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i9500: Galaxy S4 Intl Bring-up Status update

It's been a few months since we last reported on the status of the international (exynos 5) variant of the S4. When we began the process of porting to this device we were still in the days of 10.2 code. With the release of Kitkat and the transition to CM11 we made an effort to move the bring-up process to target CM11 as well. 

Thanks to the efforts of +Ethan Chen and some additional help from the community (h/t Alberto96), we are now ready to begin the process of bringing in the unofficial port to mainline CM. 

The code today exists on Ethan's github. We have some clean-up and polish left to be done (in-call BT is semi-stable) but that is a small ticket item given the scope of the larger bring-up task. 

We are not ready for nightlies yet, but given this device was donated to the project by the team at @HiveHosting, we wanted to give an update given this is a milestone phase of that project. 

A follow-up will be posted once nightlies are enabled. In the meantime, homebuilders can grab the code from:
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Please care about Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition (P600, P601, P605) too
Waiting for this since I bought the Galaxy s4 i9500. Ready to push the CM onto my phone.
Wooohoooooo! Best news of the year xD
Wooohoooooo! Best news of the year xD
Wooohoooooo! Best news of the year xD
This sounds fine... but when we can see the last stable 10.2.1 for the german S3 i9300 edition?
Finally Some sweet CM love to my I9500 baby! Keep rolling out the updates CM team!
What in the world? There are ways to donate for a particular device. Should have read this earlier. How can I donate to help the research for the the i9500 (The actual i9500 Octa Core, not the international i9505 one).
+Luis Alvarado I believe they donated a device itself, not money earmarked for a specific device.
M using the cynogenmod 11 on my i9500 and I am loving it. It's my daily driver! 
It's a costume rom that's based on Android 4.4.2. 
Brings the latest features from Android. As you know that the i9500 is still on Android 4.3. So with cynogenmod 11 we get android 4.4 which packs the latest features. 
Ohh this the best news from CyanogenMod :) Thank you very much CyanogenMod Inc for this 
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Good news for the Exynos 5 phones out there. This could mean easier AOSP ports for the Note 3 (N900), 10.1 (2014 edition) and the new Pro serie tablets.
Heh, I stopped using Samsung long ago, and I see their products are still problematic. It's weird that you'd even buy their phone if you think about using CM.
+Evert Grul  CM = CyanogenMod. It could also mean Centimeter or Community Manager but right now it just means Creepy Manager.. I mean CyanogenMod.
Exynos 5 is a great SoC. Hope that SGN 3 on this SoC will get CM love too some day.
I got a I9500 and I cant wait for a stable cm11, what's the best choice for my phone? 
+Dabu Xian samsung phones are problematics to opensource community indeed.. But the fact their technology is more advance that other vendors.. Who can beat amoled yet? HMP (fail on s4), exynos5 is true a15.. Sadness for community their device is closed hardware and source
Yeeeeeeessss 2014 starring great! I was just selling my phone.. now i will wait to try some CM11 before doing that.. intervigilum and alberto96 you are my favorite persons right now!
Yuuuuppp... I'll get my s4 inside the trash.
I think India gets the i9500, so should a good size user base. 
finally! we can taste the real kitkat via cm11 soon :P
This is awesome. I've been using CM 11 for about a month on my i9500, and is awesome. I can't think on returning to TW :)
Awesome work from everyone with special props from me to Alberto96 and Ethan. Thanks!
I think Alberto96 deserves a better mention, since he was the only dev ready to iron out the bugs when the device was abandoned by almost everyone else. 
hope its not a problem communication is ara sorry
Just wanna know when will release official nightlies?
That's awesome. The responsiveness of the development team is what amazed me !
when will the first assembly?
Guess that is your revolutionary feature :) 
Hey gus ! can some tell me how install kitkat on my i9500 by using cynogenmod
Thanks to Ethan Chen for bringing basics, and most great thanks to Runedrune who begun moving this rom forward and Alberto96 for bringing this rom to ultimate level. Also not to forget to mention AndreiLux for perseus kernel which is used in curent build, thanks to NBruderman and OZ_90 for sound fixes. Thanks to everyone who participated in development. 
WooHooo this is incredible news. Finally, I been looking for this moment for ages. Once cm team tackles a device the whole game changes for the better. Thank you so much for taking on this troublesome Samsung branded device. 
+Mehdi Trabelsi Hey Mehdi at this moment it is not realistic. If you head over to xda, they have some roms there that resemble kitkat. The CM roms however still have bugs but are almost ready to use as a daily driver. Best stick with 4.3 custom roms for now, like Prism Barebone 4.3. You can use Xposed framework to customize it to your hearts content. Soon, I reckon the CM roms will be ready for this device but for now, if you need a phone as a daily driver, use Prism Barebone. You can find it at XDA Developers, along with 4.4 cm11 roms if you need to.
Hey CyanogenMod can y'all please integrate this stock Android phone dialer into y'all OS so that I can't manually program my phone I'm stuck when it comes to y'all AOSP dialer thanks man in advance
Thanks a lot for this big effort devs. You rock. As usual.
In a future, the CM INSTALLER works whits i9500?
I so badly want this on my GT-i9300
will this work on my i9502? it is identical in hardware to the i9500, aside from the dual sim. I don't mind loosing one sim slot, if i can get +CyanogenMod 
+Jorge Quintanilla Only the code has been released but I am sure at XDA Developers you can find a cm11 rom for your device. Awesome device. 
all y'all requesting other devices can back off! us i9500 users have had to wait longer and be more patient than anyone else! ;) dealing with crapsung's unreleased documentation and touchwiz crap since I bought this phone last June!
try and last cm..
Does this mean that Note 3 exynos variant will also get CM soon?
A lot of bugs still..Hopefully in a months time a stable version might come out
why i9500 nightly not announced? its now official!
I can't download from the browsers! I am on the I9500 2/17/14 Experimental Cyanogenmod. I would like to update to the newest Nightly, but the GS4 won't allow me to. It says it is unable to download file. The Browsers according to Mozilla says,
"No SD Card
An SD card is required to download /storage/emulated/0/Download/(thefilenumber).apk.part."
I couldn't take a screenshot either. Also when trying to download Call of Mini Infinity The GS4 says Error 492. When trying to backup my data from Titanium Backup it says I have no storage available. I looked into apps and I have 6.4 GB left. I am currently running 4.4.2 android with CM version 11-20140217-EXPERIMENTAL-i9500. HELP! I would highly appreciate it!
+Shino Shad yes, the nigthly has some issue on storage(you can't r/w) you must flash custom kernel or CM repacked kernel
when will your guys fix the sd card?
where can I find  Perseus kernel 16.1 ??
Perseus  is not working on the last updates, is this happening only to me ??
I've been seeing that nighties keep coming every week now, but we don't know what is fixed or not do we? 
Please try to write about the update or bug fixes in the package. Cause you guys are having noisy voice issues in call for last few nightlies and I download every nightly hoping to get it fixed but unfortunately it doesn't. So, if you would have included a bug fixes note, then it would have been easier for us to know. 
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