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2012/2013 Xperia Devices

The team has been working hard to bring the newer Xperia device's cameras up to speed, and made great progress on standing up more of the advanced features.

In addition to the below, plans are to incorporate shutter speed and HDR Video functionality. 
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Will have to 're root my T again soon for this. 
Ryan R.
Unfortunately, none of the CM maintainers for Xperia TX have the "actual" device. The issue of no haptic feedback and no sound via headphone/headset are still there. Sigh:(
havent seen any news about xperia 2011 devices... i thought tere would be at least one Jelly Bean Stable Release.. =(
Is the xperia tl30at included? Just Wondering
We still need official jb camera libraries for 2011 devices to make CM10.1 to continue :( I hope Sony will release for this.
I must agree +Guilherme Cardoso , I am very pleased with Sony's openness. I am currently planning on getting a TX rather than a Nexus 4 because of that. Hopefully I will be able to assist with the TX bugs...
Ryan R.
+Joe Dluzen , if you're planning to get a TX and slap a CM on it, you'll only be disappointed. Get the T instead, the CM progress for that phone model is better than TX(because as I mentioned previously, the maintainers don't have the actual device, it's some sort of a blind port which doesn't resolve bugs fast enough). But if you're a developer then I and other TX will be very happy if you can provide any sort of help from fixing at least those basic issues.
Thanks for the effort! Been using my first Android phone with Cyanogenmod 10.1 RC5. Can't wait for the Final Build for Xperia V!
+Ryan R. Yes I've seen that mentioned that they don't have a device. As far as I know, the bugs for TX include vib/haptic. The FXP bug tracker didn't list a whole lot else when I searched it. If CM on TX really isn't up to date yet, then I suppose I can switch back to stock when I need to. I am a dev, though not as hardcore Android as I'd like to be.
Keep it up, I'll make sure my next device is an Xperia

any chance of xperia L-_-
any chance of xperia L-_-
I would love to see simmilar support for Galaxy S4 camera.
On stock camera I can get Zero Shutter Lag HDR with instantaneous burst photos being snaped, and with stock CM camera it clearly takes three separate photos making it impossible to not blur it all without a tripod.
Any thoughts on the Xperia E (dual sim)?

Can't find relevant information on the dual sim support...

Great job with CM btw :-)
+Guilherme Cardoso I second that, their "dev friendly" attitude is awesome and that is why I got an Xperia Z instead of another Samsung phone.
Any chance to fix the Random reboot issue that i'm having on Xperia t?? ( CM10.1 RC2 RC3 RC4 RC5 ) The rest.. EXELENT.. except for the Battery drain.. CM is not battery friendly , right? 
Better support for Xperia U would be great! :)
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