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Fixing Quick Settings - Part 1

Thanks in large part to the efforts of Jorge Martín Espinosa (aka Arasthel), the first half of the work required to fix up the QS panel was implemented into CM source over the weekend (after 20 patches and lots of revisions, many thanks to our extended community on gerrit!). 

With the patch linked, the Quick Settings now behave like proper toggles, and you can long press them to access their specific sub-settings page. 

Part 2 is up next, with +David van Tonder implementing the settings and configuration side changes for the QS. As his work is not yet merged, you will see discrepancies between how the CM notification widgets and Quick Settings behave (ie QS will not honor the notification widget configuration for sound toggle, etc). More on this, as with all things CM, when it's ready.
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I love that you guys aren't beating around the bush with how you worded this announcement. You're definitely fixing an error on Google's part :)
Can't wait! Keep up the great work guys!
Wow! Y'all should see what aokp people did with this. Waaaayy more progress than this. But still good job CyanogenMod!
Great! I'm testing it on my i9100g and it works great! but there is some bugs in there! Almos we're getting a Power Widget replacement!
+CyanogenMod What about  CM notification widgets and Quick Settings coexistence?
there are a limit for CM notification widgets toggles?

the grid of QS pannel is modificable?

I think the better way is set 6 toggles as limit for CM notification widgets (the max number in the line screen, without swype..)
and add a shortcut to QS with the swipe..
CM Team + All the other great Android dev's out there are all great! Probably one of my top reasons for loving my Android device!
Wish that my i9300 was a lil more stable
4.2 has dual notification panels. If your on a tablet, you swipe on the left and the notifications comes down. If you swipe on the right, quick settings comes down.
I don't know how it works on a phone tho.
+Yoshinatsu Ryou in the notifications panel, that screenshot is of the quicksettings panel
+Yoshinatsu Ryou - Notifications are in their own pull down on the left side of the screen.  the toggles are on a pull down on the right.
There needs to be a easier way to get to Quick Settings with one hand.  A button on the top right corner of the screen is perhaps one of the harder places to reach with your thumb, especially on large screen devices.  Also, if there aren't any non-persistent notifications, a one finger swipe down should take you to the Quick Setting directly.  Just a thought.
I would love to have QS on my phone. Such a very useful function 
Whats the problem with i9100 with CM10.1? ;/ Why g is working but 9100 isnt?
+Maciek Łoboda The problem is called Exynos 4 ;)
Super awesome! :) Thanks for the hard work guys! Nice implementation btw, hope Google integrates this back to Android main!
Hopefully the next Jellybean update will do the same as the above
Great news!  You guys never cease to amaze me.
Will we be able to add additional toggles for things that are not there by default in 4.2.1, like the LTE radio (and get rid of toggles we don't want)?
Android Police had access to an early build where the quick settings were accessible through a second swipe, not through a two - finger swipe. Don't you think it is better? Do you think it would be worth implementing? Maybe you should get in touch with your contacts inside Google to know why they ditched it. 
Will we be able to customize the toggles/re-arrange them? Like remove things like Airplane Mode, battery indicator or the signal meter, for example? I would hardly ever need those, so I'd want to make more room for the other stuff/de-clutter the quick settings...
There is something wrong with the "auto rotate" toggle...
Huh.  What is "Go to sleep" and how is it different from just hitting the power button?
Can't wait I check daily. For the official. I played with the unofficial it was awesome 
Great work @ CM!
Please tell me you also fixed this 2 notificationbar thing for tablets! Its horrible and I instantly downgraded (upgraded) to my cm 10 backup!
+Christopher Tate 
You don't have to press the button. Perhaps it is a quicker way to get into deep sleep. Or it's like the Swagger button in AOKP: you never know.
I first used this feature in MIUI ROMs, and loved it. I'm glad it's coming to CM!
Should be included to stock Android 4.2.. :P locks great!
Oh no I don't see my face anymore :-( I've become rather a custom to it 
Rob Ban
This is great. Would be nice if one could flash an ordinary ZIP with this over an AOSP 4.2 build/ROM.
Next and much needed step: always show (prioritize) QS unless there is a notification. 
I wish cyanogen from was available on the keyocera rise
This is one of those mods that should be merged into googles official branch. The stock quick settings are just an extra step.
I don't get this. Why is it better to have toggles as gigantic buttons?
Yes having QS come down first unless there is a notification is brilliant!!!!! Much better implementation.... And it would eliviate the need for the power widget in the notification panel 
david h
Cherry picking....
Awesome !!!!
On the old can't you use the same idea from MIUI of just swiping to the left in a blank area of the notification pulldown to switch to QS.
Hey, I have a suggestion. It takes longer (more clicks) to get into the Settings menu now. Maybe you could make long-clicking the tiles icon open the Settings Menu? Just a thought. I mean, it wouldn't change the look of anything, just add some more functionality.
Hi CM Team &+David van Tonder 
i see the time of the alarm time i set under the quicksettings. Clicking the time brings me to the "standard" clock app. Any chance to make that configurable, as one may use a different clock/wakeup app.
Just an idea.
This and a better-than-stock lock screen without widgets would be THE reason to switch to CM on my GN
You should add a way to customize the items in the QS panel like the power widget...that would be awesome!
+Christopher Tate I asked myself that too when I decided if I should update the icon for it a few days ago. Apparently it is useful for a few devices like Nooks that sometimes combine the power button with some other function. It will remain for now at least but most people will probably just disable it (or never add it on there rather).
Cyanogen 10.1 is awesome great software Cyanogen mod
awesome sync tile like Aelyn Summerlee said
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