Privacy Guard Manager

In addition to bug fixes, one of the comments to come out of the nightlies that have included Privacy Guard was that while the per-app method worked, going app by app through the settings window was tedious. 

Thanks to Lars Greiss of SlimRoms, working with our User Experience (UX) team, this morning we merged in a central screen for you to manage your apps. 

The Manager allows for easier toggling of the 'default-on' behavior. Further, the list of apps it shows upon opening is a list  that shows only user apps which have critical permissions privacy guard can protect. (You can still have it list all apps on your device). 

There is also an initial dialog to explain Privacy Guard to new users (one-time), and long pressing an app will take you to the standard application detail screen. 

This new UI will be in the next set of nightlies, give it a try and let us know what you think!
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