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Oppo Find
Oppo Find 5 CyanogenMod Nightlies

Earlier today, +Steve Kondik switched the main branch of CM's hardware/qcom/audio-caf repo over to the new "caf-rebase" branch (which is now the cm-10.1 branch).

This was the final thing needed for nightlies to start on the Oppo Find 5.  +Nebojsa Cvetkovic pushed the required changes to tell CM's build servers to start building this device.  As a result, unless the build server chokes on something unexpected, the first nightlies for this device should appear tomorrow.

Also, this means that the nightlies for Xperia T, V, TX, Z, and ZL, which were temporarily stopped due to needing this same branch of audio-caf, can also resume.
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What's the code name for oppo find 5 we should be looking for on the site later tonight?
a very good news, we can give the oppo international with this Rom for our customer like that now ;)
Between this and 14 day firmware updates from the manufactures. This must be the most updatable phone around
Oppo 也有CM 了  太牛逼了吧
and now there is a reason to buy find5 :)
I seriously hope that Cyanogenmod can build for XiaoMi Phones.
they can't because Xiaomi does not release kernel sources.
When will the stable versions come out? I'll flash to GM when it is stable.
I'll say this, The camera is stuck with a max resolution of 5M Pixels, 
Just left my nexus 4 for the Oppo 5 ...WOW this phone is updated biweekly by Oppo and nightly by ROM makes like Cyanogen....its truly the most updated phone 
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