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Me too! Are all the cm9 devices getting the custom lockscreen at the same time?
Finally!!! Can't wait... in today nightly???? :)
since I started working on ICS, I started wanting to upgrade my (old?) Galaxy S to CM9 ... Hope this'll be released soon :)
I hope you guys offer monochrome app icons for all the system icons. The full color application icons really break the look IMO
Would look even nicer if the icons were white as the original padlock and camera icon and become colored when selected
That's sweet! Does this happen to fix the issue with Exchange Email where a PIN is required on every device unlock (after a power button press)? I know some have suggested this is an Exchange ActiveSync policy. I'm the Exchange admin, and I can tell you it's not. The PIN behavior worked as expected on CM7.2 and it's different on CM9. Thanks for all your hard works CM team!
Been rocking this on my G-Nex with Gummy ROM for some time now. Love it!
I have an Exhibit is there an CyanogenMod for that the last time I check there wasn't and I can't check because I am at work
I just sold my T989 for the Galaxy Nexus. I have to say the Galaxy is so much faster than the T989.
Fingers crossed for this coming to the OG Evo
P OPTIMUS? Mmmhhh, Optimus One? Guys, please!
+Francis Larouche : I know, but I was hoping to be patient enough to wait for a release this time :)
I already play with alpha stuff all day long ... :)
Wow there are monochrome (white) icons for many apps too!! :P
Kinda reminds me of my +AOKP ROM phones / tablet. Been enjoying this lockscreen for months now.
Looks great, would love to see this on the Samsung i727!
Nice. Looking forward to that even though I usually use a pin on my lock screen.
It is nice to see CM very slowly and cautiously release features that are already there. I would not want my cutting edge custom roms on my rooted devices to be too risky. Is it really safe yet? ;)
'been using this feature on my #AOKP ICS roms for weeks, lol
This very nice.
Offtopic: why doesn't the FM radio work on the 20120422 build?
看起来不错。looks great.
Waiting patiently for CM9 on my Skyrocket...
Love both AOKP and CM!
I could see the two teams collaborating someday.
Be neat to see #AOKP as the featured based rom and CM as the solid safe bug free rom.
All good stuff. :)
Waiting for international note
Was one of my favorite features in CM7... and almost enough reason to go back from CM9. Almost. Great to see its almost here on CM9! Thx!
It's realy nice too see some progress for endusers expiriance. First came the advanced phone settings... and now this. Hope the CM-Team keep up it's way. Can't wait untill the CMod becomes final :)
+Ricardo Cerqueira can U uploade some more preview screenshots? Can't wait until we get the full CM9 expiriance ;) would see some other lockscreen options...
+Lawren H It's just like the current slide-to-unlock. If you have pin/pattern/password setup, you will need to enter that. Then, instead of going to the homescreen or whatever was left open, it will go to the appropriate application
Guess I will be putting CM9 back on my Nexus S!
+Lawren H My assumption is that +Maximilian Oguntke wasn't familiar with the feature and was suggesting a possible solution. I would not have used it if the lock function didn't exist.

What I'd love to see is the option to "sandbox" the app selected so a PIN were not required for certain choices... i.e. "Call wife" Probably hard to keep someone from "escaping" though...
Can I please ask if there are any plans afoot for Acer Liquid Mini to be added to the list to be able to be Cyganmoded???
+Mitchell Johnson And I propose Rule #2 be (if not already existing): "Don't ask for X device to be supported in unrelated threads!"
I tried out alpha 3 on my gs2, but it sucked my battery like an endless black hole.. Gonna wait till the next release from CyanogenMod before trying again.
Cm9 is the best can't wait till everything is fixed but it still runs really smooth
I was just telling some angel investors today about how great of an example CM is for the dev-enthusiast bond.
Had this for a loooong time, WidgetLocker, ftw. But I do love you, CyanogenMod.
As about everything in CM it comes to every official port.
CyanogenMod 9 working on New Lockscreen, Keep it up the great work. because it is your big effort. Thanks for nice sharing.
Good Work CM team, Just recently installed CM7 and Loving it. I'm really looking forward to this release. Especially for my Evo Shift, considering it doesn't look like it'll be getting ICS.. Ever..
Why does it take you so long to release an update for Xperia Arc???
Great ROM, but what about making notifications not volume WAY down while listening to music?!? It's ANNOYING.
hopefully to see it soon on my galaxy nexus cm9. ^_^
I have a question - How to set toggle soundmode like old lockscreen?
+Akhil P.A i think AOKP ICS roms have support for sgs plus ...not sure though
Seems there's still a bit of work left on this (and other lockscreen) features. For example, Lock Delay options don't work when set to PIN mode. Delay works when using Slide, but there is no "secure" Slide mode. +Ricardo Cerqueira, can you confirm Slide (with custom launch options) will eventually support pin/passcode?
hi, i still does not seen the settings for lockscreen. i updated today to the latest nightly... also done wipe data and caches...
can somebody help me?
It's really great it's working. The only thing I miss is the pattern option while using slide. After you choose a application, it can only just open the app.
Is this going to be backported to cm7? I would love this.... :)
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