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The HTC One repo's have been opened on our Github organization and are now available for syncing. The repos support the GSM (m7) and the Sprint (m7wls) variants of the HTC One. 

Nightly builds are not currently available but should start relatively soon. 

Many thanks to birdmann, codeworkx, Flinny, h8rift, intervigil, kushdeck, tbalden, and toastcfh for all the hard work in bring these devices up to speed. 

Wiki pages have been prepared in preparation for the impending nightlies.

Fork, sync, patch, build, flash and contribute!

Edit Sry toastcfh
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Rob M.
Why you make it so hard for me to resist temptation to buy HTC One? :-P
I just flashed the Unofficial 10.1 from XDA.
Oh I love the Sense 5 for now! But good to see this option opening up.
How does CM come up with the device name... m7wls for sprint version?!
Any way I can get the prop blobs? Kinda hard to build using when a nightly isn't available yet. Are they found on TheMuppets github? I would love to know what to put in the repo_manifest.xml so I can build. Thanks!
Just picked up a One and I'm glad this is going to get your lovin.' Awesome
It feels really good to be back on 4.2. I missed the expandable notifications and lockscreen widgets.
AWESOME! Sense and all the junk can go - big kudos you guys, where to donate?
But it didn't work with things like Beautiful Widgets weather and Battery Widget.
+joey steadman Wifi Calling is a t-mo proprietary app and there is no source available.  Therefore, it's of little interest for CM or pretty much any other AOSP rom.
Will the in-call sound and mic work? Didn't in kushdecks build so I'm using ViperROM. 
Will this be on the server soon.. can't wait! :) Thanks for the hard work.
Is this the same build for at&t, tmobile , unlocked(from htc website), and international devices? 
Hi, I'm on ATT and I'm not getting LTE speeds. It won't stick on LTE
prefered in the options either.
+Jeremiah Rice there's always builds for AT&T and T-Mobile and Verishit. This will make no exception afaik
Just to clarify: does this work on the AT&T and T-Mobile versions too?

+michael frost I'm asking if it is the same build for all carriers (since there isnt separate builds like the galaxy phones), i personally have an s3 which is already running Cyanogenmod but am interested in the one
Going through aosp withdrawals. I know you guys are working hard. But I think I might cry if i9505 CM doesn't come soon. Great to see support for such new devices so quickly. 
Unofficial m3 on my nexus stable thanks to cm for the great improvement well done.
Unofficial m3 on my nexus stable thanks to cm for the great improvement well done.
Hey man just want to let you know, the audio using Stitcher with headphones is kind of weird, it the volume will dip momentarily and then go back up. It also doesn't seek correctly.
First nightly is almost fault free. You guys rock. Thank you! 
Thank you! I was feeling hampered by HTC Sense and missed CM. Just having CM has fixed some issues that I was having with some apps.
just wondering if the new build will help to solve some networking errors on the samsung galaxy gio s5660
Does this support the IR? The remote app is one of my favorite features. 
+Youssef AZZOUZI This is not a post about the One X so please don't post off-topic comment about other phones. If you are running a stable, monthly or RC build you should make a bug report about your issue on with the appropriate logs attached.
Anyone know the remaining errors? or some place to read it? I want to flash CM on my one but I need be sure that I will able to use my phone :) thx
works perfectly on my sprint one. incredibly stable. I rooted and CMed right out of the box. camera, MMS, everything fine. I know a couple things technically dont work but I cannot find the thread again
Settings > system > hardware keys> show action overflow to enable 3 dot menu button thing. For apps like Facebook that dont follow standards and would have it pop up at bottom, that is handled by the virtual menu button that is on the upper half of the HTC logo
This looks absolutely beautiful on my AT&T version, but can't use it as my daily driver due to the screen going black whenever in a call. Only way for it to come back on is if the other party hangs up. Anyone else having this issue?
PLEASE make it so we can disable HDR in the camera app.. the camera is completely unusable with the nightlies
I have a problem with the menu button. If I am trying like the description of Peter I am not be able to open the menu with the upper half of the HTC Logo. For example I want to open the menu of the Amazon App and If I am trying to push the HTC Logo nothing happen only if I push too high, then I am switching to the details of the selected app. Other hints how to open the menu ?
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