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It begins
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Carey Head
Love you guys.  I mean it.  And I'm not even drunk.
It's like Christmas but with jellybeans :P
Praveen V
Cant wait for the nightlies to roll out
Snif. I am waiting for this for month (bluetooth low energy).thx cyanogenMod
Hope you will make a functionaly Version as soon as possible. I hope S3 Version will be fast there :)
ETA for [insert device name here]?!?! =)
is that nemesis? or is that something else?
Thanks to you guys we don't need a Nexus device :P planning on getting the new Nexus 7 for my bday though. 
I like when people ask for ETAs on CyanogenMod.  That's like breaking the only rule that exists around here.
+Brian Wilcox People will try to claim that rule doesn't apply to G+, but they're wrong! People also don't search before asking questions that have already been asked -- makes me want to reply, "You're using Google+ but you don't know how to use Google?!?" 
Running CM 10.1 on both my One X and Nexus 10. Can't wait for the update!
Yeeessss. Now the only question that matters is when for my note 2..
YEAH! I will have 4.3 jelly bean on my galaxy s2 ! Thanks dude!
Hope it will available for galaxy s2 also
Yes! :D
Who needs OTA?
That's why I don't need Google Edition phones ;)
This is awesome news!  You guys rock! +CyanogenMod I'm excitedly anticipating 10.2!
+Brandon Jiang totally makes sense if you're a programmer using a 0 based counting system ;-)
Brace yourselves CM Devs, the 4.2 ETA requests are coming.
give me i pic from your phone
Yaniv C
So.. This means 4.3 will roll through the current Nightlies? Or will we have to download it via a different mirror? Either way, CM you guys are AWESOME
It's probably gonna at least be a stable version first...
So, will we get the 4.3 camera with a working photosphere?
Nightlies not available through ROM Manager anymore?
Ticks me off Vzw GN is never included in the initial drop. I buy the GN to be in that club, and then we're excluded.  BS.
+Matthew Mulhearn you bought a verizon branded phone that happened to have a nexus in its name. Vzw galaxy nexus is not a nexus. Confusing, I know
Has anyone experience any issues with stable cm 10.1.2 d2-vzw?
I'm getting random reboots...
I've factory reset, wipe cache wiped delvik flashed ROM flashed gapps 3-1-2013 several times and I still get issues. Maybe someone knows a solution.

You guys oughtta just name it CM 10.3....then it would be in sync .... more or less..
Att Galaxy s4??? I hopefully will get it.
+Randy Magruder 

I'm just fine.

But you should really learn how the patterns on sw versioning work. Coz what u said makes no sense ^^'
+Matthew Mulhearn I'm in the same boat, and while it frustrates me, it's not Google's and especially not CyanogenMod's fault. VZW GN was a test to see if VZW could play well with Nexus devices. A test that VZW ultimately failed.

+Martin Eisenschmidt It is a Nexus device, just one that Verizon fucked up. I get tired of hearing "it's not a real nexus" just because the carrier refuses to work along with the spirit of the project.
Can't wait for the first nightlies. You guys are awesome. 
Does 4.3 have SELinux incorporated in it already?
Omgf! Yeah! Lg optimus g need 4.3 and OpenGL 3.0! :D
Is 4.3 Compatible with the LG Optimus 2x?
I hope the ROM will be available on Acer Liquid Z2 :(
CyanogenMod... Best ROM ever... 
My Galaxy S, after resurrecting with CM 10.1, can't wait for it!!! 
Great info, I can´t wait until I have CM 10.2 (Android 4.3) on my GT-9100 device!
Cyanogen rulezzzz...yessssssa...p3100 please.. :-) 
Hopefully this will fix my bluetooth issues 
Probably will get the new android 4.3 bluetooth options. 
Arranca el período inestable de vuelta? 
When will 10.1 be available for the GT-I9500
Toro version...I'll be waiting for you.
Otto K
ETA for my TL-DR? 
will it support n7000?
ETA for my coffee?
ETA for my next hollidays?
ETA for my blow...hum..ob?
Why are you so impatient? Current version is already awesome.
Common ppl .. Stop asking for ETA's ... You're getting this for free .. Show some respect
i cant wait to install 4.3 JB to my GNex but i must do it... because i have to wait for CM10.2 :)
keep calm and wait for CM10.2 :')
How about finishing 10.1 first for the flagship devices that still don't have it?
OMG SNS! SNS!  I Gotta have it!!! :P  Seriously though +CyanogenMod +Steve Kondik please accept the Vanquish device into the family...I would like to see this sucker official :D
I wonder if the new Android OS get hints from CyanogenMod? Like the 4.3 Dial Pad AutoComplete.
Would Donate All I Have For Support for the i9500. 😭.
i hope you'll fix the camera issues too from the past cm10 builds! GODSPEED +CyanogenMod !! :D
Oh I think I am officially a crack flasher! Can't wait for 10.2.
Interesting. Wish CM ROM morefast, my HD2 is so old, it's difficult to afford new release.
Arigatou gozaimasu, CM team! I wanna ver la última versión on my XT910
Will the new CM 10.2 support transparent statusbar and navbar? It would be the feature, which would let me come back to CM...
You are The Best! I'm ready to download ... :-)
+Gabriel Mornat Yeah, I'm aware VZW is a PITA, I was just expressing my dissatisfaction with the situation.  Just sucks I have to wait for the "all devices" AOSP drop, then the CM merge. I'd skip VZW and go somewhere else if the coverage wasn't stellar in my area.
Cool! I am pretty happy with my galaxy nexus at the moment with CM 10.1 but I am looking forward to the the new bluetooth features. Hopefully it will finally stream song info to my car stereo. 
+Ashok Kumar I know, and I have but it randomly "cant connect to camera" so I have to reboot. I normally wouldn't care about a good ole reboot, but with the camera I was missing out on capturing life events. I hope with cm I can get a stable camera with photosphere. fingers crossed
Never ask a date. They will release when its ready. No need to rush perfection. These guys work hard for free as it is. Patience yields good results. 
10.2 what time?i9300
+CyanogenMod  Wishlist!

Google Wallet has been reported to work on the ported binaries. Yes please.
Does someone knows is APT-X is supported by CM10.1 or 10.2 please?
Do we have an eta on the d2vzw? 
+Mike Kozdron Did it work for you?
I have a Galaxy S2 with CM10.2 and it still doesn't sync with the flex
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