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The kinda new/revised boot animation for CM9 by Cameron Behzadpour.
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Andy > Cid
Sorry, I just call 'em as I see 'em.
I still miss the skating Bugdroid, but I do like the way the animation is going.
Sponsored by Stark Industries.

No, seriously, please let CM for Google Glasses be Jarvis.
Hey CM9 people,
This is probably not the place to ask but do you have any estimation when CM9 for sgs(i-9000) will get a stable version?
I'm familiar with your policy of "it will come when it comes" but was hoping to know some more.
If there's a good place to get updated about this I'd love to know.
Thanks for all the good hard work.
Cid looks a little evil...but a cool animation :)
anyone know whats the name of the track playing in the background ??
If I had to design a mascot for Android malware, he'd look pretty much like Cid.
Shifty, untrustyworthy facial expression, insect/bug-like appearance, slightly creepy and very evil looking.
Skateboarding cyan Andy radiates an impression of fun and solidity, please bring him back.
I was hoping to see Andy transform into Cid inside the whirlpool at the start. I do like the facial expression change a lot.
Just leave the head of Cid as a logo!
Didn't like it. Would prefer the droid to stay as close to the likable android mascot as possible...
All my +1. I'm a huge fan of Cid. I loved the little green guy, but to be honest, CM is more like a fork of Android now than it is a distro, I'm perfectly happy with it having its own logo and mascot. More power to you Team +CyanogenMod!
Nice, but I hope I will not see it to often on my phone ;-)
(SGS CM9 nightly, running fine)
very very Nice. I kno it's not in the boot animation, but I was diggin the music in the video hehe. very nintendo mega man-ish
lol, i thought CiD was gonna jump out of the screen and start shooting at me :P
When does this boot animation go live ? Its not in the 03 ???
I don't like Cid. I think he (it?) looks evil and untrustworthy.
yeah. Cid stares like evil
Looking great! I can hardly wait to get this rocking on my Optimus 2X
Nice blue but not too blue like a TARDIS TV DVD stand
Then how about the bad guy for even days and a smiling Cid for odd days of the month. I'll try to reboot on odd days only :-)
Looks great, I'm pretty sure a lot of CM9 users were wondering if this was coming...
New animation is cool but Andy was much nicer than Cid.
Few people like Cid yet it is now official. A power ranger inspired mascot is no way to represent the revolution that is CyanogenMod.
Wow, 50% of my battery used just for this animation, really great :D
Seriously, why doing bad face ? Can't people spread happiness instead of this evil face ?
Ed Dich
Where's the dislike button ?
How about making him more badass, I mean if you are going to change the face, then put a gun in his hands or something make him more badass :D
Ed Dich
+Jean-Charles Castellani for the animation. I actually agree with your comment. I dislike the mascot - there were dozens of better shots.
I really love Cid, but why use this face ? Cid has friendlier faces. I think that booting on CM9 would be nice if we see someone smiling at us :-)
Very 'iron man' ;-) Like it.
I never liked any of the previous boot animations, but this one isn't bad at all.
As many people say, I also believe Cid looks an angry and evil kid, makes me wanna kick his ass off my phone... Not sure it's good for CM
I participated in the competition for the creation of the new cm logo, and this one was one of the best (excluding mine obv :D ). It's strange, however, that they said that we must use their mascot, andy, and then they chose the logo with a new one. 
... a blue cat with a zero on its chest... Seriously?
Oh where can I get that song from? All it needs now is a filthy drop
I love Cid :D
I never really liked the blue energy thing in the bootlogo but it does look better with Cid there.
I see a lot of "Cid-free" Kang editions coming in the future...
And I'll be one of the ones using it I'm afraid. I really wanted to stick with official builds but I just can't stand this Cid. Please, oh please, just make anything with Cid optional, give us the ability to choose the original CM9 boot anim with "Skateboard Andy" as most of us know him.
Is there a way to disable the boot animation and get console messages instead?
cop con
Like it, if CID can do some action is more amazing
makes me want to ditch my official ICS for CM9...
Knew it... Started seeing CID around the rom so i was wondering when CID would make it to boot! Love it... IMPLEMENT NOW! LOL +1
Actually read through all the comments.... Can't believe soo many people dislike it...
Still holding on to hope that Cid is the best long troll I've ever seen.
Now, if I could only get an official version for my phone... Evo_Shift. (Devs don't forget about us!)
Making everything look like it has some sort of attitude was the downfall of Sega, keep that in mind!
Question for those who don't like Cid: where were you guys three months ago when they were taking submissions to replace Andy? To me, this all kinda seems rather ungrateful. Like getting a free Ferrari and crying about the color of the seats. You can switch to any animation you like, so stop whining.
Evan --
Looks all Dr. Who-y (no, I'm not complaining).  :)
+J. Riesen so long as people are not being unpleasant about it, it's just opinion.  These threads are not just for praise.  I don't like the mascot one bit - but since what you say is right and I can ignore or change it (if I even use it!) I do not mind.  Just joining in..
Seems to be some errors in Cid: the colour is still the same as skateboard Andy (Cid is slightly more blue), and the logo also doesn't have outlines. It's like someone tried to make Cid but based him off Andy. But I like the animation.
To the guys complaining: it's kind of lame to bash on something you could vote on a few months back. If you can flash a custom rom you can just as easily change the boot animation yourself.
I like it!!! Is there any download link for this?!?
No way! CyanogenMod is cute little robot on skateboard. Not this monster!
Really not feeling the new boot animation or CID for that matter. Not a big deal since you can easily swap it out but I havent run CM 9 on my GS2(ATT Variant) since AOKP.
I prefer the old Android on a skateboard a lot over CID, by as much as Superman can leap over a tall building in a single bound. But I can understand why +CyanogenMod would aim for something more unique. There project, so I wish'em luck and less flames.

And wonder if many ROM developers might offer the old one as a flashable lol.
While I like Andy on the skateboard, CID is growing on me.  There are things I like about both.  Andy is cute. CID looks more serious and determined.
+Eyal Herlin Have you tried a nightly?  Cyanogenmod has always focused on stability and performance first.  You're not going to end up with LULZOMG bugs on a nightly.  Ignore the name, and flash away. #AOKP
I do not like Cid. The old one was much better.
+James Snook Totally agreed, but if it's that big of a deal for some folks, they can always change it. I just don't see why they choose now to complain rather than three months ago when they had a choice, or could make their own. I didn't like Cid a whole lot when I first saw him, but he is growing on me. CM need to brand themselves, and the move to Cid is a part of that differentiation from base Android.
I think it's great.  I just wish my Captivate would actually get past this screen after installing a nightly....back to 7 for me.
Jared G
Why is Cid so angry?
he's not angry, he's just got ATTITUDE!! (what is this, the 90s?)
+Jarred Bruner I'll give that a try.  The move to 7 was so smooth that I didn't back up just getting back to 7 was a chore.  I've learned my lesson.
Pretty cool. I like the skateboard dude better.
Add that music to the animation & I'll switch!
i love cm but i dislike cid. i don't get the idea of this human like (alien like) mascot looking neutral and in the next moment angry. however the animation it self is nice.
Isn't the spirit of Android/Cyanogenmod/linux, to be the power of choice? You can change and customize so much on these roms. Now, they are the developers, so don't they have the right to choose their boot animation? I believe they do. I'll be sporting the new animation when it comes out. 
Cid is retarded. I prefer my current one, the skateboard
Still not a fan of Cid, but that is a pretty sweet boot animation!
God, this is almost depressing..
I don't like CID at all but maybe the problem isn't CID. Too me CID looks to skinny a little chubbiness add cuteness and also change the background, right now it looks like the same old logo but with CID.

I'm hoping for something more modern.
don't like the mascotte nor the anim, sorry
Is there a way to disable animation in settings?
Hmmm losing the skateboard. Should it be changed from iron man to silver surfer? ;-)
If you are going to keep the old blue animation, don't sully it with Cid.

Make Cids animation match better and original.. something pink with rainbows.. that would fit well.
+Michael Franz set prop persist.sys.nobootanimation 1 is supposed to do that.

Apparently does not show boot mesages, which is what I really want.
Hmm, don't like the new CM-logo. The Droid was way better. But hey, first world problems. Woop!
The parts of this that are good: the blue swirly spinny stuff. The parts of this that are bad: Cid.
Looks so good I'm willing to give Cid a chance :)
when will this bootanimation be there, I just love CID :D
Even if this animation is very cool Cid stills scares the shit out of me :)
Not to knock the fine work but, I like Andy.
I was just thinking about this on my last boot- it would be pretty cool to start with Andy, have his chest glow, then flash he's Cid. Just a thought...
I've made my own boot animation, but I like the change in CID after the "flash"  I think I'll use this one for a while once it's merged.
I hope you keep cid because it pisses people off :) The more people talk about it means that they care.  So long as people care you are doing something right.  

 I personally care more about the stability and customization of the rom more than what logo i see when it boots up.
I think it looks fine. Is it really that big deal anyways? I care more about rom features and stability.
It took me a little bit, but I actually kinda like Cid. I especially like how his expression changes in the boot animation as well as the glowing "core" in his chest. Eagerly awaiting a T989 port of CM9! A better possibility after the ICS release on June 11th. Keep up the great work, guys!
It's great. It's a really better mascot, an unique one
I'm just looking for some assistance on rooting my phone.  I currently have a verizon GNex (stock 4.0.4) and looking to go to CM9, but not sure of the best way to back up my stock info and get CM9.  My laptop is a mac.  Thanks for any guidance/assistance provided.
Sorry but Cid is anti mascot. Skate android was the best! But still better than pink unicorn :-P
Please provide official support for Htc Evo Design 4G/ Hero S
Looks more like it belongs on something with Apple on it. iSid
as a designer I have to say that is a terrible mascot. Please hire a designer to make your mascot next time.
Like the animation, don't like Cid.  Still... nice work!
Y don't like cid, so i thought about it : Why don't you just make his legs and arms shorters?... :-)
I personally prefer Andy. Cid looks evil and somewhat bad designed.
^ Agreed. Cid looks like a character from a cheap children's book.
Cid looks like hes going to kill my family
why your cid does not look pleasant ?? make him look happy not angry .. strange choice of expression
Agreed, I don't think "Angry Cid" is the best choice. Fantastic work though! Seriously Professional! :)
+Phil Cooper head over to xda. Start with just a root then use titanium backup. I prefer the pro version since you can batch backup but the free version will work also. All the app+data is saved on your sd card. Then flash all you want. ;-)
I love the new Cid logo. Andy was fine but a touch too 'play school' for me. Cid looks great and has attitude and its something different to what everyone else is using. 
Why the change of logo at all?
Everyone loves the skateboarding Andy.
when is cm9 coming for urushi??? dying to get my hands on it!
From which version will it be available? 
can we have the boot background without Cid? i find that way more tasteful
He looks proper evil, should deter some noobs from using CM9 nightly. Which is good for all of us - xda contributors lol
installed the latest cm9 nightly for the first time on my galaxy s i9000 today, and after a few bootloops, i'm in, and i love it! it has the old boot animation though.. and! the sim card is not working! no signal on my phone, even though Wifi is working. Hope it's fixed soon. Don't want to go back to stock.
CID, you look an awesome kick-ass mean SOAB. Do you also show on CM 7 or just 9?
Carnt wait for it to been nightly

I've said it once and I'll say it again, Cid is ugly. Sorry, he looks like a mutated Men's Room logo. But nope, it doesn't matter that probably the majority of the community doesn't like it. The team insists on keeping him around for some reason.
Sorry Cid just comes across as a bad joke. It's the kind of thing I would have drawn when I was 8 and crap at drawing. I truly hope you reconsider the choice of this new mascot before it's too late.
i hate Cid, looks ugly compared to old blue Andy.
I think this one is awesome! Very in keeping with the spirit of customisation! Was very impressed when i saw my Ascend G300 boot up for the first time running CM9 (ICS4G300).
Love the way he transforms from an innocent one to a badass one :D
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