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Be a part of CyanogenMod (again!)

Our cyan bugdroid, lovingly known as Andy, has been skating for years and is looking to retire (on one of Koush’s yachts). This means we need a mascot or logo to replace him, and carry the CyanogenMod brand forward. We are looking for something that may (or may not) be inspired by him, but not a bugdroid/Andy figure. CyanogenMod deserves its own unique face.

If you are interested in helping creating the new face for the largest third party Android distribution in the world, this is your chance to shine. You will be properly credited for all artwork, however, please be aware that all rights to the artwork will be transferred to CyanogenMod.

Like we did for the naming of the CyanogenMod 9 launcher, Trebuchet, submissions will be evaluated solely by the CyanogenMod development team, and not be place to a public vote. Submissions should be emailed to legal at cyanogenmod dot com, with the subject line of “CM9 Logo”. Submissions may be in jpg or png, but the final selection will be required to be submitted in original vector sources. Submitters may be contacted to request possible touch-up/rework. The winner will be notified prior to inclusion in the ROM and related Community assets.

All submissions should be original work. Submissions using the work of other entities will be deleted.

Since this is a new face for CyanogenMod, submitters are free to pursue other color palettes, beyond “cyan-blue”. However, we would love to have some of that color retained to reflect our history, and pay proper homage to Andy.

All entries should be submitted by March 9, 2012. The winner will be select by April 1st.

We look forward to seeing the creativity of our community!
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How to get a developer position with you
Time to grow up and put away childish things? We'll miss you Andy.
I was just thinking it was time for a new logo.
Even if we can't vote on them, is there any way they could be put up in some kind of gallery just so we can look at what some of the submissions are like? :)
+Tom Erlandsen we will put that up for consideration; we just don't want this turning into a "well you should've picked xyz" cluster-fark
Came in here to make sure +Moin Ahmad has accepted this challenge. Looking forward to what you do Shifty
Andy L
Ooh, how can you not have the Android logo? :/
I vote stay with the cyan color. You guys are the only reason I know what color cyan is.
someone please make a bad ass logo to compliment the name!
something simple n nice , within MOD spirit in it ..
a wrench ..
Wrench (the DIY spirit), micrometer (precision, smooth operation) and lightning bolt (speed, electronics) all sorta crossed coat of arms style. I can't draw for crap, someone take this and run with it!
a gallery to show off submitions would be awesome, even if we don't get to vote some designs might well work as a great wallpaper!
You guys should just do the Android name (ICS) and make cyan colored. A cyan colored ics
This should be interesting. Let the artwork commence! No my lil pony funny business like some other developers out there not saying any names but its out there
It definately needs to have the android in it. Something simple. Cyan is good. I can't wait to see it.
So what of that new boot animation? Will that be changed once a new logo is decided upon?
Damn hopefully I can repair my laptop in time to have a bash.
Shame, I really liked that new boot anim. But it's not as if I can't swap it out if I want to, once I have CM9 installed (if it gets released for my devices).
April fools day it is for fool people. it is wrong and quite bad habite
I'd love to see the version of Android incorporated into the boot animation. Just a suggestion to the participants :)
Does anyone know, why the nightilies for the HTC Legend gives 403 Forbidden on the latest update added yesterday? (2012-02-26)
+CyanogenMod One quick thing - does this redesign include changing the circle arrow or just Andy? Or is it up to us?
Honestly, I really like the skating blue android. I think it's very iconic and really unique. Personally, I love it and will be sad to see it replaced.
Keep Andy! He is an iconic figure for CM, don't retire him. Maybe recolor him, but keep the design.
No. I have a cm logo shirt and am getting the cm logo laser etched Gnex battery cover. I like it as is.
Even if the winner isn't decided by a vote, we should be allowed to influence the judging by rating, so they know what appeals to the users. Think of it as market research.
You will be allowed to view it, but we will contact all submitters prior to releasing the images publicly if they ok a public showing of their individual work. As for public opinion.... no comment :)
Wait, wait. I thought about this. If they change it, then we can still use the old logo and call it "old school" CM. Then we can look down on people using the new logo and say "I was down with CM before it was cool"
But won't this destroy the new CM9 boot screen then?
I've submitted what can only be described as a mock up about 10 minutes ago should I expect a reply saying what you think about it or what ever?
We have it +Mathew Hanley; we are going to wait for the initial deadline of the 9th prior to comments back to people for possible re-work/feedback. This will give the 'finalist' roughly 2 weeks to finalize their work.
+Abhisek Devkota I think the new boot screen should be the same, except when it jumps into overdrive Andy should morph into the new mascot.
+Dhananjay Bhardwaj we'd prefer something to be a replacement for Andy in size (ie not banner sized), and just carry forward a little "cyan-blue". I don't want to give more, because it would limit the range and variety of submissions.

+Tecna Tranux we were thinking the same
Oh I see +Abhisek Devkota fair enough I know my colours want to be unified I'll do a final version IF mine gets chosen otherwise what's the point? It was purely to get my vision across