i9500: Galaxy S4 Intl Bring-up Status update

It's been a few months since we last reported on the status of the international (exynos 5) variant of the S4. When we began the process of porting to this device we were still in the days of 10.2 code. With the release of Kitkat and the transition to CM11 we made an effort to move the bring-up process to target CM11 as well. 

Thanks to the efforts of +Ethan Chen and some additional help from the community (h/t Alberto96), we are now ready to begin the process of bringing in the unofficial port to mainline CM. 

The code today exists on Ethan's github. We have some clean-up and polish left to be done (in-call BT is semi-stable) but that is a small ticket item given the scope of the larger bring-up task. 

We are not ready for nightlies yet, but given this device was donated to the project by the team at @HiveHosting, we wanted to give an update given this is a milestone phase of that project. 

A follow-up will be posted once nightlies are enabled. In the meantime, homebuilders can grab the code from:
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