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Asus Transformer Prime - Bootloader Unlocked

You may have heard the news that the Prime got its bootloader officially unlocked today. What about CM9 you ask? We'll just leave this link right here.

Via +Shane Francis
Now you have CWM, we thought we would give you a reason to install CWM! As you can see, most, if not all, hardware already works! We are expecting a beta within a few days, so keep an eye on this spac...
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Excellent. Now if one of you would please, PLEASE figure out a way to make the Prime remember the processor setting you set it to. every time you turn it off (full sut down), when you restart it, it goes back to Balanced Mode. I prefer to run mine on Performance mode and it is VERY annoying to have to go back every time and manually switch it to that mode. Of course getting Asus to even acknowledge the issue is like pissing into a strong headwind.
im sure that will all come in time :)
+Gabriel Walsh that shouldn't be to much of a problem for true/false. You try using a third party app to monitor your processor profiles?
Yay! This seals the deal that my first tablet will be the prime :D
+Zak Shuboy No I haven't, but if you can recommend one that will allow me to freeze this setting permanently in performance mode I would really appreciate it.
+Gabriel Walsh haven't used it since my g1, but setcpu was always my choice for profiles and overclocking.
Nice, after recent firmware update, my prime always hang by the launcher and have to reboot. Hoping that CM9 will fix such problem...
Has anything been said about the original Transformer?
says this on the download: This tool now only works with TF201 ICS. It won’t work on other devices or TF201 HC. Does that mean only certain primes can be unlocked?
ICS = those with the ICS bootloader, HC = those with HoneyComb bootloader
The tool requires you to have the ICS bootloader (ie the latest bootloader). So if you are on HC (eg how the Prime shipped originally), perform the ICS OTA upgrade, then run the tool.
thanks! i've been eyeing this for my first tablet!
I hate to be one of those people, but I have a regular Transformer. Is that in the works? I think I remember reading something about it in a blog post.
Once asus drop the kernel src for the tf101 ICS room we will hard at work for CM9 on that
On the point about how ASUS claims using it will void your warranty:

Voiding the warranty for implementing a boot loader unlock isn't supported by the US courts and laws. The modification to the unit has to be significant enough to have caused the damage that would prompt you to seek a warranty. In other words, the modification has to have caused the damage. The modification to the boot loader does not warrant voiding the warranty.
Now, all I have to do is sell a kidney so I can afford one.
Can camera module (driver) be taken to another tablets? Like samsung 10.1. Need the most.
Just one question: will we loose the HW decoding capability on videos like the SGS2? If yes, I'll stick to stock rooted rom :s.
will U could give the rom of cyanogenmod9 to the user of p970?????????? hope u could send me that link please!!! i love u guys work!!please send me that link and i will share to my friends user of p970 too :]
Good job, but... Will you port some cm9 for galaxy tab p1010? Im tired of use gingerbread on a tablet, please someone replie me.
p970 too please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Is any one working on the original Transformer?
Can someone please tell me where I can get my hands on CM9 for HTC Desire (Bravo) to test ? Please forgive me for posting this in the wrong place but I couldn't find anything with HTC Desire (Bravo).
+Travis Gilligan, we saw. The US release is expected tomorrow; unless you can link us to the Taiwan or New Zealand update zip file ;)
+Abhisek Devkota Asus just tweeted next couple days for US. I am buying a tablet based on CM9 availability and price. Do I go for the Prime or settle with the OG Transformer. ;)
+ Mario Blataric - Thanks Mate. I will download and try this weekend. Hope all goes well. I will also keep an eye on this thread for updates. Many thanks.
D Dodds
been looking for a reason to unlock, and cm is surely it. got cm7 on my desire, making the switch to ics soon.
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