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Status Update: Tegra 2 Support

In the release post for CyanogenMod 10.1, we mentioned we would provide a status update for the Tegra 2 and Exynos platforms. As the issues preventing a release for these platforms differ, today’s update will focus on the T2 platform only. 

The Tegra 2 platform is known as non-NEON capable. What this means in plain terms is that it lacks in capabilities in media, audio and graphics when compared to platforms that are NEON capable (eg. Tegra 3). With Android 4.1 and above, we are noticing a trend in the Android space leaning towards greater reliance on NEON support. A prime example of this can be seen in Google’s own applications, with Google Now’s voice recognition, Gesture keyboard and even Photosphere relying on the additional benefits of NEON support to operate. 

With the ecosystem shifting away from devices that lack NEON support, we are following suit. Truth is, the lack of support for this added capability will only continue to degrade Tegra 2 users’ functionality of their devices, not only now, but with future iterations of Android and CyanogenMod. 

We will, however, continue to release 10.1 weeklies for the Tegra 2 platform until such time that we move on to the next Android release. We urge users who are using these builds to understand that they are operating at a handicap, and expect crashes if you introduce applications to your system that rely on NEON instruction support. As some of the more prominent Google apps have already moved onto requiring NEON, you may also want to look into open source alternatives, such as those available via F-Droid. 
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Esse Pi
Thank you so much for your work from a P990 (tegra2) user.
Also thx a lot from me for all your hard work on CM! A former P990 (and now a Nexus 4) user!
Even though I have a Tegra 3 device, I still applaud your continued support for older devices. Great job guys!
As a Xoom owner....I feared this day would come. 
This makes me sad. I understand the realities It's quite a shame that project to develop OS alternatives to GApps never came about.
Ah phooie, my venerable Xoom will fade into obsolescence.  It's been a hell of a run for the last three years.  Now I have to find a replacement if I want to keep up with app and OS updates. :(
Looks like its time to retire my p4wifi :( I already have a n10 but really enjoy cm on my old tab. I havnt even rooted my n10 can anyone tell me how cm is on it
Hopefully this includes the L900 Note 2. Recent RIL changes really toasted CM10.1 on it
so that's the reason Google stopped supporting the Xoom. Still working fine with 10.1 thanks :)
Give up on the G2X already and get a phone which isn't terrible in every way.
I have the Optimus L9, gave up on the G2x way long ago
Can't the unstable, never going to happen on 10.1 T2 devices get some love on 10 or 9 to get them a final stable release then? The P990 in particular was way more stable in CM10 nightlies than 10.1 but the last stable release was 7.x. 
The Optimus 2X was one of my worst phone purchases. 
2X and G2X were practically the same, the issue I hated the most was how none of the roms I used corrected the battery issue. 
CyanogenMod u tried so hard and got my xoom this far... priceless thanks....!!!
Motorola Atrix (olympus) ? Is there any hope?
Atrix has another problem, it use an outdated nvidia hal (and old kernel), not made for ics and jelly bean, but there was a recent port to Linux 3
The Galaxy R has a 3.1 nvidia/samsung kernel, and doesnt use all the nvidia hal at kernel level..
I've tried eagles blood. Could anyone make a recommendation for the g2x?
Use a GB based rom, anything past GB on the G2x was just terrible. 
I have 2 T2 devices, including the G2X. I am bummed, but I understand. The last piece that's missing is the radio.
+Leonardo Berrios I'm a noob at this stuff, i've learned just about enough to put cyanogen on my galaxy vibrant and captivate and eaglesblood on the g2x, but I'm not totally familiar with "GB". Is that a developer name? And could it be installed like the others through cwm recovery?
anything coming for the HTC One x+ ? I know there's a build available for the One X but not the plus variant.
From what I've see, Neon appears to be a multimedia instruction set extension. It could VERY HYPOTHETICALLY be possible to emulate the NEON instructions though the processor would have to take some of the load. Just an idea 
+John Weyland yes, I checked on that a while ago. The kernel had sort of the shell for emulation support, and I think QEMU was at least starting NEON support. It's been quite a while, so I might be wrong on some details.
+Joe Dluzen  I believe your right, I might have to check the QEMU changelog again. I was barely even aware they supported ARM platforms! Another possibility might be to implement a "decoder matrix" in RAM. Depending on how large the NEON instruction set is, you could try to make a transistor matrix in a small portion of RAM. When an application or the OS needs the instruction, its redirected to RAM which finds a suitable subprogram to substitute that one NEON instruction. 
+Leonardo Berrios Ah, haha, I should've known that. I prefer eaglesblood because its running ICS; which is why I used it over cyanogenmod. But it was a weighty decision - EB is sort of buggy.
If Sony had told me that my tablet S couldn't receive a Jelly Bean upgrade because it's a Tegra 2 device, I would have held in higher consideration. Instead, they just dumped the device and I had to wait months in order to know the reasons. Thank you for the info, man.
More worried about Exynos based devices :/ 
Oh great, another blow to my poor Atrix. Why on Earth did Nvidia leave NEON out of the Tegra 2?
"As some of the more prominent Google apps have already moved onto requiring NEON, you may also want to look into open source alternatives, such as those available via F-Droid. "

It doesn't mean that our devices are pieces of junk, it means we have to toil a little to say sayonara to Google Apps
I used to love my optimus 2x had mine rooted, only problem was the camera wouldn't work and when playing high end games with the charger plugged in it still couldn't keep up with demand and ran out eventually
Even buying an extended slim battery for the G2x did absolutely nothing for it
As a TF101 owner this is disappointing news indeed. But at least it's good to know what the reasons are now.
+Mark Richards Yeah, had the OEMs explained the reasons behing the lack of official updates we would have saved time and wouldn't have blamed them that much.
How does this relate to Intel Atom line? Isn't it a non-NEON device as well?
+Ran Sagy We don't support any x86 devices thus far, so it really doesn't relate at all.
Thnx for the updates and all the w@rk, putting out the best of my old and wise non-neon tegra 2 classic! P7100
I see a lot more Eos t2 users in the future. You're making the right move cm. We got this. 
Neon appears to be rooted in the hardware of the new tegra 3 processors. A makeshift RAM FPGA might do the trick? Any ideas?

G2x is going to be used for its intended purpose this weekend..... Target practice.
TS Yew
+Ashley Hinds Agreed. CM10 on the P990 was super stable especially on the new bootloader thanks to tonyp and pengus77. No reason why that can't be merged into the official branches and declared the last stable build.

After all, some older devices like the Optimus L7 and Xperia Pro continue to receive regular CM10 (not CM10.1) updates due to their inability to support 4.2 by hardware. Why not lump all T2 devices into this category>
I hoped that Sony Tablet S was supported (tablet S1, released in august 2011). ATLEAST CM 10? Please, because no good ROMs available. And now you drop the bombshell that Tegra 2 devices won't be compatible. Hope to get a ROM here. A request. Please.
+tony tonyp Thousand thanks to tonyp, my lg p990 (optimus speed / g2x) works fast, stable and on CM 10.1 / Android 4.2.2. And all that for a minimum price tag. I can live with it for a long time (measured in smartphone evolution time scale).
Bye bye my P990 :-( many thanks to CM community to keep this really good piece of hardware alive after LG support end (which was really short).
bye Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. 
TS Yew
+tony tonyp Wow thanks for answering that, it really clears things up. (machoman1337 here).
In the case above.. would that be better for a xoom device to downgrade to use cm10 below or the cm9+ for a better performance ?
so exynos are dead officially right?
Was there ever an official CM10 (not 10.1) release for the TF101?  The last "stable" release listed on the site is CM9.  I'd like to load a known-good, stable ROM on my Asus Transformer to use until it slowly fades into the sunset...
Time to change my device... By Xoom... Welcome Nexus 10!
Thanks to the CyanogenMod team. Because of you guys, I was able to extend the lifetime of my XOOM tablet for a alittle while longer ( I was about to throw it through a window because of the lack of support from Motorola) until I can afford a newer one.
maybe a stupid question, but there is a cm10.1 stable version for the Samsung Galaxy S which is older then the Tegra2 devices, is there no NEON-problem?
+Stefan Leitner you're absolutely right - Galaxy S have SOC Samsung S5PC110 which did not lack NEON instruction set... shame on nVidia...
Good riddance... never buying a phone with an Nvidia chip again
I just switched to a Nexus 4 from an LG G2x. And not a moment too soon, it seems! Goodbye, Tegra 2!
Esse Pi
Some news about Tegra2 support? 
Esse Pi
Sorry for my english, but i'm trying to know if there is something new after 40 days. :) 
+CyanogenMod is a stable cm 10.x version coming for the P990? Thinking of selling my device... 
i really appreciate to ALL CM 10.1 developers for old Mobile hardware .they have done very good job.
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