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New SuperUser now merged.

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I was wondering how long this was gonna take after Koush's SU came out.
Wooooo I been waiting for this 
yay! I really hated that old Super. was using SuperSU before this.
So this is the main reason to wait for CM10.1 M3 release :)
Sincerely? "NONONONO!"
But sounds more easy this way. Thanks CM! Another donation on the way. :D
+Pedro Carneiro do you even know what it is? Its a NEW superuser app... You won't use the old superuser or superSU
+Justin Ingle Unless of course you choose to continue using SuperSU... if you've paid for it... or just prefer it (as I do on both counts).
If I have the Play Store version of Superuser, should I uninstall it before installing the nightly?
Playstore superuser is dead and bugged now , SuperSU is what's been the way to go , let's see what having it built in over a app brings 
Randy K
+Kyle Smaagard Maybe because +Koushik Dutta has a fetish on iOS style iconography rather than following the Android Development Guidelines? :P
As a precaution, I'm going to uninstall it anyway.
Am pretty sure it wouldn't matter , it will be easier to over write it apon update or relese a play store update same day then try and tell all of the CM universe they need to uninstall the one they have first.
Will bug fixes and updates be supported through the Play Store like that could be done with the ChainsDD Superuser, or will it be though CM updates only?
If its over written and its just what's in settings then CM will update if it comes with a play store update then the two will be in sync ,likely a force update either way
+Kyle Smaagard It is simple and effective and does all I need of it, so why change?  Like the similar TB vs. Carbon comparison, I have TB and am totally happy with it.  Why should I change from what I know and am happy with simply because something else is available.

Should I find that SuperSU (or TB) doesn't fulfil some need then I'll look around, otherwise "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
Does anybody truly give a sh#t....
+Steve Kondik - "My big requirement is that nobody external should be able to mess with su. We're in an ugly place because a third-party essentially controls every rooted Android device. Even though the likelihood of something bad happening is zero, I want to get as far away from that as possible."

This change is more important than many people actually believe.
Juza RS
Why when I decide to leave nightlies you force me to go back??
That's why SuperUser keeps updating in the last 3 days ?
so now if i install SuperSU, will it replace Superuser then?
+Randy Kysar he's writing the cleanest most stylish looking holo apps i have seen so far. theres no ios in any of it.
How come I have no su or dev options for my m2 experimental build ? Was wondering this for awhile now plz message me I'm confused and still new to flashing!
I hope this isn't gonna give me bullshit in CM 10.1 based roms for I don't see any reason to switch from superSU and TB to this. I just want to make my own choises in this matter.. 
I'm just gunna flash it ... Just to see what chaos this can cause...
I love the way that it is implemented so cleanly into the user settings. Definitely a 1-UP from the old SuperUser application. Awesome work as always Koush and the CyanogenMod team. :-)
maybe this is better than superuser, I had problems with it...
but we will see if this is better than superSU...
I love* the way the new setting to only allow apps that declare their need for superuser breaks the terminal emulator that ships with CM. Good thing it's an optional thing for now.

*am bemused by 
+jay johnson you need to tap on “Build number” 7 times (in Settings -> About phone) for dev options to apear. and Superuser was added after M2 so grab a nightly.
Maybe now superuser will be there before the apps that require it.
Always nice to see how CM is getting rid of third party apps. :3
I submitted this in an email to koush, but here it is too:

Can the apps in the "allowed/denied" list be made alphabetical?

Also since there is no app to make a home screen icon from, what app holds the activity? And what is the activity name? Nova launcher let's me shortcut activities (I have a cm updater icon :D)
Also the koush's superuser in the play store replaces the built in such binary and then switches to using the play store app. Maybe this could be integrated more nicely in the future? Example many launchers integrate their settings shortcut other than trebuchet. 
Great, love CM... I'm using CM10.1 in my HTC Desire, and works great!!!
So freaking seamingless.  Love it.
When I open an app, even though I've set to automatically accept root access, a window pops up quickly and disappears. It's annoying. Just stating the bug since I cannot provide logs.
+Konstantinos Pap is that a bug, or a feature?  I shut notifications off and the pop up notifications stop.  See the screenshot with notifications on? I may be interpreting your issue incorrectly.  
now we need a opensource recovery.. CWM is great and all, but it could be better... you can only use it with rom manager. you cant use goo manager or cyandelta with it.. 
If you plan to use this integrated Superuser app it's better to uninstall the SuperSU before flashing the latest nightly.
I didn't do it and when my phone booted SuperSU wanted permissions. When I granted them I decided to uninstall SuperSU but the new integrated app didn't show any notifications or prompts for apps with SU requests. So I ended flashing the nightly again :) 
Now everything is OK :)
+Dimitar Kolev yep extact same issue there doesn't seem to be a way to install the super user binary from the inbuilt version so you end up with none.

And on another note there are so many updates to the one in the play store does this mean the cm version one will be outdated until we update cm
how do you get the status bar on top like that for andriod on the touchpad?
Alguien me podria informar si existe una custom rom Para un Samsung Galaxy S5830M con operador Tigo de Colombia y que sea estable...??? Gracias...!!!
Cyandelta wouldn't flash it so I just used ROM manager straight up... Complete filthy flash straight over everything Lol... And tadah! Works a treat! Thumbs up CM great work... again...
Gonna try this on the latest nightly for my handy dandy TF300 and report back.
I can also download and use superuser and supersu individually from the app store... So I don't know what the fuck everyone panics for... Just like the sdcard issue all B.S
The new Superuser works great on the TF300 nightly, but the release breaks the multitasking button on the navigation bar :/
No temp unroot? That's really a must!
To use the rom su you must delete the app completely meaning any su binary that remains.. Maybe use (SD maid) it has a ghost remover..
Or back everything up do a mega wipe and add your apps back individually... It'll work
Have android on it. Just please fix oovoo
When we uninstall it because of supersu that tab needs to vanish! 
I still had Superuser installed (the older default one) on my tablet before I downloaded the latest nightly, it uninstalled it and put it's new Superuser on there.
an option to disable the built in menu and use supersu would be appreciated though. Or an option to at least move the superuser menu into developer options. 
+Daniel Blaney just install another su app and it will request permission to take over from the integrated menu. 
But how do you update the binary since it's embedded now?
+Aaron Ong Unless the unofficial build specifically takes it out, it should be whatever version of Superuser that was included in the nightly they built from. So is the unofficial builds are built from a CM nightly after March 7th OR CM10.1 M3, it should have Superuser.
+Aaron Ong I'd imagine you could just copy the binary from an official nightly zip if you want to update it yourself.
+Corbin Davenport Thanks for your quick reply but I do have Superuser, and I'm wondering if the binaries are latest, because I'm trying to fix an issue with APK Batch Installer Tool v1.5.
tak paham macam mana nak melakukanya. cuba terangkan guna video
SuperSu is better than Superuser, most of the apps I have installed force close with Superuser, but work well with superSu
In my cynogenmod 12. Some of my app says to update supersu binary to v2.40 and how can I update it ...
Please help me out I am not able to run those apps
This is still linked to when it comes to CM13. I guess the custom builders haven't looked at Privacy Guard.
U can supersu..install zip file from recovery...not app or doesnt work...use v2.65...u can download from supersu site...hope this help
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