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Application feature - cLock now in market

+David van Tonder has put a lot of work into this, and we are always happy to promote one of our own. 
Its back ...

Say hello to Chronus, the elegant Home and Lock screen clock, weather and calendar widget.

By popular demand I am releasing the widget as a stand-alone, Play store installable app.

Functionally the same as the Cyanogenmod cLock widget and brought to you by the same developer, this independently released, standalone widget takes back its original name, Chronus and brings the same elegant look and feel to the broader Android community.

The standard version is functionally equivalent to the CyanogenMod cLock widget in CM10.2 with added support for older versions of Android. A 'pro' version of the widget will be released in Q4 2013 with additional features and customizations.

Features (all versions):
  - Support for Android 4.1 and later
  - Supports adding as a widget to either the Home screen (Android 4.1+) or Lock screen (Android 4.2+) or both
  - Select between Analog or Digital clock panel and customize the look and feel
  - Choose whether to show Alarms
  - Change font bold/normal in Digital Clock, Date and Alarm
  - AM/PM indicator for 12 hour clock
  - Weather panel with Yahoo! weather
  - Color or Monochrome weather icons
  - Minimized weather widget support (especially handy on lock screen)
  - Calendar panel showing a scrollable list of upcoming events
  - Tapping event opens calendar at selected event
  - Taping calendar icon opens Calendar at today's date
  - Change the font color of all text in all panels
  - Configure widget when adding or from the Chronus app in the app drawer
  - Highlight upcoming calendar events with custom colors and font bolding

Even though I wrote significant parts of the widget, lots of credit also goes to Danny Baumann for his work on the weather updating service and general code cleanup, the many CyanogenMod community translators for adding all the languages that are included, and other community contributors such as Nicolai Ehemann and Matt Booth for the fixes and additional features they have contributed.
Welcome to Chronus, an elegant Home and Lock screen clock, weather and cale...
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Is not just useful, but beautiful. A must have widget
does this mean this isn't making in the commerical CM either, like focal? and I thought there was a C&D on the Chronus name? more thing...i love the wallpaper in the screenshots of the app!!! you know where I can get it?
#Focal had different story behind it +Brian Clausen and why they "dismissed" it from #CM The app developer pulled it after Koush and Steve made some demands that he wasn't willing to meet from what i understand. Either way. I still love me some Cyanogen[mod].
Roman V
+Brian Clausen please don't confuse "proprietary" and "commercial". One can make money without taking away the rights in a free software license. They can make an app "commercial" - provide integration and advanced testing for devices in exchange for money from the OEM - but still release source code under a free software license and ensuring the device isn't locked down.
They weren't making 'demands' +Michael Neidlinger , the issue revolved solely around the gpl licensing. CM would need to re-license focal so they could package it with the rom for distribution with their partners(oppo so far), and the focal dev didn't want to do that because that basically gave them control of the code. So he released it as a standalone. I'm still unsure whether there's any bad blood over this...but it would seem that way.

Either way, nobody will really know what transpired outside of the cm team. Just different versions of what transpired.
How can I get it on my home screen not in my widgets
Is there anything remotely similar to this for ICS?
+Michael Neidlinger understood. Steve and Koush made the demands to bring their OS into compiance. And it wasnt amicable regarless of who said what. But my question is this being removed for the same reasons, compliance?
Roman V
+Steve Gavrilles +Michael Neidlinger If the problem were truly relicensing, then the problem would have been with relicensing as proprietary. If they wanted to keep it as libre software they could have kept the GPL, but I don't think the relicensing was the issue with Focal.
Thanks for clearing that up guys... i've read so many different stories....
why would someone using CM want this on playstore?

Should i uninstall the lockclock from cm system/app and just install Chronus from store to have the latest updates?
I'm waiting for the day that i'm going to read "Our installer is now in the Play Store"
Great widget, already installed! Google itself should make minimalist widgets  like this, great job :D
Kinda too late. DashClock is much better, nicer and more intuitive. But 10/10 for the effort.
+Brian Clausen the cLock widget is still in CyanogenMod and will continue to be maintained by myself and others for CM.

I am releasing Chronus independently as a normal app developer (I'm a community contributor to CM but not an employee of CM).  The free version Chronus is functionally equivalent to cLock and is based on the same source.  the pro version will add unique features that will not be included in the cLock.  

The C&D request on the use of the name was for CyanogenMod and they remain fully in compliance with the request.
+Yannick Charron at this time there is no reason to use both.

Some of the pro version features may appeal to you when they are released in which case you may choose to use it rather than cLock - either way, they will peacefully co-exist on the same device so no need to uninstall cLock, it will just get reinstalled when a new nightly is flashed in any case.
Its running very good in my N4...
+David van Tonder Great App...
Could you please tell me what wallpaper you used in the photos of Chronus?
Thank you
+David van Tonder why don't you just make the pro version "over installable" over cLock like google it does with system apps? Would such a mechanism give issues?
+David van Tonder thank you. I am guessing the pro version will be similar to DashClock without having to download all those damn extensions?
not correct work on my Xiaomi Mi2 with MIUI Rom.. show clock.. thats all.. not weather or calendar event.. uninstall.. 
Sorry.. i expand the widget but not show. Clock, date and alarm shows and thats all. This is beautifull widget but for me not working correctly
+Jan Čermák what launcher are you using? Try with Apex or Nova launchers, they are the best out there in any case. 
Love your work bru, I look forward to supporting your pro version. I've been using cLock on stock rooted android and love it. 
+David van Tonder congratulations for your application. I Use it in the CM and i will use the pro version when you launch it. I have a suggestion: put more font choices climate because yahoo is slow to update. And more customization options. Good job man.
Thank you for this! This is a must have for me on my lock screen!
I have a question. Is it based on the particular ROM that I using that determines whether or not I can change the weather icons? On some ROMs I'm able to change the weather icon to"fancy" for instance while other ROMs don't offer a choice. Thanks
+Carlton English not sure what you are referring to. Chronus don't have weather icons called fancy. It's only color or monochrome. 
+CyanogenMod thanks guys, this is THE things for guys who are stock & still want to have high end rooted experience.

+David van Tonder im a clock fanatic like many android users but have removed them all since the day i started using cLock on my cm sg3. For me its one of THE best Widgets out there. I will mos def support the pro version of Chronus. Keep up the great work bro. You have a lifer here. Lol.... 
+David van Tonder is there a way to have calendar events show on the lockscreen widget, but not on the home screen widget?
Would be great to be able to choose which app would be opened when I'm clicking on the clock or the weather. On my HTC One nothing happens? +David van Tonder 
Please how do I use this as lockscreen
I can open the app use the widget but I don't know how to use it as a lock screen
+Luis Pérez on your lock screen, swipe from left to right, you should have a big plus, push it, select your widget, configure it if needed, then back on your lock, rearrange your new widget (lockscreen) to the far right and delete the old one!
+Birol Cin nothing happens I'm using a galaxy s2 with android 4.1.2 the one given by Samsung, would that be the problem? 
oh, my "solution" was meant for devices with 4.2 oder later. sorry, but then i dont know how to do it. but i guess there should be a way to install it on 4.1.
If I could help testing pls let me know...
Thanks birol I think I will change to cyanogen
I can't weather to show up for the life of me, s3
john h
Cm please help on i527 root
Seconding the feature +Michael Meidl requested - I'd like to be able to click on the widget and have it open the clock app :-)
Great Work. I guess the paid version of the Chronus app will have a proprietary license. Will be any changes in CM's cLock's license as well?
john h
Hay cm need cm for note 3 please
Looks good, though sizing to get the weather to show up is still messed up. 
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