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Native Quick Messages

+David van Tonder has been keeping himself occupied, building in enhancements to the SMS application (with drawables by +Björn Lundén). 

  - Display pop-up Quick Message dialog when message received
  - Multi-message support with swipe between messages
  - Reply to individual messages
  - Mark individual messages as 'Read' or dismiss them all
  - 'Wake and unlock' device on message received

The feature was merged into our JellyBean code branch yesterday, and should be hitting the next round of nightlies. Be sure to check it out!
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Very cool! I just wish Google would build similar functionality for the Google Voice app
This makes me wish more than ever that the Google Voice app was part of AOSP. We GV users miss out on these amazing features.
The pop-up quick message is, literally, the only thing missing from the built-in messaging app.
You're right.  GV seems to lag behind the messaging application.
Any chance this will be released as a separate APK for people who like their current rom?
Google needs to introduce this into AOSP. they also need to combine Talk, GV, G+ Hangouts & Messaging into one app
I know there's a lot of praise of this and I'm glad for the people that like this but I can't stand a notification taking over my screen. I won't be using this. Go CM team, you guys are awesome!!!
+Robert Daggett +Michael Francis Slight correction to Robert's advice, the SMS app is not a part of gapps, so that no bearing here. 

That said, no, since there are some framework enhancements to handle this feature, you can't simply drop our messaging.apk into your ROM. If your ROM is AOSP/CM based, have your dev cherry pick they two related patches
+Paul Werner I think what it's offering is a chance to quickly reply to a message without bringing up the messaging app (which will break the flow of whatever your doing.) It's easy enough to dismiss.
isn't popup notifications something people HATED about the old iOS notification system? Not sure I get this..Is it because you can quickly reply?
is actually what i LOVED about iOS compared to stock Messages. Quick reply is awesome.
Does Apple have a patent on this?
+Derek Duncan firstly, as with most things CM, its optional. The ability to view the entire message without interacting with the notification bar or popping out of the application you are currently in to reply is useful for people that want such a feature. Worst case, don't use it ;)
+Denham Crafton +Luke Engen and +Evan Petzoldt is Google even still developing GV. I'm a user also and I feel as if they let the carriers muscle them into not developing it further. I mean we STILL don't really have mms (Yes, email is superior. Even im sending it is better, but try telling that too a non smartphone user or a less than savvy smartphone user.) I don't even need it to send the image, just send a link to it and let me download it/ view it from the internet.

In ICS and up we just got call log vm integration, but the app still dials random access numbers instead of ONE number for those of us that still have mine restrictions. Am I the only one that remembers that GV USED to call the SAME shadow number?

Thank God for gvmynumber because all the callback apps I used to use either stopped working, don't work with 2 step verification, or mysteriously vanished from the Play Store.

I can't prove it, but believe the carriers and their illogical and shortsighted adherence to their outdated business model coupled with Google's cowardice have stifled this great service and produced a, though useful, mediocre app that never really reaches its potential. I'd GLADLY even pay a monthly fee to use GV if they'd actually develop it. Who's with me!?
Gene T
Will this be optional? Because I don't quite like it. It's distracting..
+EJ Bergara I understand that it's easy to dismiss, I'm just glad it optional like +Abhisek Devkota just said. I'd rather have Android style notifications and not old iOS style that I have to dismiss in the middle of me doing something. To each his own though
+David Jeffers Sprint integration defeats the purpose of the one number. I keep my gv number separate so that I'm not tied to Sprint. Yes, the sms side of integration would be nice, but it's not worth the trade off to me. No we need gv to work with the native sms app by default so that we can all cancel our unfair text plan in ADDITION to the data plan. (Except for Sprint who wraps it together) Oh that's right, that won't happen because the carriers are jerks and Google is afraid to rub them the wrong way. Sorry for the rant, Sir.
I would like it if when you press the notification this happens. Otherwise I hate it when the text message pops up out of nowhere when I'm doing something. 
+Paul Carlton thanks for the tip about the gv integration app. This just proves my point that Google COULD make this possible with the gv app, but for reasons that boggle the mind (Carrier pressure, if you ask me) they don't. Do you know if the app provides a work around for the mms limitations?
Fcking awesomeeee i was about to change to go sms cause of pop-up but i think I'll wait
There's a setting in the GV app to receive text messages through the stock messaging app. Settings>Sync and notifications>Receive text messages.
How does one in CM 9.0 efficiently select multiple contacts to send them the same SMS?  For example, you wanna say "Happy New Year" to all your contacts except for a couple of folks. How would you do that?
People didn't hate it in ios. They hated that it made you exit what you were currently doing.
Would be great to merge in Handcent as the default SMS app.
+Michael Babcock no please.. just install it yourself from the Play Store or back it up using Titanium Backup.. This isn't GB anymore.. the stock apps are actually good.
What state are the CM10 nightlies in? Is it "stable" enough for normal usage? I tried googling, but couldn't find a page which listed the current issues/problems.
+Swee Sien Lim no offense, but I run JB native on my Galaxy Nexus and the stock messaging apps suck compared to Handcent still.  Theme support, group messaging, layout options, security settings, and all the little things like whether to show the text in the notification bar, and whether to show it when the screen is locked, etc.
Would be great if it got the inverted theme as well. I hate the white background so always use an inverted version.
+Michael Babcock none taken. Nonetheless, I don't think the CM team replaces stock apps with 3rd-party ones, unless they added their own enhancements (to the stock ones...)
is the galaxy s2 (international version) getting cm10 nightlies? i only see 20120901 for the i9100g?
I am waiting for cm10 on galaxy s2
+Michael Babcock Well, the handscent UI is down right ugly. To me is has always been an uglier iOS Messaging app clone.

+Esa Varemo Then yes, I'd certainly try it. Nexus devices are usually stable enough very early on since the hardware support is already done in AOSP.
This seems pretty nice but the reason Google's notification system is stellar is that it never interferes with what you're doing. Isn't this also one of iOS's most criticized area? Those annoying pop ups.

I just found this kind of ironic is all.
Hope its fast like SMS pop-up, and yes GV already integrates with your stock SMS app.
+Björn Lundén Ok, just I remember the some of the first CM9 builds, which had most of the stuff non-working :D
+Justin Hall You'd have to understand the underlying carrier's revenue stream to know why (Google isn't terminating calls; clearly they have a deal with Level3, XO or some other big CLEC).  Landlines usually provide the highest revenue on CABS and LIDB, but only wireless lines can do SMS.  So to get SMS features, they'd need to declare their blocks of DID's to be wireless, pay fees to send SMS, and as a result, take in less revenue on each time a call is made.

It's probably not "fear" of the carriers, but rather it would make a marginally profitable venture into a costly one.  Users paying a fee could offset this, but user fees don't seem to play much of a role in Google's revenue model.  
+Daniel Ornelas Some people may like this feature and what separates Android from iOS is the fact that you can probably disable this feature rather simply.
I like seeing CyanogenMod adding core functionality in native apps. It just feels right to use native apps for basic functions.

Do you guys support Greek SMS handling in the native app? With the stock android I have to use Go SMS or Handcent to send Greek messages with 160 characters.
iWant - NOW!

Actually, never mind... I just downloaded chompSMS! :D
Wondering how different is this from normal SMS or mms application that comes with Android. Sorry for my ignorance.
AWESOME! Now if you add a black mode for those of us on AMOLED devices, stock CM10 will have everything I've ever wanted.
+Daniel Ornelas It defaults to off. I understand what you mean though. This is more useful however as you can reply right there. Also, see my earlier reply.

+Vasilis Kourtis What do you mean? What's the issue with Greek in stock?
still.. nothing has met the intuitive style of the webOS notification system.. how i miss playing a game and seeing that subtle text message pop up.. glance at it.. continue playing game.. wtv though cm10 is awesome. 
+Björn Lundén sorry for not explaining (and the offtopic). The issue is with the greek characters. They are in different encoding and they take more space. So when you send a message you can write only 60somthing characters instead of 160. There is a way where you can write 160 and GoSMS and Handcent handle it.They're using capital letters in the right encoding.

I haven't use CM since 6.1 on my HTC Magic and I wonder if this functionality is added.
I JUST installed the official CM10 Toro 8/31 build...... guess im reinstalling tonight :)
+Vasilis Kourtis I had a feeling it was something like that. There is a "Strip unicode" feature. Not sure if that does what you want though. If not, either implement it yourself or get someone else to do it and then submit to Gerrit. :)
I might just overwrite my stock galaxy nexus for this stuff :p
finally) i was waiting for it so long... waaa) thanks 
+David van Tonder any chance of adding ability to schedule a text message? I love this feature and would love to have it built into the app :)
+CyanogenMod we should talk sometime about how much I love you. Your entire team is amazing, and you never stop innovating.
I guess it's time to backup my CM+ and upgrade : )
Beautiful! I'm really looking forward to this. 
Nice no need to swipe down menu bar. Hope there is an option to disable during video playback. Nice work.
I saw a couple mentions of it and wanted to voice my agreement. If this could/does have an option to pull up the quick reply from the note bar, I would be in heaven.
Looking forward for the JellyBean stable for my Galaxy S2 :)
Darn now I have to theme that.
FINALLY a stock messaging app with that feature :D yay
+Justin Hall Not sure how much you know about Sprint Integration, but I use my GV number as my number, not the other way around. I call or text from my sprint phone it shows up as my GV number, and if I ever wanna drop sprint I never have to worry about them being attached to my number. Also, Unlimited Everything plan
It keeps dumping me back into the messaging app when i get a text.  If i kill the messaging app with the task manager, then the popup will come up over whatever im doing on the phone.  But if messaging is active it switches me back.  I had to disable this option.
sounds great. expecting ~~~
Would it merge on CM9?
if it's a test lynn it work fine
Built in light encryption please, with option for heavy encryption
+David Jeffers Thanks for the info, but I know how it works. I just don't the way it removes the option of using your ACTUAL number aside from disabling it from the web interface. Because GV numbers are all landlines, when I call those on my family plan from the GV number, it registers as minutes taken from the allowance. Without the option of choosing the number from which you're calling each call, it just kind of stinks. There IS an option to choose in the GV app, but it doesn't function correctly once you opt for Integration. So, unless they fixed this (I haven't messed with it integration since June 2011) it's still a no go for me. Again, thanks for the info in any case. 
+Cliff Wells thanks for the informative and insightful response. Having some experience with SIP calling (I use a SIP line as my home number) I actually understand most of what you're talking about. I withdraw my conspiracy theory-esque conclusions about Google's motives.

On another note, I agree with you that user fees don't seem to play much into what Google does. I wonder; however, if this will remain the case for GV. I recall there being much talk of possible fees for GV starting in 2013. While this would stand to alienate a very large percent of current GV users (those that believe everything should be free) I would be interested to see further innovation as the result of user generated income. You thoughts, Sir?
James M
nice feature :)  was using sms popup, but this should work nicely looking forward to it.
+Josh Robinson I have noticed that from time to time. I just back key out of MMS and it stops popping up. I will look into fixing it though. I
+Stephen Cothren I will add the ability to pull it up from a single message notification in the next few days. Let's see how it will work from a ux perspective.
+Justin Hall I think it would be a good move.  They could have "premium" numbers (i.e. wireless DID's) that had additional features such as SMS, while still maintaining their current model for those that demand free services.  In fact, they could leverage number portability to make a landline number become wireless.  

The main downside is that porting numbers between wireless/landline status seems to um, "confuse" some carriers. That is to say, the carriers attempt to avoid paying fees for real-time access to LIDB data in favor of caching that data, so they can be out-of-date for days or even months (cough, Verizon, cough).
+Steven Archibald hmm, I had not thought about that. It already won't show if you are in a phone call but I suspect it will pop over video since I did not specifically code it not to. Android framework may take care of that automatically. Can you try and let me know.
BiteSMS on iPhone has more than that :-). --------> [ExiT]
Very nice feature. I've used several pop-up sms apps. This looks just right.
+Corey Keller we looked at different ui designs and this is IMHO the nicest looking option. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the colors please share. Photoshop mockups would be nice if you are able to
+David van Tonder my wife and I use it often sometimes when we are up later and want to send someone a text when they'll be up, say the next morning? Or you know a friend is in class or at work till 5 and you want to ask them something but don't want to disturb them at work you ask your question now but schedule it for 505 when they're off ... just a couple examples... maybe I'm alone in this thought but I've been using it since android began!
+omega bk yes. I loved bitesms when I had my iPhone. For a while chompsms was nice but then the bytesms guys sold it and the new owners screwed it up from a ui perspective. It does not fit the android look and feel and suffers, like all the other SMS addons, from feature bloat. I wanted something simple that fits in the ui. 
Folks, you have to remember that Google is completely open source. All the awesome stuff that you believe should be native, if it were it would block the developers from innovating. When it becomes native later it's like receiving the key to the city lol Until then they have to keep it simple.
YES YES YES YES YES!!!! Finally!! Thank you! Thank you!

Just got to wait for the build for my device now! Shouldn't be too long since ICS just leaked :D
This is the same as SMS Popup app. Check Play Store
I'm gonna ask the dumb question, how can I add this? I just updated to the latest nightly a few mins ago
It's a very handy feature and I used to use SMS Popup or SMS Enhancer to achieve this functionality. But ever since JB came out, I didn't have any need for this because of the message notifications being expandable. Awesome work!!! :D I just hope there's an option to turn it off :-P
Only other thing that would be great is go SMS photo sending
+Nigel Alford It will be added to the 09/02 nightly. Just got pushed today and the 09/01 build was done around midnight MST.
I've been using Handcent for a long time, is there any advantage to this new setup other than being build into the rom?
I don't like pop-ups anywhere but this might have just changed my mind :) I at least have to try it out! There will be flashing tonight!
+Marc Singal yes, it is similar except that it is integrated into the stock MMS app and uses all stock app functions to send etc. SMS popup is a great app as well. You can choose to use either.
+Travis Schell this is not enabled by default so you can continue to use whatever you use today. Benefit of this IMHO is that it is not feature bloated and built in as an addition to the stock messaging app rather than an addon and directly leverages the core functionality of the stock app for its functions (sending, marking read, triggering the notifications etc )
Still wondering why you guys haven't picked up the HTC Amaze or Acer a200....
Will cm10 ever make it to the bionic? I don't want a eta I just want to know if it might happen?
Finally I can get rid of the buggy GOsms
only wish Google Talk supported more intents and APIs to do some of these things 
Things that suck about the stock messaging app is not being able to select multiple contacts to send a message to... instead you have to manually type each name individually. No support for animated gifs. I don't care for handcent but have to use it for these features. Features that my flip phone from 1999 was able to do!!
Does anyone know if the Nexus 7 can use MHL if you put CM10 on it?  I hear it doesn't straight from google which is very disappointing.
You could be writing in heirogliphs as far as i'm concerned!
+David Jeffers which is why I stayed with Sprint for so long despite their abysmal data speeds. Much happier now on T-Mobile with a GNex.
I might get rid of gosms service one this nightly hits. Thanks +David van Tonder for the work you have been doing on this.
+Arjun Kalburgi my friend that has a GN (Maguro) had a similar problem. I think you can use the driver provided for the Verizon version (toro). Don't hold me to that; however. I'm on the Sprint GN (toro plus). I normally use the guides by Zedomax ( +Max Lee ). His methods are not one click style, but you actually LEARN about the fastboot commands. +Qbking77 has good guides as well, but I find his a little complicated and he uses Odin. No matter WHICH method you use, the toughest party is getting the drivers installed FIRST. From there it's usually smooth sailing on a Nexus device. My friend with the Maguro GN used a program that essentially does it for you. No command line needed. I'll try to find out what he used.
As long as this is optional, I'm cool. I don't like pop-ups appearing in the middle of the screen.
Google Voice has a setting that allows you to receive messages through the standard messaging app instead of the Google Voice app.
Now we just need option to split group messages into individual threads like Handcent offers.
+David van Tonder unfortunately I Dont have an android phone at the time only my nexus 7 so unless it works with like plus message notifications I won't be able to help:-\ sorry bro.
Think Go SMS might sue you for this? haha
There seems to be a lot of lag on the Gnex when switching in/out of the app drawer in recent builds...this feature looks really cool, though!
I would love a Cyanogen Mod release for my Ainol Novo7 Tornado :( I hope it happens soon. Great job you guys.
It would be great if this was added to the Android framework (did I use that correctly?) so other messaging apps could use the same function. Well over half of my messages are sent/received via protocols other than SMS so it would be great to have some sort of unified interface for them. I hear BlackBerry did a great job with that (though I have never used one). Does CM ever send code upstream to Google?
Whoa! Love those thing! Can my blade have that function  also? Please??? (_  _)
Ask and you shall receive! One of my favorite features of miui!
Sry posting here, but i didnt find other place, its possible to revisit, CM10 boot animation?, it's a square... and looks between top and bottom bars, at leas on galaxy nexus...not big deal but kind of annoying xD
Can add the function to mark message as unread? Like the "to do" function in GO SMS?
Please add the ability to set notification sounds per contact :)
please, im begging you - THREADED MMS in the SMS app... and a real implementation, not the 'after the fact' sad attempt that Handscent and GoSMS are trying to achieve.  iDen phones had this, some BB phones had this, iPhone has this... but we don't, its the only thing keeping me on my iPhone
As soon as it pops up it opens the message app and kills the notification tone and the LED from blinking. Verizon gnex 9/2 nightly
Nice feature, but do people use SMS nowadays?
I only get SMS messages from my Bank when I use my mastercard... Everything else is going through email (push) or im app (gtalk+msn+fb chat+...).
I see this is a nice feature (especially if it's optional since some people hates popups) though. Nice of You trying to make ppl's life easier :)
but i think this is an inspiration from SMSPOPUP application . 
SMSpopup application does it nicely the same way plus added functionality ...
With the newer and richer notifications in JB it would be cool if the quick reply could instead be handled in the notification drawer. It's less intrusive than a popup message but still provides the same quick reply ability.
Holy shit this is great! I made a request about this a while ago :D
One of things that GoSMS does better and that is something that we can look at integrating in to the CM builds is the ability to handle really large number of messages. For example, I have close to about 9k messages. The stock messaging client cannot handle it all as it tries to load all the messages in a conversation up front (I am guessing here). May be a paginated load might be a better solution here.
i m also a heavy user regarding messaging application , having  around 12k msgs , stock messaging app of cm could not handle this but with the jelly bean update (cm10) it loads reasonably faster . I MUST APPRECIATE THE DEVELOPERS FOR DOING CREATIVE ADVANCEMENTS IN THEIR WORK AND THIER WAY OF POLISHING THINGS FASTER .
The one thing i would like to suggest is please upgrade your apollo music player ,its already outdated in terms of interface ,features and ease of use . waiting for an overall cjhange .
We are lose great man presenaly but we must do job for our succsese
Awesome. Another nice feature would be a message sent notification. :)
+Victor Escobedo We already discussed that and it can't be done. Well, nothing is impossible but you would have to change how the entire notification shade works to be able to draw the IME on top without it being dismissed etc. Besides that, I'm not sure you can have such a layout in a notification anyway.

+Peter Wang How recent?
Pretty nice. Any idea if it will become available for the Touchpad
+Dan Jones . There will be no more untill codeworxx gets a leak of JB. Because the Butter Features aren't working. Everything else is great :) .
Just wait until the spam/porn pop ups and SITS on your screen while your boss is looking. It's why this was default off in Win Mobile.

Also BREAKs the UI specs in JellyBean where it should be in notification shade and click to go to app. Code bloat for one single, use case. No thanks!
This may allow me to dump HandcentSMS.
Great idea! +Google Voice needs more developed before I actually use its full voice integration. Otherwise I would use it the same way I have been using it for voicemail only.
+Andrew Rowley 'back' key out of the MMS app and it won't come to the foreground. We will be looking into preventing the main MMS app from coming up in all cases unless open and active. Still some work to do here. Its not done.
Elegant! I've seen apps that do this, but this looks less gaudy and more like Android. Also, I don't have to sign all those permissions away!
Hope you can put this also into the status screen. I don't want to get annoyed by popups. Checking this out later... ;)
BTW Even better feature: read SMS or other Short Messages by TTS when headphones are plugged in ;)
This should be in the notification bar as a interaction widget.
Mmm. messanger has this feature for a while. So i thought it was imo's
Cool one. This one should get into aosp soon...
How do I activate this feature? I'm on S3 9/02
Been using SMS pop up for this for years. So cool. Hoping the next step will be preset replies.
Any prospect on getting the native SMS client to "mark as unread" a specific message?
"  - Multi-message support with swipe between messages"

Does this mean it supports group messaging?

Also the pop up message functionality on iOS is terribly intrusive and annoying, hopefully this only pops up on the lock screen, or has an option to disable it when specifically not on the lockscreen.
+Corey Keller wow, no offence but that is a butt ugly screen. I would slash my wrists if I looked at that all day. I would much rather charge my battery. It is totally contrary to the android design guidelines and something like that will never make it into cm.
Matt C
Is there any way to get the pop up on the lock screen like in sense? That is one thing I am really missing.
I really like the quick messages, but on my phone it seems to force me back to the Messaging app rather than displaying over other apps. Granted, I don't do a full wipe before each nightly install, but just thought I'd let you guys know. Everything else is working great though. Very impressed with the stability of your nightly releases. :)
I'm running CM9 on my SGS since Aug 10 and it rocks!! Can't wait 'till CM10 stable arrives... any idea when it will happen?
Does the quick message popup over the lockscreen? If not, can you add that functionality? Handcent and ChompSMS have it.
I just saw that you have a "Wake and unlock" setting - does this make the quick message popup over the lockscreen as per Handcent and Chomp SMS?
+David van Tonder No offense taken. May I ask what it is that seems ugly? Is it the bubble layout?(not a huge fan of that anyway, just want a black app) Even if it was just stock JB SMS with black instead of white for a background, that would suffice personally.

EDIT: Also, I'd like to thank you for actively involving community opinion and input.
+Mike Rans yes. It is what it does. I'm not 100% done with that feature though, some tweaks to come.
this is great. however, its still not as good as SMS Popup which is exactly what this needs to be like. Love that it is getting integrated into the ROM now. Great work
Very cool i have CM 10 Experimental Jelly bean rom - "10-20120805-Experimental-i9100-Codeworkx" waiting to implement this sms pop over ;) 
Will this work with google voice?
GREAT!! Suggestion:  can you enable an option so we can "mark as unread" similar to emails?
+David van Tonder I agree with both of those. I'd personally rather have the stock JB SMS app but with a black background and white text. Would that be doable as a night option?

Even just an inverted option would work. I'd show a mockup, but for the life of me I can't find a picture of the JB stock SMS app.
Thanks for your response concerning the lockscreen popup. This is fantastic!

Does the quick message popup allow the entry of emoticons and more importantly emoji (as there are far more of them)?
I'm in love with the new pop-feature... i hated the look of go-sms
This works in Jb miui rom from htc sensation 
Good work CM team! But I cannot use this because there's no more LED notification with it... Even if I uncheck "Wake and unlock" option...(with Galaxy Nexus/maguro) If we choose to keep screen off, it's good to have LED notification...
Thanks for all your awesome work!
+Sebastien Lesieur the light does work but there is a known issue with the light dismissing when the wake and unlock wakes the device. It will be fixed in a future release.
+David van Tonder any change to automatically convert àáâãä etc into a and so on for eio... This would help users keeping their dictionary clean of wrongly typed words and also avoid the 70 chars per message when using Unicode. Only reason I still use handcent... Please pretty please?
i like the feature msm can show up the main table and you will reply quicly or hide it .
Is it possibile to add some where there an delete button for these nasty operator texts that I don't want to hold?
This is the only reason I use Go SMS. Sweet. Now, black-on-white Messages app, please!
Ian Liu
Authority control function, as the anti-virus app can be avoided, each time when i install an app, only to see the permissions, no interceptions permission, there must be FM radio, Internet radio is too expensive electricity,thx(P.S: my english is so poor ,these comes from Google translate,:-P)
it great but i often make the mistake when i type a message, and afterwards press the view-button. It's really irritating that you loose all you've just written -.-
Where can I post some ideas of enhancement? I propose to upgrade the music notification to be bigger in the scale of JB. That would be great to have better control there. Anyway, thanks guys, I really enjoy your ROM
yes guys, i would like group, scheduled messages and batch functions in default messaging app and also batch functions for people app then if possible video call via network. Where do i suggest these ideas ?
+David van Tonder Excellent! No more MMS app under the pop-up!
Just one more request... Would it be possible to had the "Wake" option on receiving a message, I mean without "unlock"?? So, the screen will just turn on for few seconds...
Thanks for all!
+Jon Lambert re: Google Voice - yes, has option to receive sms through native app, but it's horrible and uses a 3rd number to route the messages. To the others that mentioned, the GV SMS integration app is a step forward, but I've never been able to get it to work reliably. Bummer, cuz I use Google Voice full time. an open API would be nice.. or just an update (none since March).
Where is the setting to toggle this behavior located? Thanks.
esta muy buena la aplicacion del popup que añadieron los de verdad me gusta mucho..yo utilizaba go launcher..pero ahora que la añadieron uso msjeria de la rom..
pero saben me gustaria que tambien se pudiese seleccionar msj multiples para eliminar y no tener que eliminar la conversacion entera
Is there a setting to make the pupup "taller" mine only displays 2 lines at a time so if the message is 3 lines or longer I have to "scroll" to see the whole message. I looked at the settings, but I see nothing regarding size of the popup.
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