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PSA: Do not flash tonight's (Sept 7) nightlies.
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*close brunch terminal* oke :(
I'm on the 5th and safe. So I'll wait a few days until people start reporting in it's okay 
Well, you were too late, reflashed 20130901 wich I still had somewhere and now it's fine again :)
Too late for me too (Mako). I flashed it, simply didn't boot for me. Not even the logo came up during startup. Back to prior version (thank god I always keep the last working nightly).
It wouldn't boot up for me (m7spr), booted into recovery and tried to install through there and same thing. Back to the last nightly
Working fine for me.... just kidding. Lol
I heard if you flash the Rom it will melt your face off when answering a phone call.
The 6th Bricked me... Thanks...
Lol. Thanks for the warning. I only stick with last stable I know.
haha I love the picture though. Seems fitting though.
Thanks for warning. But anyway I first read comments and ratings in ROM Manager about particular nightly.
Thank you last one I flashed was the 05 nightly, it works very well.  Will wait :) 
I built CyanogenMod from source last night and it's working just fine. Another build this morning succeeded (but I haven't flashed it yet)
Okay I'll reiterate this +Hamdi Ferchichi and pretty much almost everyone else commenting: you must be new here.

Nightly builds are for testing and experimental purposes only. If you count on your phone as a daily driver then you need to switch to a stable release. If that means downgrading to 10.1 then tough titty

Flashing nightly builds means you run the risk of bricking your phone either temporarily or permanently

If you have rom manager you could have read the comments before hitting the download button
6 put me in a bootloop. And 3, 4, and 5 all broke camera function for me (HTC evo 4g lte). Had to adb 2 over in recovery to fix it yesterday. 
There's files missing in 0906 apparently, but 0905 is running sweet on my one s 
Congratulations for not making this nightly automatically available through the built-in upgrade manager. :-)
Nightlys 06/2013 and 07/2013 have the same problem... I love install nightlys builds! So please fix the errors on boot device... (Galaxy S4 GT-I9505) tks
September 5th nightlies worked. The 6th didnt on several devices. 
Thanks for the warning I been holding back until people review like yesterdays that didn't work saves a lot of hassell I'm sure things will be good on the next 
I did flash through recovery but can't boot then restore backup and stay at 2013-09-06 update 2013-09-07 seems too short from 06 would not work at all on gnex just leave behind. 
Keep calm and flash Paranoid Android 3.99 instead.
I reset my phone because 06. Not cool. Went back to 05
+Tadej Rudec I have been running nightlies on my phones for years. Just keeping a recent working version is all I need in case (as with the mako 6th release) things are a bit wonky. 
Few minutes too late. I got black screen on boot after google logo, so I restored my Nexus 4 to the factory image (and lost all my data, even on the sdcard :( )
I can confirm that build from yesterday (6th) is also bad. My GT-I9505 didn't boot, I had to flash previous nightly build from recovery.
I'm waiting for an update that fixes blue tooth that doesn't work and email that doesn't work
This has been for a couple of weeks now
Seems like cm is just dying 
Oh, uh good to see. Did I mention that clockworkmod backups are priceless? ^^"
If you have blackscreen after 6 or 7 (or other build) just reflash previous build from recovery like +Martin Macek say. You dont need to factory resest or restore backup your smartphone or tablet. (If you dont have erased the zip.)
Well, fuck it, I'll flash that now. Just for the lulz. 
Yup, it hangs on phone name/CM Alien splash screen (on d2att) just like the 9/6/13 nightly. Sadly I d/l'd the 9/6/13 nightly after reading it had been patched and still had the same issue, so I reverted to 9/5/13 which is the last working nightly for me.
I wish I read this earlier. My flo cannot boot after update...
^ Read above. Just reboot to recovery and flash previously working nightly. Unless you erased.
WTH! Both CM-10.2-20130906/7-NIGHTLY don't work what are they doing different? I'm back on CM-10.2-20130905 now which works just fine.
Keep in mind that these builds happen automatically and then publish automatically. Whatever the devs do throughout the day gets pushed. That means little to no testing happens before the build is published. Nightlies are an alpha build that allow non-devs to act as testers and help the devs locate bugs and problems. So, to anyone complaining, and especially to the few people who are actually indignant, count your blessings. You have a fantastic, mostly volunteer, group of dedicated devs that works day in and out to give you an amazing ROM. One or two bumps on the road shouldn't raise any eyebrows.
Right on +Dave Alkema Nightlies have no support for a reason, and are thus disclaimered. As Dave said, they are auto builds, so if you're not comfortable with that maybe return to 10.1 codebase and use an RC, like the recently released 10.1.3 RC2. Seriously, you get awesome software for free, you take it upon yourself to use the most unstable/experimental version of said software, and you complain because once in a blue moon something doesn't work? Really?! Some cheese with your whine ladies and gents?
Yep, 0907 doesn't boot. Black screen after Google logo on Galaxy Nexus. 0906 works fine, though. 
I am a huge fan of CM ever since my SIII but tomorrow I will check forums/sociale media before flashing :p Keep up the good work! ;)
Ya, was wondering why mine didn't boot. Not to worry. Reverted back to sept 6 nightlies.
I wish I wouldve known. September 5th did not boot either so i was scared to try anything past that but i figured in Sept 7, the issue would be fixed. now i have to factory reset...ughhh...i just went thru this crap yesterday.
TY very much for PSA!
9/05 works like a dream, only thing broken seems to be Google Wallet, but that's a minor inconvenience. Thanks for the PSA all the same!
Had issues with the 9.6 Nightly on my VZW S3.  Safe one is 9.5.
Phone not backed up well or don't have the money to replace it? Don't flash nightlies. Seems that people want to be on the bleeding edge; sometimes, you get cut there. ;). Moral of the story? Let someone else go first. 
Or the sixth. Had to ABD sideload the 5th to be able to use my Nexus 4 again.
YOU DON'T NEED TO WIPE! Just boot into recovery and flash the last version that worked for you! 
I have sep6 nightly. It's working fine ( maguro). Apparently the problem is with September 7 nightly!
im sorry...i mean september 6 and 7...september 5 is good. I will stay with this one until I know the next update is safe...
Just be safe. Never wipe the zip for your currently working build before you flash, that way you have a contingency if anything goes wrong with the new one. Remember nightlies are experimental, something's bound to break every now and then. Deleting everything but the newest build you d/l'd before you flash is like jumping out of a plane without the parachute. Again, these are experimental/alpha builds, act accordingly.
+Jannis Haase i always have to factory wipe...i have tried to downgrade multiple times without doing a factory wipe and it never works for stays stuck on the load screen and i always have to do it in order for it to boot successfully
+Susanne Schlensog if you'd have known nightly build is then you'd have known them to break and start Mayan Apocalypse. So I think you didn't get my point.

BTW what exactly was your point?
+Avinash Ananth Narayan R Nightlies, especially when fresh stuff like 10.2, are likely to break. That's a common fact. But most times, when few nightlies in a row broke, the CM guys came up with something that was worth the breakage. I'm just curious what it'll be. THAT was my point.
+Fareed Ahmed , prostate specific antigen. (OK, OK, public service announcement, too)
... Now I want to flash Sept 7ths nightlies just to see what went wrong.
That's two days in a row with bad nightlies. I got lucky that I just happened to update my backup before flashing the 9/6 one.
Why do people reset to factory when it's not booting??? Geez.
Just restart into recovery, and flash a working ROM. I did that yesterday with my N7 after flashing the 9/6 nightly, I just went back to 9/5. Standard stuff.
This is a nightly, guys. May be broken. If you don't know how to handle a broken ROM, don't use nightlies.
0904 is all stable except that it errors out while sending SMS. do you guys face the same thing?
9/6 worked fine on manta edit nope I lied on 9/4
Fuck, what if i flashed it ind i don't have any other nightlies on my device? (Nexus 7 - Old one)
That's exactly why you must always do a backup. 
I have a nightly installed on my daily driver (nexus 4) and I have had an issue with the camera app (and the gallery but only when the gallery app has been triggered by the camera app or focal) having a black bar in landscape mode where the soft keys are supposed to be, and it isn't the most stable thing in the world, but it works fine. If that expanded desktop bug was fixed I would have no complaints.
+Malcolm Bates
why the hell are you complaining about bugs on a nightly? you realize bug reports are for stable versions, right?
Your favorite maintainers got cutsies, huh?...
Without the PSA, I'd be blaming CyanDelta, so you've absolved them now! Strangely, didn't seem to have any issues with 06, so it threw me when trying to flash the full version of that didn't fix the issue. Glad I tried 05 as well before nuking it completely...
I missed stock a little anyways
Would be nice I'd the cm updater could be informed and let you know in times like this where +CyanogenMod Devs know. Regardless, thanks for ask the hard work and the warning
I figured it out when there was no change log...
guys, what's PRODUCT_BOOTANIMATION? i see it in the change logs :D may it cause the problem that people are having? i flashed 0906 and it's working well :D
i always flash my favorite custom boot animation (Google edition) and font (Roboto Condensed) after flashing new ROM. maybe that's why i dont get the problem on 0906 version?
Why does anyone need to know why? This isn't a conspiracy! Plain and simple, there is something wrong with the build.
The End. 
+Jose Martinez because curiosity. we're not accusing anyone of somethings, we're just interested because we like the ROM. Tons of people like getting a behind-the-scenes look at what's going on.
Why not just pull the bad builds from so people who miss the message don't end up flashing 'em
+William Thieme it doesn't change a thing plus I never said anything about any accusations. It's not uncommon for builds to go wrong so the need of "more info" just isn't necessary. Can you imagine the time it would take to explain EVERYTHING that goes wrong? Lol 
Couldn't get into recovery on my Nexus 7 after flashing 9/6. Had to reflash twrp from bootloader. Before I did that it was hanging on the Google logo. Once I did that no problem entering recovery. 
JNS 57
Too late -.-
Guess those aren't the droids i'm looking for...LOL.
In this thread: people are pedantic pricks. 
Too late. Flashed my S4 and same as yesterday.... No boot and black screen. Flashed back to 2013-09-05 all OK :) 
Now you tell me this!!! Sept 6 10.2 nightlies also broekd my jfltetmo... Took me a while to figure out how to recover.
Argh! Too late. Going back to Sept 5 now.
Wow some people seem pretty upset over free software. 
+Dan Delaney +Tadej Rudec I've been running nightlies on my devices for years as well. It always pays to have a backup, and a backup of a backup - just in case. ;-)
+Fareed Ahmed PSA = Public Service Announcement

Sorry if this was redundant... I didn't notice any response to your question in the flurry of posts. :)
Yeah, figured that out. (also didn't create nandroid).  Good thing I kept an older zip to reflash.
I'm still on the Aug 24 build, and I'll stay there until this gets fixed. Thanks for the heads up.
saw the message but still tried to flash 0907 ROM into my maguro to see what would happen...
and not thing happened after rebooting... the screen stayed scary black... 
still have 0903-04-06 to backup :))
+Andrew Payne i forgot the thread on XDA but i uploaded the file to Mediafire :) it's for Maguro and 720p screens so it may be a lil small on your S4 :)
I sure wish I would have seen this post before I tried installing both the 6&7 nightlies. I was stuck in boot image for both. I just factory reset and even that didn't work. Luckily I still had an old nightly available. Now I have to reconfigure everything over again.
My Nexus S is hard bricked after 7 nightly.
It does not even show boot logo even if i pull the battery out for more than 10 minutes.
It seems that when I plug cable, phone heats up a bit.
Any help is really appreciated....
same happened to my gnex, it killed my battery so I plugged it in and let it charge for a bit, eventually it booted, try to get into download mode and do a manual fastboot flash from last night's nightly.
you're not bricked.  Just hold vol-down and power, go into recovery, push the 0905 nightly with adb and reflash.  
No guarantees Sept 8 will be normal.  They're nightlies.

In some cases, if github derps, it can screw up a nightly even though local builds on developer machines work fine.
Not complaining but don't you guys test builds before releasing them? In the end you said skip latest nightly, not a big deal when its a nightly... so thanks for informing us ^__^
+Omar Bizreh with so many devices, their auto built nightlies get tested by us. It just builds whatever the codebase is at the time. 
Just read the whole comment thread, and the most I saw regarding the problem is that some important files didn't make it into the package. Has anyone happened upon more insight than this? 
Cam Flashlight is not in time when it take a photo :D
I need 10.2 stable by next Tuesday, make it happen! mkay?
Yeah, I found this out after it flashed. Fortunately, I had an older build still sitting on my Flo and was able to re-flash to that. =) 0904 is working stable for me at the moment, so I'll leave it for a while.
Two consecutive bricks, great
After update twm recovery and Boot screwed up. Me dont mind but pleaseeeee remove these from the repository, so that others dont run Into that nightly death-trap ;)... I would really be interessted as to what went
sooo horribly wrong ... Me curious ;)
First nightly I've flashed in months and I get a power cycling brick. Hilarious! Fortunately, I keep my roms numbered for just such an emergency.
Great projects deserve great fails ;) every now and yestersay .... 
a little to late for that... already soft bricked my nexus 7 with that update
Too late. Yesterday nightly messed my N4.
That will teach me not to flash a nightly the same day it comes out again.
Waaaaa I want the latest features for my phone but none of the risk

Then run stable.
And I was wondering why the 0907 was smaller than previous ones. Maguro's 184.60 MB.  The others are 190 and something MB's. Glad I came here before trying it.
I'm getting pretty poor battery life on my One S I'm on 10% with 9h 10mins with 1h30mins screen time :-(
Damn I was holding on to the 04 waiting for 07
why do they release nightlies that dont work in the first place? i m not judgin their work... i m a big fan of CM, but really i would like to know....
JNS 57
+Paul Henning I wasn't bug reporting, I was just saying to see if anyone else was having the same.
I have faith in cm it will be fixed soon 
i did it, now i just created a black hole, goodbye universe
+William Thieme I know that nightlies are buggy, and that they are typically unstable. I was saying that other than that one bug I haven't really experienced any others, which is a good thing. I probably should've phrased my comment differently, as people are misunderstanding what I meant.
Glad it was not just me. Thought I had done something wrong. You guys should add the option to backup on the update screen
I am getting no GPS on 9/5 nightly on my HTC EVO 4G LTE.  9/6 and 9/7 do not even boot.  I had to go back to 9/3 build for my GPS to work :-(
I'm on Mako got the black screen too. I'll be on my nandroid of 10.1.3 for while.... 
All is fine on the 0907 nightly for me booted up super quick

Running cm for htc droid dna
No go yesterday and today's nightly for me d2usc :(
Hi, I have flash 0906 and it's broke, so back to 0905 and now when I take a picture with the stock app the brightness is 0 (dark image, just lights lamp are visible). So I have Flash 0907 with the hope to correct this bug and now I have see the message on g+ so back to 0905
Delete the link of the broken nightly update will be a better advice than a message on g+ :/? 
Niels O
Yup experienced it myself. Went back to the Rom of September 6th. 
So much hate and abuse towards others after reading this thread.  So much douche.  It's a nightly, it's not working, go back to one that simple.
5th last good but it's eating battery faster than you can blink. Melted the candy bar I had sitting with my g3
I wish I would've read this earlier... dohhhhh Thought I lost my Siii. 
didn't boot at all for me, just black screen.  Had to pull battery and flash 0903.
is the cynogenmod still support the T-mobile G1? What is the latest released for T-mobile G1 or HTC Dream?
0905 is safe. 0906 and 0907 are both bad
Thz... I was downloading and about to flash... 
Guys it won't brick your phone (unless you flashed the wrong one. If that's the case then leave). It simply won't boot up! Just restore your phone or flash 0905! And CyanogenMod, keep doing what you're doing :)
Anyone have the link for the nightly CM10.2 bug reports? Is it another Google+ community or web blog? Thanks in advance and sorry if stupid question.
T Mare
Yes. 6th is jacked too
Flashed before I saw this... 6th... Gave me a chance to use Touchwiz again.
+Christopher Ureña Thanks for the reply really appreciated it. I tried a lot of custom rom and one of it is the ezGingerbread from the xda but it become so unresponsive and not so usable as time goes by but if I tried to overclocked it, it automatically activates the screen if its on the stand-by mode, don't know what the problem was but I really want I little stable and responsive custom rom, do you have any suggestions aside from the ezterry's gingerbread rom? thanks in advance. sorry for my bad english,, hehehe :)
Yeah I know, screen kept cutting off on my HTC one so I restored miui second best ROM, or viper one it's a tie!!! Ha
haha! you didn't see anything :)
Well... Learn to read review before flashing latest nightly.. I'm sticking to 0905 for the time being...
I think, we should be patient. The Cyanogen-Team makes a great job & all without a single sent from us. Errors may happen, because we're all humans - not machines. So I don't think, we should blame anyone of the team.

I also had flashed the faulty, latest Nightly for my GT-I9505 but know what: It reminded me to keep doing nandroid-backups. It was MY fault, not to do them anymore. Everybody should keep in mind: Nightlies are not even Alphas, they're Nightlies. We all knew about this :).

So a honest Thank You to the whole Cyanogen-Team for all their work.
I have an Samsung Galaxy s3 sprint and I just installed the latest nightly just now 20130908 it booted up just fine. 
I flashed before I read this. Went to recovery flashed last good nightly. Will wait for next nightly... What's all these people creating a big deal out of it. If you can't stand nightlies, sit on the couch and wait out for a stable build...
I can't power mu nexus s up!Help!
It seems I got the red light of death for my nexus 4 after installing 20130908... Anybody else?
Edit: For some reason the phone came to life again, and I found that somehow I installed 0907 version, sorry guys.
I installed just fine on my gs3
T Mare
9.8 is working.....
This is a thread full of people who shouldn't be running nightlies. 

To all who said "I had to do a factory reset," no, you didn't. Your data didn't keep your phone from booting, having a broken ROM (which nightlies can be sometimes) did. Flash a good one, wipe cache, wipe Dalvik cache, and you're set.

To all who said "why did you publish it then?" they didn't. Nightlies are posted automatically with the disclaimer that they're not supported, nobody guarantees they'll work, and you're on your own to fix it.

If you're not comfortable with things like adb, sideloading, etc. and you don't use some kind of backup for settings you care about, please stick to stable builds, or release candidates at the very least. This kind of news shouldn't be even remotely upsetting to anyone. If I'd seen this announcement before flashing the first nightly that was broken on my device, it would have saved me 10 minutes or less, because that's about how long it took me to say "well, this one's not working," and flash the previous one again.
T Mare
Can anyone confirm that The newest nightly runs smoothly without any problems? 
I confirm that it's running smoothly on Galaxy s 3. Looks like everybody's ignoring me tho :-P 
T Mare
Yes. The latest is working.
Latest nightly 8 September on lge975 cause crash "AP WATCHDOG BARK DETECTED" maybe kernel related
+Richard Surjadi I'm sorry, it's not really a review but more on what people might say about latest nightly and obviously one of the places is here. There's also a developer discussion thread specific to your device at and you only need to find one.
+Jason Barnes joke
I can see 8th Sep build might be working, it get back to proper file size. It is somewhere near hercules vel Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile)
Avinash, he didn't get your point because you speak English like a retarded child
+Corey Scott , thank you!! People are just jumping right into things that they aren't familiar with and causing issues. People, at the very least, do some reading! Read up on nightlies and their issues and how to fix them! Stop getting yourself into things where you'll get stuck! This was a minor inconvenience that took me 5 minutes to fix. Either read up or switch to a stable version.
8th SEP build is still unstable. On e975 sometimes crashing with green screen AP WATCHDOG.
Been running nightlies for many months, with ups and downs, but had the most dramatic experience of all, last night. Returned from vacation, where I stayed on 20130824 for the duration, and downloaded 20130905. It completed, asked me to confirm the reboot, and then wandered off into never-never land. Initial screen (with yellow triangle) would appear, and then just black screen. Most concerning was that it WOULD NOT go into recovery mode. Many, many, many tries with no success. Finally tried pressing only volume down + power, with no USB connected, and the phone started up as normal. Shows I downloaded 20130905, but it was not installed. Very odd experience!
Van conform that the latest build 8-9 is working on i19505
Confirming that 0908 is working normally on i9100g
Is it safe to apply 0908 on LG Mako (Nexus 4)?
OK. Stupidly figured that since everyone seemed to be having success with 20130905, I would give it another shot, since it was already downloaded. OK'd the reboot, and black screen of death again. Won't boot past the yellow triangle, won't go into recovery mode. Sadly, the volume down + power does not seem to bring it back, this time. (SGH-I777)
Same here with d2att 0908, works fine so far.
September 5th freezes all the time. I'd go with anything before that. Any word on when a stable 10.2 will be available?
No it is not safe on mako. Why would you lie?
I am using 0908 on mako, too. No problems so far. 
Well it froze my phone an hour ago.
Oh you said 08. Thought you meant 07
Sept. 6th nightly for Galaxy Nexus toro doesn't work as well.
Paul W.
0908 working on the HTC One (M7)? 
E975 - do not install 8-9 version. It crashes on 3d games, youtube in browser, opengl apps. 
sooooooo...... can we flash 130908 ?
Any idea when the data drop and reconnect might be fixed for toro
Take them down. Weird...
The 9/8 build works fine on my Nexus 4! :-) 
Anyone using Smart cover without the wake timeout problem ? 

The problem is like this: 
Magnetic Cover Sensor Question

After the device is switch off by smart cover, if open it instantly, it can wake the device. 
But if open the cover after e.g. 5s or longer time, it cannot wake the device. 

However, if the device with wifi ON or USB power plugged in, the wake function works at anytime, even if the cover have been closed for few hours, it open and wake the device instantly.
+Luke McDaniel naturally, people will flash the most updated (which right now is the 20130908) and that one is good. So it shouldn't be an issue. Also, people should notice word about the bad nightlies.
Just flashed 9-08 without any issue on toro.
+Jonah Henry I wouldn't say that 20130908 is good, at least not for the LTEVO, as sdcard0 and sdcard1 were neither created nor mounted in /storage for me. I was able to mkdir && mount but decided to go back to 05 anyway.
Yep.  9/7 hung on boot for me.. but quick boot into recovery, re-flash back a day, and it was fine.  9/8 works now.
is anyone having problems with WiFi on 0909, Mako?

Edit: never mind, just flashed the radio and it fixed it...
Anyone care to hazard a guess as to why an attempt to update a nightly would leave you with a phone (Samsung S2 SGH-I777) that will no longer enter into recovery mode? Once a nightly downloads, it offers to reboot your phone, and install it. When I did, the reboot just went to a black screen (detailed in postings above). Reboot, battery removal and reboot, over and over before finally starting up normally, with the nightly not installed. Download the latest nightly, and same scenario. Decided that independent of trying to install a nightly, I would just manually trigger recovery. Same problem, yellow triangle as it starts, slight flash of white around the perimeter of the screen, then black. The phone is sort of on in that touching the screen will illuminate the keys, but it is stuck. You can reboot, you can pull the battery and reboot, over and over and it comes up in this weird mode before it finally, for reasons unknown, will boot on up in to normal working mode. Since I cannot flash any fixes, I grabbed ROM Manager off of Google Play, which allows you to install the latest Clockwork Recovery. Update was confirmed, and it offered to launch into recovery. Same black screen. Trying TWRP mode results in the same black screen. Pretty much screwed as you can't get to factory reset, or flash anything, without recovery. I can get to download mode, so pondering what actions to take with that.
+Adriano Maia Thanks. Sort of the path I was headed down. I have AT&T's latest Jelly Bean update, for the SGH-I777, so worst case I can use download mode to go that route. Hate to go backwards. Must be some way to stay rooted, with a custom rom, using download mode. Just got to do some research. Seems like every rom is in a zip file, expecting to be loaded via recovery.
Actually, from what I've read on that page, there seems to be a pre-rooted ROM to load. You'd be halfway through with root, right?
What is funny that was the first CyanogenMod rom I tried to flash on my sprint gs3. Was frustrated until I found the experimental bootfix 10.2. Loving it!
Found a ton of "trashed phone" postings, in the forum, all related to that one bad update. Several folks seemed to achieve success with download mode installing a recovery mode repair. I was able to get it to install, and get my recovery mode back working. But, each of the versions of CM, stored on my phone, would not load with it. Reported that each one was corrupt, even though each had already been used. Left me with a phone that could not boot, and could not flash a working ROM. Ended up using Kies to to an emergency update of the latest AT&T Jelly Bean release. Hate all the crapware, but in the end, kind of glad to leave CM behind given the track record of unreliable nightlies. I get that we were playing with the cutting edge, and bugs were to be expected. But some of the failures that were being passed out were absurd. Finally having one totally trash my phone was enough.
+Jacob Smock - No, I fully expect "bad things" to happen. Experienced a lot of "bad things" over the several months I used it. What I don't expect is catastrophic things! When your phone is rendered unbootable and unrecoverable that is far more than a "bad thing". 
+Darrell Shannon For just such a thing is why I will not use nightly builds. I have never been burned by CM on them, since I don't use them. But I have been burned by other software nightly builds. In fact, when I moved my phone(Galaxy S3) over to CM I fully expected to brick my phone since I was very new to it. Same when I moved my old backup phone(Droid Incredible) to CM 7.2. I used stable of course for both but still held my breath since none of this was supported on my phones by the manufacturers of them.
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