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CyanogenMod 10.1 Considerations

Over the weekend we extended the release of nightlies for CM 10.1 to additional devices. These include:

# All Galaxy Nexus Variants
# All Nexus 7 Variants (including the GSM enabled 'tilapia')
# Transformer Infinity (tf700)
# Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
# Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
# Galaxy S (select models)
# Galaxy S II (select models)
# Galaxy S III (select models)

Now this means a lot of you will be upgrading from CM 10.0 and are likely to run into some common items when upgrading. Here are some of the major considerations:

# CM 10.1 is based on Android 4.2.1. Any and all proprietary applications that you have installed outside of CM should be updated to their 4.2.1 counterparts. Do not use the 4.1 versions of proprietary applications, else you will experience difficulties. 

# Do not use the CyanogenMod Updater to go from 10.0 to 10.1. While you will have a functional rom, due to the 1st bullet point, you will be left without your proprietary applications and their data. We highly suggest performing the initial install manually via recovery (flashing CM and your addons). Once you are on 10.1, you can use the CM Updater as per normal.

# You do not need to wipe when updating to 10.1 if coming from an earlier CM version. However, as we mentioned in the weekend's PSA, users updating (instead of wiping) will experience a conflict in the application data for the Clock app. You are advised to clear this apps data on first boot of 10.1. 

# Another item to note is that the support for the 10.0 feature that allowed for an expanded number of targets on the pattern lockscreen is not in 10.1. If you use this lockscreen, disable it before updating from 10.0. 

# Finally, we always advise that you create a backup before any update. Do note, however, that due to Android 4.2 changes to support multi-user mode, your backups will automatically be transferred to /sdcard/0/[backup folder]. Remember this when attempting to restore 10.0. 
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Running the newest toro nightly now! Thanks CM! :-)
I lost data on my VZW GS3 (d2vzw) and cannot activate my phone.  Not having a good time trying to fix this.  Next time I'll wait!
I also noticed that all settings related to profiles are not preserved when upgrading. (galaxy nexus GSM - maguro)
Got caught with the expanded lockscreen pattern issue, but was able to get back in with little difficulty. Might that be coming back to 10.1?
Upgraded yesterday, all went well. Gapps need to be downloaded afresh, before flashing (those for Android 4.1 are incompatible).
Thanks for the head's up and for the instructions. When this becomes available for the HTC One S, I'll make sure to heed said instructions.
Anyone know if this will work on Galaxy Captivate?
The only problem I had was with some of the gapps no working like youtube and Google drive. All I had to do was uninstall then reinstall! I do however keep getting a "no calendar has been selected" anyone know what this means? 
Pete B.
Great, thx!! 
I updated my Galaxy S2 via the CyanogenMod Updater by accident, but did not run into major issues. I only had to download and install the latest Google Apps package, add my Google profile and afterwards reinstalled every app that had issues (eg YouTube, Google+, ...).
It was more work than originally expected but nothing tragic.
Galaxy S - the gift that keeps giving.
I still have 2 calendars (one from GAPPS, one from the Play store). I was hoping this issue would resolve when I did a clean install but no dice... Any ideas?
What is everyone using for a 4.2.1 gapps package?
I've had nothing but great experiences using cm10.1 for the past number of weeks. You guys are doing great things with this version. I'm more impressed than ever.
Is bass on bluetooth still broken? I have a Big Jam Box and I haven't  had any bass over bluetooth on my Galaxy SIII. 
When the CM10.1 for Nexus S can be released? 
CM is awesome. However, will the Wireless AP hotspot ever allow support for DMZ Hosting, UPnP, or Port Forwarding? This would be so awesome!
I used CM updater to move from 10 to 10.1 and the only major issue I had was with having to reflash gapps for the correct version. Everything else seems ok so far.

Having said that's what's with the camera and all the features gone? Is that standard for this version of Android? I can't even tell it to save to my exernal SD anymore :(
Have 10.1 on S2 (i9100) from yestarday and till now works perfectly:) Thanks a lot CM team:)
I updated yesterday and all is well. Thanks a lot guys! The only thing that doesn't work is photo sync in Gallery for the g+ photos. Is that still officially broken since 10.0?
Just in time for the holidays! Thank you and wish you a merry Christmas!
I'm very eager to give CM10.1 a shot, but due to the fact that I hate when something on my phone doesn't work as expected, I'm holding off, I think, until after Christmas....I have plenty going on in the next couple of weeks to not add "fix annoying phone issues" to the pile.

thank you to the +CyanogenMod folks for just being awesome!
Crossing fingers for a release for the HTC Jewel before Christmas... 
Just  wondering, is there any photosphere feature in the new nightlies?
Is the Verizon GS3 that much different and difficult compared to the other versions that it will always lag behind on CM releases?
Installed last night (GNex GSM) I've been fighting with superuser non stop. Root access was random and refused to work mostly with TiBU.
Had to disable and flash SuperSU. 
Anyone else?
Exciting news! Hopefully Note 10.1 will get it. 
Still toiling in the Epic 4G Touch world with that damn Clearwire antenna that nobody wants to work with. Will November 2013 ever get here!!?

If you're having problems with GPS in 10.1 after upgrading from 10.0 then clear data from Google Services Framework and reboot.
Updated my VZW GNex to 10.1 this morning. No wipe, no issues (I don't use the built-in alarm, so the clock issue didn't effect me).

Kudos to the CM team!
Thanks for the advisory.  Unfortunately I did not realize that Saturdays Nightly was 10.1 so I installed it as usual via the CM Updater.  It wasn't until I rebooted and my clock and calendar app started going crazy that I realized something was different.  I was the able to download and flash GApps 20121210 and my Grouper device worked fine after.

But just to be safe I eventually wiped my device and reflashed 10.1 and GApps; then spent the rest of Sunday checking and reinstalling my apps.

There should have been a warning that the Nightly was no longer 4.1.2.
Wait for Nexus S is getting lllooooonnnnnnnggggeeer
Installed yesterday, no problem so far...thank you cyanogenmod team 
Jin Li
flashed it,pretty good. thank you
+Edwin Torres Thanks, that's more of the datestamp I was expecting. I've been running fitsnugly's toro builds for a few weeks now with a random gapps package that dropped right after 4.2 came out, but I decided to switch to the CM team builds and figured I'd wipe while I'm at it. I'll give these gapps a shot. Thanks!
How come there's support for Galaxy S but not for Nexus S
Bob Igo
On toro, making or receiving a call crashes, so be forewarned if you use your phone as a phone.
Portable WI-Fi hotspot doesn't appear to work on 10.1 Samsug Galaxy S3 D2ATT 12/17 and 12/18 nightly.
You guys rock, my phone is running amazing.
Nice, would have been good to know about #2 before installing. clock is fucked up now.
+Kurt Loescher I had the same issue until I skipped past all the signing into Google and stuff and went straight to settings. My data wasn't working at all and then I changed my data to CDMA/LTE because it was set on GSM for whatever reason. After I did that, everything went smoothly
+Bob Igo If you dirty flash this over a previous build then that is more likely to happen. Try a clean, fresh install
Bob Igo
+Bobby Cornwell I didn't dirty flash, but someone just gave me a fix: Settings -> More -> Mobile networks -> Network Mode -> LTE/CDMA. Then reboot.
Hey +Edwin Torres thanks! Isn't that the codeworkx cm 10.1 link? Have been admiring it already :-) was just wondering if it is different from the galaxys2 on official site i.e. 
All I can say is wonderful, no problems so far.
When is CM10.1 coming to at&t galaxy note i717
I wish I could get CM to run on my Samsung T959...
+Edwin Torres yup! Me too... But don't understand what's the difference.. Enjoying nonetheless :-)
My girlfriend didn't know about points 1 and 4, when she loaded up an unofficial build of 10.1 to her SGS3 she would be stuck in an FC loop upon android loading and also was freaked out that all of her backups (twrp and titanium) were gone. I had to calm her down and help her fix things from about 40 miles away lol
Guys.... Any idea how to get self timer in camera app in gapps 4.2 dated 12.12.12 at ? 
Still waiting on Nexus S4G nightly to 10.1 but while I wait I'm on CM10 stable getting 3 &1/2 hours to 4 of screen on time :)
Dang what's up with the razor hd cm's
Thanks guys. SGH-i727, still ticking. 
Photo sphere was absent, when it will be added to cm 10.1 build
for d2att CM10.1: camera viewfinder is distorted photo/movie. Voice dictation/search not functioning in any app and crashes text input of the app. Screen flickers when coming out of daydream. Alarm clock goes off even when turned off. No save to external SD card option in camera or apps (empty 32GB SD card recognized in 'storage' but not usable). Keep the updates rolling guys :)
Does this work with Verizon gnexus twrp recovery cause ever time I flash it it does not upgrade 
Just upgraded and gallery sync is now working - Thank you!
Running fine on i9300 the only issue that I found was Avrcp 1.3, It's not working, but great job!
Any Galaxy note 2 love? Particularly Sprint
I taught her myself +Edwin Torres, she was an iSheep for years and kept complaining about it so I made her get the SGS3 during the summer when her contract was up and slowly introduced her to the world of Android modding by first flashing a leaked JB Touchwiz rom. Then rooting her phone and then showing her CM, which she now loves. I would be screwing around with my Nexus 7 or my Rezound and she would always say "I don't know if I could ever get into all of this ROM flashing stuff as much as you are.." Now she can backup, restore and flash stuff all on her own, which she does a few times a week. I must say I'm pretty proud of her lol
Wasn't too keen on 10.1, tried reverting back to 10.0 and ran into problems. Will stay on 10.0 as a daily driver for now until my N4 arrives!
Is this a known bug or just my phone?
When I press the home button on my S3 (d2tmo) I get the recent apps list ... actually, any press seems like it's acting as a long press whether it's on the screen or on the buttons. It's hard to click on links, it's hard to reduce/increase the volume by one.
Been running 10.1 with 12/12 gapps on my Galaxy S3 since yesterday. Had slight conflict with superuser fc'ing. Installed superuser update from playstore, tried uninstalling superuser from playstore(no dice), then uninstalled the update, and when I went back to my apps list both were gone! Thank you CM Team! You guys knocked one out of the park with this one!!
Are HTC devices going to be supported or are we going to have to cross our fingers for a working unofficial port? 
+David Robertson Android is fine, this is community based custom software. It's not going to be polished straight out of the box.
Just noticed I've been over looking the version for me got it installed and running smooth was flickering but easy fix now it's great thanks for the good work guys you guys rock 
This is why it IS NOT a good idea to have the most current nightlies.  People that are bitching should know how nightlies work, just wait for the stable version to release if you aren't sure it will be perfect.  There are also no monthly milestone releases which are considered stable.  I would only use those.  The bottom line, nightlies are for devs to test new features and fix them, they aren't meant for regular people.
I saw a video post on CM 10.1 running on HTC One X.
Do any of you guys know a guide on how to:
1. unlock bootloader without the htc tool.
2. root the phone (if needed?)
3. how to backup and install custom rom like CM 10.1 ?

I'm a total newbie here...
I hoped to find a guide on the CM forums, but no luck there :(
eh? Samsung & Asus models only so far? I just knew I shouldn't have bought LG, but I'm stuck with LG P970 (with CM10) at the moment. Any news whether CM10.1 will be available for this device? :(
Now that the cm10.1 nightlies are public is there any chance that we get new cm 10 nightlies or is the Cyanogenmod Team only working on cm 10.1? 
I'm still now my home. I have no job.
I just applied to my I9100 and the upgrade went with no errors, but my google account is no longer associated/attached and I can't seem to add it, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I cannot seem to access any applications or other features, but the phone does work.
Olive garden menu gluten free oo
Big thx 4 all the good work. Wasn't paying attention and nearly crashed my i9100. It took a long work and fixing a boot loop but now cm 10.1 working. Thx again!
Thank heaven I scanned through this post - 10.1 was busy working through its paces via the Updater and I was able to stop it just in time. Yikes.
On the N7, will it mount USB drives visible to all apps for a user?  How about CIFS?  Thanks,
Installed via updater, alarm clock and google+ didn't work. Just did a cache and delvik cache wipe, and everything works fine now. Thank you CM team. SGS I9000

I tried to flash the 121212 gapps for toro and i get stuck in boot.. anybody have any ideas?
what about sony xperia u
okay.. lesson learned, GAPPS also needed to be updated, so far.. so good.

Is there a reason why Currents doesn't work?
Don't need any bull, let me know if you get it right.
Lost data with 10.1 on d2vzw. any tips?
Update today, before i read this post.updated with updater everything works fine in my s2.
I reinstall all from clean (formatting everything after some ROM experiments :-)) everything work fine and today I'm using the first nightly for Maguro as daily driver... it's Amazing! All function perfectly, thank you CM team!
clock not working same as youtube app
looks like the lack of data is due to SIM not being recognized by d2vzw on cm10.1
+Martin Ravensholt where did you see that video? To my knowledge there is no cm 10.1 on a HTC One X. If there is can you tell me where to get it ;-):-)
Flashed the New gapps. But where is the photosphere feature ? Cannot find anything.
+John Risso There are some patches on gerrit waiting to be merge to fix that.

+Grant Smith The AOSP Calendar in CM and the Play Store app have different package names and as such are considered different apps. The "fix" is simply to uninstall the Play Store version.
+Peter Fülöp but there is a 4.2.1. AOSP and AOKP built being developed @ XDA so I'll will move over to them ;-) 
It works like a charm. Thanks CM Team! (Using SGS)
Hoping to see 10.1 on the DROID DNA sometime soon 
This is a very flawless rom, also resurrection remix for gt I9100 is another solid room with great battery life good job guys
Running perfectly smooth so far on GNex gsm. Who is going to be the maintainer for this device? I'm looking for someone to donate to. 
Thank for reminding us to try the 10.1 Nightly. Would you mind to tell everyone to update the Gapps as well since all original Gapps were down after I installed the 10.1 nightly. I think it may come in with newest Gapps,right?
Running smoothly on sprint s3 only WiFi tether not working but I can live with that 
I am still having hard time understanding why is there no support for the Galaxy Note 2. Its the cpu and other internals are the same as the S3. 
Running great on vzw galaxy nexus, but Airplane Mode toggle on the notification drawer is not working.  Airplane Mode toggle does work on quick settings panel though. 
Wait for Motorola xyboard seems for ever
For Toro, can the build.prop by default be set to change the 2 lines to maguro and Yakju so we can DL Google Wallet by default?
Please fix the wake up lag for cm10 first on snapdragon running devices please
How do I get the new clock back? For some reason it is on the old one still.
Will there be an edition for Nexus s?
I still find after wiping the clock app data that it goes back to being out of sync within an hour. Time is still wrong. Will this get fixed in future nightlies you think or no?
wish i read this before i upgraded via the Updater haha. it formatted my VZW Galaxy Nexus sdcard partition weird. it moved everything to a /0/ folder. Google apps stopped working too. like they disappeared. did a full wipe and install and everything is working smooth now.  
Kindle fire 1st gen running 10.1
Its fast & gr8!
On my galaxy s iii, the animation to get to the home screen doesn't seem to be right. It shows it as going to a different approach animation (as in going from bottom to top animation) anyone else experiencing this? And know a fix of any kind? 
How about Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7500?
Commenting from my ATT Galaxy S3 running CM10.1 Nice job 
I upgraded to 10.1 on Sunday via the above method. But like it mentioned I lost my backups of 10.0 and stock. Can anyone lend some light on how to get them back?
Had an issue this morning with cm10.1 Verizon. Didn't do my homework and thought I just just update through the cm updater. 10 hrs later and I managed to Odin back to stock. All radios wouldn't work. I then had major issues getting the radios to work. 
Thanks for all your hard work. I've been enjoying cm two years and not looking back 
Giggity! My VZW G Nexus patiently awaits your awesomeness.
Please consider the Transformer Prime TF201 :( Need 4.2 on it lol.
awesome imma try on my tablet
No love for the HP TouchPad?
were do i go to download for galaxy tab 2 7.0
Is there any plan for HTC glacier ?
Nexus 7 3G build is very poor. no tethering, no sms app, still requires some work. But still I do have it now since the rest of the rom is awesome
Grouper / Nexus 7 here... :D
CM team, any plans to launch CM10 for the HTC Incredible S? We have been waiting desperately for CM10 and would do with some CM love on our IncS :)
What version of Gapps is compatible with CM 10.1?
I use it on my ainol crystal. As smooth as a silk :-) 
I did ALL of the wrong things, because I updated before this was posted. I made a backup, then hit the CM updater. The CM updater keeps the 4.1 gapps, so they crash. Once you boot with bad gapps, you can't just apply the gapps and reboot - it screws up the data when you boot with the wrong ones. So I tried to restore to my backup - which wasn't there. It got moved to /sdcard/0. So I had to move it back to /sdcard. Then I restored to CM 10.0, installed the 10.1 update, applied gapps, and all was well.

Nothing had me "stuck" or anything - I knew what to do with each problem. It's just amusing that I hit every pitfall this post mentions :-)
without support for nexus s .what a pity!
When will release CM10 fire my photon 4g ? :(
Samsung Galaxy S is running very smooth on this last build. Great job done.
I wish I knew this before... Well, I updated via CM Updater, fixed some  FC's, installed manually new GAPPS and now things seem to work. SU is still FC'ing sometimes, and I don't see Developer Settings in the Settings app, but so far, no reboots on Maguro
I wish I would have read this yesterday before I updated. I tried to upgrade from the installer and caused all sort of issues. Had to do a clean wipe and install. 
Still on the TW K3 leak for the Verizon S3, been happy with it so far (CleanRom 5.5.1) haven't flashed a nightly in a few weeks now... thinking I should probably wait a week or two to flash CM10.1 , what's the biggest bug for the D2VZW ??
+Grant Smith use titanium backup to just freeze any apps you don't want. This eliminates them coming back when updating and whatever which will happen if you just uninstall as they will always stay frozen. I do this for terminal emulator and Apollo also
After updating to CM 10.1 and newest GApps on my i9100, I'm not able to install some apps from the PlayStore. Always telling me: "Missing shared library". Any idea?
How about the Nexus S? I think it can run CM10.1. I hope you can bring the CM10.1 to Nexus S
Thank you guys, the nightlies are working great!
I wish i'd have seen this before... I just used the updater and almost bricked my Galaxy S3 (vzw) Had to re-flash CM 10.0.0 to fix it
So I can't figure out how to restore 10.0 I don't have tethering on 10.1 and I need that. Can I just redownload 10.0 and flash that and the older gapps? Would that work to restore 10.0?
those of you that lost data... mine seemed to start working when i went to system settings > data usage > i then turned off my mobile data at the top... then turned it back on after waiting a little bit. Everything is working great now. S3
Saw +CyanogenMod post a screenshot of 10.1 running on crespo4g yet it is excluded from that list... Is there something wrong with crespo ROMs? 
Keith, does your wireless tethering work? It showed on my phone that it was on but It didn't show on my PC.
P.s. I managed to reflash 10.0 however I had to format my sdcard in recovery. Then I flashed 10.0 plus the gapps. Then I wiped everything and reflashed again. Then robooted and all was back to normal. Only took me a total of 4 hours to figure out.
I need Cmdr10.1 for nexus s. 
+CyanogenMod In my file system, I have the "emulated" file and inside there is both a "0" folder and a "legacy" folder both with the same exact data? Can I delete one of these folders because it is taking an unnecessary 3.5 gigs of storage which I had before updating to 10.1.  I don't want to go in and just delete a whole directory and risk messing something up but it can't possibly be necessary to have to keep 2 identical folders (just named differently) with all the same information. Help me please...anyone??
Mine is for the Galaxy Note 1 (N7000), and it showed up under the CM ROM Manager a couple of days ago, and I updated it before reading here. Is this the Cyanogen Update method they are not recommending to use? I know CM is "ClockworkMod" in the ROM Manager, but still. I should say that everything is working just fine - the phone is snappier, and the camera is actually very much faster, so everything seems to work. I did do a wipe, though.
If I have CM10 on my gs3 and want to flash 10.1 do I need to do a wipe or just flash right over top? 
In cm 10.1 on s2, recent apps are not coming up on pressing home button.
Samsung SGS-I897, did the same thing as others (used CM Updater to go from 10.0 to 10.1), but no major issues...however, the alarms don't work. I will attempt to clear the clock data once I finish updating my apps. Might flash Semaphore 2.8 kernel instead of using the baked-in kernel...there seems to be some lag, but that may be because of the old single-core processor. 
+Matej Konecny To get the Dev options (and Perf) back you need to click 7 times on the Build Number in "About Phone" -- it's hidden and will prompt you with "x taps remaining" as you go

I also have the problems with Superuser -- FCing when prompted for access but seems to work once set (root apps all work). I think it's a perms issue but I haven't looked closely at it yet...

I had a more horrifying issue as art of this upgrade -- lost my IMEI !

Happened after I downloaded (but NOT installed) 10.1 via the CM Updater. I just saved it to local storage and was going to reboot into Recovery to perform a backup first. After backup ran, IMEI was gone -- and backup was corrupt as well (incomplete). 

Though I'm not sure it is 100% related -- since missing IMEI does seem to happen randomly on GS3 models from what I hear.

Fixed though -- and running like a charm (I flashed 10.1 after fixing the IMEI)
I don't see mobile data in Data usage at the top. G3 keith
Wiping the Clock app's data didn't work for me. Any other suggestions?
Ah I was foolish and updated before reading -- I had a 6x6 grid lockscreen and the update to 10.1 switched me back to a 3x3 grid that I'm unable to unlock.
How about uninstalling the clock app with Titanium Backup and then installing the next nightly? 
I did a clean install with the latest CM10.1 nightly and the clock app still force closes. I also tried wipe the clock app's data but it didn't help.
Went back to cm10.1 with newest nightly and gapps and still no photo sphere on att galaxy s3.  Am I doing something wrong?
D2spr flashed cm10.1 and latest gapps for 4.2.1. Having issues with the camera freezing and/or FC. Gallery shows photosphere great just can't take pictures.
i had installed gapps-jb-4.2.1-2012-10-12, caused all kinds of issues. wiped my rom and reinstalled today's daily and gapps for 12-12. now running fine. but no photosphere. have a weird issue with screen flicker.
i have no wlan on S3. mobile data is working.
Pete B.
Thank you guys! Installed the nightly of today on my i9100, it works fine :-) 
I saw the lock screen no longer has weather and calendar items. Hope to see this feature return.

Otherwise, 10.1 runs extremely well on my captivate. Better than prrv builds.

Now patiently waiting for 10.1 for my s2 skyrocket
Hi CM10 for original galaxy tab 10.1 is working perfectly any chance you shift focus to CM10.1
I did three clean installs but the clock app still force closes. 
I'd love to see a stable release of CM10 or CM10.1 for the TF101. It might be an older device, it still packs plenty of power! Please consider the TF101
galaxy nexus GSM - maguro,10.1 can not support the blue tooth loudspeaker box. Does CM team know this issue?
To get around the expanded lock screen issue I booted into Recovery, mounted all partitions in the Mounts and Storage Menu, ran "adb -d shell" and (re)moved the /data/system/gesture.key file.
Can't download apps via google play, says already existes. What to do?
+Peter Stergion On my VZ Galaxy SIII, the BT audio is tinny as you you experience.  All you need to do is make a quick call outbound on your phone and the audio will be good.  Try it!!
well, resolved by loading gapps 12122012 one more time. seems like the first upload failed. now everything works fine. great job!
Is there an issue with AVRCP and 10.1?  
A few months ago when I was on 10.0 I took my phone into the store and tried it out with a JVC deck.  It sent the ablum, artist and song info to the deck and displayed it.
I updated to 10.1 the other day and bought that same JVC deck and installed it in my truck, but no ID3 info on the deck's screen.
Did a google search, but this seems to be the only result.  :(
There's no Photo Sphere in the camera app. :(
+Will Morton AVRCP is broken on mine right now too. Has been since I upgraded to a 'stable' CM10.1. I think I am currently running the 27 as it seems to be working the best for me right now with the only issue being AVRCP which I can live without right now.
Thanks, +Andy White  I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't something I was doing wrong.  I can live without it, but if I had a choice... ;)  I'm hoping that they're working on it along with all the other great stuff they're working on. :)
I wanna take out my backup folder, i cant see it at /sd/0/?
I can see it in cwm recovery.
Cm 10.1 on gt-p7500 galaxy tab
Ooooh, on galaxy 10.1 tab------- 1,2,3,4,5,6 version builds released.
I flashed all, and looking for multi window on my 10.1 tab.
Plz provide multi window for this 10.1 tab.
The reason im carrying sgs3 is multi window.
Ooooh, on galaxy 10.1 tab------- 1,2,3,4,5,6 version builds released.
I flashed all, and looking for multi window on my 10.1 tab.
Plz provide multi window for this 10.1 tab.
The reason im carrying sgs3 is multi window.
What is the best way to submit bug reports for CM 10.1 nightlies?
I cant find my backup folder in gt-p7500, its not there at /sd/0
Ah, now here's the warning I vaguely remembered. I used the Cyanogenmod updater to go to 10.1 M1, and of course had issues. Flashed the 4.2.1 gapps, and still some errors, let's see what else to do...
+Andy Wood  - did you ever figure out how to get your Google account to work?  I just recieved notice about this update on my S3 and after applying it, I have no Google account and seemingly no way to add one.  I even rebooted and cleared cache, no luck.
+Mahram Z. Irani I have the same issue.  It also happens in the Gallery app... when I click on a photo or album, my SIII thinks that I'm long-holding to select.  I can't open any photos!  Did you find a solution??
(Next time please disable or warn on CM Updater...)
installing today's nightly over my 20130122 nightly totally wiped my imei and gave me the persistent roaming problem. went back to 10.0 for now. galaxy s3 d2vzw
last 2 nightly versions dont work and crashes the UI
When I turn off and re-turn on my Gnex (maguro) with CyanogenMOD M3 version, i've a problem with the screen's flicker. 
+Narottama Tester has the distorted camera viewfinder in video/movie mode been fixed in a subsequent update for your device? I was running CM 10.1 for d2tmo until the 2013-03-17 build, and I still had that problem. 
I upgraded from 10.0 to 10.1 and there was no google account, but I found that If you update to the 4.2.2 gapps it fixes the issue. you still have to uninstall and reinstall some google apps like gmail and drive, and any other google apps. but after I installed 4.2.2 gapps I once again had to activate my phone with google, and thus had a google account. Link: 
I downloaded the 4.2.2 gapps from the link you posted but my phone says it can't open the file.
you need to boot into recovery and install the zip. you can google how to get into recovery for your phone. there has to be a youtube video on it somewhere. I assume you know how to do that since you have cm10.1 on your phone. 
+tete Berdaguer, hey man, not sure why you bumped me. Is it cause of gallery sync? In any case I got Nexus 4 now and am on the official distro.
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