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HTC One X Tegra 3 - CM10

It was roughly 2 weeks ago that we introduced CM9 nightlies for the Tegra 3 HOX. And now, we've merged in the necessary patches to enable CM10 nightlies for the device as well. 

Big shout out to +Pál Zoltán Illés+Boris mdeejay, +Nagaprasad N, gorbi, and seadersn for all the work they have put into this device. 

CM10 builds for the T3 HOX should roll out with the next set of nightlies. 

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Wish AT&T would unlock my HTC one xl :(
If HTC doesn't deliver Jelly Bean soon, I will try out CM on my HOX.
+darren gardiner the problem with that is none of our maintainers own one. We can build for it, but those builds are very much blind. If your community can come up with an individual to step up as maintainer (with appropriate knowledge of source, git and gerrit), then have them contact devrel (at) cyanogenmod. 
yes best news to start the week! Thank you guys!
I always dreamed about getting a device that would get official CM support. ;-)
what took so long, guys? seriously though, great job!
Thank you so freaking much will donate soon!
+Michel Kangro dude don't wait just install ;-)
If you wait for HTC you can wait forever ;-)
waiting for pyramid's official cm10 nightlies (for my gf, I switched to a wonderful maguro - )
Mike E
maybe some day Moto products will actually get an official release and not a port :( 
Mike E
and moto Xoom doesnt count :)
Mike E
in time, Google is slowly making their in roads with Moto Mobility (and it's Verizon that makes them lock the bootloader) 
It's realy good to see getting nightly stage :) thank you devs..
Brilliant thanks! Can't wait to get my hands on a HOX (upgrade next Monday). Think I'll probably wait for a stable build before rooting though.
I think I wanna have Cid's babies! ;-)
+Dominic Hosler make sure if you get your HOX through AT&T that it's not 2.2 under the software version or else it can't be rooted as of right now. 
Ziggy P
HTC One S next?
+Nick Trabue Thanks for your concern and advice. However, I'm from the UK so AT&T won't be bothering me. I will have a quick research into my network here though, just in case they do a similar thing.
+Michel Kangro just rooted and installed revolution hd rom hours ago. Sooooo worth it!
Have to try cm10 now
+Dominic Hosler the experimental pre nightly B1 cm 10 already kicks ass have it as daily driver ;-) ;-)
not cm related ;) security off, = fully writable boot&recovery partitions, therefore flashing through cwm possible w/o need of fastboot :(
How about a fully working (camera included) build of CM10 for the touchpad?
It kills me how the CM team overlooked a premium phone like the HTC Rezound.
Been running the Alpha builds but put Beta on today and its bloomin' marvellous.

Thanks again chaps.
Amazing news! Thanks a lot, devs, you are the best!
any love for the 4s? Haha jk y'all are the best!
+Abhisek Devkota can you tell me if dhack is affiliated with cm or not? Supposedly he's working on cm10 for razr? Just wondering if what he is working on is official or unofficial.
Hurry up with the Tenderloin CM10 night lies please before I sell the slab. 
"Don't feed the trolls!"
Great to see this but we still don't have a forum on the CyanogenMod site :(
Is the cursor white? In this rom . Mines is and when text or voice text the cursors white and its hard to see
I am here just bitching for some p990 love. Don't force me to undress myself g
and galaxy s2 with cm10???
Wondering if for ns4g can include cropping on camera app. Aware no hardware support but seen it on Cramer apps I purchased with zoom support...thanks..
Does anyone know about cm10 for the Epic 4g Touch?
do u know  if there's a cyanogenmod for samsung galaxy y ?
Thank you guys so much for all your work, it is absolutely amazing to see the kind of work you do!! Keep it up!! Cm supporter since CM6 :D
Awesome, loaded the pre-nightly last night. Thanks for the great work guys!
Is anyone having issues getting any signal on CM9/10? the sim works in stock but wont in cm
Possibility for greater Google Voice Integration?
Google Voice is closed source. Any such implementation could only ever be done half-way, which precludes any incentive to do so. 
Sorry, what do you mean by half-way? Also, didn't Google say they were going to release the API for Google Voice when Ice Cream Sandwich came out? Thank you for the comment. I really appreciate the time spent.
Hello i have a question, what the result the cm10 hox in quadrant?
is this code including the AP37 T3 from the new htc one x plus ? 
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