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CM Google Voice users are sure to appreciate this...
Just got Google Voice working through the stock SMS app in +CyanogenMod.

(and every other third party SMS app as well)

Basically, this means if you are running +CyanogenMod, you can text to/from your Google Voice account using a normal SMS app (GoSMS, Handcent, Chomp, etc).
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Cool, though I primarily use my GV account for voicemail. 
wish I could get Bluetooth tethering working on CM 10.1 for my skyrocket.
Alex S
But I have a question: Is there a way to make punctuation commands? I am German and If i say the word for a dot "." gvoice writes the word "dot"... this is really annoying- have you any solution in _CM for this problem?
dammit! one day too soon, I just decided to port my gv number to T-Mobile for their prepaid SIM card. I'm so disappointed in myself
I don't understand. You can already use the stock messaging app with Google voice. 
Let me just say what's on everybody's mind. YEEAWWWHHHHH!
Oh OK.. Well what we really want is hangouts to become the stock messaging app.
CM is still as some major bugs for the One S, but awesome stuff like this is what keeps my flashing those nightlies.
Is this in the latest July 5th nightly? are we supposed to use this? Sorry I have GV but a little confused
So if it with CM that means PA and PAC will have it working too. . .
Could anyone link to specifics on this?
Wow, this is a feature Google has sorely needed in android. Glad to see you guys got it done.
+Daves Williams lol, because it was a minor annoyance having to text with the Google voice app. also too often I would accidentally call ppl from my tmo number instead
+David Wilson how does this work bro, me and others are a little lost ..I use GV but am lost..can u explain 
LOL. You should name the new app 'Babel' and make it into what the new Hangouts should have been... A single app, secure and easy, that handles all of these types of simple communication
i'm curious now myself. i'll be watching this, i'm wondering how i can control which number shows for recipients. 
Sounds interesting! How do I try it out?
Sean M
Sweet. Good to know.
Robby S
How do you set this up
This is the kind of forward moving we need.
+Dru Walstrom it was actually pretty easy once we found out that tmo had my last name spelled wrong lol. paid the 3 bucks to Google and waited 2 days
Awesome, I'm kind of wondering now why Google didn't make text messages a service with pluggable backends to begin with. Such an awesome idea! I imagine Apple does something like this for iMessage? 
Nice. How can I try it? 
Awesome! I use Google Voice exclusively, so I can't wait for this to show up in the nightlies. You guys are awesome!
What do you have to do for setup? This is the only reason I stopped using gv
Will this be implemented in the latest nightlies? I'd love to use this feature!
Great work. Still limited without support for mms in GV
+Anthony Raffini And that's great and all, but GVoice -> SMS is actually better than Hangouts. Why? Because Hangouts forces people to have Google + accounts, which not everyone wants. I however, don't want to pay for texting anymore so pushing the GVoice activity into my SMS is actually better for me. I mean, it's nice to think that everybody woudl use Hangouts, but not everyone has a Gmail, or has a Google + account. It makes more sense to attack it from two fronts. 
Sweet! If they could hack google voice MMS into it i'd have no other options.. Yes I know that's not possible on the software level (as far as I know). But I can dream can't I. 
Also, is there an ETA of this being merged into nightlies or is it already?  Because I want this so bad.
Any time someone asks for an ETA, I imagine them saying it in a herpy voice.
+John Luikart It probably would be possible... if Google Voice MMS existed in the first place... that's the ultimate pipe dream.
Will this work even on cm 10 nightlies? (there isn't a 10.1 for the sensation)
What are the benefits of using the stock massaging app? I've been using Google Voice since I got my first android phone...
Sounds awesome! it's such a pain using GV on an iPhone so I guess with this being implemented in CM, I'll be using my Android more often.
Holy shit, weve been waiting forever for this. This will probably make me root all the things now.
Limited to cyangogen or other roms based on cyangogen? 
Now this is an innovation I been waiting for for years.
Holy fuqn shit, encrypt the world!
WAT. Does it work with TextSecure?
+James Ortiz don't see that or fully supported LTE (with working aGPS and camera continuous focus) coming to CM anytime soon unless the devs have something up their sleeve 
Phone -> Menu (button or three dots) -> Settings -> Internet calling (at the end). There's the SIPconfig.
+James Ortiz sip...yes but not exactly like what you are thinking. You are probably thinking like t mobile WiFi calling where it uses your Wi-Fi to call using your cell number. In that regard, no. However sip will give you a new phone number that is voip (think like Vonage)...and that will use your Wi-Fi off available or your cellular data plan to send and receive calls.
I love Google Voice! Especially if the person I am texting is using iMessage: that way they have to pay for the text but I don't.
+Todd Montague +James Ortiz I use Groove IP to do Wi-Fi calling from my phone using my GV number (which is my primary number). Interface and integration isn't perfect, but it works well and I can even make/get calls on my Nexus 7 :)
Will you be able to text over wifi through the normal sms app? 
Wow, you guys never cease to amaze! That is so awesome!
How? I can't seem to find a setting for this. 
+Jonathan Reyna they haven't released the feature yet. They simply mentioned that they got it working. Should be in one of the next nightlies. 
I've got another problem with CM 10.1 (latest nightly).
I can't synchronize the Google Calender app.
is this a problem u already know?
What's the short version of how this is different than selecting to receive GV in the stock messaging app?
Nice!! Will be able to text over WiFi. First step towards a iMessage equivalent. 
Thank you for your hard work...CM is really special. ..
I'm guessing it still requires a data connection unlike regular SMS?
+Jose Martinez - Thank you for the insight. It wasn't clear from the post. +Jon Lambert - The feature mentioned in that link has been around a long time. It talks about receiving GV messages from other apps. This post talks about sending and receiving GV messages from other apps. +CyanogenMod - Thank you for working on yet another awesome feature.
You can RECEIVE MMS via GV. I believe you need to have the "Forward text messages to my email" option turned on. The MMS will show up as an attachment in the email you receive. You can reply to the email to respond to the SMS/MMS - perhaps including an attachment in the reply will cause it to be delivered as MMS?
How do we get it to work? Not sure on how to do that. 
Will this be included in tonights nightly?
so i installed it.  it slowly brought my gvoice messages to the stock app.  Now sending messages from stock and I see replies in gvoice but not in the stock app.  have i set this up incorrectly?
i did not push the app but mounted /system/app rw from root explorer and pasted the apk there from the downloads folder of my phone
+daniel sutton enable the accessibility service and turn on gvoice notifications. That's why you're probably not seeing messages in the stock app.
+Koushik Dutta oddly enough after a reboot babel is gone.  I had enabled it after selecting my gvoice account.  The apk is still there in the /system/app folder and clicking it will try to install but it fails.  Previously babel was in my app drawer but now it is not.  weird
Been waiting for this for a helluva long time
The only run in I've had with #CyanogenMOD was a #customRom which someone had #flashed onto their #Epic4G and the phone was #bricked.  It kept rebooting- still don't have it fixed, though I got Cymod off... Now just needs a stock ROM...Anyone wanna do it- Sprint to PPlus or Cricket- I got $20 on it?!
I've waited so long for this to get implemented, thanks ^_^
Before i used to buy android phone looking at its spec but now I look weather CM is supporting it or not :) thnxx a lot . a request is it possible for the profiles to switch with set time rather then everytume we choose it? Like 23:30 automatically goes to silent mode and morning 8:00 to normal mode m
Free app called "Silent Time" does this. Plus many other options. Such as adding exceptions for emergency numbers to ring through, regardless of time.
I think they implemented this today, after the latest nightly my Messages icon is now Blue.
Google voice sure was nice while I was in Canada.

Calling doesn't work normally in Canada with google voice. but what I did was, I got a cheap unlimited mobilicity plan, got a U.S Skype number and unlimited us and canada plan. Set that U.S Skype number to forward to my new mobilicity canadian number. Than I used a Google voice callback app and I was able to call in Canada , to the U.S and Canada using a local number from the us. So texts and call while I was in Canada went through Google voice.

If I was using Google voice as my main number before I left, people I called and texts wouldn't even have noticed a difference. Way cheaper than roaming!
So how do you enable this.
Awesome. Any plans for a feature similar to GrooveIP and its ilk?
Yaaay! I've been using GV as my primary number since last spring & the stock GV app is very very slow. I always wished I could just use the default SMS app w/o the 'middleman'  numbers.
+Koushik Dutta I've been looking for a good GV solution for 4+ years. I still feel like I'm having some kind of nerd dream.
Omg just use talkatone u get pics straight to your gmail just turn the sync button on and u can text and call from that app and also listen to VM 
Omg just use talkatone u get pics straight to your gmail just turn the sync button on and u can text and call from that app and also listen to VM 
Omg just use talkatone u get pics straight to your gmail just turn the sync button on and u can text and call from that app and also listen to VM 
Can't wait till you add this to 4.4 cm11 
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