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Lockscreen Weather

A nice touch to your lock screen is coming soon.
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It's about flippin time! I mean, I love you
I approve of this. Never thought it was worth a widget. But lockscreen...
that is super sleek...
You gals and guys ROCK! Nice work!
Wow. That almost makes me want to root my GNexus and go back to looks great!
Welp, don't need Widgetlocker anymore.
Patches are on gerrit and ready for testing. Build away :)
I definitely want that! I just hope a stable 9.0 gets built for the Galaxy Nexus LTE soon...
Already saw it thanks to +Rick C. Old news! :P

But, seriously, looks awesome, guys.
A silent mode swipe option might be nice too
Looking quite good; can't wait to try it on my old Incredible, especially if it's combined with inbox/calendar in a way that presents a single coherent display on the lockscreen. Tough to get that by combining various apps from various authors!
Nit picking. The group down the bottom is centred. Up the top the clock and time are right justified. The weather is at the top and centred. This looks off.
What about lock screen before security lock?
Cm9 even close to cm7 yet? Last time I tried it was basically stock rom? 
Are those custom lock icons available? Very nice!
Ugh.. Can't wait till ICS comes to the Thunderbolt
I'd like it if CM9 was not a nightly :)
Kanged it up, looks great :-) thanks a bunch!
that is awesome. Too bad no one likes the Galaxy Preveil anymore lol
looks great
To bad you guys screw o er the kernel devs. You know what I'm talking about too...... Sent from my Galaxy Nexus.
Cool, the icons are white like I suggested ! Weather is a nice idea. But it's taken from what weather app ?
looks great, can't wait... btw what wallpaper is that/is it a live wallpaper?
+David Sellers its hard to respond to that without elevating it into an argument. That said, we've said our piece on the G+ post snapshots, XDA and Rootz, and that's where that's going to end for our part.
+Jason Bowdach we borrowed 4 java classes from AOKP (with their consent). The rest we felt we could implement in a cleaner manner, so we did.
Will this be backported to CM7?
Sure wish y'all had a stable (or semi-stable) build for the motorola photon (that doesn't break 4g). I'd root and install tomorrow.
Can we get this lockscreen with pin/password protected phone?
Well, besides the Google/Yahoo thing, I'm paying for the National Weather Service, and Yahoo hasn't traditionally been a very reliable source.
I pay for it too, haven't consulted it in ages and always hate that annoying TV beep ;)

Google Weather's api was limited and their data refresh rate is slower than Yahoos. Yahoo refreshes theirs every hour, Google (iirc) every 3.

On top of that, api and code was readily available ( + AOKP modification to said code), meant we'd get the most detailed information easier and more frequently. :)
Ça me donne envie de retester une Rom CM9 ça :-)
I wasn't suggesting using Google's API, but polling METAR data on, since that updates when NOAA polls their stations (usually one hour or less). Bonus points if it polls hazardous weather alerts from the weather service and has the option to sound an alarm for warnings.
Please use AccuWeather for the weather source. It has better coverage, so to speak.
Something like AIX widget on lock screen is useful. I know the weather NOW, and the forecast is what we want to know.
we need a way to work the useful orb into the security lockscreens. i have to have a pin for work emails, and that kills any ease-of-use stuff. if i can change music tracks, it seems like we should be able to do other things.
Nice, this was my only issue with MIUI. #Widgetlocker isn't really performing imho.
I loved also next alarm shown at lockscreen (I think it was in CM 6.0). It has been removed?
Just waiting for the day there is a stable build for my G2...
+Petr Faltýnek it works fine on my Vibrant's nightly and has for a while, there's right now a little alarm icon that has "Fri 6:15 am" next to it.
how about the battery life?? Last time I tried having my photo album on the lock screen... it drained my desire bravo in 7 hours or so... otherthan that lovely ....
Can't wait!!! Is it stable enough for the galaxy s i9000
+Nathan Bell plus they lobbied to have NWS data made inaccessible to the public so the tax payer funded data could not compete with their commercial service.
it looks awesome :) I like a lot the new font in ICS
Wonderful! Thank you so much for these little tweaks!
Please ad a preview of my next meetings from my calendars.
everyone and sorry I am French and speak little English.
I'm on a modified CyanogenMod Samsung SPICA (and I'm very happy!) but I'd like to share the function of gesture on the lockscreen to friends (unconditional Sens, so that will never pass on Cyanogen :-( ...)
Is there an extration of this function on APK?
I've never found a suitable application that includes what I indulge with the function of gesture Cyanogen (simplicity, accuracy ...)

Thank you in advance,
a user filled;-)
Is it possible for inboxes with unread messages to add themselves to the quick launch unlock circle? That would be fantastic!
it is needing that your email application allows creating shortcuts for unread mail ... if it does, in creating gestures, you trouverras an entry for the email unread
Can you use this screen to block even if you have certificates installed on the phone?
CM10 will be able to control the weather, just you wait.
Still trails behind sense in terms of eye candy. But that's as far as sense goes. Nice and simple CM.
this shits all over the HTC sense one that im still running on my HTC ONE X, cannot wait for a stable cm9 port :P
Sense is a UI wrapper to pure android. CM is a pure android on roids.
man, now I need to check g+ three instead of two times a day…

But thanks, this looks great, I can't wait to get it on my Incredible S
Is this strictly a CM9 lockscreen or will it be included for CM7?
can we get the same love for 7.2 ;) ?
Very nice! Look forward to seeing this on the next epic 4g touch alpha build.
Someone needs to integrate these clever lock screens with pattern or pin securities. I'd love to be able to trace my lock pattern and finish right into one of those icons. To my knowledge this does not exist?
When a new notification arrives, I'd like my screen to turn on for a few seconds without unlocking the phone. In that screen I should see all unread notifications, already expanded, without having to touch the phone. Anybody knows if that's possible? Today I have to reach the phone and expand the notification bar by hand to check the new notification...
+Mark Meyer, I had the same idea. I have to use (and want to, because better security) the pin security if I want to use exchange mail from my company. The lockscreen is of little use when we also use pin security.
+Clóvis Fabrício get one of those watches that bluetooth syncs to your phone! That's the ultimate nerd accessory. I wish I had one and will when they're priced at $30-50 like they should be. Ironman TIMEX, I'm looking at you.....
And this is why I wish nothing but the best to the cm team
Every time I see a post from Cyanogenmod I instantly get super excited for CM9 RC1
+David Sellers Please actually research the matter. Reading a one-sided forum post doesn't count.

+Ken Pietro It's a different implementation that is part AOKP and part rewritten/new where improvements could be made.

+Mark Meyer Let's just say that idea has come up. ;)
+Björn Lundén I really should huh. I'll just go in peace as I said what I wanted to say. : ). Good luck with all your further development.
Deam genius CM9 is the best Android release :-) Custom style icons in lock screen is also great!
I'll settle for stable touchpad wifi drivers.
cant wait.
Awesome, have been waiting for this. I agree with the Calendar event! :)
Great work guys! keep it up! you're the best!!
I would appreciate the possibility to toggle sound on lockscreen
That's quite sick as a lockscreen interface integrated into the ROM. I guess if I didn't use WidgetLocker I would probably appreciate it more.
Is this going to be implemented with beta 4? or as an incremental update to beta 3?
Very nice!!! What about signal bars???? When will be fixed?
cop con
when it will be imported in HP Touchpad ? :D
Very nice work on the weather lock screen. I love my phone more and more each day.
Looks great, has problem with goelocation though. Manual location works fine.
I think i had that with every weather app using yahoo apis. Is there a plan to add a setting for api? Would be great.
Galaxysmtd, Poland.
Is there any chances for similar notification widget in lockscreen?
I just updated to 5-28 nightly i777 and its slick. Home screen shortcuts n weather hopefully will see music controls although I use hardware buttons while phones asleep. Anyway this nightly has been super fast its the best one I've had of late.
Looks great ! But the weather doesn't update :( keep getting a question mark
solid build! I love the lockscreen widget too! I noticed an odd bug though.. when I go to purge a text thread, it deletes the messages, but retains the contact thread with the linuz timestamp as the last message.... anyone have any ideas..?
+Mark Meyer and others, check out the "Show widgets before unl.." option in Screen Security under Lock screen. That should give you the orb, weather, and clock before showing PIN/Password/Pattern
Is it possible to use Google as the weather service? Yahoo doesn't have accurate weather for my area. It only shows the wrong temperature and a question mark.
Yep, same problem here... (Weather shows Ebora insted of Evora...)
I have the weather lock screen right now
I'm unable to download the latest nightly build for Samsung Galaxy S I9000 with Rom manager. Where can I find it online, all the links I've tried are broken? Anyone?
Got it on my desire and I frickin love this
Nice, I should check the nightly. :)
Can u add a feature to change the colour of the fonts in the lockscreen
please make option to use another weather provider, yahoo has poor coverage in Europe
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