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Galaxy S4 - T-Mobile (jfltetmo)

"Today was the first day I actually worked on CM for the device. Nearly everything works now :) "

-Steve Kondik
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That is amazing! For something not supported. ;) 
I doubt the Exynos based devices will be as compliant. Great work though! 
+youssef jbili wow are you serious that's horrible there goes the reviews out the window lol I might have to buy a T-Mobile s4 and unlock it for at&t but will cyanogenmod make a ROM for an unlocked T-Mobile device ? Will I be able to flash the at&t modem on the rom
You guys are making my upgrade decision harder and harder - first I was dead set on the Nexus 4, and then the One and S4 come out, both with their own pros and cons. 
The Qualcomm chip is probably what helped this over :)
Man I'm really dissapointed I'm not the average consumer i root and install custom firmware I've been porting cyanogen mod ROMs to phones since the captivate now at&t are blocking me from having the freedom of my device you know the one i just paid for and own.....
What about buying an unbranded one ?
Awesome! Hopefully someone will get it working for USCell soon too :D
Well at&t really threw this phone in the toilet
Awesome, this tempts me to buy an S4. 
The AT&T one will get unlocked so dont trip that hard, plus these phones been randomely coming with bands support they aren't designed or publicly advertised 
What a coincidence I just happen to have a friend with a T-Mobile Galaxy S4 ready to be De-Touchwized. Thank you Steve.
where did you get cwm from? did you mod it in any way?
+Abhisek Devkota good stuff man no pun intended I just didn't want to raise my hopes over a twitter picture thank you for this information it will be shared. You just made my day lol
Since the bootloader for the AT&T Galaxy S4 has now been unlocked, does this mean we'll start getting CM10.1 ?
the att bootloader unlock wont come until verizon s4 ship? i do miss my vzw gnex :(
+Corey Vallejo lol as long as its possible I'm happy I can enjoy touchwiz for a little bit and who knows Google I/O might give us a key lime pie surprise lol
+Abhisek Devkota I'm just glad its conquered for this very reason I want to learn computer science but I know colleges do not teach this stuff at all lol and sadly I Dont know any master splinters of coding to go train with on this stuff
+Corey Vallejo never been a fan of installing launchers and themes just to cover up I'm the guy who wants the whole thing replaced inside and out I'm on stock rooted note II right now but I have the android 4.2.2 gesture keyboard I deleted all the bloatware. I'm just going to buy a nexus device probably and keep tinkering like I've always been. Its only human to never be satisfied and you have a mobile market to where that is possible every three months a new release. Its an expensive hobby my friend but I have developed a passion sharing what developers have done for the populous. For example aokp cyanogenmod vanilla root box and other firmware that these guys poor quality time into. There is much more to an android phone that the average community doesn't know some Dont care and others frown upon it and discourage it. Android Is free Google wanted it to be open source so you can build your own ecosystem whether it be something as small as a launcher or wallpaper change or something as complex as installing recoveries and flashing custom ROMs. Its just a shame that a mobile company would attempt to force samsungs hand I guess in a way to lock the boot loader knowing this device as big as it is would be cracked within a week if not immediately as proven today would happen.... these devices connect us with one another family friends buisness partners the phones are used to make life easier more convienient and for that matter I want my phone to be mine to do with as I please I want the community of developers to be able to develop and make things easier and more convenient for the people who want it or need it... man lol sorry for the long one but it just grinds my gears how carriers and companies that sell devices with open source software lock it up its not android if its not open and its gotten to the point to where its not Google unless its nexus...
Fyi, as a longtime graphic arts professional, I must point out that the "three dot" thingy is called an ellipsis (is not es) 
I am actually quite good at SQL and javascript...what's my take home pay?
85K, plus you get to live in Toronto with all that socialist free health care.
Thank god you guys aren't doing this discussion in xda. :P There would be 600 pages of people saying "go to discussion thread/read the previous 9000 pages/something similar & idiotic".
Now I have a reason to get 1!! 
Love how this went from S4 development to Tim Hortons!
Getting back on topic, I have vacillated between the One and the S4 and the not-yet-announced next Nexus device. I've even played with the Experia XL a bit. Whichever device I do settle on, I'll be flashing CM shortly after unboxing. 
"Vacillated". Well aren't you fancy. I'm going to find a way to incorporate that into one of the +CyanogenMod posts in the near future. 

On know what you are getting between the S4 and One, if you keep waiting on unknowns, where does it end? The next Nexus is likely September/November (unless its purely a device refresh at IO). 

Bite the bullet and pick one of the knowns ;)
I'll likely opt for the S4, if only for the absence of scratchtastic aluminum and the SD slot. But I may hold out for a 32 GB model to arrive.

Forget vacillated, how about working "germane" into a post? 
Enny O.
I'm wishing that all of Galaxy S3's bugs would be fixed soon. We need a Stable update.
+Enny O at least the nasty front camera bug has been fixed a few hours ago. Waiting for screen flickering fix, but I suppose it's not gonna happen anytime soon.
+Enny O one of the reasons I'll never get a Samsung device again
Getting my S4 later this week, but not a chance of me modding it until  a completely stable and functional rom is available. 
Sammy and their notorious controls, one of the main reason I switched to N4 and loving every bit of it!
I've rooted mine to allow apps but as for the rest, what "Enda" said!
Funny, since i own a S3 of t-mobile, CM havent came with a stable 10.1 .. Lots random reboots, screen flikers and I dont even want to start with the Bluetooth. Dont get me wrong i use CM under any circumstances but i just can believe the S4 is already ALMOST stable if just came out.
+Jaap Versteegh well mine is a tmobile sgh-t9999 so it can use the dam as yours, i been following the treath in XDA for the rom i use and since CM moved to kernel 3.4 is when all the problems a raised. No stable yet . just nigghtly
i have a question and i cant find a forum to answer this. im running your ROM and MSS dont work. i dont know if thats a known bug or not and wanted to bring that up or see if anyone else is having that issue. love the rom. 
Hola, quisiera que me ayuden con una rom de android 4.0 o más actual para el teléfono spdr s930(tiene android 2.3) y cómo instalarla, por favor. Muchas gracias.
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