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Do heed the warning, this is for the non-Google Play Edition. 
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Sweet!!!! Mine arrives tomorrow!
Yknow, it has WiFi...
Oh, I assume you mean GSM type connectivity. Who knows? I just want this tablet to reach NZ... Or for Sony to make an 8" tablet.... Mmm.
I saw some hacks to bypass carrier blocking on xda
3G is, at best, $20/GB here... 4G requires being on a pricey plan and entails a $10/mo surcharge. Tethering is thankfully unrestricted by all telcos, so personally, I'm happy with WiFi only :P
puts G Pad on wish list
Aha, certainly a fair case then :D
I'd say "why not the Nexus 7" but I could ask myself the same question... >_>
Yeah... If I wanted a small tablet, I'd cut out the middle man and get a Z Ultra or something. :P
With a Google edition cyanogenmod work is cut out on this device. Most of the work is already done.. I mean.. When compared to other devices without a Google edition 
+Nick Atkins unless my English is wrong that means the same thing.. Anybody else can say if I'm right? 
+Nick Atkins I don't think I'm wrong in the sentence.
A Google edition or nexus device is usually the first ones to have custom rom on it.
Just look at the nexus 5 and it's cyanogenmod 11 start.. Instead of nightlies it got straight to m1

Doesn't mean driver support? Not even in binary files?
And doesn't the source code gets released after a few weeks of the device being launched? 
+Nick Atkins you're right about the sentence, English is not my native language you know..

About the rest, I don't think I am wrong 
+Joaquim Santosthe only reason they took them straight to M1 is for bug reporting. GPE's are not Nexus devices. The still have proprietary drivers and do not use the aosp framework 
Does it mean you have all necessary drivers to make it work? I really like g-pad 8.3 but i remember how samsung treated us with i9100 exynos drivers so I would like to be sure before i get one...
Anyone meet problem with the camera in this build? Check my plus plz
Why don't we have the camera button on cyanogen mod 11 lockscreen
Kev K
I'll patiently wait and when CM 11 is available for the gpe, I will flash it! Gonna be great!
+CyanogenMod Hi guys, any x86?

No "this week" from long time, no other info, just give us a quick update :)
all devices that have not received a final version of cm-10.2, they will still have a final stable version of the cm-10.2 ?
Can you please confirm if it supports Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Variant without LTE? Cause I can find this particular on the least of compatible devices on their website. I see it does support the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE Version but not the un-LTE international Variant. 

Thank you
when will we see the overclock for the new kernell ...i think allot of ppl are waiting for this
Slim has 4.4.2 ,my phone is i9100g.😕
+CyanogenMod  any good news for i9500?, it seems no new update news on i9500 development
Awesome! Thanks for getting CM onto this device so quickly. I just picked one up today and a couple of minutes with LG's awful skin was more than enough! CM here I come. 
Having some issues instaling this. Hope for the stable version asap - the LG skin is no good. The device itself is great.

I've got it on my non gpe and it's great
Is there a tutorial how to flash it? The CM instaler doesnt support the device

You need to be rooted and have a custom recovery like twrp or cwm then flash it from recovery
is there a cyanogenmod version ( jelly bean) for the dell streak 7 that camara works?
Sorry Ricardo...apologize for my ignorance: what is exactly the GPE variant? I've tried to install the CM rom but I wasn't able to complete the topic getting a error from the recovery not able to properly unpack the mod.
Is there somewhere an easier procedure to do it? I'm not a super techy and I'm never sure I did everything in the right way.
Hello Ricardo, are there any news about the v510 (GPE) variant yet? I've been anxiously expecting an update on this, hoping to finally be able to put CM11 on mine, but so far it seems like it's still not supported.
+Andrew Lee I do have the same problem +Matic Jezeršek has. My device is rooted and I have a twrp recovery but this is not capable to flash the rom and I always get the error. I have the impression the recovery is not the right one, but I got it from a post in XDA very specific for the gPad. I don't have the device with me now, but I guess the recovery version is quite old, something like 2.x.x.
Any concrete suggestion?
So when is the gpe (V510) getting the install support?
+Diego Lopez Crane I'm also eagerly awaiting news about this. I got the GPE specifically because I thought there would be more custom rom support than the regular variant, but I'm sad to see it's the other way around. 
I'm also waiting for news on the v510 GPE version. Is it still coming?
Honestly I started using the xposed framework and I love it. I think it's way better than custom Roms 
Gravity box and just a few other modules does way more. And I think has better performance. Plus I'm also using the sleekai custom kernel. He is a great Dev and it works well
My main concern is being dependant on LG for Android updates. If we get CM11 we'll most likely get Android L and more, but without it there's no guarantee.
Its the google play edition remember? The longest I've ever waited for an update is because I was too lazy to sideload it. The gpe devices still get updates almost as soon as its published. The only thing lg does is handle a few hardware specific changes. And believe it or not they want to do it asap. Its more expensive for them the longer it takes 
As much as I love cm and I use it on several of my devices. I'd actually say there is more of a guarantee on the stock gpe than cm. Because its based on Dev device tree support. If a Dev doesn't update that's kinda the end of official support

(It might be a few days slower. But all in all the longest I've waited is 3 days)
But sooner or later LG or Google will decide to end support for the v510 and we'll be left out in the cold while v500 users can continue to get updates from the Cyanogenmod team (if they're still supporting it).
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