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Transformer Prime (tf201)

The tf201 received its first CM 10.1 Experimental release yesterday and has just been green-lighted to join the standard nightly roster. 

Edit: JB bootloader required for 10.1
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The tf101 does not have official 10.1 just 10
No Tegra 2 device has a 10.1 release outside of nightlies. This is unlikely to change due to the lack of NEON support. 
Any special instructions? Do we need to be on a jellybean bootloader?
Hmm, just flashed it and its just sitting at the Eee Pad screen.  Time to investigate...
+Shane Francis is there a .zip I can flash for that?

*edit* Not sure if I can use CWM for the jb bootloader either...can anyone confirm? Maybe update the wiki?
Ya, I can't get into recovery at this point.  Looks like I got a little ahead of myself.  Help!
OK im into recovery.  Hadn't used this thing for a while so I am pretty damn rusty at this point.  So, how do I get the JB bootloader installed on this?  Sorry for the noobness.
best bet is to install the latest stock image, there will be help on forums tho :)
TFT700 users, I recommend the CROMI rom...keeps some of the sweet ASUS ui bits, like the left-sided buttons instead of putting them in the middle (which always seemed silly on tablets).
Can you fast release a stable version of 4.2.2 for galaxy s2 gt-i9100g as soon as possible before 23rd of June...please...I want to upgrade it...I am on 4.2.1 but on slimbean ROM...its good but I want 4.2.2 as soon as possible
I'm sure the Galaxy S2 is really high up on CM's priority list...everyone needs to stop begging for a particular item to be supported. They will get to it if they want, when they want.
Im trying to find a way of pushing to JB bootloader to the prime, but Im not having any luck.  Can someone point me in the right direction?
Ted, probably the easiest way is to flash a stock image of the latest JB.

Does anyone know if there is some sort of working/not working list? Wondering how well the dock works with it.
Sorry, not 100% sure what you mean by stock image of latest JB.  You talking about Asus' version of JB?  If so how do I get that?
I have a stock image from asus but I can't transfer the damn thing over to the tablet.  bleh...
I am with +Ted Bealmear. I don't know where to go for reliable information either. There are some XDA threads, but I'd rather not mess with that. It'd be cool if someone with the knowledge would update the wiki, since it is outdated.
Heck, at this point I could just flash back to the latest 10.0 build but I cant seem to get ADB to push anything to my prime.  Says device not found but like hell if I can find a driver for it...
Just in time! My brother just ordered his tf201 and it should be in the mail soon
Ted, your version of ADB is probably out of date
Great. Happy to see support for it.
Up and running on my tf201. Thanks, BB and other devs.
Works like a charm! Thank you for finally supporting the JB boot loader!
Then I've been sleeping +Corbin Davenport any feedback on it so far? Is it running better than the stock version? Because mine seems to get slower and slower :-|
Thanks to Namidairo from XDA Developers for providing an unofficial CM 10.1 build along all this time. (Of course thanks also to the developer/s of the new official ROM). Anyone sharing how this ROM compares to Namidairo's? Cyandelta, how I missed you.
+Rubén Gómez In comparison to my builds... The bluetooth should be broken, the internal gps working...  And the random stuff like ROW and cpuquiet that I borrowed from the TF700 kernel isn't present, AFAIK.

I believe the core experience is more or less the same though.
yey! Too bad I sold my TF201 after getting tired of no updates when a lower quality tablet got it!
mine's just coming out of rma 'cause the camera died so this is just in time, now i can void my warranty. Are you going to include a work around for de lame i/o bottleneck the prime has? (Data partition on external SD).
Is it less laggy than the official release? I'm getting really tired of the sub-par performance of this otherwise great tablet... 
So far working good except I cant get to my ext. storage. A lot snappier then my stock JB load.
Finally got this working once I got the jelly bean bootloader installed. It seems much snappier than the official 10.0 builds from before. Only things that don't work that I've found so far is auto rotate and most if the function keys on the keyboard dock don't work. Very happy overall compared to previous builds!
is the international keyboard layout working on the HW keyboard? 
+Ted Bealmear Does your External SD work? I am on 10.1-20130626 and have no entries for it in /data/media or /dev
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