From the Devrel Stash - More Devices!

+Jef Oliver is a busy man, and the Developer Relations communication channel keeps him busy. But it's not without its benefits. Jef has just finished merging in the first set of a new wave of devices. 

Some of these devices have been a work in progress for quite some time. For example, we showed the initial screens of the Relay 4G almost 10 months ago (!

From the Samsung corner, we have:
# Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G (apexqtmo)
# Samsung Galaxy S4 - C Spire (jfltecsp)

From the Moto corner, we have:
# Motorola Atrix HD (mb886)
# Motorola Photon Q - GSM (xt897)
# Motorola Photon Q - CDMA (xt897c)
# Motorola Droid Razr M (xt907)
# Motorola Razr HD - GSM (xt925)
# Motorola Droid Razr HD - CDMA (xt926)

Oh, but we aren't done yet! With the exception of the jfltecsp, all of these devices are already in line for the 10.2 code base!

This is only the first wave, we'll have more in the near future!
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