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CyanogenMod and Cornerstone

We wanted to do a followup post on CM and CS, since there was a lot of excitement over the past few days.

Cornerstone is not ready If we could make this larger and fiery red, we would.

# The code is still in its infancy (version .8).
# There are very legitimate concerns surrounding just how to solve compatibility issues with the thousands of applications in the market.
# We drew the attention of Google engineer(s), who have rightfully pointed out concerns (thank them for taking the time) - comments can be read on Cyanogen's re-share of the original post. If you choose to comment, do so intelligently and in a civil manner!
# We've also contacted the original developers for input and consultation.
Edit # And now Onskreens CEO is weighing in on the discussion

All said, there are many hurdles to overcome before Cornerstone is merged into CM9, if at all. We ask that you realize this, and see blog posts and pictures and alphas as merely technical proof of concepts, and nothing more. Frankly, we are months out from CS being ready, and it'll likely take longer to address all the concerns.
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Having tried it on the touchpad, i would say it looks very promising but definitely not ready for prime time. All apps you open default to phone view, which is fine for the two smaller panes on the side but not great on the main tile. It's also pretty unstable and as was mentioned above very few apps are compatible outside of gapps.

But definitely worth pursuing and i would be suprised if it or similar functionality was later incorporated into android.
What exactly is cornerstone?
Can't wait to try this out. This reminds me of an app on webOS called glimpse.
Maybe Google has interest to support and include Cornerstone into future Android releases. This would be a great benefit for both sides. The idea of Cornerstone is really great.
+Ohad Basan truth being told, CornerStone is a core framework modification to be able to launch multiple mobile-sized apps on a Tablet, in Mobile ratio. but it has MANY problems for now. Quite honestly, as a PoC it's good, but as a be-all-end-all tool, not really.
+Ohad Basan that's my reading of all the info everywhere around. for a true reading of the stuff, go check their page :)

Though the mod part is true: Cornerstone requires a core OS modification.
I agree with +Hetal Patel...I think google should add support for a sort of "drivers" to support all the cpu, gpu, etc, directly in the windows do for desktop and this way, samsung, motorola, etc doesn't have to do nothing..just build the OS from the google AOSP project and put it on the device and sell should also control the ota updates worldwide for every device at the same time.

One source for all the phone, one build, one android = no frammentation
Didn't notin-ink do this on their Adam device?
+Alexander Gee Notion Ink's if different on many folds, to name a few: 1) they have Eden as their entire framework, 2) they don't have to deal with market app compatibility (they ship their own market 'Genesis')
hmmm... didn't know about this before the post. Cool feature, I hope they are ready by the time I get an Android tablet. :D
cant wait to try this this out when its ready as i was a webos owner and fan, multitasking is awesome
Android = More Proof Concept that later on become more Fine Tuned usable feature in other OSes
True multitasking? What's "untrue" about today's one?
Fragmentation isn't necessarily a bad thing, it allows people to experience different UIs. However, I think a possible solution would be to allow a user to update their OS via their manufacturer (e.g. Samsung Touchwiz) or via Google (i.e. AOSP), thus allowing a user to either get the pure Android experience and updates as soon as they are ready, or wait for their manufacturer's update.
+Ajay Shah nice in theory, but Google is not going to have engineers build AOSP for every device out there...
Great feature, i see it today and i love it!if you can make it stable and smooth than you got a really big argument to flash CM and/or people will root their devices only because of cornerstone! (Hope my english is ok - german milestone user with CM and i loving it - you gave me the power back, that moto fucked complety up with the 2.2 update!)
+Abhisek Devkota yeah I guess that's true, would be nice if we could have a pure CM phone and get updates straight from that, I think that may be possible some day.
+Abhisek Devkota google should do it! otherwise it will fall in a couple of should be one! one big zip that will work on every device! google should take this seriously and plain it for the next years

why microsoft can and google not? a day i hope that will be true..Off topic closed :) sorry
Microsoft doesn't do it; they impose strict guidelines on ALL development though, that is their control. Apple does it because it controls the hardware AND OS. Google is limited to just the BASE OS, not any customizations above that nor hardware beyond the reference devices (nexus, xoom, etc). Google's control comes from the Google Apps and market, nothing more.
And google should write all the drivers? Fail. All handset manufacturers keep their drivers closed source. And they do it on purpose, because otherwise everyone would copy and paste from the other and there wouldn't be any difference between the handsets.
I bet Google's purchase of Motorola solidifies their goal for hardware and os control for the future of android.
+Abhisek Devkota sorry, I posted my question about p990 to the wrong topic...
+Travis Gilligan they agreed not to do that just so they could complete the merger. Any breach of that would mean an investigation. Google doesnt want hardware for Android, it wants patent protection.
I think a lot of us having moded Roms and being familiar about backuping restoring and wiping wouldnt have any problem about testing an imperfect cornestone cm9 alpha !!!
So... I'm hearing... next Tuesday then? Really does look intriguing. Hope something usable can be worked out.
Hi everyone. I have a galaxy tab p1010, but it doesnt have cyanogenmod :/ Well, if some developer want help us, i know how to pick logcat, cmw etc.
Soo, you just need to work a little in some days, not all, soo if you want help me, circle me and talk woth me. Ok? Ty
Well if a lot of people have got a bit over excited then it must be good?
Am I the only one that thinks cornerstone looks really clumsy? I quite like the standard ICS multitasking. Not saying it can't be improved upon, but I can't see this being anything other than a nice proof of concept that will have it's 5 minutes in the sun, and then vanish.
Nope, not just you; and skepticism is healthy. This is exactly why the followup post was done, to reel in and box up a lot of that initial excitement, and acknowledge there are very real issues in the way (ui being the least of them)
+Kevin Yohh Kevin it was announced today that the electrify would see an official ics update along with the photon q 3 this year
+Lee Woodrum ICS Announced in Q4 of 2011 Electrify / Photon get it in Q3 of 2012 and this is Top line Dual Core, 1gb RAM device with Dual Tech Radio, here is how android sucks
If you wanted quick updates, should've gotten a Nexus. Being upset that an OEM is taking long to roll out is silly. Moto's track record alone would've been enough to say that wasn't a smart decision...
The same way I got a GSM Nexus to the states. Im from Nepal, you can't tell me you don't have avenues to get the device to you. Is it an additional cost? Yes, but thats the price you pay for the speed of updates you want.
"Back in April, Samsung launched the much-awaited Nexus S in India with a price tag of Rs.29950" I would beg to differ (Source:
+Abhisek Devkota hehehe as i said Its not available anywhere i searched atleast 20 store, Indian Version for LCD Version
Again, you can't tell me there is no resale market...or you just have bad luck. Either way, blaming the PLATFORM for an OEM decision is the wrong reaction.
Win7, Ubuntu is also Platform but i can install it anywhere whatever hardware i want when it comes
Learn to port android, and the limitation isn't there either :p
+Hetal Patel Well actually you can't install Win7 wherever you like, ARM architectures for example. I know it's a pain, but smart phones are a very diverse bunch hardware-wise. Ok the CPU may for the most part may be ARM, but all the 'peripherals' like the camera sound etc. are drawn from all over the place (and change rather rapidly over time). It would be no mean feat to make Android work with everything at this point in time.
It seemed like it was too good to be true. I'm more then happy to wait for this I'd rather just have CM9 come out then work on cornerstone not demanding or anything just a wish. This would be a pretty sick feature wouldn't mind it in time.
It was worth looking into, wasn't it? Shame that it's not mature enough code, and maybe one day it'll be ready for the big leagues.
It looks like a great concept and I would love to see it added in to CM9 but not at the expense of system stability. I will still probably load it up and play with it a bit on my TP.
For multitasking there are other options too on the market.. floating programs like stick it! (Video player) and aircalc (floating calculator).. that combined with the (imperfect) dual web browsers give you some multitasking xperience.. but none like Cornestone
Interesting. But would this be something we could disable or uninstall if it wasn't working out for users?
Disable, yes; uninstall, no (itd be part of the framework)
Fair enough. The CM team are doing a very impressive job, supporting all the different hardware out there. I'd hate to be picky with them. Love the work they're doing.
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