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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - LTE

Codeworkx (+Daniel Hillenbrand) and madmack have been hard at work, and the first Experimental test-build for the GSM Galaxy Note 2 LTE, aka t0lte, is now on!

This test-build will work for the following devices:

# GT-N7105 - International
# SGH-I317 - AT&T
# SGH-T889 - T-mobile

CDMA support is still being worked on by sbrissen, and we will put out a notice for when the Verizon and Sprint versions are ready. 

For you GSM owners, go read the wiki first, then grab your build!

If you don't know what 'experimental test-build' means, then this isn't for you. 
Installing a custom recovery on Galaxy Note 2 LTE. Samsung devices come with a unique boot mode called Download Mode which is very similar to Fastboot Mode on some devices with unlocked bootloaders. H...
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Was considering passing my SGS3 to a friend and getting a note 2 for myself a week or two ago...but opted against it thus far due to no sprint note 2 cyanogenmod support. Maybe when this gets off the ground I'll try this out.
Yes, but what's the ETA for the TMobile NoteII...WAIT!! THIS IS IT? fantastic! (think I'll wait a few days if experimental level but this is great to see at last).
Hats off to the CM team as always for their fine work.
Great job guys, Thanks to all of you for your hard work. 
does anyone know if the cm10.1 build for the tmo note 2 support the new tmobile lte towers? or will that be added later. im waiting to purchase one until i have this confirmed.
Thank you very much. Solid rom so far for an experimental. 
As the galaxy s3 lte (i9305) has identical hardware, will CM eventually be ported to that? 
+Mehdi Missous I wouldn't say identical, but combine the N7105 tree (modem parts) with the I9300 tree (rest of the parts pretty much) and you've got an I9305 tree!
Is anyone having Bluetooth issues?
+Juan Guzman CM supports the Android 4.1 pen API so any apps written using that will work. There are good replacements for many of Samsung's apps.
+Mehdi Missous The I9300 is an Exynos 4 Quad device as well, it just has less ram, that hardly qualifies as much of a difference. Hell we've even managed to boot an almost unmodified I9300 CyanogenMod 10.1 ROM and kernel (modified ramdisk for correct partitions) on the I9305, with only radio and a few other things not working straight out of the box. That's where the N7105 comes in as I think they share the same modem?
+Adrian Bjugård Understood. I know the i9300 is essentially an i9305 with less RAM. However, logically; one can now deduce that the Note 2 hardware has more in common with the i9305 than the i9300 does. Other than the screen sizes, they're essentially the same.
+Mehdi Missous Looking at the N7105 tree I can't help but come to the same conclusion. Either way I do not have the skills to do anything about this, though from looking at it it doesn't seem much is necessary! Fingers crossed some nice dev wants to help us out!
i definitely will donate. . Thankz for add the t_mobile note 2
The t0lte is fast stock. The first developmental cm10.1 build is even faster. Here's to a long, successful build history, thank you CM!
Up an running on my T-Mobile GN 2. Like a breath of fresh air.
Are GApps build in, or are they a separate download? If separate, could I have a link please? 
Tried it on the N7105T variant (Telstra in Australia) errors out with a build.props or similar error...not yet ready I guess...stuck with Touchwiz icons the size of planets on my homescreen and those pesky dots that take up a row... think I will just install Nova for now..
I want to know if they are working for the samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket jelly bean 4.2.1
Anyone know if multi window support is enabled? Doubt it, but a boy can dream....
+Daniel Dubs, excellent :-) thank you 
I would love to see Multi View and S-Pen on this mod also. Can someone confirm if they are included?
You could probably sneak some Touchwiz apk crap into your rom but it doesn't seem like it would necessarily work, also I don't see the point.  I mean, Multi view isn't all that great and nor is the S-pen, or anything that begins with "S-"
Also, which one is the i317, all I see is the t0lte; I'm planning on buying the AT&T one.
Oh I guess it works for all of em
The more I read, the more it is model specific. I317 is the At&t the i317m is the Canadian version. So the t0lte will work on all i317 or i317m
+Carsen Yates It wouldn't work as CM does not have any TouchWiz frameworks . MultiView and other TouchWiz features need certain TouchWiz Frameworks
Are we going to get support for the Galaxy S Relay 4G (TMO) aka SGH-T699???
installed on my note 2 and it is running very well. I am not getting LTE connection though, only 3G, Hspa and Hspa+
can anyone help?
Having the same issue on my GS3. I believe it was working when I first flashed with 1/25 nightly.
I started getting some LTE (it says 4G) but not too often, it's on H or H+ most of the time 
Regarding multi-view In tried I ROM that supported it but once I got used to the stock Android interface I found it very annoying using touchwiz again
I noticed that I don't get a lot of LTE connectivity with this ROM and the S-Pen doesn't work very smoothly so I am back to Touch-EW-Wiz
The S-Pen works BUT not as smoothly and no AirView
I have been trying to flash CM10.1 onto my Note 2 i317M and I keep getting Status 7 Error...  I can flash any other rom I come across, just not this one.  Any ideas why?
Hola tengo un note 2 gth-t889 lo estoy usando en Argentina.alguien sabe como cambiar el Módem para que agarre señal
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