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Some New Hotness

The guiding philosophy behind CyanogenMod 10 is that any feature we add in should be seamless in it's implementation, intuitive in its usage and functional to a large group of users. 

With that in mind, we have just merged in the CM File Manager, coded by Jorge Ruesga!

Maintaining the Holo UI, and leveraging root capabilities were the guiding principals behind this project, making it a perfect fit for CM. The app was forked into our project this evening, and should be incorporated in the next round of nightlies. 
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Awesome! Itching to get my hands (fingers!) on it.
maybe time to replace root explorer :)
Awesome! Bye ES File Explorer, you've served me well!
You never cease to amaze us, well done team!
Does it or will it include FTP features ?
It looks gorgeous, but I would like the dark theme as well.
可惜 最近 rom manage都好难载新rom下来 哎
Gene T
Can we get Apollo updated? The app was so basic and buggy (it started to crash every time I updated ROM and searching songs doesn't happen in real time) 
Ryan Kirk
Goodbye root explorer!
Definitely a great addition. Hoping it comes in black ;)
Birol Cin
good job +CyanogenMod but it would be even better if you can implement other "drives", like networks (for wifi), ftp and cloud services (like ES Explorer has it). i use all of them and only es explorer can do this in a very simple and comfortable way (by swiping to the left-right)
Awesome! Hope it can par with solid explorer on the first release :]
I do not want to root my SGN, but I would love to use your apps from CM. Would it be possible to release them on Play Store as standalone apps? I am willing to pay for them and I am sure I am not alone. :)
After using Root Explorer for about 2 years it looks like I can finally replace it.
A quick browse of the code looks like network capabilites (ftp, cifs/smb) are not in... well there's e.g. rhythm software file manager for that...
:D :D :D

Yes. This is such a great idea!!!
Awesome to see, but I'll still be installing solid explorer on a clean install. It has support for pretty much everything you could want out of the box (cloud, network storage, etc) and has dual panes, and actually a very similar style to this lol. But for most people this is probably a great alternative to have bundled by default.
yeay all new free root file manager!
Awesome!! No more other apps! Hope you make it work forS2, too
If it supports LAN access, I'm sold.
Dude, I have been waiting for a decent looking file manager to crop up with root support and finally we're getting it as part of an OS feature? You guys rock.
when can HTC g12 use the rom of CM10?
Curious if it can beat Solid Explorer, which is a tough challange.

However, thanks for all the efforts!!!
Hope it will have "remount as RW" option for readonly partitions. Typing remount commands in console was so annoying I bought root explorer.
Google, put this in stock Android, please.
I second solid explorer. I'll be curious to see how this stacks up.
Awesome. Although I went through a lot of work to find solid explorer..
Brilliant! There are so many terrible file managers around, so to have one as a core feature of the mod is great. Please let it not be terrible also (I'm sure it's not!)
I think am getting late. w@ is this CM10 u ppl are u ppl are talking about? is it for PC or phone? smbody tell me smtin :(
It sounds very good! I like CM and I hope that will be a port for Nexus 4 as soon as possible! :)
I love cyanogenmod developers....who built a lot of cool stuff free for us and hats of to u for that.......keep it up
Nice! I hope it get network support like smb later. ;-)
hi aziz mohammed alfurij how are you
Very nice interface. Can't wait to test it
Will you guys consider making this available on Google Play so that others can get some CyanogenMod love?
Thanks! Dude its just superb
Maybe I'm late to the game, but when can I get higher than 7.2 on my HTC EVO SHIFT 4G? :-)
what Mean ...................?
Does this solve the problem from the 'invisible' external sd card?
I like my women like I like my file managers:  beautiful and consistent.
there are some problems to use s pen on the cm9/cm10 of galaxy note or note 2
Not sure if I need this.
My Fileexplorer has a FTP-Client/Server as well as Network- and Cloudconnection.
nexus7 11.1版rom已经加入了这个文件管理器 赞一个
Seems really nice, good job !
As others asked, will publish on the Play Store
Yeah that looks totally awesome!
It's only missing external systems like cifs, webdav, dropbox, gdrive. X-plorer does it pretty well 
Heck yea, finally. :3 Still waiting for updated Apollo though.
I am using the paranoidandroid rom basd on cm10... i hope this feature will be in the next release.. :-D 
I wish CM10 would finally come to the htc Sensation...
so it should be same as root explorer just easier to navigate ?
These white themes are killing amoled devices' batteries. WTH?
One of the best file managers I've tried. But why is the thema white grey blue? It doesn't seem to fit CM/android very well. Personally I'd like to see darker colours like black+grey+blue, easier for the eye.
Since T-Mobile UK are dragging their collective butts about getting JB onto my SIII, I'm leaning more and more towards rooting the damn thing and getting CM10 on there. Much research needed.
Fantastic !! should have come earlier though ..
Cool! Look pretty, I like it.
Google Drive (and possibly Dropbox) integration would be great.
If you don't like it uninstall it. Most people use CM cause they like it not because they hate all other options. Make your own rom if you don't like it.
+Robert Bremer Just disable it in app settings or freeze it with Titanium, is it really such a big deal that you feel the need to publicly call out and insult the CM team? I've had many occasions on a fresh flash where I wished there was a preinstalled file manager. Seems silly to have a ROM that by default can't play music or manage your internal storage.
Overall I like it...I do wish that it showed thumbnail for images though
Awesome been waiting for this tired of market apps 
Got it in the latest nightly and it is awesome! I'll keep using FX File Explorer, but this is an awesome File manager!
Awesome! But I would like portrait mode. Keeping ES file explorer for now for its samba support.
Paul W.
I have to admit that it looks awesome. That said, CM is now shipping with a bunch a bloat, useful bloat but bloat nonetheless. Most people that seek out CM have apps they use and love and CM is now attempting to make those apps redundant. Competition is great but I do hope CM starts building versions with and without the additional apps.
Will NFC sharing capabilities be an option with this file manager?  Love the functionality and would love to see it built in.  Thanks for the hard work and sorry if this was already answered!
Maybe can change in the future the sound for the NFC in the s3 when i want to share something the sound is a little scare
It just keeps getting better.  
Does it support the same intents as OI FileManager?
One of my biggest pet peeves is having to install a file manager first thing to install some of the apk's i keep downloaded...this will be nice!
Is this better than solid explorer 2 though? ;)
Since it has root access, can it pull from the Google Drive folder? Making Google Drive useful?
Looks nice. I love my split screen solid explorer
Personally, i welcome a good looking stock app. 
reminds me somehow of Solid Explorer, yet it is awesome to have this build in!
Looks cleaner than Solid Explorer in my opinion.
+Michael Liendl true! it just reminded me of it ;) I'm very glad to see a replacement of the old explorer app.
Looks like solid explorer, but with less options.
Don't see a need to make it a pre-installed app. Why not put it in the Play Store?
Just got the latest CM-10-20121101-NIGHTLY-i9100g flashed. Happy to see this in it :D
A dark theme option and features on a par with solid explorer please.
Intuitive? Where's the suggestions box? I'm still not 100% sure how to make customise the automatic back light levels... ok I'm not the sharpest tool in the box, and the tools are great but there's a good bit of explaining needed to make sense of the custom settings. :P
About time! Got it on today's build for S3 :)
I'm still better off with Root Explorer, but this really comes in handy when resetting the phone for some of your updates.
Ive been using fx file explorer, its time for a change.
Love it. Another reason CM is my ROM of choice.
We believe in microSD cards and file explorers in the land of CyanogenMod!
It as the same capabilities of Root Explorer?
If so, well it's more than welcome!!! 
Holo Dark Theme, please!!!!!
I love it. Needs to be built into all roms. I will say that it sadly can't replace es exporer though because it lacks lan and ftp options. 
+Gary Dillon I agree, it's something we keep trying to improve. The description of the backlight settings is particularly bad since it uses terms from statistics that not everyone will understand. The goal is to make features like that "just work" without a lot of painful configuration.
will be looking forward to see how this compares to root explorer :-)
Arun Jr
Should have been a basic feature with android with safe privileges.... thanks for this.
I can't browse my sd card with it. Is that normal ? Not supported yet ?
+Steve Kondik Joking aside, I do think that particular feature is brilliant, though it is a complicated one to explain... would some sort of wizard or training-wheels menu be possible? Something akin to the "advanced" and "simple" modes we often see when configuring graphics cards for example?
Please add app permission removal that used to be in cm7
This is just what CM needed. There aren't really any file explorers that allow you to easily choose whether you want to see the internal or external sdcard. ES File Explorer does allow you to do this, but it has lots of extra features that I don't use and has become increasing unstable in my opinion. Good job!
This is nice, but its probably going to require changing the size of the system partition again for epicmtd, since we're already about at the limit with cm10+gapps.  Rabble rabble rabble...damn this old phone.
are we not getting shy on our /system partition for this?

+Dan Ziemba try using slim bean gapps from ns4g thread
I did notice when I multi select, the list jumps to the top. It's a bit annoying when you have a long list of files.
Am I the only one who cannot find it in the app drawer? I use apex. I Can see it using stock launcher however. 
Can't flash on my GS3....t999....i think The last Update is preventing my phone from flashing custom Roms...
Its no solid explorer buts its nice!
Looks great, very nice work. Can someone point me at docs to show me how to mount an NFS share ?
Oh boy, more Cyanogenmod bloatware that can't be easily uninstalled. I swear the number of apps I have to disable on Cyanogenmod it greater than a new phone from Sprint.
I don't understand why this needs to be part of the system image, instead of being just another app you can install and update from the store or wherever you like. It's Apollo all over again.
" any feature we add in should be seamless in it's implementation, intuitive in its usage and functional to a large group of users" Sorry, I can't see how this is valid for Apollo.
Everything Holo themed or don't bother... I hate apps with a white background, makes me gave to turn down the brightness on my amoled screens every time. Even the Google plus app sucks cause of no holo theme and bright white everywhere
Could anybody please throw up a link to the apk? If not, could they tell me how to get it from the link in the OP? I don't see it anywhere. Thanks, guys
This is a good 1st effort. Once it  has clients for a couple network shares builtin and can share files via FTP or similar, File Expert will be gone. Until then, as you were!
great one, i was waiting for this, thanks CM team
Looks like there is no need to install Solid Explorer Beta2 anymore.
Please put this baby into Google-Play!
Cannot download Cm10 FXP 145 nor 144 please help , any other hosting please help !!!
Being able to browse network share would be great!!
Sorry but it doesn't hold a candle to es file explorer. No support for LAN, FTP, google drive,, skydrive, dropbox, ubuntu one, sugarsync and others. And as others have mentioned it's quite white so if you're into dark themes you're sol. At least it's only .5 MB as opposed to the stock launcher, Trebuchet, that's just as featureless but weighs in at 12MB...
Nice work, the only thing missing for me is .zip/rar/... support.  I uninstalled ES file explorer, but to keep functionality I had to install winzip.  :S
I agree that it isn't as good as ES Explorer in terms of features.  However, depends on the use cases you would have.  Personally transferring files over LAN even 802.11n is via SMB very slow with the GNex, compared to just plugging it in the USB port.

Zip/Rar support in ES Explorer is good for those odd times too. 
Sick !
Need extract zip...
I think CM should have a weather widget as well.  Even though there are others out there, the fact that CM already has the code to get the data would allow us to have the option of managing the weather polling in a central spot rather than for a specific application.
No tablet ui, just like Apolo, cm needs more tablet love
I second some of the comments here. "intuitive in its usage", this app is definitely not !
Something as basic as copying and pasting a file is handled in a really non trivial way. Most other file managers in every operating systems on earth have you select the files, press "copy / cut", then go to the destination folder and press "paste". This one does not and rely on a hidden menu with a non-standard icon to handle ALL file actions.
Once you get it, it works, but is could definitely be better in terms of UI and general behaviour...
if anybody thinks its blotware it doesn't mater does it because when you have cyanogenmod 10 your rooted so just delete it :P personally I like it!
umm for the root mode, is the CM target permissions xml file necessary ??
Thanks for this screenshot, from it I figured out I need to change the Access Mode to see the external sdcard. Good stuff.
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