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Nook Tablet

Late last week, we fired off a test build for the Barnes and Noble 'acclaim', aka the Nook Tablet. Since then, the builds have been green-lighted for 10.1 nightly status. Many thanks to chrmhoffmann for his efforts!
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I ran chrmhoffmann's acclaim roms from XDA for ages. They were awesome. Glad to see that it's getting official support!
Nice! I have three of them running unofficial builds, but the are all rock solid. Anything new and exciting in the official version? 
And thanks to kuzma30, fattire and hashcode for the kernel
Which nook tablet versions does this build support?
This build supports the "Nook Tablet" codename "acclaim." Not to be confused with the Nook Color, or any of the HD series.
There are differences between the 8 and 16gb nook tablet in terms of 'flash-ability'.
...right, that occurred to me after I posted that, and I never got a chance to revise it.
Awesome ... Does it support the 8 as an internal flash too?
This just made me root my tablet! Running great!
Anyone know of any custom kernels for this?
Is the update that appeared on my update screen today, the M3 release? The blog and G+ page haven't been updated and M3 doesn't appear because the string is too long and my screen too narrow. 
No, for Galaxy Nexus. I asked here just because it's the latest post. 
Flashed this on my sisters last night ... Had an error on first boor about media process stopped working but have had no us issues since.
Hello, how can I uninstall Cyanogenmod from the Samsung Galaxy S3? Please help me.
Please add support for the nook hd+!  
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