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Progress is Beautiful

4.2 merger is still a work in progress, but it is going well so far. To give you an idea, the build currently has trebuchet, colored logcat, Terminal, root access, and the enhancements +David van Tonder finished over the weekend; nothing else and far from complete. 

Image Credits
# Mako CM boot courtesy of +Chris Sewell
# About Phone panel courtesy of +Ricardo Cerqueira 
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You guys are simply amazing!  Keep up the great work!
awesome :) waiting for the 10.1 release!!!!!!!!!
Yes! Too bad I can't even get a Nexus 4 on VZW. But you guys work enough magic on the Galaxy Nexus so I'm not too bummed. Psyched about CM 10.1!!
That's amazing, but don't think any device of the 2011er xperia line will get cm10.1. Anyone could share a link how I could compile Cm10.1 for xperias, when the sources by cyanogenmod are released?
Ivan K
This is great. Can't wait. You guys are awesome, keep it up!
Can you call CM 10 CMX?
apple law suit in 3.. 2...
still needs verizon...which isn't happening anytime happy with my razr though lol
Can we expect some more support for styluses, maybe, on the way to 4.2?
+Abhisek Devkato So there will be a small chance that CM 10.1 will come to Nexus S. Google does not support it.
Big manufacturer should learn from you guy. keep up.
Is 10.1 a siii sprint version. 
Great work. I can't imagine my phone without cyanogenmod. Keep it up!!!
+Michael Hahn that is the plan. Currently there is a mr1-staging branch, but its incomplete and used for our merging purposes only (see yesterdays post for details). 

When all the dust settles, that repo command will be all you need (plus sync ofc)
Honestly, with all the bugs in 4.2, CM should just wait for 4.2.1 before starting any builds
+Abhisek Devkota  thanks for the info. Do you believe the first releases for building will be during next week or how do long do you mean will it take?
+Lazarus Xavier 4.2.1 (assuming it comes) will be bluez, people app, and device specific fixes (ie auto brightness on N10). None of those items, nor the other items identified as issues are severe enough to force us to wait (or something we can't fix on our own). 
Liberating our devices you folks are creative genius freedom fighters! 
Well, the positive side of N4 being out of stock, is that once I get it, I will be able to flash CM10.1 right away.
+Michael Hahn we are stepping through and seeing what CM patches now conflict with AOSP source and what needs to be modified. I wouldn't anticipate builds publicly until early to mid December. 

That said, as indicated in the screenshots, we do have builds rolling out for internal testing, but the feature sets are incomplete and the device support at the moment is minimal (we are targeting the N10, N4, S3-tmo and a couple others for base testing). 
any chance we see a CM release for Samsung Galaxy S Advance i9070?
Well done to all the devs @ CM.  Glad to hear things are rolling along nicely, look forward to seeing the end result.
Great job!!! Thank you all for your hard work.  :)
Damn, everytime I try to act like a normal person and go Stock you guys give me new reasons to go back to CyanogenMod. ;-)
You guys are awesome, keep up the great work.
When will we taste of android 4.2 beauty on i9000¿ 
Do you guys have December? 
Love my N4 and getting CM on it will be the icing on the cake.  I've missed it being on an Xperia S for a year with experimental/unofficial versions.  Not to take anything away from FXP though
Please port alpha build for 1st gen kindle fire!
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I want more customizations in trebuchet......@i9000
what the hell is really nice
 about what you are seeing
Any time frame? Maybe see a rough build this month? 
My HP TouchPad could use a boost 
Verizon needs to pay you guys for keeping its customers happy. I love cm10 on my vzw sgs3. Thank you :-)
I noticed you all have been heavy on Samsung devices lately any word on the p7510 the Galaxy 10.1 v 1 maybe missed it thanks and keep up the great work 
Superb!! Thanks so much!! Can't wait till it's finished!! 
+Abhisek Devkota Any chance we'll see this for the SIII I9300?! By the way, thanks for the great work all the CM team!
You guys are the reason I will never leave android.. Keep up the hard work and thank you!
I run on cyanogenmod and it is a phenomena this is the stuff. These people should get more recognition for their talents and contributions.
Just downloaded cm10 for Samsung Galaxy exhibit II 4g and I'm loving it everything works great so far except for reading the SD card , but I'm loving it thanks ...
+Ronald Bulbow we will attempt it of course, but we will be look to Samsung's new Open Source Initiative (due by the end of 2012) to help the community as well. 
I would like to see CM make a pretty cool live wallpaper and possibly re do or add new cm wallpapers on 10.1
This are great news!!! I hope we all get the CM10.1, the work CM does is amazing... I'm a noob developer and i know it is really hard work!

Keep it up!!! We really enjoy cyanogenmod :)
Can't wait. I had to install CM10 instead of android 4.2 on my Nexus 7 because of all the problems. Hopefully by CM10.1 nightlies, 4.2.1 will be out and they can merge
wow thats good cant wait to get one
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Is it EVO 3D Compatable? I'm looking for a new OS/Firmware for it
wow its off to a great start! Can't wait to see the finished product. 
I must know where you acquired that blue Andy?!
any chance of the Samsung galaxy ace plus s7500 getting a cyanogenMod??

+casper johnston No. It's a terrible phone and you're the only one that bought it. HVGA was a terrible resolution four years ago.
Jordan Pitts

its better than the ace 2 and original ace s5830 this phone always gets over looked but it isn't that crap! even the Huawei ascend g300 has the same chipset yet that phone doesn't get ignored :-\ 
+casper johnston Actually, it's substantially worse than the Ace 2 (HVGA TN panel compared to WVGA PLS panel, single core Cortex A5 compared to dual core Cortex A9, Adreno 200 compared to Mali-400MP4, etc), and it doesn't matter because none of the other phones you mentioned have CM mainline support either. If they have a CM port, that means that someone with the phone that's not associated with CM used the CM sources to create their own ROM for the device. Maybe you should follow their lead and give it a shot.
Totally pumped! I haven't seen anything about official coverage on the nexus 7. Haven't looked too hard, admittedly, but are there plans for official cm10 on it?
You guys are insanely great with with this stuff. Thank you!
what is the problem with galaxy s2 i9100 and CM? why no CM10 for it?
Noob question. How do I find the 3 dot menu for access to settings? This is driving me insane. I have several apps that make it mandatory to use...smh
d'fnately an exquisite toy..sick of d apple and sumsung earbiting and kicking and screaming cnt thy reach cmn ground..its all in the name of advancement and progress.
looking at the post thinking I know what all of it means
Nevermind. Got it. Didn't realise you can download full size images of Google +
just because a phone has a single core it doesn't make it crap the ace 2 is dual core it doesn't instantly make it better i did have the ace 2 and thats a hell of a lot more buggy compared to the plus 
Waiting in i717 release hopefully its soon...keep up the excellent work cyanogen team! 
I'm still using Ice Cream Sanwich )-:
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My Nexus S is waiting for this... :))
I wonder to have a look at the progress of CM10 on S2
You all rock my face off... thank you for your hard work!
Mark C
Top effort! I'm sure i'm not the only one hanging out for CM with 4.2. I know that I could load the stock ROM and get the update that way but I'd rather wait.
Just incredible! I wish you the best
Loving my CM10 on nexus 3
Cannot wait for this to come to my Nexus 4!
I want that Android phone and that Android guy over there so bad..
I have the Samsung Galaxy Note version I717 and I'm looking forward to the 10.1 version of CM ROMs in the near future. As a heads up for other Samsung-SGH-I717 users, I will share with you the file name for a Jelly Bean ROM produced by the Paranoid Android team. With the November 8th release the camera is working correctly, and it still has a few bugs dealing with Google app compatibility. Other than that, I'm confident that you'll enjoy the ability to run your switch your apps from Phone Mode to Tablet mode. Check out a video on YouTube so that you can see what this functionality looks like.

File name virus free: (Not a link to the file)
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Thatz cool
That's why I've been android since day1 
CyanogenMod team is the best. I know the rules are you don't ask for an ETA, but just wanted to know when the new rom is cooked. will it pushed via the update portal like the 10.0.0 did? Thanks guys be safe. 
oh goodness, i can't wait. you guys are amazing! have a great thanksgiving; get some rest and eat well!
3 more months and I can root my phone! 
So happy about how dependable you guys are! 
Is it true that once rooted the phone is very much prone to outside attack the likes of hacks and malware? 
Would been good if good old Andy would show up in 4.2. The mascot just looks great
Downloaded the nightly last for galaxy tab p3113
Pls don't forget about HP Touchpad..still waiting patiently.. Thank you for all your hard work. 
+CyanogenMod where do we request/suggest features?  It would be great if there was some control of our cell connection features.  With 4g off the battery life is WAY better and I use Wi-Fi almost all day (because of bad cell reception), but turning off 4g takes awhile to reconnect.  It would be great if you could adjust how often the phone communicates to the cell tower for data ... e.g. just long enough to maintain the connection (similar to Wi-Fi Scan Interval), but only when  Wi-Fi is connected
Jay Bee
Please add back December
just wait until the black berry 10 arrives u will all switch 
just wait until the black berry 10 arrives and we still wont give a fuck
Waiting for nightlies for my Nexus 7 :)
Excellent work! Any thoughts on merging CyanDelta into the nightlies/ROM as an actual feature? It seems like an absolutely great idea and has never failed me so it's surely stable enough for general use..
Looking forward to CM 10.1 guys! 
Excellent work indeed!
Is there any resolution for the camera/gallery issue with regards to Picasa web albums? 
Can't wait... I am still with unstable CM10...but no not forget P6200 tab...:-)

I love cm.x and i love all cm team. Good job guys!!!
Well done cyanogenmod team. Keep it up. The ROMs you guys cook up are simply the best.

Rock on.
Keep up the good work guys. You guys gave life to my OG Droid when it was on its last leg and Moto had kicked it to the curb...Thanks a million..
Wish to see galaxy Nexus is officially supported "Maguro"
ummm..."colored logcat?"  I just hope and pray that this is an option, or there is an option to turn it off (I suppose other than piping it through something).  Colored "ls" is bad enough, what with the barely legible blue on black, and other bad, not contrasting enough color combinations...thankfully most implementations have --color=never or something like it.  This is also not to mention people who have trouble seeing colors like most people do (e.g. colorblindness).
Thx cm Team :-* i hope you bring it on my XT925. n1 day
I cant wait for cm on my nexus 4!
Marco P
I need cm10.1!
Glad to see that, thanks for all your effort!
We love luffy too :-*
I found the calendar doesn't work and fc. Also the clock fc constantly. I really like the new apps tho
Caleb S
PM KonstantinKeller on the XDA to test CM10.1 on the Nexus 4!  He got it built!!! :D
Quick Question: Will the Note II be able to port some of its features (Multi Window, Air View) over to CM10/10.1?
Nnnniiccee . I want that doll
Great waiting for GT i9100 relase ¡¡¡¡
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