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HTC Sensation

We won't have an official build until the device is finished, but for now, what we have is opensourced.
Sensation CM source opensourced

The HTC Pyramid and the MSM8660-common repos have been opened and that means you can build for the Sensation RIGHT NOW.

We know that you've been waiting for this for a while and other people have already had this going, but we hold ourselves to a very high standard. Although the device is now opensource, we will holdoff on releasing an official build until we (Namely +Shane Francis and +Ed Carrigan) finish up the final bugs (which are mainly in kernel).
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Does this include all the work Vorbeth and Company did @ xda-developers opensensation cyanogenmod 9 thread?
Intervigil has been working with us, and the kernel includes commits from Vorbeth.
+Scott Miller unless I'm off the mark, you are mistaken. the DHD uses the MSM7230 chipset (the same as the G2), not 8x60.
Thanks!!!!! Much appreciated.
Anyway any of this progress could work its way over to the Evo 3D?
Um, that kitty/octopus thing is the github mascot
+Scott Miller I'm current running Toast's build from the 8th. Just hoping for some battery life increases. The issue seems to be somewhat corrected by erasing the Bluetooth libs. That's all I'm looking for.
+Scott Miller +Ashley Hinds Man I feel duuumb. I didn't even know what github was til about 5 minutes ago. I feel like the newb on an MMO that was just let into the guild hall only to turn around and ask someone what "exp" stands for.
So happy right now with these news. I've been using OpenSensation for a while now and am very grateful for all the work those guys put into the Sensation. I can't wait for an official Cyanogenmod release.
The DHD uses the MSM8255 (Can't wait to have the official CM9 port for this device :( )
I want MSM8x55. So many HTC phones go off that architecture (including mine)
YES! This gives me hope for the HTC Doubleshot <3
+Kenn Harris +Scott Miller The EVO3D (shooter) github was actually made public two weeks ago (toastcfh's github). For the most part, all 8x60 devices will see releases sooner rather than later, the p930 being the first on the batch, and as a reference device for others in the series.
Cannot wait for the official build!
"Finish" for the device is in respect to Keyan's comment about the maintainers needing to "finish up the final bugs (which are mainly in kernel)". Basically, there are some bugs preventing the maintainer's from recommending the ROM yet for public release. Once those are taken care of, nightlies shouldn't be too far behind.
What do they mean with "until the device is finished". I have one. how is the device not finished?
Ah sorry. Should've read more comments. :)
Fix camcorder = get nightlies. Until that hurdle is passed, there's not much to discuss.
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