "Read" button, it'll bring me right to the conversation in Messaging.
useless, why not for eMails? can it be done?
how about the rest of the D2's, Its been more than a week since the D2tmo and D2Spr came out. The last 2 D2s are basically the same. 
+Gerard Umbert How dare they develop something you won't use.

+Hartej Singh Then port it yourself if its so easy.

Seriously guys, the devs don't owe you anything.

Regarding the Swype options I would say:

swipe right => dismiss
swipe left => mark as read
Why doesn't Google Voice already do this? Great job Cyanogenmod team!
This just popped up on my Toroplus with CM10 nightly, except it's showing up as "Reply", "Read", and "Read". I'm sure that'll be ironed out within a few updates but I'm really liking it! Being able to mark read from notifications was the only thing I felt was "missing" before because I'd open the message app later to 50+ unread texts that I had already seen.
This would be awesome for single emails also.
I got that in my nightly update for the T999 but I get Reply-Read-Read lol
O this is awesome. I've been thinking lately how nice it would be to have one of those!
Unfortunately read present tense, and read, past tense, are spelled the same way. Confusing? Mark as 'read' or click to 'read' a message...know what I mean? Is there a better word?
Use 'view' instead of 'read' to bring up the message.
^That means "mark as read" not "to read" you'd tap the notification to read it
Very nice. For those wondering, its in 10.0 as well.... at least it is on my crespo4g.
On my maguro, I see two "Read" buttons, instead of one "Read" button and one "Call" button. On 10-20121210-NIGHTLY-maguro.

Still loving it nonetheless. Keep up the good work!
Look forward to CM10.1 for GN.
looking forward to it. I also wish that you'd implement the animation that nexus phones do when you hit the power button. that's super slick
cool but could be better if remove text and add a new icon to "DELETE" the email\sms. I'm italian and the text is ellipsed because too long.
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